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Smoke Free Nicotine Free(Cocoa Bean Cigarettes) Regular Flavor

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Product 1
HUWOYMX Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes Peony Tea Smoke, Chinese Herbal Cigarettes Smoke-Free and Nicotine-Free, Cigarette Substitutes That Can Clean The Lungs (1 Package,Chrysanthemum)
  • Origin: China. Raw materials: Chinese herbal medicine and tea, 1 box = 10 packs = 20 sticks/pack. Chinese herbal medicine-tea products, no nicotine, non-tobacco products, substitutes for cigarettes.
  • Non Tobacco - Nicotine 0%! A taste that does not make you feel uncomfortable even if you switch from tobacco. The smell is also modest. Supports stress-free smoking cessation!
Product 2
Yunnan Chinese Herbal Tea Cigarettes, Smokeless Fruit Scented Tea Tieguanyin Green Tea Black Tea, Smoke-Free Nicotine Free, Cigarette Substitutes(Jasmine-Thick,1pack)
  • Nicotine 0% Chinese tea, Herbal and healthy tea smoke.
  • This tea smoke is made from natural ingredients of drinkable, edible flowers and herbs.
Product 3
HUWOYMX Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes, Chinese Herbal Cigarettes Smoke-Free and Nicotine-Free, Cigarette Substitutes That Can Clean The Lungs (1 Package, Red Marlbaro)
  • Origin: China. Raw materials: Chinese herbal medicine and tea, 1 box = 10 packs = 20 sticks/pack. Chinese herbal medicine-tea products, no nicotine, non-tobacco products, substitutes for cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes have the effects of reducing stress, improving mood and refreshing.
  • Herbs and tea have many functions, such as lowering blood lipids, reducing weight, reducing cough and phlegm, lowering blood cholesterol and so on.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Smoke Free Nicotine Free( Cocoa Bean Cigarettes) Regular Flavor.

  • 100% Tobacco Free -100% Nicotine Free
  • Smoke Free Were Usage in NBC/ Saturday Night Live
  • Smoke Free Were Usage In The Film The Brave One 2007 Starring Jodie Foster
  • An alternative to the Patch, Pi, and the Gum
  • Quit Smoking Aid

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better than Smoke Free Nicotine Free( Cocoa Bean Cigarettes) Regular Flavor.

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Biogetica Freedom
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smoke Free Nicotine Free( Cocoa Bean Cigarettes) Regular Flavor.

Question Question 1

Exists Tar In The Cigarette?

Smoke Free cigarettes consist of 7 milligrams of tar.

Question Question 2

Can You Smoke These For Enjoyable?

yes well you could, however if you are non smoker we do not suggest em. you will in some way wind up smoking genuine things.

Question Question 3

Are These Vapor E-Cigs?

no, they are genuine smoke

Question Question 4

It’S Still Smoke? We Get They Are An Aid, And Not As Bad, However You Still Light Them And Inhale Smoke? Considering Providing A Shot To Assist Quit.?

It’s a terrific product for assisting individuals quit smoking.

Question Question 5

Does The Product Packaging State That It Consists Of Cigarettes Or Tobacco? What S The Call Of The Return Address On The Product Packaging?


Question Question 6

Does It Smell Bad?

Not. we have had good friends remark that they barely observed. No offending smell at all. Extremely mild. we believe you’ll be pleased. we were. Hope this is valuable.

Question Question 7

Will This Program Up In A Blood Test? Our Dr. Said If We Have A Trace Any Cigerettes He Will Not Perform Our Surgical treatment.?

If you can “smoke” this you will be doing good. The smell and taste are Dreadful. our company believe you will have the ability to manage on nicotine test. You must need to take in a great deal of these to be evaluated favorable. Good Luck.

Question Question 8

Do You Need To Be 18 To Purchase?


Question Question 9

Who Provides It? Ups, Usps AND SO ON?

We deliver USPS

Question Question 10

Can You Unroll These To Put In Pipelines?

we do not understand why you could not. Filler looks much like tobacco.

Question Question 11

We Usually Smoke Senega Reds And We Truly Like The Taste Of Them What Would You State These Taste The Majority Of Like?

These are made from external shells of cocoa beans so we do not truly understand what to compare them to. They do not taste like cocoa at all. Taste is enjoyable. Not severe or odd. we smoked Marlboro lights and these are somewhat more powerful flavored. we attempted green tea cigarettes however they were truly severe and burned our throat a bit These are made from external shells of cocoa beans so we do not truly understand what to compare them to. They do not taste like cocoa at all. Taste is enjoyable. Not severe or odd. we smoked Marlboro lights and these are somewhat more powerful flavored. we attempted green tea cigarettes however they were truly severe and burned our throat a bit. we believe if you will attempt these you’ll be happily shocked. we were. No nasty smell from the smoke. These absolutely worked for us. we believe you’ll be pleased. Hope this is valuable. Good luck on quiting the genuine ones. ~

Question Question 12

If There Is No Tobacco Whats Inside It?

It s tobacco made with cocoa

Question Question 13

Legal For Underage?


Question Question 14

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

Nicotine Free U.S.A.,LLC we deliver exact same day or next company day.If you order from FBA then we can’t tell you when they ship.Or perhaps your order was hold-up by USPS.

Question Question 15

When Lit Does It Look Similar To A Cigarette? Required It For Image Shoot.?

It looks and seems like a genuine cigarette. we extremely suggest this if you do not smoke.or you quit smoking. You can likewise smoke this like a genuine cigarette too.

Question Question 16

Do These Contain Tar? Doesn’T State So On Pack.?

7 milligrams of tar

Question Question 17

Could We Utilize This As A Prop For An Outfit?

Yes since thats all you might utilize them for they are so gross do not inhale them.

Question Question 18

We Do Not Comprehend. Do You Light These With Match And Smoke Them Like A Genuine Cigarette??

Yes you light them and smoke them like a regular cigarette they are cigarettes however have no tobacco or nicotine in them.

Question Question 19

Do You Ship To Ireland?

Sorry just U.S.A.

Question Question 20

How Does It Taste?

we were shocked by utilizing these it was rather easy to quit.Close to cigarette however naturally without the nicotine.we find them a little strong since we always smoked liteso we puncture 3 holes with a pin in the filter and that mellows them.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Smoke Free Nicotine Free( Cocoa Bean Cigarettes) Regular Flavor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have smoked cigarettes for approximately 18 years. At specific amount of times, cigarette consumption was much greater than others, nevertheless the past few years we smoke typically less than 7 daily. Some days we have none. High stress days = having numerous. In the past we had attempted other options when it pertained to quitting – gum, vapor cigarette, vape, breathing excersizes, cold turkey, and so on. None of it compared the terrific feeling, almighty cigarette. Our main choice for a long time was marlboro reds, till the marlboro blacks were launched. Everybody has their preferred however more typically than not we dealt with ourself to a pack of cigarettes that we were unknownwith Some were good while others weren’t. Even those that made you retch after having one ultimately felt more bearable by the end of the pack. It resembled being an amateur cigarette lover. We enjoyed filling our combination and our lungs with all the various ranges. We like smoking. It’s amazing to do. So calm and serene and relaxing. So good for the soul. There are many individuals in our life that we would not have satisfied or things that we would not have experienced if we had not been someplace smoking a cigarette. Numerous times where life gets totally out of control and the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you simply require that smidgen of trusted relief to get you through that minute. It’s terrible when that minute strikes and you do not have any. You’ll take anything anyone provides, even if it’s not something you typically like, and you’ll relish every drag. It draws understanding that the security cigarettes supplies are toxin that will eliminate you in some dreadful, uncomfortable way. Why have not other quitting cessation techniques worked for ourself and individuals we understand? the basic agreement is, “it’s just not the same. ” the physical, regular act of smoking is what’s missing out on. Vaping includes primarily largish, hand held, metal smoking gadgets, while vapor cigarettes simply feel too heavy and clumbsy to be held typically in your mouth and your hand. Absolutely nothing beats the weightless comfortability of the soft paper versus your skin, with the whirling, artitistic strokes of smoke rippling up from the cherry while at the same time breathing out the restout Smoke free has provided us the capability to “have our cake and eat it too” – we can still smoke a cigarette without it in fact being a cigarette. When you initially open the pack, you will smell of a natural, dark chocolate aroma. When lit, they produce a wood burning type of smell. We have asked a few non-smokers their ideas on the scent and none found the smell anywhere near as offending as genuine cigarettes. They decrease smooth and burn quite typical. To me, smoking one provided us the feeling of an inexpensive, ultra-light cigarette, sort of like a precise, with an ever so somewhat severe burning quality. After having a few of them, our throat felt a little scratchy, however the feeling ultimately stopped by the end of the pack. The product packaging has ignited the interest of rather a few regular smokers who had never ever become aware of such a thing, and wished to attempt them. Everyone took a drag filled with hesitation, and breathed out with an action of, “wow those really aren’t bad at all. ” they were all thrilled by the rate too, considering that we reside in a state where cigarettes have to do with $10 per pack. Regardless of our radiant evaluation, we can comprehend why some individuals might not have liked these in the beginning. Changing over to a brand name or kind of cigarette you do not like is hard when you have a large variety to gain access to at any gasoline station. We will not lie, after the very first couple days of smoke free we felt unfinished and missed out on the taste of our marlboros. What assisted us was smoking both. Initially we rotated in between which one to smoke, then having 2 smoke releases and 1 marb, ultimately to 1 marlboro daily, to the point where we tapered ourself off of genuine cigarettes while establishing a familiar taste and bond with smoke free. It’s been a couple weeks now with smoke free and we are doing simply fine. We were provided a genuine cigarette recently and although we were still psychologically familiar with the brand name and taste, we physically did not feel fantastic after having it. We do not understand anyone who got their very first cigarette and didn’t believe it was revolting and gross. A few of you, like me, might have even vomitted or vomited their very first time. For whatever factor however, all of us kept doing it and got utilized to it. Your very first response to smoke free might not be the most satisfying, however it must definitely not make you feel revolted or ill. These have been a god-send in our life. It’s good to do not hesitate from cigarettes and experience all the favorable modifications your body makes when you quit, all while still having the ability to smoke what still seems like the genuine thing.

As a long period of time in and out smoker we can state, with sincerity, that these do not truly taste any even worse that a typical tobacco cigarette as soon as you have been off cigarette’s for any fantastic length of time. In truth, they are extremely mild and the taste does not taste like much of anything. When you have been off of real tobacco cigarettes, anyhow. We chose, after the very first pack we purchased here to get our typical camel’s and smoke them for an entire month simply to see how our palate would likethat After smoking a pack of the sf tobacco-less cigarettes then returning to our camel’s we need to state, it was the camel’s that ended up being straight-out revolting. Funny thing is, we would not have believed otherwise till trying to attempt something other than the cigarettes we had smoked for years. Years even. We believe it’s funny how our palate fool us into thinking that something other than what we had been smoking is entirely revolting by contrast till you in fact devote yourself to something various. We can see that if somebody who had been smoking stogies for years may be switched off by these since the taste is far various, even by contrast to regular cigarette tobacco, however we were stunned at how revolting our good ol’ attempted and true camel’s tasted after being off of them for simply thirty days and on the sf tobacco-less cigarettes specifically throughout that time. It was challenging and our relative would state we were a genuine jerk throughout the very first few weeks we were off of the camel’s and now, we have purchased another pack of these and despite the fact that we do not care much for the taste, which is not as revolting as some individuals “claim” they are and we are quite sure those individuals have other program’s publishing here anyhow. They do not burn rather as easily as a typical tobacco cigarette either however sf burns far cleaner & uniformly than hand rolled cigarettes. Our just other gripes are that they burn sort of quick and they are sort of costly for what they are. As a true on-again off-again smoker of tobacco products we can state without predisposition that these are most likely the very best thing you can get that comes even near a tobacco cigarette without the numerous included carcinogens (the entire reason that we are attempting to quit in the very first location, currently had a relative die from lung illness who was a long period of time tobacco smoker. They just smoked half a pack a day too and was simply 11 years older than me). Bottom line is really easy, if you are attempting to quit however things like nasty gum or patches do not work for you as they did not for us then these are the very best supplements to a genuine cigarette on the marketplace. Because smoking these we have currently gone from smoking approximately 4-6 of our old cigarettes a day to 2-3 of these a day. The craving for tobacco is no longer there however that has never ever truly been our true “addiction” to cigarettes anyhow. Our addiction is just a “hand to mouth” addiction, more smokers have this addiction than nicotine itself however do not recognize it and that has been a routine harder to break than just quitting nicotine. Haters can state all they desire aboutthese If you consider it fellow tobacco smokers, your very first taste of tobacco was most likely quite darn revolting too. Every smoker has experienced this in that”first drag” It requires time to change. Plain and easy. It’s unfortunate to see many people here would rather dispose all over it as if it was the very first time they took a drag from a cigarette all over once again rather than offer it the possibility to re-wire your palate into liking something various. As you did ultimately with good ol’ tobacco cigarettes now, didn’t ya? ok then.

These things truly are incredible. They assisted us quit smoking.

Definitely like smell and taste. Nevertheless, inadequately covered. Cigarette paper spaces. And is loose around tip filter. Actually, paper pulls loose from filter tip.

We been a smoker for 20 years and attempting to stop utilizing nicotine patch however with smoking there is the hand to mouth and the inhale addiction likewise. We found that utilizing smoke free has assistance alot.

These are not tobacco cigarettes, they do not taste like tobacco. They taste a little like coco. And smoke. They smoke much like a regular cigarette. It is the very best alternative that we have found, take that from somebody who has quit 5 times over 20 years (and who has been smoking for 45). We as soon as quit for 5 years. We have attempted vapor cigarettes, patches, gum, you call it.Acupuncture Hypnosis.Pot Whatever. We genuinely think that, had we had these, we would have just quit nicotine as soon as and effectively. It totally pleases the desire to draw smoke. We will utilize patches for a brief time to assist with the nicotine, however our main addiction is the drawing smoke. These will work for us, and thank you.

Finally quit after 30 years of cigarette smoking and these assisted make it possible. They are the closest thing we found to cigarettes, close enough to get us through the worst cravings. Thank you.

Assisted us quit smoking. No offensive smell for individuals around you. Taste is good and mild. No “burn” in your throat. Certainly suggest you attempt them for those times when you simply require the activity of smoking. Nicotine free.

Evaluates mentioned tastes like chocolate it does not however it’s a good replacement burns sluggish so it lasts some time went from smoking 2 loads a day however just 5 a day ofthese We call that a win.

Gotten my own today, and we are happily stunned that they put on t taste bad at all. We believe we have finally found something to assist us quit smoking. There are two factors we just provided 4 stars. One is, we want they made 100 s and two,that they would roll and pack them a bit tighter. Other than that, we would suggest these to somebody who is truly attempting to quit.

We quit smoking and required something to fall back on in case of emergency situations when we consume alcohol. In the past we have begun smoking full-time once again and everything began with the cigarettes we smoked when drinking. We always coveted those individuals who might simply smoke when they consume. We truly simulate the act of smoking and the socializing element to it. We just dislike depending on everything the time like we were. It was genuinely a drug addiction. We didn’t feel good unless we had our regular cigarettes, however what we didn’t recognize is that the cigarettes were making us feel even worse once they wore away that made us “need” another simply to feel rather”normal” All that being stated we attempted the other brand name made in the u. K.”honeyrose” We attempted the variety pack and each of the ranges smelled highly of decaying fish and on top of that they tasted terrible and burned really quickly. We went to a bar one night and lots of people in the bar were discussing the terrible smell of the honeyrose smokes we were smoking. Fortunately they could not identify that it was our smokes triggering it. Some even believed it was being brought on by illegal drugs like meth since they had not smelled meth before and it terrified them that somebody was getting high off meth in the bar. Seeing these had a lower score, however frantically requiring a good alternative we chose to provide a shot and lo and witness they are wonderful. They smell like chocolate before you smoke them (which is amazing) and they taste respectable too. Likewise, they take longer to burn instead of the honeyrose brand name. These hold true winner in our book and we can’t think all the low rankings (we are thinking they are fake). We have not attempted to in fact quit smoking with these they are simply a crutch when we have lower inhibitions and can’t refuse a smoke.

The first day and they are currently a fascinating discussion starter with smoking good friends. Not utilized to the flavor( respectable go me) however likewise utilized to dislike cigarettes. They smoke well, really comparable to typical cigarettes. Hoping for a good outcome. Extremely quick shipment and sealed plans.

Exceptional product. This is the only thing that has assisted us quit smoking tobacco. No offensive smell, smooth taste and lasts a long period of time. The owner addressed all of our questions and we are 110% happy for his assistance.

We have purchased about 3 packs now, and they have totally changed smoking typical cigarettes. They are truly truly smooth, kinda like if somebody provided you a shot of vodka and you question whether it’s water. However over all they’re quite fantastic.

First Of All we are 27 we have been smoking considering that we were 17 and we just recently understood that we depended on a pack and a half a day. We chose to quit and we purchased these in combination with a box of the greatest nicotine gum. We believed we were going to be chewing a lots of gum however with the assistance of smoke free we are just chewing a couple of pieces a day. It’s been 3 weeks and we have not had nor desired a cigarette. If you are truly severe about quitting we would absolutely suggestthese No they do not taste like tobacco (so we do not understand what the other individuals are whimpering about) it takes a pack or 2 to get utilize to the taste however it’s truly okay. Certainly tastes fine with that very first cup of coffee in the early morning. If you are severe about quitting this time attempt them.

We quit smoking thanks tothese Got us through the very first week. After that we had the ability to quit these, and take a handle on the cravings as they came. Its like an assisting by far from the ledge. Extremely suggest.

The very first draw is strong and taste like paper however after that it’s fine, this is the very best thing we have found to change the genuine thing not like the genuine cigarette however close sufficient to do the task if you are all set to quit. The percentage of tar can be removed by utilizing the tar bar tips the tar can be seen in the tip. We got our very first box the other day and extremely suggest this product. We are smoker of 46 years we have been attempting to quit for the previous 2 years and have attempted many other products however non were anything near smoke free we now understand we are smoke free for good,.

We have been a smoker for 21 years. We began in december with chantix, however it made our mental disorder amplified, we ended up being really self-destructive. So then we attempted the nicotine patches, then the gum however absolutely nothing worked. We have not smoked in 1 week. These have assisted us a lot. It does not taste regrettable, kinda good after taste. We didn’t even end up the pack. We simply stopped going outdoors and we simply kinda ignored cigarettes. These work. We remain in shock that these made such a distinction.

These cigarettes are the bomb to leave smoking we can t think some of individuals who whimper and grumble how it doesn t taste good or how it s not up to snuff for their taste. This is absurd simply keep smoking then stupido it s about cutting down on orr quitting smoking if you re going to grumble about these cigarettes then you re not all set to quit your nicotine routine so stopped talking individuals deal with it.

We get these for our semi-independent 94 years of age mama. The heart doctor informed her that if she didn’t quit smoking, she would have a stroke and live like a veggie. She will never ever quit so we informed her these are the only alternative. At first she desired her marlboro’s, and now she is fine withthese The business was fantastic likewise since we purchased 10 packs for $69 50 and they informed us next time to order by the carton which is significantly less expensive (which we did this time). Anyhow, they get high marks since they sent out 4 extra packs. Thank you.

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