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Susan Hepburn,Ken Gray Hypnosis – Stop Smoking Within One Hour

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” I have attempted to stop smoking numerous times: gum, patches, pi s. without success. When you wish to stop smoking, this method is the most convenient, least expensive and most effective way that I understand. IT DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT STATES ON THE COVER.” Charlie WardSusan Hepburn has more than 20 years’ experience working with and assisting individuals in the field of hynosis. Her books and programs have assisted lots of people, consisting of a number of high- profile star customers, achieve their objectives. Over 96% of Susan s customers have found her method effective. Now it is given you in this incredible DVD. In simply one hour, you can end up being a long-term non- smoker through Susan Hepburn’s unique and reliable hypnotherapy. No withdrawal signs, no cravings, no irritation. Enjoy the DVD initially, then close your eyes and fo ow among Susan’s hypnotic sessions. A number of Susan’s customers utilized to smoke approximately 40 cigarettes a day for 30, 40, even as long as 50 years. and had the ability to personality y kick the practice through hypnosis. If you wish to quit smoking forever, you should experience this wonderful program for yourself.

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We purchased this 7 years earlier after attempting lot of times to quit. We were primarily devoted however we had not even meant to quit the day we initially viewed it. We figured we would develop to it slowly. However we never ever did smoke once again. The title held true. Not one puff in 7 years. We had extremely extreme cravings however we handled to get through them with two essential techniques: 1) enjoy the video each time you’re coping a patch of bad cravings and 2) each time the desire turns up, do not captivate it. Merely understand that the response is no and state the words “it will pass” – and it does pass in a few seconds each time. In the beginning it will be essential to state this expression about 5000 times a day, however if you keep doing it, it lessens and the cravings space out more andmore We viewed the video two times a day for the very first two weeks and then whenever cravings got too extreme. After a few weeks, we didn’t require to enjoy it other than for a refresher now and then. You do not need to close your eyes – you can enjoy it (however provide it complete focus). And make certain you enjoy the entire hypnosis area each time. We are extremely grateful for the day we encountered this dvd. We are on its page today since we were sending out the link to a good friend who wishes to quit. Do not quit on it prematurely, keep enjoying till it sticks. It’s an excellent feeling to be a non- smoker and you can have that feeling.

We would smoked over 35 years. Over the last 10 we had attempted every “new” trick and drug out there in an effort to quit. We never ever truly even amused the idea of attempting hypnosis for some factor. We purchased “hypnosis – stop smoking within one hour” not truly even anticipating it to work for us. We would had a lot of failures, however we were getting truly desperate and going to attempt anything. Even self- hypnosis. Well, we do not understand how or why however it worked. We have been a non- smoker for one year and two months up until now. It truly works.

We smoked for over 30 years and viewed this video one afternoon 4 years earlier. We have not smoked a cigarette considering that. If you genuinely want to quit smoking, we advise dvd.

We got this dvd practically 2 years earlier. We popped it in the gamer and started listening to her talk. After about 15 minutes of resting on the sofa listening to her discuss relaxing, we chose to sleep. ‘we chose to sleep’ wink lol we got up to the menu relooping. We have considering that been smoke free for practically 2 years. Not just smoking however drinking alcohol also. We enjoy how our mind states we remained in control and “i” chose to sleep. We were hypnotized and we are grateful she assisted in saving our life. It does not stop cravings however it does subconsciencely make you knowledgeable about how bad it is if you smoke. Every day was simpler and it had us believing ‘if we return to smoking now, we will need to begin quitting all over once again’. We feel better, no chest discomforts, no nasty cough and we are devoid of that nasty practice that managed me. We provide a copy of this to every smoker we fulfill. It is life altering.

We purchased the 2000 edition. We utilized this. Being extremely adhd we didn’t make time to do it appropriately however played it in the background while tackling our every day life. It did make quiting smoking simpler. It didn’t make it long for free. We believe the mindful mind shouts “you are full of it. ” to extremely favorable programing or affirmations. Nevertheless, our company believe the subconsious mind does work with them to make modifications. Like we stated it worked for us. We have been smoke free for 3 1/2 years and not returning.

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