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NicoTests Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body

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Product 1
NicoTests Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body, 5 tests per pack
  • Simple, Inexpensive and Accurate Nicotine/Cotinine Urine Tests
  • Twice as sensitive as standard nicotine/cotinine tests
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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NicoTests Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body.

  • Simple, Low-cost and Accurate Nicotine/Cotinine Urine Tests
  • Two times as delicate as basic nicotine/cotinine tests
  • Lead To Minutes
  • Test For Nicotine Direct Exposure from direct usage of a Tobacco Products

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NicoTests Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body.
Nico Test is a basic, affordable, easy to utilize, test to identify tobacco direct exposure. The cutoff concentration for the Super Sensitive Nico Test is 100 ng/mL, so it is two times as delicate as basic tests. Nico Test can spot direct exposure to tobacco in any type. Nico Test wi program if a person has just recently utilized tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipelines, or chewing tobacco. The test can spot consume 96 hours. Detection time differs according to frequency and strength of usage and private metabolic process. It is not planned for expert medical or diagnostic usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NicoTests Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body.

Question Question 1

We Can See An Extremely Faint Line At The “T”Mark Does That Mean We Are Negative.Will It Get Darker When We Test In Another Week?

If you see any line at all.no matter how faint.you are negative.:) Oh.and to respond to the 2nd part of your question.we evaluated ourself a number of times, each a week apart, and the line truly didn’t appear to get any darker.Hope that helps.

Question Question 2

Can You Test Favorable For Nicotine If You Just Smoke Weed In Papers? We Utilized To Smoke Hemp Wraps And We Still Popped Pos. For Nicotine Some Time Back.?

If you do not consume nicotine products – by smoking, vaping, chew, gum, and so on – then you will not test favorable for nicotine.

Question Question 3

So Two Lines Are Unfavorable According To Directions.Does This Mean That There Is No Cotinine In Your System?

It indicates that any Cotinine in your system is below the cut-off of the test, in this case 100 ng/mL.

Question Question 4

What Can Spot If Somebody Smoked In A Space They Inhabited?

Unsure if these are strong enough for that type of test. we would state no.

Question Question 5

Can This Test Be Passed If Somebody Attempts Flushing Their System With Water Before Taken?


Question Question 6

Is This Test Kit An Instantaneous Test That We Can Carry Out At Home?? Thanks.?

It is an immediate test that is easily carried out in the house. It is likewise precise as we got the very same reading from the medical professionals workplace.

Question Question 7

How Long After Dipping The Stick Into The Urine Sample Should Lines Begin To Appear On The Test Strip?

Took my own less than 2 minutes. we were nic free for 5 full days and the second line was REALLY faint, however we passed.

Question Question 8

Has Anyone Attempted The Breatheeasy Lung Exerciser/Expander On? Functions Marvels To Open Our Airways.Highly Recommend Attempting?

Sorry this question is an advertisement for an unassociated product.

Question Question 9

Is This Test Fda Authorized?

did not see that info on package

Question Question 10

Does This Test Detect Nicotine From Patches, Gum, AND SO ON, Or Just Tobacco Usage?

It finds all nicotine.

Question Question 11

Is Anyone Else Having Difficulty Checking Out The Guidelines?

we had no problem checking out the test, this test is without a doubt the most precise and simplest test we have ever utilized. Simply follow the instructions as composed.

Question Question 12

Will This Test Program Nicotine From Vaping?

Yes.It works well to test for vaping nicotine.

Question Question 13

Will This Spot If Somebody Has Smoked 1 Ciagarette Within The Past Week?

Doubt it, we stopped working after 3 days and passed at 5, however we were smoking 10 a day

Question Question 14

Will Water Test As Unfavorable?

Urine is mainly water. If you presume a sample is simply water, gather another sample, especially if you can observe the voiding. Better yet, utilize a saliva nicotine test. NicoTests uses saliva tests on.

Question Question 15

How Long Would The Nicotine Take To Get Out Of Ur System? After Vaping?

we find its 7-10 days as a pack a day smoker. Lot of variables, 4-14 days in the normal variety. Depend upon how high your nicotine strength is too and menthol takes longer.

Question Question 16

Will A Cleanse/Detox/ Tablet Work To Pass Test If Still Utilizing? Partner Consented To Take Test To Show He Quit Snuff And We Required To Know He Can’ T Outsmart It?

It checks for cotinine, a part of nicotine. we would not risk it. It s worth the money to understand for sure though.

Question Question 17

Can You Usage This On Breastmilk? We Understand Weird Question However We Got Donor Milk And Wish To Be Sure It’S Safe?

You can always attempt. we have never ever heard of anyone doing it that way however it would be intriguing to understand

Question Question 18

The Line Is Veryvery Faint, Is It Unfavorable?

It does not matter whether the line is faint or noticable. The line is a sign of the explained outcome.

Question Question 19

Can Urine Test Step The Level Of Cotinine?

Yes it’s utilized to test cotinine however it’s a pass/fail possitive/negative outcome. So if the quantity in your system is 102 or over 9,000 it does not matter it will reveal possitive. Many tests cut off at 200 mg/dl this one is 100.

Question Question 20

Does This Plan Contain Just One Kit?

It consists of 5 tests

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on NicoTests Super-Sensitive Be Sure Nicotine is Out of Your Body, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We utilize these when we presume our child is binge vaping, since they spot lower levels. They work completely to stop our teen from lying to us about vaping. (we purchased 3 various ones.) she believed she would be fine if she just vaped a few times a day. Incorrect.

We selected these since they were incredibly delicate and we wished to be double sure that we would pass a nicotine test for our new task. They re easy to utilize and easy to check out, and considering that they test at half the levels of most basic nicotine tests, we believed that we would pass. It s worth the extra $2 to get this specific brand name and we enjoy that there are 5 tests. We evaluated tidy after 5 days without nicotine. Perhaps basic tests would test tidy after 3 or 4 days, however we didn’t wish to take the possibility. Would buy once again and advise to anyone.

We utilized these tests 4 days before we needed to take a cotinine blood test. We went 2 weeks nicotine free and we wound up passing the blood test. We would reccomend these since they’re 100 ng/ml rather of200 Much more delicate so you can inspect if your system is definitely clear.

We found out we needed to quit smoking for a task to pass a drug screen for hire at a healthcare facility. We are an every day smoker, approx 1/2 pack possibly in some casesmore We quit on a friday late night, began flushing with water, pure cranberry juice and vitamin c, ungodly quantities. We purchased these, for complete satisfaction to see where we stood. We got them by monday night began screening, the test line got darker by day. Our drug test was wednesday early afternoon. Today we found out we passed our nicotine/crotitine drug screen. They provided us the complete satisfaction every day being a better result of death.

We are composing this evaluation for all the others out there who are extremely worried about taking the test. A favorable outcome can have extremely severe repercussions. We smoked our last cigarette on wed. Night. Very first test was saturday night. We anticipated it to be favorable, however we desired a benchmark test. Sunday s outcomes appeared like it was favoring unfavorable perhaps, however monday was absolutely favorable for nicotine/cotinine. So was tuesday. This was taking longer than we believed. Wednesday a. M., it came out plainly unfavorable. We took a 2nd test about a half hour later on, and unfavorable once again. Within the hour, we had taken the test at the laboratory. It came out unfavorable. Whew. 6 full days of not smoking. We do smoke like a fiend, so it possibly took longer for us than it may for others. We absolutely trust this test. We purchased two batches for an overall of 10 tests and utilized 6. You will absolutely understand when it s unfavorable since the line will color up right away.

Worked to keep an eye on levels before our surgical treatment. Insurance coverage would not pay if we had nicotine in our system.

Got these to test our 16 years of age. Work well.

They worked like an appeal. We took a test 3 days after nic usage and it was favorable day 4 favorable day 5 unfavorable went to take our test at doctor workplace and we passed with no issues. Extremely precise. Will buy once again.

We required this test for a task that we were going for that test you for nicotine. We just recently quit smoking however was frightened that they might have the ability to spot it in our urine. We initially evaluated our fiancé who is a regular heavy smoker and he returned favorable. We returned unfavorable and unfavorable once again at our task??.

Needed to quit smoking for a surgical treatment to be done and health center screening before and day of surgical treatment. We are quite pleased with these revealing our development so we understand when to go to health center and take the test. Update: on the sixth day we went and took the health center test. Our home test revealed unfavorable and so did the hosp test. So we enjoy.

Perfect for its function; bundle significant with detection limitation, product easy to utilize, quick action, dependable outcomes. Acquired another set of tests from a various business and got awful and irregular outcomes. We would advise this product.

Worked excellent. Kid passed his test. He utilized these and the health center test too. Relief.

Detected our teenager s nicotine usage from juuling and cigarettes.

Didn t get very same checking out all the time. Various day-to-day?.

Ran a quality assurance test & evaluated a pack a day menthol smoker with ourself, a non-smoker. They state a faint line in the t location indicates you re unfavorable, no line in the t location, you re favorable. Looks like it works to me.

Quit 4 weeks ago and test was unfavorable. Buddy is a smoker and was favorable. Boom.

Outstanding worth for your money. The tests are precise and easy to utilize.

Good product, fast shipping.


We utilized this for our teenager after vaping. Easy to utilize. Outcomes were easy to check out. Although we would choose not to require it, if required this is a fantastic product.

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