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LIFE SAVERS Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy

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Product 1
LIFE SAVERS Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy, 50-Ounce Bag (Pack of 2)
  • Contains two (2) party size, 50-ounce bags of Life savers Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy
  • Filled with icy wintergreen flavor, Life savers Mints are a hole lot of fun
Product 2
Life Savers Mints Wint O Green 3 lbs Bag
  • Life Savers Mints Wint O Green Flavor
  • Net Wt. 3 Lb 2 Oz. (1.42kg) (50 Oz)
Product 3
Life Savers Wint O Green Sugarfree Mints Candy Bag, 2.75 Ounce (Pack of 12)
  • Life Savers Sugar Free Wint O Green Mints have an icy, wintergreen taste
  • Hard-candy mints with a hole in the middle

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LIFE SAVERS Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy.

  • Includes two (2) celebration Size, 50 ounce bags of Life Savers mints Wint o green hard candy
  • Fi ed with icy wintergreen flavor, Life Savers mints are a hole great deal of enjoyable
  • Keep your breath fresh with the revitalizing taste of Life Savers mints
  • Individua y covered mints are terrific for the breakroom or the reception desk
  • Stock up on your preferred mints with this bulk candy bundle

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LIFE SAVERS Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy.
Whether you’re craving something sweet or wish to refurbish your breath, Life Savers candy is the perfect choice. Open a Life Savers bag and pop a Life Savers Hard candy into your mouth whenever you require a little pick-me-up. Fantastic tasting flavor and a unique candy-with- the-hole shape. Life Savers mints provide a cool, revitalizing flavor. Wint-o-green Life Savers are a perfect reward or after-meal breath freshener. Wint-o-green mints can be found in a 50- oz bag.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LIFE SAVERS Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy.

Question Question 1

How Numerous Pieces Will We Get?

This product is made to supply a particular bundle webweight They are not made to supply a particular variety of pieces per bundle. Base on the serving size there have to do with 308 pieces per bundle (616 pieces for both packs).

Question Question 2

How Numerous Lifesavers In A Bag?

The bundle we get states about 405 per bag.

Question Question 3

Do You Offer 50 Oz. Bags Of Peppermint Life Savers?

This listing likewise reveals peppermint is offered.

Question Question 4

Is This 2 Bundles Or 1, We See Both Discussed?

This listing is for a pack of 2. We are working with to remedy this inconsistency.

Question Question 5

What Is The Measurement Of The Wrapper?

we determine one wrapper with the mint inside. It was 2″ by 1 1/4″The mint has to do with 7/8 by 1/4″. we hope this is what they wanted.:-RRB-

Question Question 6

About How Numerous Candies Is This Please?

never ever counted them, however there suffice to fill 4 3lb candy containers

Question Question 7

What Is Expiration Date For These?

The ones we acquired have the “finest by” date of 9/2020, however we make certain every batch is various. And they’re well-packaged, so we believe their durability would be even longer.

Question Question 8

How Numerous Calories Per Mint?

There are 15 calories per mint. The components & dietary information for this product can be found in the product images at the top of the page.

Question Question 9

Can These Be Frozen?

We do not advise freezing or cooling this product, as it might expose it to wetness from condensation which might change the flavor and/ or texture.

Question Question 10

Are These Sweets Genetically Engineered?All Bundles We Have Seen In Shops State That They Are.Thanks.?

Yes.if you consume them you will develop into a mutant with claws coming out of your knuckles.Snikt.

Question Question 11

How Numerous Grams Of Sugar?

There are 14 g of sugar per a serving of 4 pieces. The components & dietary information for this product can be found in the product images at the top of the page.

Question Question 12

Are These 50 Ounce Or 41 Ounce Bags?In The Title Of This Product It S States As 50 Ounce, And In The Includes Part Of The Page, It S Specified As 41 Ounce?

This listing is for 50 ounce bags.

Question Question 13

What Is The Expiration Date On These?

Finest utilized by 20 Feb 20

Question Question 14

What Does It Taste Like?

Like a cool mints,, that’s the way we understand it’s taste.

Question Question 15

Does It Dehydrate?

we do not believe so, however we do understand that if you consume 3 of the peppermint swirl sweets it is expected to make you consume more water and our company believe that works.These sweets are separately covered and are bigger than the Life savers in the roll.

Question Question 16

How Does Prime Kitchen Work?

More you get the more discount rate you get

Question Question 17

Do You Get 2, 50 Oz Bags = 100 Ozfor $1407?

Yes, this listing is for two 50 ounce bags which would amount to 100 ounces amount to.

Question Question 18

How Numerous Been Available In The Pack?

Easily hundreds. we are instructor and we go through these mints quickly in any other smaller sized bag, however this bag appears to last us a good 2 weeks, with anywhere in between 70-120 students each getting one ever few days. This is the biggest bag we have ever found, and the offer for 2 of them at this rate was what offered m Easily hundreds. we are instructor and we go through these mints quickly in any other smaller sized bag, however this bag appears to last us a good 2 weeks, with anywhere in between 70-120 students each getting one ever few days. This is the biggest bag we have ever found, and the offer for 2 of them at this rate was what offered us on purchasing them here.

Question Question 19

When Was Lifesavers Delivered?


Question Question 20

Can We Order Life Savers Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy 50 Oz, Two (2) Celebration Size Sugar Free Variation?

we do not understand. we want they did.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LIFE SAVERS Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candy, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are stogie smoker. Ok, ok. An ex-cigar smoker. God we miss out on those things. Life appears so empty without those little bundles of tobacco love. We do not understand what it is. There is a sense of peace one gets while taking pleasure in a stogie. Today, we are at the age where the doctor states we require to quit. Perhaps one occasionally, however taking pleasure in that after work smoke is nomore It has been far from a celebration. Up until this celebration bag. These mints assist throughout a craving. It keeps our mouth hectic throughout a craving, and there are heap in each bag so we can share one, and not freak out that we will runout Plus they refresh the breath. Get out there individuals. Consume some mints.

We have been purchased these for over 5 years since they fill in what utilized to be cigarettes. We sanctuary t smoked because 2006 when we got adult beginning type one diabetes and was hospitalized. It terrified us so bad, we quit smoking and utilized all the various nicorette tablets and gadgets and then went to these mints. Now we are addicted to the mints however it s better than cigarettes. Thank you for assisting everybody quit smoking. We just want they didn’t have the corn syrup. However you can t get whatever for this rate. Thank you once again.

We had no concept just how much we were getting so we had our child take one bag to work. She stated they were entered no time at all. Preferred.

Genuinely the celebration size bag was the way to go on this product. Extremely fresh, we keep them in our vehicle all the time, in our coat pockets, kitchen area drawer, speaking of as quickly as you open the drawer you can smell the winter season green. Fantastic choice in hard candy.

Fantastic rate for 2 substantial bags. We had bariatric surgical treatment however dislike the taste of sweetening agent. These are small and assistance satiate sugar cravings with an excellent taste and mint that’s not too strong.

Finest rate we might find on the web or a quality product. 100 oz of life savers will last a life time, so we hope we can out last them.

We pop these like popcorn. The rate can’t be beat.

We purchase these routinely, not just are they tasty wintergreen mints however they have a good mouth feel and they do keep our persistent dry mouth at bay. You can buy one bag in a regional location or pay $5 more and get two provided to your door, its nearly decadent how hassle-free it is. We utilize these consistently. They are the perfect response to heart burn too.

Our family likes life savers hard candy. Minto green is among their preferred flavors. We attempt to keep a meal loaded with the mints on completion table near to our door. It is enjoyable to enjoy our adult boys get a handful on their way out after a fast drop-in check out. The grand-kids look yearning waiting or approval, or are likewise looking for their opportunity to get a few when they go to. And obviously, we likewise delight in the fresh flavor, abundant aroma, and the product packaging.

We get these all the time and have for several years’s now. These are terrific. They can be found in good condition and seldom is even one broke. Rate is good on these as you get a great deal of them. Purchasing these wholesale in these big bags is the way to go. Always fresh tasting no matter where we buy them from.

We take a number of medications that leave our mouth extremely dry. If we are continuously drinking, we need to utilize the washroom continuously. It’s good to have these so that does not need to take place. We like that they’re likewise separately covered so we can put a few in our pocket or bag without them getting horrible. Getting them in large amounts is very expense reliable also.

We may be addicted to wintogreen lifesavers. We have them in the meeting room at work and we can t get enough of them. They are soft straight out of the bundle, however if you put them in a meal, they end up being the very same consistency as the ones offered in the shop.

We make certain mathematics individuals were not amazed by the substantial quantity of mints gotten in the order since they had precise expectations from checking out the product description and properly visualizing the quantity of mints explained, however seriously, terrific worth for great deals of product.

These life savers wint o green separately covered mints were kept in a plastic airtight container.Wow They really consumed into the plastic container. The fumes need to be unstable. You can really see the zagged edge design of the wrappers melted in the plastic. The mints themselves were fresh, however we definitely didn’t anticipate a chain reaction. There was absolutely nothing on the bag to alert of this.

Thank you, extremely fresh and few damaged pieces. We might need to subscribe quickly. We have been waiting for these and they were left in the damm rain on the front actions. The directions plainly state “rear” and we have had many-many plans and they always took notice of shipping directions. We reside in a high criminal activity community and normally things left outside get taken.

These are terrific to put out to deal with anyone who wishes to refresh their breath or delight in something sweet. They stay fresh a very long time, you never ever need to worry about them spoiling. They are separately covered, they stay “clean” that way. A lot of individuals likethese It is well worth the fairly small expense to get these and offer to others.

Bought 4 bags overall for our church to put at the front door. Was more affordable to buy them here than on walmart. Isn’t that crazy. Lol however they was available in top quality life saver boxes and were terrific quality. No problems and would buy once again.

After we end up lunch every day we like to have a few mints. We were purchasing plans at the marketplace that would just last a few weeks. We got 2 substantial plans in this order. They need to be genuine lifesavers since they smell and taste the very same. We are still working our way through the very first bag and have even been sharing them with our partner. Super pleased.

Whole family likes these so it was a good choice. When working out, this is an excellent product to keep hydrated and it tastes terrific. Refreshes your breath & your mouth smells tidy. When we are around others whose breath requires a little tlc, providing a couple of of these is a respectful way to share the love (& conserve your nose. ).

We like these lifesavers hard candy and it was completely worth every cent that we paid for them. We have been taking pleasure in these for years and before we got our present supply it had been rather some time because we have had any of these so we figured why not and we are pleased we got my own.

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