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MOXE Breathe – Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler

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Product 1
MOXE Breathe | Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler | Help Clear Congestion, Improve Breathing and Boost Focus | Aromatherapy Sinus Inhaler | Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential Oils (3 Pack)
  • ALL NATURAL STUFFY NOSE RELIEF - Packed with the power of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and a cooling essential oil blend, MOXE Breathe is what you need for clear sinus relief.
  • BREATHE TO HELP RELIEVE HEADACHES AND ENERGIZE - Our aromatherapy inhaler combines natural plant therapy in energizing essential oils that help you inhale yourself into focus and fight headaches, using the power of therapeutic essential oils.
Product 2
MOXE Frost - Energizing Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler - Alleviate Headaches, Boost Focus & Energy - Cooling Sinus Blaster - Includes Peppermint, Eucalyptus, & Wintergreen Essential Oils (3-Pack)
  • NATURAL ENERGY INHALER & FOCUS AID - Increase concentration with each inhalation! MOXE Frost is made with powerful essential oils known to help mentally stimulate and increase your attentiveness.
  • ALLEVIATE HEADACHES & NAUSEA - MOXE Frost aromatherapy inhalers provide an intense cooling sensation. Peppermint and eucalyptus help combat nausea while wintergreen and camphor provide headache relief and a soothing numbing effect.
Product 3
MOXE Blaze - Relaxing Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler - Relieve Stress and Anxiety - Soothing & Warming Nose Sinus Blaster - Includes Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove & Frankincense Essential Oils (3-Pack)
  • ALL NATURAL STRESS RELIEF - Inhale your way into rest and relaxation! Top notes of cinnamon create a soothing sensation while capsicum, nutmeg, and clove provide heat and warmth. Combined with Frankincense, these aromatic inhalers with blast stress & anxiety away.
  • REFRESH & ENHANCE BREATHING - Our aromatherapy inhalers use relaxing essential oils to clear your nasal pathways for enhanced sinus relief. Use the spicy scents and scents of MOXE Blaze to warm, soothe, and relax your senses.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MOXE Breathe – Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler.

  • NATURAL STUFFY NOSE RELIEF – Loaded with the power of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, and a cooling essential oil blend, MOXE Breathe is what you require for clear sinus relief.
  • BREATHE TO ASSIST RELIEVE HEADACHES AND STIMULATE – Our aromatherapy inhaler integrates natural plant therapy in stimulating essential oils that assist you inhale yourself into focus and battle headaches, utilizing the power of healing essential oils.
  • HAPPILY MADE IN THE U.S.A. – Utilizing an a -natural blend of organic essential oils we caring make a of our inhalers in the United States utilizing just pure steam- disti ed essential oils of the greatest quality.
  • LONG-TERM, PORTABLE POWER FOR YOUR ON- THE- GO WAY OF LIFE – We put the BOOM in MOXEBreathe When utilized appropriately, each inhaler stays potent for as much as 45 days, while continuing to work for as much as 3 months after very first being opened. Plus, it easily suits your pocket for your on the go way of life.
  • 100% FULFILLMENT ENSURED – Our objective is to bring the power of aromatherapy into the palm of your hand, not to bring you down. MOXE Breathe is supported with a 30 day, no questions asked complete satisfaction guarantee. You have got absolutely nothing to lose – breathe free today.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MOXE Breathe – Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler.
Plan Amount: 3 We just utilize the purest essential oils that bring the boom, boom inhalers that clear your sinuses and assist you breathe once again. In MOXE Breathe you’ find: -Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Typically utilized to clear stuffy nasal passages. -Peppermint Essential Oil: A revitalizing chi to cool your nasal passages and use calming relief from blockage and a ergies. -Eucalyptus: Helps to offer the BOOM in MOXE Breathe, Eucalyptus helps sooth inflamed nasal passages. -Cajeput: Typically utilized to assist deal with colds and to chill out mucous in the lungs. -Lavender: Helps sooth the body andmind -Rosemary: One of the most effective essential oils, has benefits consisting of improving psychological activity, respiratory relief, and pain relief.-Tea Tree: Effective antibacterial, excellent at improving the body immune system and recovery the body andmind Attempt MOXÄ Breathe as an alternative to: – Nose Tork – Sme ing Salts – Rave Inhalers – Sinus Inhalers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MOXE Breathe – Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler.

Question Question 1

Are They Refillable?

MOXE Inhalers are not refillable, however each inhaler will last around 2 months. To appropriately keep them, ensure you cap them firmly after each usage and shop in a cool, dry location.

Question Question 2

What Is The Aroma? Individuals State It Smells Good However What??

It smells like a comb of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender the most in our viewpoint. It does smell good however the salts can easily come out of the opening so beware utilizing it.

Question Question 3

Does A Mist Come Out Of It?

There is no mist. It’s essentially a fragrant stick, like the Vick’s inhaler, however in our experience it’s excellent

Question Question 4

Can You Make A Eucalyptus Lemon Oil Inhaler Without Any Salt So We Can Buy???

Unknown.Contact sellers for response.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on MOXE Breathe – Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We acquired this the middle of march. We have been plaque with allergic reactions and sinus for years often both at the exact same time. Take zyrtec everyday, plus sudafed when required. We can truthfully state that within one day of utilizing this inhaler (and it s been practically 4 weeks) we have not required any of the otc medications. It worked incredibly for us. We put on t understand if it would work for everybody or if it will continue to work however for the cost we would offer it a shot.

Simply got it today. Dang it’s strong. However assisted right away. We have a quite bad sinus infection today this is assisting open our sinuses while prescription antibiotics take on the infection. Up until now so good. Hoping it lasts a good while.

Has a mild smell, extremely enjoyable smell, opens sinuses so you can breathe better.

Advises us of our youth caribbean memories. Strong smell to clear our sinuses.

Actually assisted to clear up our sinuses better then any other comparable products and got it extremely quickly. Would extremely suggest and will be purchasing once again when we are out.

We are new to the world of nasal inhalers. We got our very first one from therabox, and then ventured on to findthese The smell is extremely strong, however good- peppermint is absolutely the greatest part of the inhaler. It has assisted us some with our persistent sinus blockage, and besides that, it s simply an extremely satisfying smell. Beware not to kmart into your nose, or the scent can be strong enough that it burns your nose a bit.

Simply what the doctor bought to assist clear a stuffy head.

Wow So our 15 year old child has never ever had the ability to breathe through his nose. He has awful indoor and outside allergic reactions and frequently utilizes an inhaler and otc medications to simply assist him to breathe however it never ever opens his nasal passages all the way. As a matter of reality his ent doctor stated it was the worst case of persistent swelling that he d ever seen. Well we opened the nasal inhaler and he attempted it and right now his nose opened a little and he might breathe through one side of his nose. Incredible. He likewise simply begun utilizing a netwe himalayan salt inhaler the last number of days and it s likewise assisting. We think that as he continues to utilize the moxe breathe inhalers and the netwe his swelling will decrease and he might even have the ability to breathe through his nose for the very first time ever. We are extremely extremely pleased with this product. Def worth a shot for the cost you pay and the length of time they last. Side note ** when they can be found in the mail our partner was suffering from a horrible headache from sinus concerns and he attempted among the inhalers- and like magic- his headache was as relieved and he right away feltbetter We would state attempt it. Mine were packaged securely and all in excellent working condition. Thanks to the makers of this product. We will be faithful consumers specifically if the impacts continue to increase our kids capability to breathe usually.

Not what we believed, however whatever we didn’t even understand we required. Idea it was gon na be among those air puffers that spray something in your nose. Due to the fact that of this we were puzzled when the bottles were rattling while removing the plastic protection movie. When we saw rock salt we were doubtful it would work, however boooyyyyy was we incorrect. Upon breathe in the smell shocks you awake and clears your air plans. What the what. This is the coolest innovation ever made. We put one by our bed to assist us get up in the early morning (persistent snoozer and chronically late), put one in our work bag for the 3pm depression throughout 13 hour shifts, and an extra in the medicine cabinet for when we get ill. We didn’t buy this since we required it, we simply believed it d be something cool to attempt. It has now been put in the requirement classification since of how well it gets us out of bed, increases awareness when tired out, and clears the nasal passages. Fantastic task moxe on an unbelievable product.

These are incredible. We want we would ve learnt about this quicker. We discovered it from seeing dr. Berg ‘ s videos on youtube. It assisted our 7 years of age children cough and our 21 years of age child when she had bronchitis.

We were simply going to reorder the other essential oil inhaler we would had and liked, however we were this one with the addition of the pink himalayan sea salt. We believed that was excellent as it might assist with the swelling in our sinuses from these silly allergic reactions. It most likely helps, however the damn salt keeps coming out of the sniffer hole. (our apologies that we do not understand that trade name – however essentially where you put your nose to smell it.) we keep it in our pocket and they handle to work their way out, so when we take the complete we are managing to get them before the struck the flooring. We suggest now we beware to open it on a table or something however that absolutely reduces the benefit element. We have likewise handled to smell them up into our nose on a few celebrations where we took a remarkably strong smell. We discussed in between 3 or 4 stars and went with 4 since we like the smell and it does what it states it will do. We simply want they utilized bigger salt pieces or had some sort of double bar on top to keep the salt in the inhaler.

This was the very first time we acquired a product like this, so we had our doubts about utilizing it. We kept among the products and shared the two others with our sis. The two of them revealed their liking the product, and we should state that we ourself enjoyed it. The just thing we will encourage on is that if the pink sea salt are small enough, they might fall out of the interior of the product that hold the sea salt. We would merely encourage on utilizing it thoroughly so you do not unintentionally breathe in any of the real salts. We are unsure if it safe/unsafe it you do, so keep that in mind.

Really strong and works to open those nasal passages. However the filter on top need to have smaller sized holes so that the salt particles do not fallout One of the inhalers was hard to open since even before the first usage the salt got captured in between the inhaler and the cap and squashed the salt as it was opened. It absolutely will open a stuffy nose and make you feel more alert. We like it however we hope the repair this design problem.

Helps us to breath easy when tired.

The scent is effective. We have been suffering from hay fever and this helps with decongesting the nasal passage briefly. We like that it is natural and is made in the U.S.A.. Other natural inhalers includes essential oils too however this is the just one with himalayan salt. We wish to see if having salt in there contributes to thebenefits We took one star off since one it is rather costly for 3 tubes and two some salt crystals fall out as we open the”lid” You got ta ensure it is at its upright position when you open it.

Would buy once again. We have terrible allergic reactions, and even with taking medicine, our nose sometimes gets blocked. We took 3 snuffs and it was un- blocked. And no adverse effects, unlike nasal spray, no burning, no chemicals. We like how small it is likewise. We are going to ordermore So that we always have one in the house, one at work, and one to bring around when going out to locations. It suits your pocket. We are so pleased we found this.

The greatest ive everfound Wow. Actually helps our anxiety helps us breathe and unwind reccomend inhaling this in extremely gradually.

We like this product. It helps us unwind. Likewise, it drained our sinus and relived our sinus headache. However you got to capture it early. Regular breathing in keeps our sinus in check.

Unlike other inhalers bronchial openers we have utilized over-the-counter, the moxe breathe does not feel “chemically” or synthetic. In reality, its cool and revitalizing and brings one’s focus to today minute. Fantastic worth for 3, put one in the cars and truck, one in our pocket, one in our go- bag. Acquired this product for experimentation with olfactory anchoring methods and we believe they’ll work fine.

This is a terrific product for the inhalation of himalayan saltbenefits It smells terrific, with included aromatherapy fragrances, however understanding you are likewise getting the benefits of salt infusion in your sinus is what we are lookingfor Halotherapy is no rather recognized today, however offer it some time, himalayan salt is advantageous for our bodies, specifically to any thing respiratory.

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