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Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge Stop Smoking Aid

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Product 1
Nicorette Mini Nicotine Lozenges in Mint Flavore to Stop Smoking Aid, fresh mint, 81 Count
  • One package of 81 Nicorette 4mg Mini Nicotine Lozenges to Quit Smoking - Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid
  • Quit smoking products that discreetly help you curb cravings associated with quitting smoking
Product 2
Nicorette Nicotine Gum to Stop Smoking, with Quit Support System- 4mg, Fruit Chill, 160 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Quit smoking with the help of Nicorette, use Nicorette 4 mg gum if you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes after waking up
  • Nicorette Gum in Fruit Chill provides a bold flavor and helps deliver relief from intense cravings Thanks to dual coated technology it comes with great taste
Product 3
Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Lozenges to Quit Smoking - Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid, 144 Count
  • One package of 144 mint-flavored Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Lozenges to Stop Smoking
  • Stop smoking aids allow you to conveniently control your nicotine intake throughout the day

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge Stop Smoking Aid.

  • One plan of 100 pieces of Nicorette 4mg Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking – Cinnamon Surge Flavored Stop Smoking Aid
  • Stop smoking aids assist you control your nicotine consumption and provide extreme craving relief
  • NRT gum created with nicotine to relieve the anxiety, aggravation, irritation and uneasyness associated with quitting smoking
  • Cinnamon flavored nicotine gum with dual-coated innovation that provides a tasty bold taste
  • Utilize the 4mg strength as part of a 12- week quit program with behavioral support if you smoke your very first cigarette within 30 minutes of awakening

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge Stop Smoking Aid.
Size: 4 mg, 100 Count Nicorette Nicotine Gum uses trademarked dual-coated innovation for excellent taste, plus extreme craving relief associated with quitting smoking. This stop smoking aid is specia y created with nicotine to help in reducing withdrawal signs and can assist you quit your smoking practice. Nicotine gum is a type of nicotine replacement therapy that works for craving relief without requiring a prescription. Nicotine gum is the perfect quit smoking aid for smokers who: Desire a portable method of nicotine replacement therapy, Wish to control their nicotine consumption, Take pleasure in the choice to utilize an extra piece of nicotine gum within the hour for strong or regular cigarette cravings, Prefer to provide their mouth the relief of chewing Fulfillment Guarantee If for any factor you are not pleased with any GSK Consumer Health care product, GSK Consumer Health care wi supply you with a repayment within 45 days of the date of purchase. Please note that due to the fact that GSK is not able to control the quality of our products offered by unapproved se ers, the Guarantee is not readily available for products bought from unapproved se ers due to prospective quality problems outside GSK s control. Please call GSK Consumer Health care straight for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge Stop Smoking Aid.

Question Question 1

Is This Gum Nicorette- Brand name Or Is It A Knock-Off (Or Fake Even)?

Its Nicorette brand name for Merchant Ship 3514

Question Question 2

Is The Gum Sugar-Free?

Yes, it is.

Question Question 3

What Is The Expiration Date?


Question Question 4

Does It Stick To Dentures?

No.we had an issue with the NON-coated kind of Nicorette sticking to our bottom denture (top is still implants), however for onto 10 years now we have found that the Nicorette coated is the way to go.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Nicorette Nicotine Gum Cinnamon Surge Stop Smoking Aid, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have not attempted the nicorette coated mint gum, which we make sure is good, however this cinnamon coated gum has the longest long lasting flavor of any other nicotine gum we have attempted. The flavor simply lasts and lasts, which allows us to utilize less product. When another product s taste disappears quickly, as other gums we have attempted do, we tend to utilize more gum. Not with this. So it is more cost-effective for us. The factor we offered it 4 stars and not 5 is that it is pricey. Likewise the seller took ages to get it to me. Like 3 weeks.

We are smoke free for two months now, thanks to nicorette. After smoking for almost 15 years. We will not state it’s “easy” to quit with this gum, however it’s a lot easier than without it. We still yearned for the “experience” of quitting whatever was annoying us (work, etc) and going outdoors for a smoke, however the nicotine cravings themselves were a lot easier to copewith Quitting ended up being a matter of forming new routines, rather than that plus nicotine withdrawals. If you are all set to quit and inspired – we extremely advise utilizing some sort of nicotine replacement to assist at the same time. It’s difficult, however it’s soooo worth it.

This product is excellent for those trigger minutes, when you desire a smoke (driving, after a meal, etc) the gum had a good flavor and wasn’t stagnant. If you are simply starting to quit we would advise the patches also. We utilize them together.

It absolutely helps quit utilizing tobacco however we were addicted to the gum then haha it does work.

This gum is good however it’s not like cinnamon at all. They require to reconsider the flavor.

Finest tasting product for smoking cessation.

Everybody ought to quit so you can be healthy. Follow the directions on package.

Good product. Dream it cost less however this is less than in the shops our company believe. Not rather as fiery as we had hoped. We generally buy the fruit chill.

Good rate on nicorette gum. There is something odd about the product. The cinnamon flavor tastes like mint. Initially we believed the incorrect flavor had been loaded by the maker. Other nicotine gum brand names have a much better cinnamon flavor. However this is a good product that does what it is expected to do. It dulls the nicotine desire.

Quick and precise shipping. Packaged perfectly. Description as revealed. Outstanding quality. Functions incredibly. Quality product. Extraordinary taste. Helps with quitting tobacco. No problems. Would buy once again. Absolutely advised.

Soft not hard excellent things as always lot.

Good product, good rate.

Functions all right, however leaves bad aftertaste.

Getting the job done.

Worked as anticipated.

Terrific way to keep from smoking. We quit absolutely utilizing this gum and did not smoke for 10 years. Now we are back to smoking and fed up with it once again. Just this time the gum has terrific flavors. This is among our favorites.

Tastes good. Lots of nicotine to suppress cravings.

We have been utilizing these off and on to attempt and stop chewing tobacco. The finest rate we have found is here on. Now if we might simply quit we would rank them 5 stars. They do work, it’s simply a matter of making ourself utilize them.

We have attempted a number of various products attempting to quit and gum is our preferred and most convenient to do. We extremely recommend you just buy nicorette brand name. We bought some nicotine gum from a various brand name due to the fact that it was low-cost and had a lot more gum in the pack, it was absolutely not worth it. Do not buy any other brand names. Nicorette resembles a regular piece of gum, with nicotine included. The other brand names that make nicotine gum, well they taste even worse, they are harder and difficult to chew, the flavor does not last as long and they fall apart when you chew it, so you need to spit it out and waste it. Cinnamon is our preferred flavor without a doubt and what we like to do is ultimately quit utilizing nicorette and buy another gum like big red, so we are still chewing cinnamon gum, however entirely off nicotine and smoking. Good luck quitting. Do not get intoxicated and be foolish like me. Thats what always gets me, we quit smoking for 2 months, then consume excessive one night and simply require a pack.


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