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Nirdosh TheHerbalShop’s NEW Nirdosh Tobacco FREE Herbal Cigarettes

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Product 3
NIRDOSH Herbal No Nicotine & Tobacco Cigarettes[with Filter] - 10 Packs(20 Cigarettes Per Pack)
  • Contents : Basil, Clove, Liquorice, Turmeric, Costus, Tenduleaves, Indian Cinnamo, Bishops Weed
  • No nicotine-hence, no harm to the health, No paper to burn-hence, no harm to the health.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nirdosh TheHerbalShop’s NEW Nirdosh Tobacco FREE Herbal Cigarettes.

Question Question 1

Can We Utilize This To Prank Our Mommy Who Smokes Into Thinking We Takes A Cigarette? Lol?

No. It’s completely brown. Attempt to get her an e cigarette to stop smoking, not prank her. This does not taste or smell right. Attempted itto leave cigarettes which are friggin dreadful, do not even pretend or jokingly smoke cigarettes, theyre dreadful, thats how we began. And its nearly 10 years of attempting to quit this crap.

Question Question 2

What Is The Age For This Product?

https://www..com/dp/B082 P8VM9P?ref= ouri_title_dp

Question Question 3

Ingredient List?

Please see: https://www.maansproducts.com/Ingredients-nirdosh.html

Question Question 4

Is This Illegal For Somebody Under Eighteen To Utilize?

No not unlawful as it has no tobacco

Question Question 5

Do You Need To Sign At The Door For These? We Work A Graveyard Shift And Sleep Through The Day, Always Miss The Mailman.?

No. They provided in the mail box. However understand, they might be offer you coffee filters like they offered me.

Question Question 6

Should We Prepare Our Id When Recieving This Plan?

Hey There these have no tobacco no nicotine does not need ID

Question Question 7

We Simply Bought These Will They Make You Fabrics Smell?

A little. It will not be as bad as Marlboro or other brand names. It in fact make you smell earthy.

Question Question 8

Could We Move Out The Herbs And Filter And Put Our Own In?

Yes you can however we not guidance for that, If you wish to utilize our own herbs then we recommend you please buy our another product ” Nirdosh Herbal empty cones In 1 pack 40 cones with Filling stick” This is noting heading ” Nirdosh Natural Empty Cigarette Cigar Cones Rolling Papers – 40 Empty Tubes Made of Tendu Leaf “

Question Question 9

When You Get The Plan Does It Required Signed Before You Can Get It?

No, we needed to sign

Question Question 10

Does This Product Contain Tar??

Hey There it does not consist of tar

Question Question 11

This Is A Real Weed Cigarette?


Question Question 12

Is The Product Packaging Apparent About Having Cigs Within?

External packaging of couriered box will not have any thing recommending cigarettes however real product packaging of product (as revealed on pages) will be comparable any cigarettes package. Please buy from StonKraft to get authentic product as we are certified seller from the maker itself.Sachin

Question Question 13

Do You Need To Sign Anything To Get Them From The Post Workplace Or Something?

Do you imply like a P.O. Box if so no. However if you are getting mail from your regional post workplace at the counter then you would require to validate with your License that it s you rather of a weirdo attempting to take your personal information

Question Question 14

Is This Product Legal For Under 21 To Utilize In Chicago?

we believe is it legal. Since is content no tobacco and nicotine.

Question Question 15

Hi Do You Light These Like A Genuine Cigarette Or Is It Vap?

Light it like a typical cigarette

Question Question 16

Hi Exists Nicotine In It?

Hi there is no nicotine

Question Question 17

Could A Vocalist Smoke These And Still Have The Ability To Sing?

Yes vocalist can smoke due to the fact that it is content no Nicotine andTobacco If you are not smoker then please do not smoke this one. This is alternate of Tobacco cigarette.

Question Question 18

Does It Smell Like Weed?

No, it hassweetish smell. we like then other than we can’t keep them lit. They have no CBD in them

Question Question 19

Can You Taste The Licorice In These?

It s dry leaves dead for over thirty years. No taste, just smoke. we tossed the store after attempting as soon as with and without filter. Might not offer more than one puff. Cigarrettes in that can be smoked have their page eliminated quickly. we can just find paper and empty cans.

Question Question 20

Do These Contain Actual Cbd Oil?

This is not a CBD product

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nirdosh TheHerbalShop’s NEW Nirdosh Tobacco FREE Herbal Cigarettes, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We just recently needed to quit smoking after a 25 year routine due to the fact that of an upcoming surgical treatment. Nicotine was the main issue we required to stop due to the fact that it impacts bone recovery, so we couldnt do patches or gum. We attempted vaping however have not had luck with getting a good throat hit. We encountered these and we like them. If your attempting to quit and require something reasonable without the bad things these r terrific. We had currently stopped cigarettes 2 weeks prior so the taste distinction hasn’t troubled us and we find it has been the very best alternative for us.

Do not anticipate a cigarette taste, smell, and so on. These are sweet, not candy-sweet however ginger-sweet in our viewpoint. Clearly these do not have nicotine, however they do still supply the basic satisfaction and peace a standard cigarette can bring youyou’ll need to see for yourself whether you like them or not. May too attempt a pack for $7.

These were terrific. This product is the just one we would gofor It’s the thicker cigarette that is on par with the size and burn time as a genuine cigarette. No filter, however they’re loaded so firmly that it nearly has a natural filter to it. We just leave evaluations if they deserve a favorable or unfavorable evaluation. If what you desire is a tobacco-free product, however you desire the feel of a regular cigarette (and desire smoke, we do. For some factor if it’s smokeless, it simply takes our mind out of it. So we are grateful they have good smoke to them) that is going to do less damage to you than a $7. 50 pack of cancer sticks. Then attempt this. Had a good friend attempt it who has never ever smoked in his life, and no he did not cough. That’s got to be a quite remarkable indication imo.

We quit smoking a month and a half back. We wish to be a non-smoker, and we require to be too for health factors. We purchased these today anks and had exact same day shipment due to the fact that we seem like we require to simply”go thru the smoking motions” They were here when we got home from work. We could not wait to open them. We are not dissatisfied at all. We imply, they are not newports, however, they filled the requirement we needed to hold a smoke, feel the throat hit, and flick it. They are nicotine and tobacco free. We are pleased. Our requirement to take a drag has been satisfied. We have attempted every vape on the marketplace. It is costly. If you can get passed the odd taste and smell, we state attempt them. There are million shops around us where o might go buy newports, however, we are not going to screw up our quit. We would buy once again.

We like this. It s absolutely nothing like a cigarette to us however. We utilized to smoke cigarillos and minwe stogies back then and have looked and looked for something to change them after our doctor got on our case about the health issue with tobacco smoke, even if we put on t inhale it and just breathe it into our mouth (as appertains stogie smoking). Vaping and aromatherapy pens are not the exact same at all. Absolutely nothing changes the complete satisfaction of a warm cloud of blue stogie smoke in your mouth. However these do. We like this product. It s a minwe stogie, simply made from other herbs than tobacco.

These are not a replacement for cigarettes. It does not have a throat struck like a cigarette, does not offer you a buzz like a cigarette. You can’t even feel that you are breathing in smoke up until about the last inch. That stated- we believed the smell was great, extremely herbaceous, and we believe it does not taste like much, although our buddy states it tastes like anti-static sheet. It puts out a suitable quantity of smoke, and remains lit quite well (though it takes a bit to light at first) it’s good if you wish to have the ability to sign up with the group for smoke breaks, or much like to mimic dreadful habits. However it’s not a cigarette. Smoking this will not please the craving we assure.

We will start initially by specifying why we browsed for such a product in the very first location. We utilize to smoke marijuana however stopped due to having a profession that is hey take this drug test, now vulnerable. Likewise, while in the this profession (blue collar) we were always around cigarette smokers and ultimately specified bumming cigarettes. A number of months of that shift to us in fact purchasing pack after pack. We desired an alternative due to the fact that cigarettes are. Bad (smell, reliance. Cancer). While browsing for options we came across this product, this specific brand name had good evaluations and was sensible priced so shot. The box/pack that these bad young boys can be found in are on the large side. Difficult to suit a typical pocket, we use freight trousers at work so they fit fine in them however we normally leave the pack in the automobile due to not wishing to squash this large box. The cig themselves have to do with the exact same size as a tobacco cigarette possibly a little much shorter. They light respectable, provides you sort of a hemp/cannabis feel when lighting. You understand how typical cigarettes light off with ease, these take a little bit longer. The taste is kinda tough to explain, okay however not like fruity or unique. The smoke itself isn’t severe at all, in truth, if your transitioning out of tobacco it ll seem like absolutely nothing, which may be a turn off however our guidance is to remain in it. Since after our very first full pack the smoke (or absence of) didn’t trouble me, we didn’t even observe any longer. And when we bumed a cigarette from a colleague (out of interest) we damn near passed away of choking. The tobacco cigarette smoke felt so damn heavy and severe. Likewise warnig, the ash will arbitrarily fall. Lol. You understand how cigarette ash will hold on for a bit, these, nope. Fall without alerting so put on t burn ya hand like me. We are now on our 2nd pack and we no longer have cravings for tobacco (yay). This product is likewise a fantastic tool for weed smokers who wish to mellow out after a session and extend the high (we offered a good friend about 4 and he smoked them after he smoked marijuana and liked it). So if your a previous cigarette smoker, casual smoker, or pot smoker we suggest.

Ok here’s what you need to learn about me; we are presently taking a tolerance break for apparent factors and to conserve money. Periodic social cigarette smoker- social, intoxicated, and previous angst durations. Never ever cared for them. We likewise have a rejected root canal, pain level 8-9 on and off and a linked sinus infection and headache. 3 puffs from these, headache, sinus pain, tooth pain is gone. We shit you not. They might not work for everybody however if you are dealing with persistent any of the above, are attempting to take better care of your body, delight in the act of smoking minus tobbaco or getting high, require to o save weed etc they are certainly worth a shot. Pleasant scent, taste, look and burn time. Might not suggest more extremely.

We like these due to the fact that they are not tobacco/nicotine-based and not addicting. They do not leave a nasty smell in house like tobacco can. Rather it smells like somebody simply lit some incense. Just thing is we got a pack just recently that had a number of damaged sticks in it and they were not smokable at all. Hope we put on t face that once again:(.

Happily shocked with this, will be purchased more certainly. Burns great and easy, strikes like a smooth cigarette with a great after taste, entirely without tobacco and nicotine. Getting rid of our cigarettes right away and sticking with these.

Wow, we are delighted withthese They came early. Good discussion and no damage throughout shipping. These are adorable. They are smaller sized than a typical cigarette. They are covered in leaves and have a great cinnamon clove smell. They taste like a mild clove and mint. The smoke smells subtle, not too strong. They burn extremely great and uniformly and put on t break down while smoking. You can feel the heat through the filter however no burning feeling. We like these and am grateful we found something various to smoke that is pleasurable and non-addictive. Included benefit: they leave you feeling unwinded and revitalized. Extremely pleasing and no requirement to chain smoke.

If you resemble us and delight in smoking, however wanted that it wasn’t exceptionally unhealthy for you; this product is it. It is completely various than a cigarette in all properlies. We observe we do not feel dragged after smoking one and no coughing, unlike with a standard tobacco cigarette. We would likewise keep in mind that it is more cigar-like and has a sweet, light “cherryish” flavor. We do want it tasted more like a menthol cigarette, however not a bad flavor. The just grievances we have is the aftertaste tastes like you are taking in smoke from a campfire and makes you thirsty, however those small cons beat smoking a cigarette with countless poisonous chemicals. Provide it a shot and see if you like it, as this is a million times much healthier than a standard cigarette. Your viewpoint is the just one that’s gon na matter with this, however you will not understand up until you attempt it.

We are social smoker, especially when drinking and often we do get the random desire to smoke throughout the day every now and then. These are perfect for tha. No nicotine, no tobacco, covered in a leaf along with a natural filter. It does not get much better than tha. We find the taste to be terrific. A little minty. It does leave an aftertaste however these are herbs, that is to be anticipated.

So, we quit smoking cigarettes/vaping 3 days back. We purchased these to simply. See. We believed possibly we were going to deceive our brain. Anyhow, the blend of herbs inside is extremely mellowing. It’s great. The flavour is smooth and not burning. It’s a little tough to take a drag depending upon how tight some of them are rolled, however still smokable. It’s arguable due to the fact that everybody’s physiology is various. However jst fyi, last time we attempted to quit we wished to weep and scream and rip our skin off. And this time, we are chill af. No issue. So even if its not for quitting smoking cigarettes, we still suggest this for like an as soon as in a blue moon chill thing.

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