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There is no question about the health hazards of cigarette smoking. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death and/or lung disease and other cancers. Each day, more and more children are picking up the habit.

Despite the alarming statistics and scientific findings regarding the dangers of smoking, the manufacturing of cigarettes and other tobacco products is still legal. As long as cigarettes continue to be available in the market, there will always be people who will take up the habit and continue to smoke, and then there will be people who will try to quit.

Stop smoking support groups are available to those who want to kick the habit for good.

If you are a smoker and you want to quit smoking, the first step you may want to take is to locate and contact a local stop smoking support group. Stop smoking support groups are an effective method to quit smoking.

These groups offer assistance without prejudice. They basically consist of smokers who are all seeking the same goal: to quit smoking. You can use the Internet to find stop smoking support groups in or around where you live.

In what appears to be a contradiction, you can also find stop smoking support groups from the cigarette manufacturing companies. Tobacco manufacturers, as a means to bring awareness to the very product they sale, are large supporters of information sites on the Internet and phone hotlines.

Providing a wealth of information on the dangers of smoking, in addition to ways to quit, may be seemingly odd, but these companies may provide some of the best tools for stop smoking support.

Your church is also a good source for information on stop smoking support groups in your area. The local churches are likely to have the contact information of such groups.

Give them a call or pay them a visit and ask if they are aware of any stop smoking support groups where you life. If you’re lucky, they may very well have a stop smoking support group in place themselves.

Another great source for locating a local stop smoking support group is through the local hospital. Well known advocates for any source that promotes wellness, medical providers are always a resource of ideas and information. The wrong choice is not to ask for assistance when you decide to give up smoking.

Best Stop Smoking Support Tips

Smoking is something you defiantly do not need. Not only that you do not need, it is vital that you stop smoking cigarette trash right away. It is that habit that will damage your health and will ruin your young and fresh look. There is no better day than today to stop smoking and we will show you how in the lines below.

The first thing you should do to stop smoking cigarette killers is to find some very good reasons. It is a well known fact that finding a reason is the engine that drives the boat of our actions. The good news about this specific problem is that you do not need to think hard or to ask your friends and family for the reasons.

Smoking can cause severe diseases, damages your appearance, and gives you a bad mouth smell, yellow smile, unpleasant clothes and home odour. All of these are enough to let you think about stop smoking cigarettes.

The second step is to let these reasons power the engine – meaning that you should take some action. Make a stop smoking plan. This is something simple that you can put together by yourself or check at the various internet resources to get some helpful ideas.

In general your smoking plan should include one thing only – “Today I will not light up a cigarette”.

The next step is to seek some help. It is a good idea to visit your doctor first. He will be able to prescribe you medication to help you stop smoking cigarettes. There are enough products available – from “fake” herbal cigarettes to injections that you can have to make you a non-smoker. Your doctor will be able to provide you with the best combination of medications for your circumstances. Moreover, he will be able to refer you to a good therapist for a behaviour therapy.

So we have just mentioned the third very important step in your stop smoking cigarette journey – change your behaviour and your daily routines to exclude the cigarettes. It is amazing but true – many smokers light up a cigarette not because they need it but because they have been used to the tradition. For example the morning coffee always goes with a cigarette (or a couple of cigarettes), the after lunch cigarette e is a must, than one more with the afternoon coffee, some with the evening cocktails and you discover that the cigarette box is empty.

If you try to understand when and why you are reaching for your cigarette pack, you will be able to qui easily. Moreover, if you revise your daily routines you will quickly see where your smoking goes and just re-arrange your life to avoid them. This will help the cravings that go along with your stop smoking cigarette plan and it will help you to never start smoking again.

Quitting smoking is probably the hardest thing anyone could ever attempt, aside from scaling Mount Everest. That’s because cigarettes are more addictive than heroin, according to some experts. The receptors in our brain respond to nicotine better than they respond to the chemicals in our bodies, and for this reason it is almost impossible to quit. There are tips on how to stop smoking, however, and if used in conjunction with each other, you may be on your way to stopping smoking forever.

Over The Counter Smoking Cessation Products

Anyone who has ever visited a drug store has likely seen all the products they have on the market today to help people quit smoking. There is the patch, for instance, that you stick on your arm or leg that gives you just enough nicotine to help relieve the withdrawal symptoms, which are usually characterized by the person turning into a violent, loud-mouthed bear.

There is the gum, which is chewed whenever the urge to have a cigarette presents itself and there are more. These products, however, only relieve the withdrawal symptoms. They don’t help you quit for good, only when you’re using them and for this reason most people pick the habit right back up once the product usage is terminated. For this reason, a good tip on how to stop smoking is to use the products in conjunction with a support system.

Support System For Stopping Smoking

When you want to quit smoking, tell everyone you know. Tell your friends, your family, and even your co-workers. When you tell everyone you know, it’s very hard to pick up a cigarette for fear of looking like a failure. Not only that but those people will help you quit by reminding you every two seconds of your promise not to quit. Just remember not to yell at them or scream at them, even though you’ll want to badly, they are just there to help.

The best tip on how to stop smoking, however, is to refrain from those activities that make you want to smoke in the first place. For instance, refrain from visiting bars until you are officially a non-smoker, ask to sit in the non-smoking section of restaurants and try to pay at the pump when you get gas so that you won’t be urged into buying cigarettes at the gas station where they are thoroughly advertised.

By following the above tips on how to stop smoking, you can kick the habit; you just have to be prepared for a rough ride. However, the hardest things in life give us the most accomplishment. If you can quit smoking, you have one up on many, many smokers who try desperately year after year to stop smoking. The sad part is that most of those smokers know the above tips on how to stop smoking, and more, yet they are powerless against the cigarettes addictive power. Don’t become a statistic, use the above tips on how to stop smoking and finally kick that disgusting habit once and for all.

Advantages of a Stop Smoking Support Group

Smoking is an extremely addictive habit to develop. It is also known to cause a number of health problems. As more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of smoking, many smokers are seeking stop smoking support.

Non-smokers find it hard to understand the draw that a smoker finds in the flavour and taste of a cigarette. Smokers can’t fully understand the full extent of their addiction to nicotine; they just know that once they become hooked, they have to light up a cigarette when they get the craving for nicotine. When smokers realize they need to stop smoking, their best chance for success is to seek stop smoking support.

The battle to stop smoking is long and hard and over the years, there have been many suggestions in the way of stop smoking support. The limitless ideas include suggestive methods such as hypnosis along with alternative methods of acupuncture and herbs. In addition to natural ways to stop smoking, medical assistance in pills and patches are also available. While all these can be effective in their own right, the strength of a stop smoking support group will help to facilitate success.

Using the same premise as Alcohol Anonymous, a stop smoking support group offers a foundation of other smokers trying to quit. Having demonstrated great success, a stop smoking support group offers encouragement and assistance when a smoker is at his weakest point. The journey to quit can be all the more difficult when trying to manage it alone. A stop smoking support group can identify with the struggles involved and is willing to commit to the cause resulting in a more optimal chance of success.

As more and more information becomes available and non-smokers verbalize their concerns, many government entities are beginning to promote ways to stop smoking. In an attempt to assist in the battle over nicotine addiction, some states have begun state-wide stop smoking support groups. Offering assistance on a large scale, involvement can include state sponsored kick-a-thons, designed to bring smoking awareness and help accessible to those wanting to quit.

With widespread support, the promotion of phone lines and literature are readily available. Although great tools in the quest for stop smoking support, the decision to quit ultimately lies in the hands of the smoker.

While the desire to stop smoking can be strong, the use of will power will be all inclusive. Lacking commitment to stop will always open the door for reasons not to quit. When there are no more excuses, a little determination can go a long way with the help of stop smoking support.

Quit Smoking Online Support Groups for Smokers Who Want to Kick the Habit

Kicking the smoking habit can be very difficult, both mentally and physically. That is why people often look for support groups that can help them overcome their weakness and eventually quit smoking. Quit smoking online support groups have proven to be effective and beneficial.

Joining a quit smoking online support group can feel a bit weird at first, and the same goes for actual live support groups. But the added advantage of maintaining privacy and anonymity makes joining a quit smoking online support group a better option for all who want to stop smoking.

Joining quit smoking online support groups maybe ineffective for people who need more than getting advice through the Internet. Some want actual face to face counselling. You would be surprised as to how similar quit smoking online support groups can be to live ones. There is also an added benefit of skipping the process and saving the costs of getting ready, leaving your home, and driving to the venue too.

Quit smoking online support groups use numerous techniques to help users refrain from smoking. But the user must give the program an opportunity to work. Doubting from the start will surely diminish the effectiveness of the online stop smoking programs. Remember, quit smoking online support groups are there to help you in your endeavour but it is ultimately up to you to decide if you really want to stop smoking.

A few may join quit smoking online support groups to convince people, including themselves, that they are taking steps towards kicking the smoking habit. Joining quit smoking online support groups under false pretences will definitely not be successful. It will just be a waste of everybody’s time to put up a charade.

Quit smoking online support groups may not be effective for everybody. But if you are really decided on quitting smoking, then find a quit smoking program, whether online or not, that you can strictly follow and accomplish.

The Internet has made it possible for persons from all parts of the globe to connect with anybody and everybody and influence other people’s lives. If you want other people who have successfully quit smoking to be able to help you in your own difficult journey of kicking the habit, then try joining a quit smoking online support group. Consider all the pros and cons before you decide on what road you should take in quitting smoking. Who knows, it might just work for you.

Quit Smoking Support

There are local programs, many of them run by non-profit organizations and most of them at no cost, that meet locally or online to offer quit smoking support before, during, and after you give up the habit. Some prescription drugs also offer quit smoking support by telephone or online as part of their program. There are also forums and chat rooms online that are quit smoking support groups.

Finding the right quit smoking support group for you will take a little research. But first you need to ask yourself what you need and hope to gain from any quit smoking support group. Do you need specific information, or do you just want to share your feelings? Do you want a quit smoking support group that passively accepts any setbacks you might have, or one that will challenge you to do better? Or do you want to hear tips and suggestions from members of your quit smoking support group and offer ideas of your own?

Once you have determined what you expect a quit smoking support program to give you, locate one that is tailored to your needs. You will likely find several, so you will then need to determine which is the most convenient or most economical, if cost is an issue. If the quit smoking support group meets in person, try to go a couple of times just to see how you fit with the other members.

It may not be necessary for you to join a quit smoking support group at all. Your friends and family members may offer all of the quit smoking support you need. Most of the time, you will find that those who care about you will be delighted and more than willing to offer all the quit smoking support they can muster. Bring them into your plan and let them know exactly what type of quit smoking support you need from them.

Perhaps you just want an occasional pat on the back for your efforts. Or maybe you want them to hide your cigarettes while you are leading up to your quit date, doling them out at specific times. Perhaps you want them to stop smoking with you. The important thing is that they understand what quit smoking support you want, so there are no hurt feelings or spats if the wrong type of support is offered.

If you and your doctor decide that you have no risk factors, such as depression or mental illness, for prescription drugs, are sure and utilize the quit smoking support program included with the plan. They provide a specific schedule and have many tips on how to give up smoking. Their quit smoking support systems include toll free numbers you can call when you need, literature for you to read, and much more.

Do not try to go it alone if you do not have to. There are many quit smoking support programs out there, and often just a little boost is all it takes to turn a smoker into an ex-smoker.

Stop Smoking Support Forum

Quitting smoking tests the nerves of smokers to the extent that they may need help and support to accomplish this seemingly insurmountable task. The extreme physical and emotional dependence on nicotine causes the smoker to experience great anguish while quitting smoking. However, a strong determination coupled with aid and support can make the burden easier on the smoker. One option to make quitting successful is by participating in stop smoking forums. The online forums are a great source of information and motivation to stop smoking.

Forum as a source of information:

If you do not feel that you can adopt the cold turkey method to stop smoking, you can try out the stop smoking forum to enlighten you on various aspects of giving up the habit. Here, you will find abundant information on alternative therapies, traditional treatment methods and so on.

Those smokers who are first timers at quitting can get a lot of help from the information that is prominently displayed for this very purpose. One important and immensely valuable feature of a stop smoking forum is the experiences of former and present smokers that are posted. Their feedback is very crucial because it tells you about the mistakes that they made or the successful tactics that they adopted. You can thus, steer clear from similar mistakes and emulate their winning strategy.

Social pressure:

While you gain from the experience of others it is also a good idea to share your own stop smoking plan. So, introduce yourself to the stop smoking forum and talk about the route that you are taking to quitting, the problems that you are facing as well as how you have successfully overcome some obstacles. This will benefit other smokers trying to quit who will take courage from your experiences. So while you have to put up with the splitting headaches caused by withdrawal, knowing that you are a source of encouragement to others will make it more bearable.

Another manner in which stop smoking forums can be beneficial to you is that when you start interacting socially via the forum you are under greater pressure to maintain your non-smoking status, which will make it very awkward and difficult for you to light up even if you want to.

It is easier to suffer a relapse when you are alone in your quest to stop smoking. Whereas, when you have to post your progress every day on the forum, cheating yourself and others will be task that will not come easily to you. And if you do succumb, talking about it on the stop smoking forum will not only lessen your guilt but will also bring out encouragement from others to not lose heart but keep at it.

Support To Quit Smoking

Many people just don’t know where to start. There are so many aides and options to help you through the process of quitting that it can be overwhelming.

Once you’ve accepted that you are not a failure if it doesn’t work the first time round, and once you’ve resolved not to be too hard on yourself it becomes easier to pick and choose, knowing that if one quit smoking aide doesn’t work for you, you can always try another.

Everyone has quit smoking advice and remember that they are different from you. The physical addiction to smoking is easier to overcome. After all nicotine exits your body after 24 hours, but the real test is the psychological reasons that you smoke, and this is where everyone is different, and why different methods work for different people.

If you’re a highly competitive person you might find that quitting with the support of a group or enrolling in a group quit smoking program could be for you. Spurred on by the successes of those around you, if you are naturally competitive you might find this helpful.

Most people find the need to replace the habit of smoking with something else and this is where quit smoking aids come in such as patches and herbal supplements that can take the edge off of any cravings.

Here are some of our top ten tips when quitting smoking:

Get an image in your head of what you would look like as a non smoker. See yourself down the pub enjoying a pint without cigarette in hand. Maybe envisage yourself running with a new found stamina and ease of breathing. Wherever you smoke the most, imagine a picture of yourself doing that activity and being in that place minus the cigarette. Do you smoke in from of the TV? Imagine yourself in front of the TV without the cigarette. Visualization is a powerful tool.

Any cravings are easily overcome by changing focus. Go for a walk and do the above visualizations. Take a nice long bath and have fun imagining the new healthy you. Do not become discouraged if this does not at first work. It will and with some perseverance you will learn to love visualizing yourself exactly how you want.

Contrary to popular advice do not tell everyone that you are quitting. If you don’t succeed the first time, people will be less supportive the second and third times and you do not need those around you adding extra pressure.

Avoid places and situations where you normally smoked, for the time being at least.

Take up a new activity or hobby, one which keeps your hands busy and one that you will enjoy. This way you will have an activity to associate with not smoking. See you doing this activity and not smoking.

Remind yourself everyday what a fantastic decision you have taken. Even if it is only day one of your quitting smoking imagine you have already quit and that this attempt has already been successful. Feel the pride and sense of accomplishment that you have. This is an important technique for many goals. Imagine it has already happened and hold on to what you will feel.

Create a chart for every week and each day that you do not smoke put 5 pounds on the day of the week. When you get to the end of the week treat yourself to something using the money you have saved from not smoking. The most would be 35 pounds (if you didn’t smoke for the 7 days).

Your Stop Smoking Support System Sometimes Is All You Need

When you try to quit smoking, it can be the hardest thing you’ve ever tried to do. They say that smoking is as addictive as heroin and anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking can testify that it’s likely harder to quit smoking. What with so many smoking cessation products on the market, you’d think that there would be more non-smokers than smokers.

However, the reason that there are more smokers than non-smokers is because that even though there are many smoking cessation products, most people who stop smoking start back up eventually. It’s sad but true but it’s all too common.

However, there is hope for quitting smoking and it may be as close as the house you live in, or the apartment, or it may be as close as a phone call, or an internet connection. That’s because the best ammunition you have for quitting smoking is your direct stop smoking support system, which is as close as your loved ones.

Turn To Family And Friends

When you finally make the decision to stop smoking, you need to first turn to the people that tried to get you to quit in the first place. Every smoker has them. They are the ones who wave their hand in front of their nose whenever the person lights up, saying, you know, that’s really bad for you. The smoker usually just blows smoke out of their mouth and nods with a roll of their eyes. That’s because all smokers know that cigarettes are bad for them, they just don’t care at that time. They are smokers and proud of it. It’s not until the smoking begins to take its toll that the person seriously considers quitting.

The person will spend lots of money on the latest smoking cessation products but without a support system, the person will likely fail. If you want to quit, turn to your mother and father, or your sister and brother, your friends, your co-workers, and tell them that you are serious about smoking.

Stop smoking support merely means that they are there for you in your toughest hour. They are there to tell you that you don’t need another cigarette. Your stop smoking support system is there to tell you how just a few hours ago you were serious about smoking, even though you are going through withdrawals at this moment. They understand, they love you and they are here to help you quit.


Making sure to educate yourself on the process you’ll go through to stop smoking is also support that helps you to better beat your addiction. Just as support groups and hotlines can help give you information on how to best beat smoking, speaking with your doctor can also help you. If you’ve had trouble getting over your addiction to smoking before, the doctor can give information on alternative treatments and even prescribe things such as nicotine patches to help you out. Remember, the more you educate yourself on what you’re trying to do and the pitfalls most people face while attempting to stop smoking, the more knowledge you’ll have on how to avoid relapse.

Traditional Support

Just as with any other addiction, from alcohol to shopping, there are support groups to stop smoking that help. Whether you go to a support meeting sponsored by a local hospital, your insurance company, or even through your employer. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of others looking to stop smoking, and support groups help to tip the balance in their favour. By turning the process of quitting cigarettes into a social activity, suddenly something that’s uncomfortable can be made into something that’s fun, or at the very least, helps motivate you to keep going. There are also support hotlines to stop smoking, where a counsellor will work with you to develop a plan of attack for kicking your habit.

Laser Stop Smoking Treatment

Laser stop smoking treatment is a very effective means of taking away the cravings of nicotine. Many people have never even heard of laser therapy for the use of lowering the effects of the addiction. Low level laser treatment works upon the art of acupuncture. It works by relaxing the body into a complete restful state. It should also be noted that there isn’t any poking or entry into the skin.

Also, laser stop smoking is not considered a medical procedure. What the laser stop smoking does is curb the cravings of nicotine during the first three days which are usually the hardest to get past. The low level laser is used at certain parts of the body which can create endorphins to react in the brain. Most of the time, people feel nothing but complete relaxation, but others may feel the endorphin results of tingling or the feeling of a comfortable level of warmth on the skin.

Laser stop smoking treatment is done with a low level or cool laser beam. The power is about the same as what a sixty watt bulb uses. This means that there isn’t any burning at all. The laser stop smoking treatment doesn’t cure someone with a nicotine addiction. It works by relaxing the body while lowering the stress that is usually accompanying the loss of nicotine. It is meant to make the person deal with all of the stress which makes quitting much easier.

It’s important to remember that your support systems are there to help you. While they may seem so easy to blow up at them or to tell them off the minute they tell you how you are the one who wanted to quit smoking, just remember that they are there for you because they love you. They are your stop smoking support system and they don’t deserve to be treated that way. They should expect a little grief however, as stopping smoking is not easy.

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