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Quit Smoking Naturally

Quit Smoking Naturally

Natural Quit Smoking Aids versus Artificially Synthesized Alternatives

The lengthy tests conducted by specialists have proven the undeniable benefits provided by nicotine free anti-depressants and inhibitor quit smoking aids. These chemically synthesized prescription drugs come in many forms, from nasal sprays to pills and even injections.

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However, some of patients who have been following treatments with prescription quit smoking aids have developed a series of symptoms such as nasal irritation and sensibility and digestive tract disorders. The good news is that the aforementioned conditions are merely temporary effects and they cease once the therapy is over.

In addition, the therapy with nicotine free quit smoking aids has proven to be more efficient in eliminating cravings and anxiety related to the withdrawal.

As a rule of thumb, nicotine inhibitors should not be used in conjunction with nicotine gum or nicotine patch, since that way the two treatments cancel each other out. Nicotine free quit smoking aids such as the Zyban pills work on shutting down the path between the receptors and the nicotine introduced in the body, thus gradually eliminating the gratification sensation of smoking.

On the other hand, nicotine based quit smoking aids such as gum or nicotine patch work by replacing the cravings for cigarettes by supplying the body with an alternative source. It is important to note that one cannot say for certain which method is better for a smoker, as the results of the treatment vary for each and every person.

An alternative to the artificially synthesized quit smoking aids comes from herbal remedies. Due to their nature, these quit smoking aids seem to present less negative side effects on the body and can also be used as a detoxification cure in the abstinence period.

Detoxification therapies enable to body to purge the toxic substances from the lungs and circulatory system and aid the regeneration of damaged organs and cells. Moreover, certain plants have anti-depressant properties that help one muddle through the unpleasant withdrawal period.

The plants most commonly used as quit smoking aids include peppermint, lobelia, fenugreek and comfrey. In addition to the regeneration process accelerated by the use of these herbs, one will also notice calming results, anxiety relief and an enhancement of the overall health.

However, it is important to note that there is no reason why one should not combine a natural quit smoking treatment with an artificially synthesized one, especially if the medication does not interact with the herbs in any way.

Natural Quit Smoking Patches

Try to stop smoking is a career that very few finish. Cigarettes are addictive nature so strong that most of former smokers say that every ten years, a day later still, there is still fight the temptation to grab a smoke. However, with the help quit snuff products battle for it is becoming easier and easier to control.

The best way to quit is never to start. From the second you start smoking the nicotine travels to the brain begins to develop nicotine receptors in the brain. These receptors need nicotine to survive after craving a smoke screen. The more you smoke, more and more receptors become stronger and therefore increase with time smoking.

A lot of people find it almost impossible to quit suddenly or without some form of aid or nicotine substitutes. That’s why companies are doing their best to create new and effective products that can be used to help you on your journey to quit smoking.

There are products like nicotine gum; you can use to help stop smoking. The gum is used as sources of nicotine, which makes snuff curb their addiction. The nicotine gum dose by small tissue in the mouth let you manage your cravings and give you more chance to say no to seize cigarettes from outside the area.

Another option is to choose the patch that works such as rubber, providing your body with a small amount of nicotine. This is a very discreet little patch that you stick with a part of your body and you go through your day gives a bit of nicotine to stop smoking gradually, little by little.

These products do not replace the supply nicotine, but which leads you look and feel of smoking with deadly effect. This helps you overcome your urge to smoke by allowing you to come to its normal course without being a dependent person or a bad trade for another. It becomes very popular because a clean and natural way to quit smoking.

When it comes to consumption of snuff best and most effective natural stop smoking aid that you can get is what allows you to not smoke when using only their personal willpower. They are called things like meditation and hypnosis to help with nicotine for smoking cessation.

There are a range of people using these natural methods to quit smoking the wagon for good. These methods are very effective, but are extremely difficult to fill, but if you can complete a smoking cessation program, will have many more opportunities no smoking.

In the search for the right product to quit smoking to suit your lifestyle and smoking, you may need to try more than one option before finding one that works for you. Remember, that nothing is worth having is worth working because if the need quitting is something that you have nothing prevents you from achieving your goal.

How to Use Natural Quit Smoking Aid?

Stop smoking by using natural quit smoking aid can really be a godsend for those people who find it difficult to stay on the wagon. Nowadays there are many stop smoking programs that can help you to get rid of smoking habit in case you feel you need help. Some nicotine replacement products like patches and gums are one of the types however you can instead opt for natural cures to stop smoking.

Even if you haven’t thought before, do give the idea some serious thought of giving up smoking. Not only because the smoking habit harm your health, it also affects the health of those around you included your family and friends. With the support from your family and friends, the right natural quit smoking aid can help you easily.

Today there are many types of natural cures to stop smoking available in the market. Any products that derived from herbs can be the right natural ways. The following are some of the natural quit smoking aids that you can try out:


Besides as a good natural quit smoking aid, Peppermint has the added advantage of reducing breathing problem and respiratory distress which related with your smoking habit. This herb not only cleans out your lungs, it’s also reducing the craving for nicotine. You can make peppermint tea or use the leaves and extracts for aromatherapy to stop smoking.


The Liquorice herb has detoxifying components which helps your body get rid of all nicotine during smoking cessation. Its detoxifying effects will help your nicotine cravings diminish and can also help the liver by clearing out the oxidants and toxins. The root of Liquorice is very effective in quitting smoking as it helps in distracting you from the desire for smoking.


Mullein makes a great natural quit smoking aid because it has been used to cure asthma and other breathing problem since many years ago. This herb not only can help you regain your natural lung function, it can also reduce the craving for nicotine by clearing out toxins from your blood.

Slippery Elm

This stop smoking herb is amongst the best natural cures to quit smoking as it clears out your circulatory and respiratory systems by removing harmful oxidants and toxins during smoking cessation. Natural quit smoking aid that contains Slippery Elm is available in the form of supplements, tea and even infusions.

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