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Product 1
My Stop Smoking Coach NDS
  • Create your personal profile: Choose your personal coach from six of Allen Carr’s experts, and your coach will give you personalized advice and tips based on your smoking habits and history
  • 15 innovative mini-games: A fun way to help you dispel the illusions about nicotine addiction.
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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ubisoft My Stop Smoking Coach NDS.

  • Develop your personal profile: Pick your personal coach from 6 of A en Carr s specialists, and your coach wi provide you customized suggestions and tips based upon your smoking routines and history
  • 15 ingenious mini-games: An enjoyable way to assist you eliminate the i usions about nicotine addiction.
  • Reward system: Utilizing the Course to Flexibility meter, track your development as you move from reliance to flexibility.
  • Special calendar of benefits: When you ve quit, you can sti play the game and procedure the everyday benefits you get from your new life without cigarettes.
  • Takes A en Carr’s method takes the method to a new level by concurrently amusing and cha enging the gamer a really interactive approach and more efficient knowing procedure that allows the gamer to quit smoking more easily.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ubisoft My Stop Smoking Coach NDS.
“Do you want to quit smoking but worry that you lack the wi power? Discover a game that brings the successful A en Carr s Easyway to Stop Smoking method to an exciting interactive platform: Nintendo DS. Now smokers striving to break their nicotine addiction have instant access to an expert they can put in their pocket. Developed in conjunction with A en Carr s experts, My Stop Smoking Coach with A en Carr uses eye-opening lessons alongside fun and interactive games to uncover the many i usions preventing smokers from quitting. “

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ubisoft My Stop Smoking Coach NDS.

Question Question 1

Exists Anyhow To Erase The Profile Developed On The Game( Nintendo Ds Lite)?

Thanks for your question.You needs to have the ability to erase the game pak files on your Nintendo DS Lite. Thanks for your question.You needs to have the ability to erase the game pak files on your Nintendo DS Lite. This need to then erase the profile developed on the game.

Question Question 2

Ubwe Did You Actually Make This Game?

Lol Ubisoft has numerous video games especially the coach series consisting of one on weightloss

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ubisoft My Stop Smoking Coach NDS, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We are extremely grateful that this product is offered to smokers. It contributed for us in quitting. We utilized this program in mix with the stop smoking tablet, and it worked magnificently. We have been smoke free for 6 months and we will still choose this up and play a game or 2 if a craving strikes me. It’s extremely unique in it’s approach and a genuine eye-opener on how smoking manages your life. Extremely helpful and handy.

We got this on an impulse since we wished to quit smoking. It truly assisted, we smoked our last cigarette at the end of the game and its been two months.

Got this game for collection functions not truly for use. So extremely pleased with the purchase. However the coach video games are all excellent overall and rather enjoyable in addition to instructional.

Easy video games show the main talking points from the bookgood way to include yourself in the lessons.

Delighting in up until now. Have hopes that this game will assist.

This game provides the visual individual something to get on to in those difficult minutes. Fantastic.

We still smoke however it is since we never ever utilized this software application. One day when we are ill we will be sorry for that.

We would like everybody who reads this evaluation to comprehend some aspects of ourself, and this game, before going any even more, and before checking out any more of these damaged evaluations. Likewise, this evaluation is long, since we are enthusiastic about the topic. And we wish to seem like everybody who reads it, is a future non-smokerfirst off, we remain in the military, we remain in afghanistan, and we have smoked for 3 years. If you believe that it would be difficult to quit smoking, think of as a smoker what it seems like to quit in the existence of smokers. We will guarantee that the percent of individuals in the military compared to civilian life, is much higher. So each time we are outdoors, each time we are within, at every function, every objective, every location. There are smokers, and there are likewise individuals who chew and dip. However, this game, alone, without the book, was the assistance we required. This assistance was not medical, did not take an extraordinary quantity of time, was easy, and was not uncomfortable. The just thing that this assistance needed was an open mind, and the capability to follow guidelines, and acknowledge understanding. The factor we would slam other evaluations on this game is since as we read them, they reveal an absence of understanding and basic understanding of the game. This would reveal a half-hearted effort, and then possibly hurrying through, or quitting midway, and knocking the approaches that allen carr preaches. Likewise, allen carr, 19 years of smoking to him is a joke. Since this male smoked for 33 years. We would like you to check out a little about this male’s personal life (from wikipedia allen_carr): “in late july 2006 it was revealed that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 71. The following month he revealed that it was terminal and his life expectancy was about nine months. Carr said: ” given that we smoked our last cigarette, 23 years earlier, we have been the happiest male on the planet. We still feel the very same way today. ” carr wrote to tony blair, urging the uk government and nhs to accept his method, saying that the ” effective impact” of lobbyists working for nicotine replacement firms had turned them against him. Carr died as a result of his lung cancer on 29 november 2006 at his home near málaga, spain. Allen carr was survived by his second wife, joyce, his four children, two stepchildren, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. ” ———————————— the way the game works: very first point we think, is that it is not the most enjoyable game on the planet, however when you find yourself. As a non-smoker, you absolutely will find that enjoyable. As we stated before, it needs an open mind, and for you to follow the guidelines, and to acknowledge if you genuinely comprehend what has been stated. If you do not, and you continue, you are only unfaithful yourself. Notification we did not state, willpower, drugs, medications, self-motivation, to prevent smokers, to stop smoking. Complicated yes, however think about stop smoking for circumstances. Allen carr’s method is not to make you quit. On the contrary, it is to expose to you the fact about cigarettes. Provide you the understanding of what has truly taken place, and why you really smoke. Do rule out the evaluations stating that this is”common knowledge” We guarantee you that it is not typical at all. This method does not cover the health dangers, the extraordinary waste of money, or the truth that its revolting. You understand all of that, so why restate it?besides, you do not smoke for those factors. So what allen carr explores, is why you do smoke. Initially the game describes the nicotine trap, yes it appears apparent, obviously, you understand it currently, that’s why you smoke. After lighting your very first cigarette, did you believe to yourself, we are going to do this for the rest of our life?all of the so called “reasons” individuals smoke are knocked as “illusions” and they appropriately are identified as such. The step by step procedure is to eliminate these impressions. Likewise, if you check out any evaluations of this game, stating that it takes an hour or less, this individual did not comprehend the product at all. Since you need to rush through in order to triumph this quick. Now, as you are getting rid of impressions you are free to take breaks and smoke. Why? since it does not matter if you smoke throughout the game, as long as you comprehend each impression as it is being eliminated. Once again, if you lie to the game, and state you do comprehend when you dont, you are not cheating the game. You just cheat yourself. As you advance you find out. And you find out a lot, about your real “drug addiction” to nicotine. It is extremely helpful, and it enters depth regarding how ingenius this system truly is that traps you. This is called the”nicotine trap” Allen likewise speaks about why smokers state things like “it relieves stress, helps us concentrate, we are bored” and every other so called “reason” you can consider. This is not the game to skip and blow off since of evaluations by individuals who went through the movements of the game, without really treating it as an academic user interface with a very important tool inside. Why did we play the game once again and once again, as we stated in a remark to another evaluation on this game?. Since, the very first time we stopped working. It is easy to forget things we find out, and often we require to discover them once again. It wasn’t stress, it wasn’t anything however our own stupidity. We didn’t follow the guidelines that allen carr had provided me. Which was”do not say to yourself, that one cigarette cant hurt. Once you decide to quit, you are done” What drew however, is that we were not stressed out out, we were not in requirement. Our association of cigarettes with good ideas, a technique utilized by the nicotine, and fully described in allen carr’s easyway system is what got me. We need to have redone that area so we might totally comprehend. We did, and then we played it once again for enjoyable, and to declare the frame of mind. We quit, easily and painlessly. So after playing this game, if you feel that you do not comprehend totally?. Play it once again. It has to do with 2. 5 hours of gameplay, and can be played over a couple days. It is our most sincere hope, that you truly do consider this game, if not the game, then the book, we do not care. Download the book and the game for free, think us you can find them. However if the system works for you, then please, provide the male his due. Buy it from (the book is just 5 dollars paperback) or the game. However in any case, do this for yourself. And remember what flexibility seems like by going back to being a non-smoker with allen carr. Thanks.

All we need to state is that after completing this game, we were completed with smoking. Now it’s been 5 years given that we have played and we still am not smoking. Remarkable. We are 44 (since this writing) and had been smoking from when we were 14 up until we were39 Absolutely nothing worked when we attempted to quit. Even 3 goes with welbutrin didn’t workthis game, although easy and easy, sufficed. You are motivated to smoke while playing, which we valued. We had the ability to end up the entire game in two days and already, we were done with cigarettes. Seriously, truly done. No impatience, no state of mind swings, no cravings. We can’t even state how it took place, all we understand is that we are craving-free and it’s terrific.

Smoking is a horrible addiction that damages and eventually ruins the lives of those we appreciate. No one makes the choice to end up being chained to this terrible vice. It victimizes the most susceptible amongst us. For instance, being a parent can be demanding. Do you have kids? we have 5. We would never ever touched a cigarette in our life up until we had kids. The just way we found to deal with the very first one was with a reliable pack a day. By the time our 5th one was a young child we recognized, we are purchasing an entire carton every two days. We might hardly maintain with them any longer. At that rate we would be fortunate to see any of them end up high school, much less pay forcollege We had no concept how, however we understood in some way, it needed to stop. Fortunately, there are effective tools like our stop smoking coach to assist quit effectively. All in all, this is a remarkable product that we can’t suggest enough. * and think me, you will not be sorry for the extra years you’ll invest with your enjoyed ones. Regrettably, we can just provide this 4 out of 5 stars– we believe one star for each of our kids is reasonable. Due to the esrb score of e (typically ideal for ages 6 and older), we felt that this game would be unsuitable for our youngest, a young child. ** rest in peace, little virginia. Winnie, carl, elle, and emm all miss you quite. * disclaimer: we do not personally understand anything about smoking or computer game (they both provide us headaches), however our kids are specialists. We are positive in trusting their viewpoints on things like this. ** we have composed a letter to ubisoft advising them to establish another variation without the tobacco recommendations in order to protect the lower esrb score of ec (early youth). This would make the game proper for all kids with the motor abilities to hold a cigarette, not simply those age 6 and older.

We buffooned it and scoffed a computer game can not cancel 15 years of smoking. 2 months later on and we happily consume our words.

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