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Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

How To Quit Smoking With Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an art of relaxing the mind and body; it is known to have a great influence to the internal and external aspects of a person. Research shows that hypnosis has a higher rate success of quitting than those of nicotine replacement therapy method.

Through hypnosis, a person is guided to calm his mind and body and enters into a subconscious, this process of relaxation helps the smoker to moderate his tired muscles, combat depression and distressed. It will redirect his mind to a more relax and happy environment, the feeling is renewed and it is even lighter and easier.

Hypnosis Offers Smokers 2 Ways To Quit

There are two types of quitting smoking through hypnosis. First, the so called self-hypnosis which can be administered alone and second is through a professional hypnotist. In a self-hypnosis, the smoker will be on his own and performing this type of relaxation.

Techniques include sitting in a room without other intruders and meditating alone allowing the system to enter the subconscious, until the quitter can feel calm thoughts intertwining the system. If you choose to seek help of a professional hypnotist, you may visit his clinic and undergo a consultation.

A certified hypnotist will help you guide through words and images that trace your habit in smoking and eventually lead you to combat that habit through a relaxation session.

Reduce Stress & Increase Your Chance of Success

Hypnosis is a great aid in reducing stress related emotions, which, some experts refer to as main causes why people resort to smoking in the first place. There are many benefits for choosing this strategy including the tendency to reduce anxieties, mental distortions, depression and muscle tiredness. It helps recondition both mind and body, the tension will disappear and mental alertness and energy level will restore.

Hypnosis Is Not For Everyone

Hypnosis by all means, is a self-activity because it is largely based on individual’s capacity to relax and be calmed. It is an attitude of the mind and partly based on self-control. The success of quitting using this method is measured on the eagerness and persistence of a smoker. This may not be suited to other smokers, especially to individual who lacked mental focus, but giving this method a try won’t hurt anyway, this is scientifically reported as having a higher rate of success in quitting, giving this a try can be profitable and worthwhile.

Amazing Stop Smoking Results With Hypnosis

Smoking is not only a bad habit, but it is a very dangerous habit that at some point may cost you your life. Although you may be aware that you need to stop smoking, it can be more difficult to do than many people think. Maybe you have tried a variety of different methods to help you stop smoking, such as gum, patches, and support groups, but a newer technique that many people have found effective is to stop smoking with hypnosis.

There are a variety of people who have had their doctors recommend hypnosis, and a great deal of them has been able to stop smoking with hypnosis.

If you have found that no other ways have helped you to quit smoking, then you may be able to stop smoking with hypnosis. This has been a method that has worked on many people who have failed over and over again. While you may think that it will be too expensive, first of all, it is never too expensive to get healthy, and secondly, many hypnotherapists will provide you with free consultations and your first session for free as well.

When you try to stop smoking with hypnosis, you will have to attend regular sessions with your hypnotherapist and they will use a variety of different techniques to help you to quit. Your therapist will put you in a state of hypnosis and then will put various positive suggestions into your mind.

The process will help to change your mind set until you know that you can quit smoking and you will no longer feel that you are giving something up. This therapy can help you to get your mind, soul, and body altogether so you can stop smoking with hypnosis once and for all.

This is one of the most innovative ways to stop smoking, and statistics show that it seems to be very effective as well. There have been many people who have tried all the other available ways to stop smoking and they failed, only to use hypnosis and become successful. When you stop smoking with hypnosis, it is a program that does not focus on what you are losing, but on what you are gaining and positive thoughts and feelings about your choice.

If you need to stop smoking, you may want to try to stop smoking with hypnosis. No doubt you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of health and happiness to gain. If you have questions about this type of program, you can speak with your doctor and more than likely they will be able to recommend you to someone who can help you with hypnosis.

Can Hypnosis Help Me To Quit Smoking

In attempts to quit smoking, a significant number of people turn to hypnosis or hypnotherapy for help. And does it really help? Well, although a number of ‘experts’ refuse to accept that this method can be helpful, people who’ve successfully managed to quit their smoking habit thanks to this method tend to suggest otherwise.

In terms of success rates, this method definitely rates much better than widely promoted medication and NRT programs.

Mind Matters: Know that smoking, or any other addiction for that matter, is way more psychological than physical. While the physical withdrawals associated with any drug subside with every passing day, an ex-addict can still have a relapse a number of years after having remained drug-free. In this regards, understand that nicotine is as addictive a drug as any.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking: Whilst in therapy, one would experience a deep sense of relaxation. When the mind is in this relaxed state suggestions by the therapist are made which the mind then focuses upon. When the mind focuses on these positive suggestions a positive change in brought about. What you should know, though, is that your willingness to go through the process will have a significant impact on the outcome.

For example, if you are being coerced into giving this method a shot, and you remain sceptical right through the process, there’s little chance of success. What’s also important if that you have a will to quit smoking in the first place.

Hypnosis is not magic or witchcraft and cannot make you do things you do not want to. So, unless you really want to stop smoking, not just this method, but no method will work.

How it Works: In a typical hypnotherapy session, our state of consciousness is alerted in a manner that the left portion of the brain responsible for analytical thinking is switched off, and the right side of the brain which is non-analytical becomes highly observant. This, in a way, puts the conscious part to sleep, and awakens the subconscious.

And when it comes to making changes to deep seated behaviours and behavioural patterns, it is the subconscious that needs to be addressed. During the process, the subconscious is reprogrammed in a manner that all previously held beliefs and instincts are changed or done away with.

The Pros and Cons: One great thing about this method to quit smoking is the fact that this is a completely natural and healthy option, and this method does not require you to expose your body to harmful chemicals anymore.

In addition, if you’ve carried any kind of an irrational fear (like being scared of spiders, bugs, heights, etc), there’s a good chance that hypnosis can address that effectively as well. The only downside is the money you are required to spend, although, if you are to compare this with the money your smoking habit requires, it will surely pale in comparison.

Bear in mind, that although this method will not work on everybody, it does come with impressive success rates. This comes as no surprise, given that addressing psychological concerns is way more important than worrying about physical withdrawals when it comes to quitting smoking. So, if you wish to quit smoking, you can surely consider this method. Alternatively, you can also refer to the best method to quit smoking.

Does Stop Smoking Hypnosis Work?

There are various ways of doing it including counselling and use of nicotine patches and chewing gum. Another unique method exists is one that can really help when the others fail. The method is hypnosis and it helps to counter the challenge that is quitting smoking.

Hypnosis in itself is a state. Basically, it is when a person appears to be in some sort of trance and has an altered sense of awareness. The person does not lose consciousness, though. There are different forms of hypnosis including those meant for spiritual rites. For smoking though, we talk of clinical hypnosis that is used in physical as well as psychological settings. It is commonly used to help people relieve pain and in correcting speech and weight issues together with other medical adjuncts. Hypnosis for stopping smoking works in a simple way.

The smoker may undergo one or several sessions of hypnosis in order to achieve the desired effect. Generally, a smoker sits with the hypnotherapist who makes him imagine the negative or unpleasant effects of smoking. This could include an imagination of how cigarette smoke smells like diesel smoke from a car’s exhaust or how it will leave the smoker’s mouth parched. The imagination may go as far as creating a mental picture of how the smoker’s lung become scarred and fibroses after many years of smoking.

The idea is to create an aversion to smoking and thus quit. There is one commonly used technique known as Spiegel’s technique which uses hypnosis to focus on three facts: smoking poisons your body, in order to live you need your body and you need to respect your body and take care of it. The smoker is taught to focus on these things during hypnosis and thereafter when the urge to smoke comes, he does self-hypnosis.

The obvious question then becomes whether, hypnosis for smoking works or not. Well, there are always two sides to the coin and therefore not every person finds hypnosis working for them. As per statistics, one out of every four people does not respond to hypnosis. Clearly though, it does not hurt to try especially when you want to stop smoking so badly and you are looking for an effective method that can work well for you.

How Effective is Hypnosis For Smoking?

The numbers of people who are practicing hypnosis for smoking are rising. This is the final result to the acceptance of this strategy in treating smoking. With this, folks can talk freely to every single other suggesting this method for everybody and experiencing its effectiveness.

But even though it is extensively accepted, several are nevertheless having second thoughts on trying it. A single purpose is that hypnosis is somewhat associated to paranormal acts. Nevertheless, looking closely at this approach must not be one thing to be afraid of.

The process of hypnosis is where you are going to let your subconscious surface out. Just like a personal computer, you can easily reprogram your thoughts in order to remove this habit. This means that the treatment method will go directly to your subconscious part; you can very easily remove the primary cause of your dilemma.

The principal issue of folks who are having some problems of relapsing is since they let their mind get in the way. For example, they believe that they cannot function without the substance so it will outcome into withdrawal effects. These withdrawal effects will abruptly show as physical symptoms. This is the principal explanation why men and women would just go back to their old habits.

The major explanation why hypnosis for smoking is extremely much effective is since it treats smoking correct to the cause. Simply because of this, you can be clear and clean from your tobacco habit. This will make you capable of working towards a healthful and clean living, totally free without the issues of relapsing to this negative habit.

Is Quit Smoking Self-Hypnosis Any Good?

Making the decision is the quick part. It is in living up to that decision in everyday to reach the goal of being able to quit that is the most difficult part. You need to prepare for the troubles that lie ahead in reaching your goal and the way to go about it is using quit smoking self-hypnosis.

By being able to induce this state of being, you are able to focus into yourself. And in this state, you are to be provided a suggestive thought which is ingrained into your brain that would make quitting smoking by hypnosis be a good way to quit smoking.

By having a CD on hypnosis, you would be able to go into the trance state and in learning about the technique of relaxation and breathing to bring on this state of mind. When in this meditative state, you need to repeat over and over again the suggestions that would help make your objective of quitting smoking a reality.

Quit smoking self-hypnosis CDs would provide techniques in looking at your lifestyle, identifying the prompts for smoking and finding ways to avoid or control them to lessen or quit smoking altogether.

Studies have indicated that quit smoking self-hypnosis increases one’s confidence, builds motivation and provides more vitality for the days ahead.

A word of caution, though; there is no guarantee that quit smoking self-hypnosis will succeed on its own. It can only work with your own determination. But in using quit smoking self-hypnosis, either on its own or with another product, like nicotine patches and pills, the success rate increases to 60%. Once the decision has been reached, the next step is seeking formal medical advice and takes the necessary steps to achieve a smoke free lifestyle.

Quitting Smoking By Hypnosis As A Better Method?

And there is every chance that this adherence gives in to the temptation of having just one last smoke and you see yourself again kissing a cigarette, tearing your decision to pieces. Even if you succeed in getting over the temptation, there is always this suppressed desire to smoke, playing at the subconscious level, unless you are exceptionally mentally strong.

Quitting smoking by hypnosis is an answer to this problem as hypnosis takes you into a relaxed state, where the subconscious mind takes the hold. The subconscious is a world of imagination and thoughts.

The technique of hypnosis tries to find out the main reason why you want to smoke; it works on your thoughts and makes you believe that you don’t want to smoke. Thus, quitting smoking by hypnosis helps you uproot the craving for nicotine from deep inside the mind; instead of superficially suppressing the desire to smoke.

Most smokers have a misconception that smoking helps them work or perform better. Quitting smoking by hypnosis also helps getting rid of these misconceptions effectively and easily as it cures the subconscious mind of the addiction to smoking. Also, many smokers are afraid of withdrawal symptoms when they decide to quit.

Here also use of hypnosis to quit smoking proves to be useful as it frees the very subconscious from the fetters of this addiction. This results in a smoker quitting smoking when he is ready to do so – mentally, whole heartedly ready and convinced.

No wonder that this technique is said to have shown a success rate of over 65%!! As quitting smoking by hypnosis does not involve use of any drugs or medicines, it is safe and free of any major side effects. It can also be recommended for people with poor health or for those under some other medication, in most cases.

However, it does involve pressurising the mind and thus cannot blindly be prescribed for everyone. Also, it is important that when you decide to quit smoking by hypnosis, you should consult a proper, certified physician or hypnotherapist.

If you have already tried every possible method to quit smoking, you should definitely go for new experimental ones, as they mainly work on your brain, which is the part of your body responsible for making you smoke.

Whether you quit smoking by hypnosis or by any other methods, the most important thing is that you keep focused on your goal, being strong-willed and telling yourself that you will not be enslaved to cigarettes again. Don’t forget that cigarettes have no mind, while you do. That means you are a free thinking human who wants to live a long and happy life, without facing any terrible disease, such as lung cancer.

Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Self Hypnosis to Quit Smoking can be a really successful tool in breaking the smoking habit. The critical point to be created is you have to want to quit smoking. If you do not want to quit, self hypnosis to quit smoking will not work for you. This approach is not as effective as a hypnosis plan, but will save you some cash. The hardest component about self hypnosis is following through on the everyday ideas.

1. The initial step is to sit down with pen and paper and create out all the factors you need to cease smoking. The key is to be brutally truthful with you. Ask yourself queries like, why do I smoke, how would my well being increase if I quit smoking, how would my finances improve, what would this mean for my family and buddies, how would it change my life in a good way.

Do not rush this process, take a couple days if you need to have it, but do this step the appropriate way. When you are finished, ask yourself if you did this step to the very greatest of your capability. If the answer is yes, let’s move on to the subsequent step.

2. Step two is to make your own self hypnosis suggestions. The crucial factor is to word these in a constructive way. As an instance you need to say “I love getting smoke free of charge” and not “I hate smoking.” The self hypnosis suggestion will be what you convey to your subconscious mind.

Attempt to come up with three distinct recommendations and make them as emotionally charged as attainable. The a lot more emotion involved in the suggestion the faster they will penetrate you subconscious mind. The quick they penetrate your subconscious mind the fast you will quit smoking.

3. The third step in self hypnosis is to repeat your recommendations out loud at least three instances a day. Much more is far better, but 3 will do the trick.

Say them for at least fifteen minutes every single time. It is best if you do this when you first get up, sometime in the afternoon and ahead of bed. You can also say them silently when you have a craving for a cigarette.

This step is so crucial that you should not let something come amongst you and following this self hypnosis to quit smoking step. Give this step full interest and do not be listen to the radio, watching Television or some other activity whilst repeating the suggestion.

If you have been following via with repeating the self hypnosis to quit smoking suggestion, you will see your need for cigarettes falling off after about two to three weeks. You will probably also notice you are smoking a lot significantly less, if you have not currently quit. If you have not quit, but keep up the self hypnosis to quit smoking ideas and you will quickly turn into a non smoker.

Even though you have finally quit, you will still get cravings at different times. This is normal and expected. Just repeat the self hypnosis to quit smoking suggestion and the craving will soon fade. Good luck, I hope you join the ranks of non smokers.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Recent studies report that stop smoking hypnosis is a powerful tool for giving up smoking. It can be done unaided or while taking medication.


Stop smoking hypnosis can change your opinion concerning smoking. People’s subliminal perception and sentient opinion will differ once stop smoking hypnosis is undertaken. One study showed that people who have undergone a number of sessions achieved a 66% level of success on kicking the habit.

Inspiration, Strength and Self-assurance

Addiction to smoking is the most difficult habit to break. If you attempted on quitting the first time but failed, an inner voice in your sub-consciousness will torment you of a further failure even on other trials.

Stop smoking hypnosis changes these voices. It helps you to intensify your wilful drive and your subliminal perception. It strengthens and inspires your spirit to fight especially when you are undergoing withdrawal.

How to Surpass the Withdrawal Symptoms

Stop smoking hypnosis arms you with copping solutions when you encounter an urge to light a cigarette. Since smoking is already part of your life, possibly after eating or a couple of sticks when you are with your friends having a friendly chat and enjoying a cup of coffee, your withdrawal will be quite difficult.

Constantly, the voice that urges you to light a cigarette will be there and stop smoking hypnosis can help you to fight these triggering stimulants. Stopping a habit that has been part of you for quite a long time requires a very strong determination. Stop smoking hypnosis is a very effective and productive tool in this regard.

So How Can You Learn More About Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy?

Call your nearest hypnotherapist or try checking the telephone directory or even ask your doctor for any suggestions. Before an actual session, make sure that the hypnotherapist is licensed and certified. Ask for success rates from patients that have undergone the therapist’s treatment and supervision. And finally, you can try to look for tapes or CDs on stop smoking hypnosis from a highly regarded record company. Better yet, you can try asking your physician; she/he might know a few.

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