The Kerry Gaynor Method For Stop Smoking

The Kerry Gaynor Method For Stop Smoking

Kerry Gaynor, a renowned Los Angeles hypnotherapist, developed The Method over the last 33 years and has helped almost 10,000 people quit smoking with ease.

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Kerry developed The Method because he’s always believed that the acceptance and perpetuation of cigarettes is one of the greatest travesties of our time.

Countless celebrities have quit with The Method, including Aaron Eckhart, Ed Norton, Emily Procter, Jerry Ferrara, Katie Cassidy and Martin Sheen.

The Method is a 3 DVD system you watch 5-7 days apart. Each DVD consists of two sections: Therapy and hypnotherapy. The bond of these two techniques is why the Method is so effective.

You simple watch the DVD’s, in the comfort of your own home, and after the second DVD you will be a non-smoker for life. There are no pills to take, no annoying patches to wear and no more poisonous Nicotine going into your body.

Evaluated in an environment similar to what you will experience at your home, The Kerry Gaynor Method has had an 85% success rate in our internal testing. Of course, individual results vary and each person must have a desire to quit smoking. Overall, many found The Method to be extremely effective and three hours to be a very short amount of time.

For the cost of about two cartons of cigarettes, you can become a non-smoker for the rest of your life. In the US, the average one-pack-a-day smoker spends close to $1800 per year on cigarettes. With all that leftover cash you could go on a vacation, pay off debts, or even buy yourself a nice gift. Stop smoking and start living today.

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