Nicoderm CQ Reviews

Nicoderm CQ Reviews

Nicoderm CQ
Nicoderm CQ

Nicoderm CQ

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Nicoderm CQ Quit Smoking Patches

You will find 3 different items that Nicoderm CQ has made to create a nicotine replacement therapy programme lasting 10 weeks. They call them Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. Essentially, with each step, the nicotine delivered reduces, assuming that your cravings are managed on the 10 week period.

Does NicoDerm CQ Work?

NicoDerm CQ has been on the market for several years, therefore it has generated quite a few testimonials. Many users were able to quit smoking with the product, while others either did not tolerate the patch well or stopped smoking temporarily but went back to smoking afterward. The positive feedback about NicoDerm CQ is the fact that is helped smokers to manage their cravings for cigarettes and it lessened the irritability along with other symptoms that they had felt previously when wanting to quit.

NicoDerm CQ Ingredients

The active component in NicoDerm CQ is nicotine. Inactive ingredients include ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer, high density polyethylene, polyisobutylene, and clear polyester backings.

Buy NicoDerm CQ

The NicoDerm CQ product can be acquired from an array of national chain stores, including Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, and Target. Many online stores also sell NicoDerm CQ. Prices vary by retailer; an average price for a 14-patch box is the $40.99 charged by Target. As different retailers sometimes offer promotions for NicoDerm CQ, it may pay to shop around; remember to factor in the shipping and handling charges when comparing prices from online merchants.

So How Exactly Does Nicoderm CQ Work?

Each NicoDerm CQ patch contains a particular nicotine rate-controlling membrane that controls the release of nicotine into your bloodstream throughout your skin. The amount of nicotine uptake is lower than that of cigarettes, therefore the program is made to allow your body to gradually adjust to having less nicotine and soon you don’t need any.

Proper Storage Of Nicoderm CQ Patch

Nicoderm CQ patch can be stored at room temperature between 68 and 77 degrees. Keep it away from light heat & moisture. never keep it in the bathroom. Keep it  away from pets out of the reach of children.

What’s The Distinction Between E-Cigarettes And Nicoderm CQ?

NicoDerm CQ is clinically tested and it has been reviewed and approved by FDA as a stop-smoking medication. E-cigarettes are not medicinal products and have now not been approved by FDA, nor are they currently regulated by FDA.

NicoDerm CQ is specifically designed as a step-down therapy to greatly help wean smokers away from nicotine gradually. When used as instructed, nicotine patches deliver lower and lower amounts of nicotine in the long run, assisting to break the body’s physical dependence on it. When used as directed, as well as in conjunction with a behavioural support program, NicoDerm CQ has also been proven to double a smoker’s odds of quitting versus placebo.

CQ stands for Committed Quitters. Committed Quitters is a free, individualized stop-smoking plan that can help break the psychological addiction to smoking by offering customized advice on just how to deal with situations that may tempt the quitter to smoke. Tests also show that personally tailored behavioral support increases the likelihood of successfully changing behavior.

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