Triple Complex NicoTonic

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Triple Complex NicoTonic


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Quit Smoking With Triple Complex NicoTonic Supplement

Quit smoking cigarettes is the best decision a smoker makes. Triple Complex NicoTonic helps the smoker support with all the decision. It can handle the withdrawal symptoms of the nicotine. That is completely safe and it is non-addictive and helps make the irritability, restlessness the nervous system could be in check. Triple Complex NicoTonic soothes the nerves as well as the restlessness and nervousness is controlled.

Triple Complex NicoTonic is a combination of 3 biochemical cellular-supporting tissue salts especially selected for their benefits from the neurological system. NicoTonic really helps to prevent this ‘short fuse syndrome’ temporarily.

Triple Complex NicoTonic Benefits

  • Treatment plan for the ‘short fuse’ syndrome (frequently connected with nicotine withdrawal)
  • Really helps to prevent temper outbursts, irritability and restlessness.
  • Gives a cigarette free life!
  • Promotes the hormones, bio availability of nutrients and bio chemicals.
  • Helps your body to hold balance after the stress of nicotine and drug withdrawal.

Triple Complex NicoTonic contains no chemicals and it is safe for even pregnant and nursing mothers. The ingredients are well chosen and they have been utilized in many homeopathic preparations. They will have no drug interactions or side effects. It makes the tough decision of give up smoking easier. It may balance the salt concentration of the body as well.

Mix a couple of drops associated with the tonic in 25 % cup of water and sip slowly. It is safe to be placed into the mouth directly. Make the mix three times a day, ten full minutes after the meal. Avoid any mint flavored food.

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