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Product 1
LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer
  • No side effects: a drug-free handheld computer that helps you quit smoking gradually
  • Scientifically proven: developed and proven effective with grants from the US National Institutes of Health
Product 2
Amscan Fake Puff Cigarettes One Size, White
  • Package includes: 6 Fake Lit Cigarettes - 3.25" long
  • Feature a brown filter and white body with simulated lit tips that do not puff any artificial smoke
Product 3
Filtrim Stop Smoking Device – Easy Way to Quit Smoking in Just 8 Weeks – Backed by Scientific Studies – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING: Imagine, in just 8 short weeks you could finally kick your deadly smoking habit. Filtrim was designed by a doctor and has been proven to work in scientific studies. Best of all, we guarantee it will help you quit smoking cigarettes or your money back!
  • HOW IT WORKS: Filtrim is a small device about the size of a cigarette lighter that pokes nearly microscopic holes in your cigarette filter. With Filtrim you'll smoke the same cigarettes, the same way, and inhale 99% less toxins and 88% less nicotine!

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer.

  • No adverse effects: a drug-free portable computer that helps you quit smoking gradua y
  • Scientifica y shown: established and tested reliable with grants from the United States National Institutes of Health
  • Doctor Recommended & Personalized: suggested by health experts and customized to your smoking pattern
  • Trademarked innovation: based upon the LifeSign innovation utilized by over a mi ion smokers around the world
  • Select from 3 variations: English Language, European Languages, Asian Languages

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer.
Style: English variation Product Description QuitKey modifies your smoking regimen and reduces you off cigarettes gradua y. QuitKey advises you when to smoke and when not to smoke. Step by step. Hour by hour. One day at a time. The QuitKey approach to quit smoking culminates 20 years ofresearch It was established and tested reliable with grants from the United States National Institutes of Health and constructs on the massive success of LifeSign, a very first generation smoking cessation computer that originated using the arranged steady decrease innovation. QuitKey operates in two phases. Phase 1 (7 days): You smoke at your regular rate and utilize the QuitKey smoke button to tape-record every cigarette you smoke. QuitKey utilizes this information to form your personal quit plan. Phase 2 (14 to 34 days): QuitKey helps you fo ow your quit plan by triggering you when to smoke. Every day you smoke less and gradua y minimize you nicotine reliance while preparing yourself to quit for good. QuitKey can assist you to weans yourself not just from cigarettes however likewise other types of nicotine addiction such as reliance on nicotine gum, electric cigarettes and so on. Readily available in 3 various language designs: (1) English Just (2) European languages: Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian and English (3) Asian Languages: Chinese (TC and SC), Japanese, Korean, Hindi and English.com The QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer is your secret to a smoke-free life. This portable computer develops a customized steady decrease program to assist you kick cigarettes when and for a. Established and tested reliable with research studies moneyed with grants from the United States National Institute of Health, the QuitKey has improved algorithms that make it simpler than before to quit. Sma er than the competitors, this computer is created to be continued a keychain for discreet help as you take actions to enhance your life and kick the addiction. Likewise, for even higher personal privacy, the QuitKey a ows you to change the volume so you can keep your stop-smoking program to yourself. Sma er than the competitors, the QuitKey is created to be continued a keychain for discreet help as you quit smoking. With QuitKey, you can stop smoking without using chemicals or drugs. The QuitKey is loaded with information to assist you adhere to your customized quit plan. How Does QuitKey Work? The QuitKey computer is created to change your smoking regimen and ease you off cigarettes in a progressive, step-down procedure. The discreet, portable computer advises you when to smoke and when not to smoke, detailed, hour-by-hour, one day at a time. Developed to operate in two phases, QuitKey wi produce a customized quit plan based upon your regular smoking regimen. The very first phase lasts 7 days. Throughout this phase you smoke at your regular rate and utilize the QuitKey smoke button to tape-record every cigarette you smoke. QuitKey assembles this information and utilizes the information to built a customized quit plan. Phase 2 fo ows right away and can last from 14 to 34 days, depending upon the information put together throughout Phase 1. Throughout Phase 2, QuitKey helps you fo ow your quit plan by triggering you when to smoke. Every day you wi smoke less and gradua y minimize your nicotine reliance. With this steady, step-down method you’re preparing yourself to quit cigarettes for good, drug-free and without chemical-induced adverse effects. The QuitKey Frequently Asked Questions Quitting smoking can be a difficult possibility. Lots of have attempted and stopped working, or attempted just to go back to cigarettes a few months, and even years, later on. However do not quit, there is a smoking cessation program out there for everybody, and QuitKey has been shown as an efficient way to quit. Here are the answers to a variety of frequently asked questions about QuitKey and smoking cessation in basic. Wi I acquire weight? Nicotine modifications your metabolic process– the rate at which your body burns calories– so quitting actua y modifications your metabolic process back to “normal.” If you are worried about weight gain, merely attempt to restrict your consumption of high fat food and increase your activity level. Light workout, such as strolling, wi not just assist avoid undesirable weight gain, however it wi likewise assist you deal more successfully with the stress triggered by quitting smoking. Attempt taking a brief, vigorous walk throughout the times when you utilized to delight in a tobacco break. What if I have ended up the program and I begin smoking once again? It is hard to quit smoking. Some individuals require a 2nd and even a 3rd opportunity. You likewise may like to understand that for many people, quitting smoking resembles discovering to ride a bike– you do not simply get on and trip like a champ. It requires time and a little practice. The majority of people attempt to quit smoking a minimum of when before they really quit for good. You simply had your practice, so do not quit, attempt once again. The essential thing is to not see each effort as a failure, rather you need to see each effort as a step on the course towards success. What if I cheat? The procedure of quitting tobacco includes discovering how to cope with the inescapable advises. When the desire occurs QuitKey advises that you attempt among the fo owing methods: consume a glass of water, ca a good friend, or walk. Your possibility of success is much higher if you fo ow the program QuitKey has created simply for you. If you definitely can’t wait for the next tobacco timely, make certain to press the Smoke button as quickly as you illuminate. QuitKey wi take this “cheat” into factor to consider and change the program if essential. What if I work and can’t take a break when I am triggered? The majority of people work and can not take a tobacco break whenever they desire, so QuitKey has an integrated system that a ows your program to stop and wait for you. Nevertheless, QuitKey does recommend that you smoke as near the beep trigger as you can, and that when you do get an opportunity to smoke you need to prevent making it a satisfying activity. Do not integrate smoking with drinking coffee, talking with pals, or talking on the phone. Simply take your break, smoke, and return to your regular regimen. How long does it take to get the nicotine out of my body? The response to this question depends upon a variety of elements, some of which you control. When going through the withdrawals of nicotine reliance, you need to consume lots of water to assist flush toxic substances out of your body. Other convenient tips consist of consuming lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and getting regular workout. These extra actions wi accelerate the elimination of nicotine from your body. When compared with other smoking cessation programs, QuitKey uses the most benefits for an affordable expense.
What remains in the Box QuitKey computer and QuitKey program guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer.

Question Question 1

What’S The Distinction In The Device Itself In Between The Asian And English Variation?

we have no concept other than the labels.The functions are all numbers, so we do not see that it would make any distinction.

Question Question 2

Is This Device Efficient With Users Of Chewing Tobacco?

we would believe it would work.

Question Question 3

Can You Start Over As Soon As You’Ve Quit? The Last Time We Quit It Was For 3 Months. If We Fall back Once Again, Can We Utilize It Once again?

we are uncertain as we likewise fell back and we did not attempt it once again, up until now, however no matter what if you quit even a number of weeks it paid for itself. we hope that this is handy for you.

Question Question 4

What Sort Of Battery Does This Usage? We Are Thinking A Button, However What #?

Battery # is CR2430 Hope this helps.:-RRB-

Question Question 5

How Numerous Times Can We Utilize This? Expect We Utilized It Two Time, And We Start Smoking After 1Year, Will We Required Buy New One Or Can We Restore Licence Or A Charge?

if you desire and have a android phone go to the play shop and set up app called (smoke free) on your phone, it does the the exact same thing this does however for free and you reset it as lot of times as needed.will chime when your enabled to smoke like a text.

Question Question 6

Bought This Box Is Missing Out On Instructions On How To Utilize It. How Can We Get Instructions?

Here is the client service number for Quit Secret: 1-800-543-3744 They need to have the ability to assist you.

Question Question 7

Last One We Had Numerous Years Ago Delayedthe First Cigarette In The Early Morning This One Does Refrain from doing That Do We Required To Reset?

no, Ihad one years earlier too and likewise discovered the distinction; we believe it’s a new method to not eliminate your most preferred one right now up until you get utilized to rejecting yourself other times; trust us. it’ll begin

Question Question 8

How Numerous Times Can It Be Recycled?

our company believe it can be recycled 1 x

Question Question 9

How To Set That Quitkey?

On the early morning of the day you choose to quit you need to turn the device on and utilize a paperclip to press the button in the back and it will be all set as much as begin taping each cigarette smoked

Question Question 10

Can It Be Utilized To Quit Utilizing Nicotine Gum?

we make certain it could. The program is created to minimize and reprogram habbit to ultimately stop.

Question Question 11

Exists Any Existing Evaluations? Have They Fixed The Issues?

If we understood the specific issues you were describing, we may be able to respond to properly. Please tell us what you are describing.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have utilized this product years ago with success and it’s time to do it once again. The just caution is that you can not return this product due to the fact that it’s a one time usage (with one reset offered). If there is an opportunity yours gets here faulty, you will not have the ability to return/exchange. Test the battery before placing if you can because if it’s low and you need to alter it midway through program, you lose information and begin the “restart” program which is much shorter. You will not have the ability to reboot once again if you wish to take a break and reboot.

Presently in very first week of the 2nd stage. Truly working. This little system works excellent. No issues at all.

Up until now so good with utilizing those non-smoking device or quit smoking device. It works. If you wish to quit you need to attempt this.

Didn’t work for us, to bad you just get two shot’s at, we believe if we might have kept resetting it. We most likely have been successful.

We would utilized one years ago & achieved success, however began smoking once again after rather some time.

Product worked well we simply didn’t have sufficient willpower to quit.


We began smoking in the military and smoked 1 1/2 – 2 loads a day for 35 years. We attempted to stop before without much luck. We investigated various methods to quit, with patches, tablets ect. We chose the lifesign quitkey smoking cessation computer due to no adverse effects and expense. We were skeptial however believed at the expense of a number of containers we would offer it a shot. Grateful we did we are now smoke free for the last 13 months and counting. We wont state this is for everybody. Quiting smoking is hard. However if you really have decided to quit smoking this little device simply may be the assistance you require to make it take place. We hope this evaluation helps and all the best on your journey.


So we have smoked for 4 1/2 years and cold turkey was not working out for us. Our papa quit smoking about 20 years ago and when we asked him how he quit he stated he utilized lifesign. Approved its a bit various than 20 years ago however the principle is the exact same. Investing the exact same quantity we would have invested in a carton we bought the quitkey and after about two weeks gradually reduced from a pack a day to about 6. And for the very first time in years we had zero cravings. We had the ability to leap down to one cigarette a day after that and am now going through the joyous state of detoxing our lungs. We can’t thank lifesign enough for getting us through those very first two weeks by taking the guessing/calculating out of lowering. Would advise this to anyone severe about quitting who does not wish to go through the trouble of nicotine withdrawal. Budget-friendly and it works. Do yourself and your liked ones a favor and attempt this out.

Quick shipment and easy to utilize.

A wonderful tool if you wish to quit.

Easy to set easy to utilize and it worked for us.

It has cut our spouses cigarette usage by 3 quarters up until now. One more week and he need to be smoke free.

Worked as marketed.

Worked well. 3months smoke free.

We have utilized this product before 16 years ago and stayed smoke free for over 2 years. We were so thankful to find it once again due to the fact that the tablets or the patch offered us extreme responses. We resemble everybody else in this world with great deals of stress, however if you follow the program, you will feel less nervous about the procedure. Anyone can do it if we can.

Functions if you are disciplined enough to utilize it appropriately.

We had utilized an older variation throughout the early 90’s with excellent success and after a number of years we succumbed to that simply one. When we made our decission to quit it took a number of hours on the web, however, was we delighted to find this more recent design offered. Remain in the program at present and extremely happy with the ease of releasing 2 pks. A day average.

We like it due to the fact that it is smaller sized than the original variation, and it provides all of us the information that we require.

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