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Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe – Lumberjack Ebony

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Product 1
Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe - Model No: 107 Aged Brown Yellow Shades - Mediterranean Briar Wood - Hand Made
  • AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE: 2XloBIwG0eI - Search YouTube for this video number. Also search for: _S21YgQrrxI
  • This Pipe is 145mm in overall length - The inner bowl is 40mm deep and 21mm diameter - Outer bowl dimensions are 42mm tall and 36mm diameter.
Product 2
Mr. Brog Tobacco Pipe - Model No: 306 Yerba Mate - Natural Grains - Bi-Directional Poker-Oompaul-Churchwarden Style
  • Unique Bi-Directional Poker-Oompaul-Churchwarden Style
  • Top Quality - For Serious Everyday Smokers
Product 3
Hammer no. 62 Straight Poker pearwood Tobacco Smoking Pipe (Brown (Rustic 1))
  • HAMMER (no. 62) Handmade straight poker pearwood tobacco smoking pipe
  • by Mr. Brog (Poland)

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe – Lumberjack Ebony.

  • AS SEEN ON YOUTUBE: onkTf8uVDjw – Browse YouTube for this video number. Likewise search for: MVMtmzjIP- A
  • This Pipe is 190 cm in overa length – The inner bowl is 65 cm deep and 28 cm size – External bowl measurements are 90 cm ta and 65 cm size.
  • This Pipe Consists Of a 9mm A Natural Element Filter – See Asin: B00 CBQ4SAE For Refi s
  • Mr. Brog is a Brand Name You Can Trust With Over 2,00 0,00 0 Tobacco Pipeline Given That 1947
  • Given That it’s Handmade and Natural, The Colors Might A Little Vary

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe – Lumberjack Ebony.
Color: Ebony Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe – Lumberjack Ebony – Pear Wood Roots – Hand Made Mr. Brog Lumberjack Tobacco Pipe Our Lumberjack Poker pipe is made with high quality pear wood that is dried for 2 fu season cycles to solidify as much as possible. This pipe is made from the roots of pear trees, and is comparable to the density of briar pipelines.The number Lumberjack pipe is the classic pipe yet extremely unique, completed with natural finishing and carnauba wax.Every pipe is signature stamped with the Mr. Brog seal, and design number hand made by Mr. Brog in Poland.Pokers are created to be light, easy to hold and can stand on there own without toppling. For those factors, the Poker is among the most practical pipe shapes readily available. Our Objective While we attempt to fi the requirements and hands of the pipe smokers neighborhood, we likewise do our finest to keep the pipe making procedure an art of type, not to be advertised and machine made. For many years we have successfu y offered over 2,00 0,00 0 pipelines, and are the leader of the European pipe market. Cost Effective Without Doing Not Have Quality Our objective from the start was how to be successfully producing numerous pipelines, while keeping the expense at a minimum. We brought the expenses down while not jeopardizing the quality of the pipe and smoke. We happily consider ourselves the king in budget-friendly pipe production. Being budget-friendly likewise suggests that any person can own a fu co ection of a pipe rack. Designs, surfaces, colors etc

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe – Lumberjack Ebony.

Question Question 1

What Sort Of Filter Does It Have?

This utilizes a 9mm changeable filter.See ASIN: B00 CBQ4SAE

Question Question 2

What Are The Measurements Of The Dwarf Lumberjack?

Total Length: 145 mmInner Bowl Depth: 33 mmInner Bowl Dia: 19 mm

Question Question 3

What Are The Measurements Of The Lumberjack 200?

Total Length: 8″Inner Bowl Depth: 2.5″ Outer Bowl Dia: 3″ Total Length: 8″Inner Bowl Depth: 2.5″ Outer Bowl Dia: 3″ Inner Bowl Dia: 1″

Question Question 4

We Wonder – How Long Does Pear Wood Last, Compared To Briar?

It didn’t last.It burned through in under one week.Too bad, however, it makes a stunning wood grain.we did purchase another pear pipe (from our typical dealership) and that tumbled quicker.

Question Question 5

What Is The Durability Of “Pear Wood Root”, Compared To Quality Briar?We Don’T Want A Pipe That Will Burn Through After A Year Approximately.?

This pipe has extremely extremely thick walls. There’s definitely nothing to worry about burn through.

Question Question 6

Is The Pipe Made Out Of Briar?What Type?

No.It is made from pearwood.we do not understand any location offering a briar pipe this big.If anyone makes a briar pipe this big one day, it needs to be well over $200

Question Question 7

So After Not Smoking It For A Few Months We Broke The Mouth Piece. Exists A Part Number Or A Location We Can Order The Mouth Piece.?

Yes the Mr Brog website will list the part number for the proper pipe.

Question Question 8

What Is The Total Length, In Inches, Of The Lumberjack 200?

The total length of this pipe is 7.5 inches

Question Question 9

How Numerous Grams Of Tobacco Does This Beast Hold?

Around 6 grams pushed

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Mr. Brog Poker Tobacco Pipe – Lumberjack Ebony, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is a fantastic, very large pipe. We have done an evaluation on youtube (as have others) so browse there to get more specifics. What you ought to understand– first of all, it smokes excellent. The workmanship is top- tier, as it is on all mr brog pipelines. The pipe bowl is about the size of a beer can– not rather as high, however definitely about as round. It’s huge, with easily 2. 5 inch bowl depth. We had a small issue with our order that we didn’t even require attended to, and we were stunned that mr brog worked out out of their way to more than make it right. We presently own 4 of their pipelines along with among their tobacco pouches, a reamer, and a pipe tool. Each of them are incredible and priced excellent. We hardly ever (if ever) go out of our way to buzz any supplier, however working with mr brog has been absolutely nothing however an enjoyment. We have bought the majority of our things off, however we have likewise bought straight from them in poland also– there is a factor they have excellent feedback both here and on auction websites: they make excellent pipelines and cost their things right. Regarding this specific pipe– it is certainly a specialized type piece– it is huge. It’s not too heavy, however there’s no chance you’re going to clinch it. We really own two ofthese We broke one in with burley however have smoked a number of bowls of aromatics in it also– pure smoking enjoyment. It is so extremely huge in size that you will more than likely need to get rid of some ash throughout your smoke if you fill the bowl. If you desire a pipe that you can smoke for almost 2 hours straight, then certainly get amongthese They’re incredible.

When we initially got it, it resembled guy it is big. It got a great deal of attention from our pals. It beings in the hand well. If we get tired we simply set it on the table and it will not tip over. Lol. We enjoy the way it smokes. We have attempted a few various type of tobacco and it works excellent on all of them. We did need to get some longer matches though. Will be purchasing least a couple more in the future. Terrific pipe.

You will stand out with this huge monster. Like holding a coke can.

Terrific smoking pipe and lasts forever. Usage as a bench top pipe for our workshop and lasts for our entire work time it appears. Difficult to relight however we knida anticipatedthat Large and incharge.

Terrific pipe that smokes smooth & cool. We suggest this product.

We enjoy it, we weren’t anticipating the pipe to be big, however it works excellent with a longer complete satisfaction time.

The photo does not justify size of the pipe. Terrific to smoke a pipe 30-45 minutes without a refill.

Gorgeous pipe. Smokes well with little break in duration.

Spouse enjoys this.

Buy it.

Big, deep, stylish. This pipe is excellent interms of workmanship and style. Now, we personally do not smoke tobacco, so for other “stuff” the bowl is really too large to burn easily for a bachelor, our repair was to set a bubble shaped 18 mm bowl on top, and ta- da all taste of glass in the class of a genuine pipe. Now, the lumberjack is perfect for bonfires or shows. * reasonable caution: if its sticky it will obstruct the mouth piece, a toothpick or metal wire will clear it simply fine. Pleased smoking????????.

Wow wow wow, this pipe in very big, they ought to have called it king kong rather of the lumber jack, we simply enjoy this pipe.

Biggest tobacco pipe we have even smoked, huge light weight, stunning cool smoke. Can overcome 2 hours on afull bowl, enjoyed this one.

Gotten pipe today and having initially bowl. Great art piece. Product packaging box can be enhance and no other problem.

This pipe is merely enjoyable. Its like an amplification of whatever satisfying about pipe smoking. Terrific building and construction and worth. Mr. Brog is advised.

Beast size pipe for good money. Good long smoking session for a lazy day.

If your into big pipelines. This is the one you are lookingfor Sweet smoker, simply intend on some relaxation time to invest smoking this one. No problems here. Buy one and find out for yourself. You will not be dissatisfied, we guarantee you.

The pipe is well made and looks excellent. You can smoke it like any other pipe, it simply takes a bit longer. We would buy it once again.

This is an outstanding smoking pipe for expense & size. It likewise has some great artwork on the rim of the bowl.

Terrific size for relaxing. Precisely what we anticipated. Suggested by buddy. Hold’s a great quantity and does not fume. The side walls of the barrel are extremely thick. Thanks.

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