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Nip Energy Dip – Wintergreen Ice – Tobacco Free – Nicotine Free Healthy Dip

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Product 1
Nip Energy Dip Wintergreen Ice 5 Cans with DC Crafts Nation Skin Can Cover - America
  • 5 Cans of Nip Energy Dip Wintergreen Ice with 1 DC Crafts Nation Skin Can Cover
  • Nip Energy Dip is a revolutionary product that offers smokeless tobacco users a unique delivery system loaded with a special combination of ingredients. It has been specially designed to help overcome nicotine cravings and help enhance mental and physical focus. Nip Energy Dip satisfies your body and mind. Nip's effects are appreciated throughout the world by top athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, busy professionals, active students and drivers on long journeys.
Product 2
Nip Energy Dip - Wintergreen Ice - Tobacco Free - Nicotine Free Healthy Dip Tobacco Alternative - Single Can
  • -No Tobacco. No Nicotine. B. Vitamins. Caffeine= 1 medium cup of coffee.
  • -Used by MLB players, Professional Fishermen, Race-Car Drivers, USA Military, and people just looking for a healthy kick of energy.
Product 3
Nip Energy Dip - Wintergreen Ice - 6 Pack - Tobacco Free -Nicotine Free- Healthy Tobacco Alternative
  • -No Tobacco. No Nicotine. B. Vitamins. Caffeine= 1 medium cup of coffee.
  • -Used by MLB players, Professional Fishermen, Race-Car Drivers, USA Military, and people just looking for a healthy kick of energy.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nip Energy Dip – Wintergreen Ice – Tobacco Free – Nicotine Free Healthy Dip.

  • – Order straight on Nip Energy Dip’s site www.nipenergydip.com (Free Shipping).
  • – NoTobacco NoNicotine B. Vitamins. Caffeine= 1 medium cup of coffee.
  • Utilized by MLB gamers, Expert Anglers, Race- Automobile Motorists, U.S.A. Armed Force, and individuals simply looking for a healthy kick of energy.
  • Ethica y Sourced Active ingredients. Dental experts Advised.
  • The chewing tobacco alternative. Wintergreen Ice, Peach, Mixed Berry & Coffee flavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nip Energy Dip – Wintergreen Ice – Tobacco Free – Nicotine Free Healthy Dip.

Question Question 1

Is It Long Cut Or Pouches?

The product is long cut style and loads well.

Question Question 2

How Lots Of Mg Of Caffine Remain In It?

Nip Energy Dip has 70-80 mg of Caffeine. This is comparable to one medium size cup of coffee.

Question Question 3

How Lots Of Pinches Can You Get?

It depends upon just how much you desire. we got about 25 good sized pinches per tin.

Question Question 4

Is It Tobacco Free?

Yes, a 12 years of age could buy this since it counts as a good, you are technically enabled to utilize it in school or at work since it s like energy food simply put on t consume the sponge

Question Question 5

Does This Taste Like Genuine Dip?

Not truly, however it seems like genuine dip.Not like coffee or mint leaves or shaved jerky. It seems like the Copenhagen long cut versus your lip. This product utilized with a group or class to assist you rather works well. we would recomend NOT drinking coffee though. This things can include another caffeine addiction if your not mindful.

Question Question 6

Ive Been Utilizing Gribds Coffee Pouches For A Few Months How Does This Ompare As Far As Energy Is Worried?

we personally choose this to Grinds pouches, it s not a dip truly or a puch, picture a sponge dipped in an energy beverage, these taste way better than grinds do if you ask me, we like it

Question Question 7

Will It Make Your Teeth Brown?

No we didn’t have that concern at all. With it being made from sea sponge the product is practically yellow in color however the liquid that comes out of it is for all extensive functions clear.

Question Question 8

What Is The Flavor From? Components Wise ??

The flavor is all a natural hand combined wintergreen flavor. There is QC done on all flavors consisting of: irritant reports, certificates of analysis, certificates of origin, GMO declarations, dietary info, security information sheets, requirements sheets, and technical information sheets.

Question Question 9

What Is This Made from?

This product is made with 100% organic Sea Sponge. This product is utilized since it feels much like genuine tobacco dip in your lip. It likewise will not stain the teeth like coffee and tea grinds will. It appears odd initially, nevertheless our clients value the tidy, fresh, and authentic experience of this dip.

Question Question 10

Can You Swallow The Spit?

You can swallow everything

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nip Energy Dip – Wintergreen Ice – Tobacco Free – Nicotine Free Healthy Dip, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We purchased this for our other half who operates at a task that needs him to work overnights to keep him from relying on tobacco. He enjoys it. He enjoys it since it he does not need to worry about things in his teeth or the bad aftertaste of tobacco. He was hesitant initially, however he attempted it last night along with another brand name’s and he chooses this one. He even had some of his pals attempt it and they liked it too.

We were amazed by how sweet the product is, and for how long the flavor lasts. We chose to quit chewing after 20+ years of dipping, and we can truthfully state that this product is assisting me. Furthermore, the plan consists of a brief note that states, “if interested, kindly leave a review on the product listing and we will send you a free 4 pack. ” so we hope a free 4 pack is heading our way.

First, we are not a dipper or a smoker. We make leather items and just desired a can to utilize to make belt holdersfrom We had attempted a mint dip before. We didn’t like it and lost the can, so we required to change it. We were a little not sure of the sea sponge base for this, however we are good with it. This things is yummy, chock filled with b vitamins, sugar, and caffeine. What s not to like? it tastes fantastic and offers a little perk when we require it. We got it simply for the can, now we are customer.

We wished to attempt this since we work a great deal of hours due to being a guard. After attempting nip energy dip we were satisfied and in fact felt it working much faster than we believed. We like that the mint flavor is truly strong since not just does it provide you energy however it keeps your mouth smelling fresh.??.

Really various from the smokey mountain options. Based upon sea sponge which has a rather uncommon however enjoyable consistency. There is no residue that remains in your mouth or stays with your teeth. It’s a coffee based dip with a great flavor. Promoted as an energy dip. Appears to have about the exact same “hit” as a half cup of coffee. Bought one can to attempt. Believe we will get somemore Can’ t wait to attempt it while driving a cross country to see if it truly does supply a dosage of energy.

We require to stop dipping and saw the evaluations of nip energy dip. For me, it’s not the nicotine, however it’s the feel of the dip in between our bottom lip and gum that we take pleasure in. We acquired vanilla, peach and wintergreen ice and enjoy them however, for us, wintergreen ice is the very best alternative. After putting wintergreen ice in, we got a small burning feeling that looks like the feel of tobacco. We have just been utilizing the product for 2 weeks however it appears like we have found a more secure alternative.

We were a bit hesitant when we opened the can up – it looks a lot various than other ‘options’ we have attempted. Nevertheless, in regards to feel in the mouth and the ‘moisture’ of the product that replicates a genuine dip, we believe this product is tops. We have truly delighted in utilizing it up until now, and it has kept us from craving our typical copenhagen dip – which is the objective, right? we are eagerly anticipating attempting other flavors they have.

We like this product it s good it s taste good and it s last a good some time however the sponge it doesn t remain in location and it s difficult to keep it in location to we normally put on t compose evaluations however this is a good product and it s assisting us stop the cravings we have for genuine nicotine.

We have attempted them all, this is the only alternative that actualy seems like the genuine offer. Soft flavorfull and kicks the temptations. Yes its a little stunning when you open the can and see the sponges pieces however do not let it hinder you. Will be purchased some more today. Ideally you all can get some diffrent flavors out.

Finest dip alternative we have attempted. The taste is good, the sponge is unusual initially however it broadens truly well into your dipping nook in your lip. Not to discuss this business if stylish for providing free cans simply to leave an evaluation. Not to discuss they send you free cans.

We have been attempting to quit chewing tobacco over the past few months, and might not find a product that comes close to help in kicking the habbit. We got our very first can of nip, and we are beyond delighted with this product. The texture is as close as you can get to the genuine thing, and the mint taste is on point. On top of that, the flavor last for a very long time so you do not need to put a new chew in as offten. General- incredible product. Maintain the great.

Hoping for the free 4 pack that is discussed if you compose an evaluation. Product is good. We didn’t fully understood that it was a sponge that you were sticking in your mouth. Actually delighted about it nevertheless. Good taste and appears to last a while.

We attempted a variety of products while attempting to”kick the can” This one was our favorite. It does look various as others have discussed due to being made with sponges. Nevertheless, this was the one product that in fact provided us the authentic “mouth feel”(for absence of a better term) of having a pinch in. This assisted to suppress cravings. We would absolutely utilize it once again.

The dip is as explained. Uncomfortable spongyness to take a look at, however that vanishes as soon as you taste it. The wintergreen flavor is good. It’s a mix in between genuine dip flavor and chewing gum wintergreen. The flavor lasts a minimum of 30 minutes, and you need to have the ability to get rather a few pinches out of one can. It’s better than getting ground up mint leaves clumped in your mouth.

A bit odd initially however okay. Advises us of ice gum. Its great not having grinds in our teeth, or needing to worry about staining. Im interested to see if it curbs cravings. No requirement to spit, swallowing the sponges wont harmed you. However theyre sponges lol.

Really excellent. Been attempting to quit now and have attempted many options however this is without a doubt the very best to the genuine feel in your lip. Thank you and will be purchased more.

We have just recently quit dipping, and we have been looking for whatever and anything that s closest to the genuine thing as a alternative. This in fact seems like the genuine thing, and the flavor is fantastic. It s a little stop when you pinch it once you put it in your mouth and leave it there for 5 minutes it sort of hardens a bit and shows up and seems like you have an excellent dip in. We like this product and will be purchasing more.

The dip does feel rather comparable to having tobacco in your lip nevertheless, the wintergreen taste is off. This is much better than the coffee and tea replaces we have utilized before. The mint advises you of genuine dip so you might either feel pleased by this alternative or long for genuine dip.

Ok so as we sit here composing this evaluation we have a pinch of this in. The good is the flavor is not offputting however it likewise isn’t the like a regular ice or mint chew. Likewise the texture is good and it offers simply enough without being too in the way (we normally dip long cut grizzly if we utilize the genuine things) and it isn’t bad at all. When you spit it is coming out as near clear rather than 5w40 looking motor oil. The bad is the flavor liquifies in about 20-30 minutes. Most likely not an issue to quit dippers however normally we will keep one in for a full 8 hour shift. Likewise as we stated the flavor isn’t bad however it is quite sweet so we are 100 percent sure there are individuals who will not take pleasure in that sweet of a chew. All in all we would truthfully rank this a 7 out of10 That stated 7 out of 10 deserves every cent if you wish to get on a product that isn’t putting what genuine dip enjoys your body.

This things is top notch. It feels a little unusual in your hand however in the lip. We should state we were having a difficult time not spitting cuz we could not tell it wasn’t tobacco. It tastes fantastic. Lots of flavor, possibly excessive sometimes. We want to get more and even attempt all the flavors.; ).

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