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NOVARTIS Habitrol Nicotine Gum

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NOVARTIS Habitrol Nicotine Gum.

  • A contemporary soft chewing gum with a sugar-free covering
  • Long enduring popular fruit flavor
  • For individuals who smoked more than 20 cigarettes daily
  • Pleases your craving to smoke, anytime or anywhere
  • Helps avoid weight gain while you quit smoking

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NOVARTIS Habitrol Nicotine Gum.
Habitrol helps you stop smoking. By changing tobacco as a source of nicotine, you leave a the damaging results and inconviences of smoking. This is ca ed nicotine replacement therapy. Habitrol gum pleases your craving to smoke, anytime or anywhere. New coated gum is soft, easy to chew, and will not stain teeth. The sugar free covering has a long-term fruit flavor, comparable to cherry or fruit punch. Each piece of gum consists of 4 mg of nicotine, for individuals who smoke more than 20 cigarettes daily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NOVARTIS Habitrol Nicotine Gum.

Question Question 1

We Utilized To Buy The Walmart & Walgreens Nicolette Fruit Brand Name, However The Taste Altered For The Worse. What Brand name Has Original Taste? Anyone Know?

when you state “original taste” do you suggest non-favored gum? If so, we have purchasedgood quality non-flavored gum at Kroger Grocery stores here in Tennessee. Non-flavored gum is difficult to find. Habitrol gum is fruit flavored however has an enjoyable taste.

Question Question 2

We Utilized To Buy The Walmart & Walgreens Nicolette Fruit Brand Name, However The Taste Altered For The Worse. What Brand name Has Original Taste? Anyone Know?

we still like corvette best, Habitual is okay however the fruit taste is extremely mild.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on NOVARTIS Habitrol Nicotine Gum, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Attempted out the nicotine gum for weight loss functions as we have never ever smoked. Likewise have never ever been a gum chewer. The gum has an enjoyable flavor and is long enduring. We have found chewing among these en route home from work provides a little a lift, like the very first cup of coffee in the early morning, and likewise works well as a cravings suppressant. Over a couple months it assisted us lose about 15 pounds. A word of care for other non-smokers, and pointed out by other customers, is the 4 mg is a quite strong dosage. May wish to begin with 2 mg rather. In the beginning it triggered a little light-headedness and lightheadedness, and we are well over 200 pounds. Now that we have gotten utilized to it it’s not an issue. Likewise not experiencing any indications of nicotine addiction, however we observe if we go a number of days without the gum we begin “finding” the pounds we lost.

We got habitrol nicotine gum around a week ago and we enjoy with the outcomes. We selected the 4 mg box rather of the 2 mg for an individual that generally smoked a pack of cigarettes each day. To our surprise, a whole piece of gum was too strong, bringing that lightheadedness that follows smoking excessive or smoking once again after an extended period of time without having tobacco. 1/3 of the piece at a time is working fine, the taste is good, and it works to control the anxiety of not having cigarettes any longer. We can’t compare habitrol with other products of this kind (“nicorette”, and so on) in taste since this is the very first one we have ever purchased, however we enjoy with the efficiency and competitive rate. Ideally the cigarette intake will be gotten rid of. This seller delivered the product the extremely exact same day we purchased so we would not need to wait long to get the gum. 03/2013: our relative made a shift from 4 mg gum to 2 mg and then to regular gum. He has not smoked in more than a year. His high blood pressure and other health problems improved substantially later on. Thank you, habitrol.

These do have the 4mg nicotine in the gum. Ive bought other brand names which declare to be 4mg however are absolutely nothing as strong asthese We do not believe the nicotine material in the gums is controlled, if it is, it is not controlled extremely well.

Functions good, much like the name brand name.

Assisted us quit dipping.

This brand name is way better than nicorette. Its a good soft gum with good flavor. You do not need to chew so hard, and it appears to last longer.

Gets the job done. Although we didn’t purchase enough quantity and regrettably fell off the wagon. It isn’t as pricey as other brand names. Simply purchased a 2nd delivery.

Fantastic taste, however flavor does not last enough time.

Inexpensive and it works. However it strikes you truly fast, like you get all 4mg of nicotine in the very first couple chews.

This gum compares positively with nicorette or equate. The habitrol gum is a little softer and much easier to chew, and we get a good pop of nicotine after a chew or more. The gum can be found in packs of 12 that can’t be separated into songs like the other gums. The pieces of gum come out truly easy so usage care if little kids are around. We chew the exact same variety of pieces daily compared to the other brand names, and it tastes about the exact same. We advise this nicotine gum based upon the good worth and the gum’s effectiveness.

More affordable than other brand names, works simply as well and has better flavor.

Fantastic worth.

They absolutely eliminate the desire to smoke.

Simply as good as nicorette, and the other generic nicotine gums offered in the big box shops and drug stores. The big distinction is the rate, one half of what other brand names, called, or generic would cost. We would absolutely advise this product.


Fantastic product.


Easy to bring.

We have been utilizing nicotine gum for several years. We have attempted all brand names and generics, and habitrol is without a doubt and undoubtedly the very best. Other brand names are not even a close second. The terrific flavor lasts an exceptionally long period of time and is completely enjoyable, quite like regular chewing gum. No bad aftertaste. The texture is great and soft and remains soft even after the flavor is gone. Other brand names we have attempted tend to turn stiff like shoe leather after chewing them for a while, however not habitrol. A lot easier on the jaws and teeth. Another big plus is that habitrol does not include any food additive which indicates it does not turn lips and teeth yellow the way nicorette does. Another function we value is how easy it is to eliminate the gum from the foil. We always needed to battle with nicorette. No battle here. No more damaged nails and sliced up fingers from the foil. Most importantly is the rate. Less than half of what we were paying for nicorette. We can’t state adequate about this incredible product. Provide it a shot. We are so happy we did.

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