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Quaker Life Breakfast Cereal – Cinnamon

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Product 1
Quaker Life Cereal, Cinnamon, 18 oz
  • Made with whole grain quaker oats
Product 3
Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal 62 Ounce Value Box
  • Each order comes with one box of Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal
  • Two 31 Ounce value bags per box

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Quaker Life Breakfast Cereal – Cinnamon.

  • Exce ent source of b- vitamins to assist transform food into energy
  • 20 grams of entire grains per serving
  • Helps promote healthy hearts
  • Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal, 13 oz Boxes, 3 Count

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Quaker Life Breakfast Cereal – Cinnamon.
Flavor: Life Cereal, Cinnamon Attention Life Cereal enthusiasts there’s space for two enjoys in your life. We have actually enlivened your preferred cereal with the vibrant taste of cinnamon. Delight in the wholesome sweet taste of Quaker Life Cereal and cinnamon made with entire grain Quaker Oats, and begin your day of rest right.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Quaker Life Breakfast Cereal – Cinnamon.

Question Question 1

How Numerous Ounces Per Life Cereal Box?

13 ounces

Question Question 2

What Is The Expiration Date?

That will differ depending upon when you buy it

Question Question 3

Does This Box Have A Kosher Accreditation On Each Box?

Yes they each have the you in a circle.

Question Question 4

Do You Have Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.?


Question Question 5

What Color Is It?

CAP’N CRUNCH cereal is Yellow

Question Question 6

How Numerous Ounces Is Each Box Of Life? Don?

The box programs 13 oz.

Question Question 7

How Much Does Each Cup Weigh?

Each cup includes 2.29 ounces of cereal. We hope this information is handy.

Question Question 8

Are These Vegan?

Thinking about most business sugar is not vegan (whitened with charred bones), we question you’ll get the maker to state they are. From an active ingredients perspective they look vegan, however the cereal might be processed in a location with other milk and egg products.

Question Question 9

What Are The Components?

we did not buy this product. we purchased big boxes of Raisin Bran and a Kashwe mix box.

Question Question 10

What Vitamins Does It Have?

like many cereals it is not organic

Question Question 11

Is Life’S Maple And Brown Sugar Flavor Still Readily Available?

According to the Life site no. They have original, cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry, pumpkin spice, and gingerbread.

Question Question 12

Which Business Makes This?

It’s Quaker oats business.

Question Question 13

What Does It Taste Like?

has a sweet vanilla taste

Question Question 14

We Simply Want The Quaker Oats Life Vanilla Cereal We Desired Life Vanilla Cereal Just?

we do not believe deals much in just vanilla Life cereal.You might be stuck needing to go to the shop for this.

Question Question 15

Gluten Free?

Thanks for asking. Life Cereal includes wheat so it’s not suggested for gluten- delicate customers.

Question Question 16

Is This Organic?

Life Cereal is not presently organic.

Question Question 17

How Various Flavors Does This Can be found in?

one, unless you get the several pack, which has two.

Question Question 18

How Does It Broaden?

In milk? If you provide it a great deal of time, however it is a crunchier cereal.

Question Question 19

How Numerous Calories In It?

Regular Life cereal per 3/4 cup serving 120 calories with1/2 cup skim milk 160 calories.Vanilla and Cinnamon are the exact same.

Question Question 20

How About Sugar.?

What about sugar?

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Quaker Life Breakfast Cereal – Cinnamon, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We solely buy quaker products now for cereal and treats. These cinnamon oatmeal squares have far more dietary fiber with little fat and less sugar than other alternatives. (life is comparable also). These aren’t appropriate for gluten free, however we seem like quaker ought to attempt to come out with a gluten free variation, they might make a kiling in that market considering that they are an oats business. Other products to attempt: quaker life breakfast cereal variety pack,52 2 ounce https://www. Com/dp/b01 lnkhhz6/ref= cm_sw_r_cp_apa_o6fbbb468 b1a4quaker breakfast flats, variety pack,. Https://www. Com/dp/b01 kmhy4no?ref= yo_pop_ma_swf( banana nut and cranberry almond are our preferred. )quaker breakfast squares, variety. Https://www. Com/dp/b077 l2n9cc?ref= yo_pop_ma_swf( blueberry and strawberry have the tartness to not taste extremely sweet like apples and cinnamon).

We purchased this with a voucher on subscribe and conserve as one who enjoys life and cinnamon life cereal. It was a terrific rate in the end with the discount rate and discount coupon and our very first shipment was excellent. We might go through a box a day if we truly attempted, however we wound up consuming this for a little over a week. To me, the vanilla was. Not excellent. We got a 2nd month’s supply of it and found ourself simply never ever opening the vanilla once again. So the worth was truly lost when we recognized we were just getting 3 boxes of cereal we liked. So it’s certainly worth entering if you wish to attempt the new flavor or currently understand you like them all. If you do, this is a lot compared to the supermarket. If you wind up not liking among the flavors, well, you can do better.

Got these for well under 2 dollars after all of our discount rates. Keep in mind, these boxes are even smaller sized than the small boxes in the supermarket. It states rack friendly, which is simply code speak for smaller sized. We have actually never ever had the vanilla before. It’s okay, however we choose the regular and cinnamon much more,.

Our child and we both truly like the 3 ranges of these quaker oatmeal squares cereals we have actually attempted up until now, consisting of brown sugar, honey nut, and this cinnamon. Obviously, it is readily available in golden maple, however we put on t recall seeing that anywhere other than the quaker oats site. Quaker oatmeal squares cereal is more affordable on as an include- on product unless our shop is running a good sale. As far as nutrition goes, we presume old- made oatmeal (including 100% entire grain rolled oats) is healthier, however this processed cereal includes more fiber per serving, along with some included iron and folic acid. Old made oats itself has less sugar and carbs, however it definitely doesn t by the time we are done including brown sugar. Anyhow, quaker oatmeal squares, when consumed with milk and a boiled egg (or other protein), is a good breakfast for us, specifically when we remain in a rush. We like to consume it right out of package also.

Life is tough? more like crispy and cinnamon flavored. One bite of this and we feel remarkable, like we can trigger a strip sack fumble healing and take it back 92 lawns for the goal then commemorate hugely sufficient that the ref gets his flag however chooses not to toss it.

Life is among those ‘better for you’ cereals, and with subscribe & wait’s a better offer, so more budget-friendly – yes, a bargain – that’s what we desire from life. Likewise, a good mix with 2 regular flavor & a vanilla & cinnamon = & you can blend these up; if you desire more cinnamon, simply mix some of the regular flavor in. Stretch those ‘extra’ flavors. So you can have flavor with life. The vanilla is really subtle, & goes excellent for topping yogurt, the cinnamon leaves your milk so delicious & the regular makes remarkable meatloaf, lol. So you can make things better with life. So – enjoy your life.

Get a life our relative shouts from upstairs as we fast get our secrets to run out the door. We stop briefly to make certain we heard her properly — considering that we believed our marital relationship was working out. And if she was informing us to get a life. Wasn t that likewise a dig on her, considering that she is an essential part of our life? all of these questions go through our head as we ponder life without all that we had actually built together. Simply then, she gets in the space and states — did you hear me? can you get some life? we are allout All of the pain and suffering disappear as we consider the next 50+ years we will invest together in addition to the tasty bowl of life cereal we undoubtedly will take in the next early morning. Life is good.

We matured in the period of the life cereal commercials where “mikey” was the star. The picky eater who “hates everything” according to his sibling. Whatever other than life cereal that is. Quiet mikey heartily goes into the full bowl of life cereal and milk like it might be his last meal and never ever stated a word. We think actions were louder than words. So we have actually been consuming life considering that the days of those original commercials. Ever since they have actually come out with different other flavors like cinnamon and we have actually consumed them all. A box merely never ever appears to last long. We have a confession to make however. We never ever consume them with milk and seldom consume them for breakfast. This is among our go- to treats rather of state potato chips or corn chips. Unlike mikey, no spoon for us either. This is a finger food that we demolish by the bowl full.

The good: we are little prejudiced as this is among our preferred cereals so we ranked high up on flavor. Cereal had 4 months staying on expiration; so they are not offering borderline ‘old’ cereal. With subscribe and save it ends up being a good worth. Packaged effectively. The bad: these are the small boxes so they will go quickly. You might have the ability to find a better offer shopping in your area. We are on a military base in the center east and our ‘regional’ rate is greater. Total: these work for us. If we buy from the nx we pay 75% more than here. Get boxes in late april and they are good up until october. With subscribe and save we get an addtional 15% off and they belong to our month-to-month membership. ****.

Life has actually been our preferred breakfast cereal considering that we were a teen. This is a good variety of all the flavors however original is still our favorite. If you have a large family there s something for everybody in this 4 pack. We like how sweet & crispy it is. We like a bowl of this with ice cold milk or ice cold vanilla silk. We need to confess, nevertheless, that this is likewise among our preferred sweet treats consumed right out of package. Attempt the cinnamon flavor with vanilla ice cream. Yum. The 4 pack is a good worthfrom We specifically like that it was provided right to our door. We hope this was handy.

Quaker is among the world s most popular brand names, and discovering it on was not a surprise. The rate was an included reward. How incorrect can you go with a top brand name at $0. 19 c an ounce? we hadn t had actually quaker oats in years, the immediately identifiable taste took us back practically to youth.

Our two kids and we love life cereal. Other half isn’t choosy about what he consumes, however we are. This is a popular staple in our family. Good and crunchy with simply the correct amount of sugar (not extremely sweet). This offer for 3 boxes was a good buy.

Other half truly likesthese Keeps her full through the early morning and the rate is good. Flavors are not extremely sweet – which is good – however understand there is sugarcoated here, otherwise you may also consume plain oatmeal. Care is to examine the ‘finest by date when they show up. We have actually purchased 5 or 6 times, and among the most current orders got here ended. The others all had 4 or 5 months of life span left. The boxes go quite quickly so that is more than sufficient time.

We like these things and the rate was engaging. They are similar to the ones you can buy at the supermarket however appear amazingly on your doorstep. The stash of cereal boxes in the kitchen offers us a soothing feeling of food security, and they are delicious damp or dry. Thank you pickers, carriers, and motorists for feeding us in quarantine. We value what you are doing.

Possibly as we are aging they are not tasting as nutty as they carried out in more youthful days however they still taste excellent. Particularly when you slip some of your preferred fruit on them like bananas or strawberries. You can seem like you re doing something healthy for yourself without putting in the time to make a bowl of oatmeal. They fast and easy who might ask for more.

Life cereal is our preferred. It’s sweet however not as sweet as the fruity marshmallow cereal. We like including fresh banana or raspberries. It was good to get a 3- pack simultaneously due to the fact that we always forget to get cereal at the shop. The boxes were not smashed or harmed in any way and the cereal was similarly unscathed. No grainy crushed pieces at the bottom.

The cereal is excellent simply the 3 pack of these smaller sized boxes is not a good worth when you can get the larger family size boxes at your regional grocery for a bit less with more cereal than all 3 boxes integrated. The product did show up fresh and was really delicious. We would just advise if you do not have access to a regional grocery and truly like life cereal as much as we do that your ready to get it delivered.;–RRB-.

We like the 3- pack. Bought this when it was at include- on rate. Wouldn t buy this if it s extremely costly. We would simply buy it anywhere it s the least expensive. However subscribe and conserve is quite practical. Anyhow, the taste is excellent. This is among our preferred cereals due to the fact that it has a subtle/mild brown sweet sweet taste and it s among the heart- healthy cereals. There s no sweet covering or any ofthat Certainly really delicious though. We like it. Extremely suggested.

Our family enjoys this and it’s typically tough to find in our location. We were so pleased we found it on subscribe and conserve. We order enough boxes to keep them gladly chewing and snacking up until the next order. It’s always extremely fresh and crispy– never ever stagnant. Thank you a lot.

We purchased 6 various kinds – fruit loops, cheerios, life, frosted minwe wheats, corn pops, & captain crunch. All packages were sealed – containers were sealed. 8 months away expiration dates. Really pleased. We do a great deal of taking a trip so cereal left in the house gets stagnant. These are perfect. And can go with us on journeys. Couldn t be better.

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