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NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges – by Niquitin

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Product 1
Niquitin Minis 4 Mg Fresh Mint Lozenges 3 Tubes with 20 Lozenges - 60 LOZ Total
  • NIQUITIN MINIS 4 mg Fresh Mint Lozenges are indicated for the treatment of tobacco dependence, to relieve the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal in patients who wish to stop their tobacco use.
  • Although definitive cessation of tobacco use is preferred, this drug can be used:
Product 2
NiQuitin 4 mg Minis Mint Lozenges - by Niquitin
  • Helps overcome your urge to smoke
  • On-the-go craving relief when you feel the urge to smoke
Product 3
Nicorette Mini Nicotine Lozenges in Mint Flavore to Stop Smoking Aid, fresh mint, 81 Count
  • One package of 81 Nicorette 4mg Mini Nicotine Lozenges to Quit Smoking - Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid
  • Quit smoking products that discreetly help you curb cravings associated with quitting smoking

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges – by Niquitin.

  • Helps overcome your desire to smoke
  • On- the- go craving relief when you feel the desire to smoke
  • Liquify quickly in the mouth
  • For those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day
  • Mint flavour

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges – by Niquitin.
Stopping smoking straightaway is finest for your health. Nevertheless if you are unable to, you can likewise utilize niquitin minis to assist you lower before stopping or to assist you stop smoking for brief durations of time.niquitin minis mint 4mg lozenges 3×20 lozenge packhelps overcome your desire to smokefor those who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a daydissolves fu y in your mouthcomes in a practical bring packfor adults and kids over 12 yearssee a

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges – by Niquitin.

Question Question 1

How Do They Taste In Contrast To Nicorette?

Been some time because we tasted nicorette due to the fact that they’re so costly. These are extremely minty and a little sweet. Not too sweet simply not bitter.

Question Question 2

How Numerous Lozenges Remain In This Bundle?

20 in each. Overall 60 and they are the exact same as nicorette

Question Question 3

Do They Include Aspertaine?

aspartame yes it does.According to “www. medicines .org .uk” a minimum of. The maker website does not have actually the components noted. Good question, we never ever believed to examine.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on NiQuitin Minis Mint Lozenges – by Niquitin, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This is great worth for your money. The lozenges are bit strong. A strong menthol flavor that will absolutely clear your sinuses. It cleared mine and stung our tongue simply a little. We had actually utilized two lozenges though to get the full impact of a cigarette that we are utilized to. It might be various for you. Leaves your breath smelling fresh and tidy. Good for usage in usage to stop smoking or to cut down. Likewise good for when you can t smoke such as long flights or when you wear t wish to smell like smoke. It s assisted us quite. Cut back go from 3 containers a month smoker to one. Gradually we are finishing down from there.

As a (previous) heavy smoker, we were looking for a 4mg nicotine replacement product. We * truly * dislike gum, and we found the regular lozenges to be entirely gross. Minwe lozenges were the perfect option, however nicorette minis in 4mg were offeredout All over. We bought some of this things, and it worked fantastic. The flavor appeared to be a bit better than the us variation – a bit less fake- sweet – and it had to do with half the cost. Most importantly, we do not smoke when we utilize it. We would extremely suggest this product as a reliable and non- horrible kind of nicotine replacement.

Nicotine replacement – finest tasting lozenges there are- reliable.

These are fantastic product for heavy smokers like ourself. This brand name is just offered in the uk for all we understand as that’s the only location we have actually ever seen them. They work much better than the us variation and they tastebetter We utilize these for times when we can’t smoke such as aircrafts or work.

The like nicorette mini’s. Very same maker, simply branded for uk et al. Utilized these when the mini’s vanished in the states. Mini’s are back, however because gsk has actually chosen to offer them for two times as much in the us, we believe we will simply go on and import their own product from somewhere else.

Portion of the cost and exact same maker. The containers are thinner and simpler to open than nicorette ones. Most likely a kid- security concern.

We purchased this for our partner, he stated it was a mintier flavor than other nicotine replacements and it worked simply fine. He stated get might still buy 4mg minis at wal- mart less expensive.

Extremely minty.

Fantastic cost for an excellent product. Do not let the cost fool you, this is the precise very same thing you have actually been investing 50 dollars for here in the states. Glaxosmithkline is the maker for nicorette, in addition to niquitin. This isn’t a bottom rack knock- off for low-cost. It’s the genuine offer at a better cost. You can’t get the 4mg in the states any longer – do yourself a favor and make the switch.

The generic lozenges do not work for us. We either get a headache, or a scratchy throat. These are the very first ones that are not nicorette, that work for us. Extremely pleased aboutthat Flavor is fantastic too.

Mild flavor, work fantastic. The 4 mg nicorette minis are no where to be found in shops and 81 count of the 2 mg have to do with $35 00-$45 00 depending where you get them. Even on- line going to pay more for nicorette brand name. These are made by glaxo smithkline, a significant pharmaceutical business and are at least $20 00 less expensive due to the fact that we’re purchasing from the uk and they are 2 mg more powerful so conserving more like $4000 Crazy. Very same container as nicorette too. Yes, it took longer to get than typical due to the fact that they are delivered from uk however it was not a month as suggested, more like 2 wks. Will buy once again.

Extremely minty. Functions the like the brand names we are utilized to.

The cost is amazing and essentially it works simply as well as the significant brand name and it serves the exact same function.

Excellent product.

Break these in half and double your money. Fantastic product when you can’t smoke. If you wish to quit though shot allan carr’s book called easyway quit smoking. We have actually attempted a thousand time and because we checked out the book once we are done for life. Thank you allan carr.

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