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Ominira Global Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets

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Product 1
Handbook of Auricular Treatment (Pocket)
  • Dr. Lichun Huang (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
Product 2
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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ominira Global Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets.

  • Ensure this fits by entering your design number.
  • Finest utilized in combination with other quit smoking products or for smokers that wish to gradua y quit
  • Helps with cravings, while you gradua y smoke less
  • Location the two bio magnets on your left ear as displayed in image for 2-4 hours daily, DO NOT USE THEM TO BED these magnets use pressure to the ear please wear for the recomended time.
  • With time, your craving and desire to smoke wi subside.

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better than Ominira Global Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ominira Global Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets.

Question Question 1

With Using This And Not Smoking Will You Still Have Withdraws That’S The Just Thing We Can’ T Handle Is The Withdraws We Get Mean Often?

we have been quit for 8 years now and purchased one for our lady we have no desires or withdrawals ever

Question Question 2

Do You Put It In Exact Same Location For Food Cravings?

Yes the very same positioning, some individuals find positioning the lmagnet at the base of there ear, where an earring would go, can be affective too

Question Question 3

Do You Use The Exact Same Megnet The Next Day?

Yes the very same set can be re utilized several times

Question Question 4

Does This Ship From The U.S.?

Yes this ships derectly from our storage facilities in the U.S. choose next day shipping at checkout if you desire your bundle right now.

Question Question 5

Can You Usage Any Magnets?

You are welcome to attempt any magnets, nevertheless these auricular magnets specify size and strength to use the precise quantity of pressure essential for appropriate pressure point stimulation.

Question Question 6

Can The Magnets Be Utilized With ” Over The Head” Headphones?

it is to be pasted in ear lobe

Question Question 7

Do You Just Requirement One, Or Do You Required To Buy A Pack To Modification Every Day?

one pack has one set just, can be utilized for a number of times,

Question Question 8

What Does This Mean? Every Free Trial Order Will Receive One Free Crave Control To Keep. Exists Anything Else We Required To Buy?

we wouldn t referred to as our Zero smoke bundle was provided empty. Don t waste your money.

Question Question 9

How Long Every Day Do We Use This?

Some days we forget to use it.But 1-2 hours is good; afterwards, modification ear and place of very same ear otherwise it will be too ourch pressure

Question Question 10

Do You Usage One Or One On Each Ear?

Hi we are sorry that we didn’t under stand your question. However In our understanding you indicate. This product have 2 piece with 1 ear just. This product is magnet So it’s need to be 2 pieces front and back of your ear.So sorry if the response is unclear.

Question Question 11

Can We Use This One Our Left Ear For 3-4 Hours Then Change It To The Right Ear For Another 3-4 Hours Without Needing To Go Without It?

This is a fraud, that’s the only thing we can state, keep your money

Question Question 12

Do You Keep This On 24 Hours A Day?

No, you use them for 2-4 hours daily, preferably sometimes if the day when you are most vulnerable to smoke. Do not use them to bed

Question Question 13

Beginning This Tomorrow. Should We Keep The Nicotine Patch Off?

this product is safe to integrate with other quit smoking aids. If you wish to utilize it in conjuction with patches it is safe to do so.

Question Question 14

Had Difficulty Getting Them To Link And after that After An Hour They Must Have Fallen Off As Now They Are Gone, Any Tip???

Its genuine not working

Question Question 15

How Long Do We Use These Every Day?

2 hours

Question Question 16

Will It Deal With Individuals That Chew Tobacco?

It’s ineffective, we purchased it for our uncle and he kept smoking

Question Question 17

Does This Work For Individuals Who Chew?


Question Question 18

Can You Use This And Smoke While It Is On Your Ear?

Yes we advise using sometimes you smoke the most, as it will assist with cravings and decrease the desire to have another cigarette

Question Question 19

How Long Do You Required To Utilize Them?

It truly is a personal choice. Some individuals have stated that they have gotten instant release and do not utilize it long. Others utilize it longer to get outcomes

Question Question 20

Is It Produced In U.S.A.?

No it’s made in China and was delivered from China.It took 8 weeks to get the magnets.No information about the magnets came with the magnets.Had to utilize google to get more info.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Ominira Global Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

It works it truly does. We extremely advise this product our daddy began smoking when he was 10 years old he is now 53 years old and we acquired this for him and 4 of his good friends and they all stopped smoking it leaves a metal taste in your mouth like you put cents in your mouth and after about day 2 the advises decrease our daddy is 1 month devoid of smoking please if you wish to stop smoking this is it.

It will take some time however we are arriving, good product though.

This helps a lot with cravings. We utilize it with nicotine patches. 2 months without vaping.

Functions extremely well, thanks.

It works, it truly work. We would simply recommend not leaving it on too long, more that 3 hours, since it will make your ear extremely delicate or raw.

Good purchases just issue was it had no guidelines on how to utilize it so we needed to google it and view a youtube video on how to utilize it.

It truly does appear to work. Don t like that after a time period they do make our ear hurt.

Good & assisted.

Smoking cessation.

Thank you.

Purchased this for our granny to assist her quit smoking. Came simply as anticipated and helps.

, love this.

Quit smoking.


This was a present for our other half. He utilizes it daily and states it works. His smoking has cut way back and now he’s wishing to quit.

We will have a significant surgical treatment on the 1 march, and we buy this product from desperation. The cosmetic surgeon desired us to quit smoking a minimum of 6 weeks before the surgical treatment date. This product assisted usout We quit the smoking practice for few weeks now, without feeling the pain of cravings. It worth a shot.

We are on day 1, acquired to attempt given that we found on a random website for $4. For that rate, it’s way worth a shot. We anticipate to a minimum of cut down, however we are not an extremely heavy smoker – 1 pack goes 3 days. Ive had it on for nearly 4 hrs, and simply somewhat changed it in the advised location in order to use it as long as we can, as it did get uncomfy however it’s fine since we are not having a craving. And the product site does recommend 4 hours two times a day. Will upgrade once again after some time passes.

This product is like utilizing the acupuncture needles in ear other than utilizing magnets. It will assist to decrease the long for of nicotine, not so sure about quitting however you never ever understand it will depend upon individuals as you understand. However absolutely assistance 50 to 70 of craving gone when you begin utilizing it. We advise do not put in your ear more than 2 to 4 hrs or you ear will get pain. As soon as you begin putting this one, our craving is gone. So it assist in the way.

Amazing. We had this on for 21/ 2 hours. Our cravings simply left. Thew our cigarettes out last night. Feel like we have never ever smoked. We are amazed and sooooo thrilled.

Gotten as a gift. Does not make our ear aching. We do use as advised per the website and use it for two hrs in the early morning and two hrs in the evening. We do believe if you get some magnetic earrings it might achieve the very same procedure. If you have quite acidic skin like we do. We discovered the side of the magnet is tainting after using nearly a week. Going to clearcoat them with nail polish to keep it from turning black. We have notification we have minimized our cravings for ciggerates and have not been as bad-tempered in the recently.

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