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Quit Smoking Aid - Lung Cleanse & Detox Pills - Made in USA - Helps to Clear Lungs & Stop Smoking - Infused with Mullein & L-Tryptophan for Lung Detox & Stress Relief
  • Control Your Life - Decide it this Monday and take your life back. It may be challenging at the start, but it will be easier with Lungwell Quit Smoking Aid. A full glass of cool water and Lungwell are your best friends to kick urge out. Do something that makes your life meaningful instead of smoking. One baby step defines the whole road. You are a talented, capable person who can quit and regain freedom!
  • Value Choice - Lungwell choice. The cost of smoking alone is draining your wallet. It's about 200 a month, and that amounts to 2400 a year. The time that you waste on smoking costs even more. You may be offered more expensive health insurance by five digits (sick!) because of this habit. Worse, you may need an expensive one because of smoking. Medbills are scary. Health and life expectancy concerns are valid because Your Life is Priceless!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

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How Numerous Patches Remain In The Box?

10 patches in each box.You ought to have the ability to use them for 3 days, so it is expected to be a 1 month supply. Thanks

Question Question 2

What Is This? There Seems No Description Or Components List.?

This is a quit smoking patch with no nicotine in it.we truthfully didn’t believe it assisted with cravings.The just distinction we observed is when we initially began using these patches they ‘d make you ill if you smoked a cigarette.But we developed a tolerance and that disappeared quickly.

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Functions extremely well. Needed to stop utilizing it for some time unrelated to the product.

We got this product quickly. We used a patch as quickly as we got it and prior to using the patch, we did not anticipate to discover any modifications in how we feel. It took about an hour and a half or more hours to discover that we were feeling rather calm. Not drugged, like you would from like xanax or valium, however simply a mild, calming feeling. We likewise discover a rather “we don’t care” mindset. We are getting some hot flashes, most likely from the licorice and that is typical. This product does not make you stop smoking however rather appears to simply soothe that uneasiness one gets for not having one and silences the prompts a bit. We would even recommend this patch for individuals who fidget, fidgety types who require to be calmer. We have actually not showered with this patch on yet, so we can not discussthat We wish to state screw all of it to the cleansing we require to do today and simply go see a funny film. Small headache, however body requires to get used to the herbs. Up until now, we feel that this product is a helpful tool, not a “cure” and is handy. If you are laid back kind of individual typically, you might not discover much distinction. I, nevertheless, have actually discovered a distinction, albeit, not a substantial one. It simply takes that worried edge off a bit.

Excelent worth, after 30 years of smoking a pack a day we had the ability to quit in simply two weeks. No nicotine cravings simply a minor psychological routine to overcome, easy every day chewing gum got us overthat Extremely recomend this for anyone who truely chooses to quit.

We have no cravings for nicotine, just the physical routine of smoking. The patches do not aggravate our skin, and there are no other odd adverse effects that we have actually discovered. Even when we broke down and smoked a cigarette, it was deeply unfulfilling. Week two, and we are still going strong.

We attempted these after all our nicotine patch phases. It assisted clean up the remainder of the nicotine. Simply an included re guarantee. We used each patch 2 days and bathing didn’t destroy it.


This is a terrific product if you’re figured out to quit smoking. We were a social smoker, so a nicotine patch would not work for us as we do not smoke daily. We didn’t wish to be putting nicotine in our body with a patch when we would not be otherwise. However we did desire something to provide us an increase and cut the cravings once we had a glass of white wine or more. Up until now, so good. We have actually had no skin response whatsoever. We do not feel any extra energy – we simply do not feel anything. We are typically craving a cigarette once we have a beverage, however it hasn’t even been a concern because we have actually been using this patch. It’s had to do with 3 weeks and we have actually been out socially with other smokers, and we didn’t smoke. It wasn’t hard, either. And every day that passes, we are feeling more positive and prouder of ourself, and that helps us to pass the cigarettes up the next time we are dealt with with the choice. We have actually been smoking here and there for about 15 years. While we were just smoking when we were having mixed drinks, we would smoke numerous cigarettes in any offered nightout This product has actually actually assisted us stay strong. If you have any questions, contact eye 5 straight – we did and the owner was incredibly handy and motivating. Incredible customer support.

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