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One Step at a Time Nicotine Addiction Withdrawal System
  • Gradually lowers your nicotine dependency
  • Helps you quit without patches, gums, doctors, and reconditioning programs
Product 3
Fitbit Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker with a Free 1-Year Fitbit Premium Trial, 24/7 Heart Rate, Black/Black, One Size (S & L Bands Included)
  • Earn Active Zone Minutes as you progress toward your weekly 150 minutes of heart-pumping activity and use 20 plus exercise modes to track goals like distance, calories burned and more.Operating temperature: 14° to 113°F
  • Track all-day activity: your steps, distance, hourly activity and calories burned

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LEE PHARMACEUTICAL ONE STEP AT A TIME FILTER SW.

  • Helps quit smoking

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More Info:

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NE STEP AT A TIME NICOTINE ADDICTION WITHDRAWAL SYSTEM – 1 PACK – Includes 4 Re-usable filters Conquer Nicotine Addiction the Natural Way: By Minimizing Your Reliance. Gums and patches do not minimize your dependence on nicotine. They simply a ow your body to get it from another source. One Step at a Time reduces your nicotine dependence in steady increments. It provides a tested way to dominate your addiction. Without patches. Without gums. Without medical professionals. Without expensive reconditioning programs. One Step at a Time Nicotine Addiction Withdrawal System Functions With Your Body Step One: Lower Nicotine 25% Step Two: Lower Nicotine 50% Step 3: Lower Nicotine 70% Step 4: Lower Nicotine 90% The system includes 4 filters, each to be utilized 7 to 14 days. The very first filter removes as much as 25% nicotine and tars; the 2nd as much as 50% the 3rd as much as 70% and the fourth as much as 90%. Do not simply change smoking with another nicotine addiction. Lower your dependence One Step at a Time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LEE PHARMACEUTICAL ONE STEP AT A TIME FILTER SW.

Question Question 1

How Numerous Filters Can Be Found In A Box?

The box consists of 4 filters with differing degrees of nicotine elimination: · Step One: Reduces Nicotine 25% · Step Two: Reduces Nicotine 50% The box consists of 4 filters with differing degrees of nicotine elimination: · Step One: Reduces Nicotine 25% · Step Two: Reduces Nicotine 50% · Step 3: Reduces Nicotine 70% · Step 4: Reduces Nicotine 90%

Question Question 2

Does It Filter Both Tar And Nicotine?

Yes it does although it may not filter a full 90% of the nicotine at step 4 claims however the step 4 filter most likely takes out most likely a minimum of 70% and maybemore The filters take out a lot tar that we clean it far more frequently than it suggests.with q-tips. we get a plan of 300 “q-tips” at the dollar shop Yes it does although it may not filter a full 90% of the nicotine at step 4 claims however the step 4 filter most likely takes out most likely a minimum of 70% and maybemore The filters take out a lot tar that we clean it far more frequently than it suggests.with q-tips. we get a plan of 300 “q-tips” at the dollar shop so this is not a big cost. One thing though, if you tidy after every cigarette, we believe it takes out less bad things given that we believe some tar being stayed with it makes it gather tar/ nicotinebetter Nevertheless, we understand it is still taking out a considerable quantity of nicotine if not 90% as evidenced by us feeling lightheaded if we smoke a cigarette without the filter. we do suggest this product and, when you get to Step 4, there is another product called Lite N Up 90 that is the step 4 filter offered by itself. It costs about $5 if you consist of shipping and we purchased 4 to have back ups. Personally, we like the filter cleaner so we utilize one for a number of days, tidy it with rubbing alcohol and, then, we position it (well them as we gather a few) in a sock and run them through the wash with our laundry. Now, we are not exactly sure if this is the very best thing to do given that after going thru the wash the filter appears to gather less tar/ nicotine at first (we believe the way the decrease of nicotine works is that it gets captured up in the tar) till they get a little filthy once again. One more thing, we likewise understand it is taking out a considerable quantity of nicotine given that we have GERD (heartburn) and nicotine makes it even worse. Given that utilizing the filter it is not as much of an issue unless we smoke a cigarette without the filter and we entirely lost our early morning cough after utilizing this product for a month or two at step 4. Yet, we can still smoke. In our case, it appears it is more about the mechanical elements than nicotine as we had the ability to get to step 4 within two weeks and have never ever recalled although we did appear to smoke more at first. we want we had learnt about this product years earlier. Good luck.

Question Question 3

Do These Now Have Plastic Tips?

Plastic tip that you smoke from n a plastic tip at other end.we do not believe these work as good as the lat business that made them.

Question Question 4

We Have Attempted A Few Times Over The Last Few Months And Was Not Able To Order Is This Business Out Of Service? Will We Ever Have The Ability To Find These Filters?

we are likewise seeking to purchase these likewise with no luck. Please let us understand if you find them and where.

Question Question 5

Is This The First Step 1 Cartridges Just Getting Rid Of 25%?

No, it’s the set. 1-4. 25/50/75/90%

Question Question 6

Are These Being Remanufactured Again?

Yes, they are back in production

Question Question 7

Dumb Question, However We Simply Purchased And Didn’T See How To Utilize With TheCigarette Simply Things Cigarette Into Mouth Piece, Filter And All?

we presume you have not gotten the filters yet– yes simply pack the filter (if you utilize filter cigarettes) into completion opposite the mouthpiece.After almost 50 years of smoking– we quit utilizing these filters.They are terrific– however you have tobe going to quit.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LEE PHARMACEUTICAL ONE STEP AT A TIME FILTER SW, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have smoked for 35 years and, when our sibling informed us about this product, we were rather hesitant. Well, we decreased to the most affordable step filter (filter 4 which takes out 90% of tar and nicotine) within about 10 days and have not recalled. We need to prevent nicotine for health factors so a nicotine replacement approach (patch or gum) was not going to work for us however this is perfect for us as we still get to smoke while decreasing practically all of the tar and nicotine. We were uncertain if the product took out 90% of the nicotine however we mistakenly lit a cigarette without the step 4 filter and felt really lightheaded and nauseated (like we did with our very first cigarettes) so it is at least eliminating a considerable quantity of nicotine and the tar develop after one cigarette is a lot with the step 4 filter. What we have found is that, in our case, it was not a lot nicotine we were hooked on as the mechanical element of smoking and the reality that we like to smoke and find it unwinding. We will confess that we smoked more in the very first week on the step 4 filter however that ultimately stopped and essentially 10 cigarette= one cigarette. We can easily live with a pack a day so that is approximately the comparable to two cigarettes a day with the step 4 filter which we can absolutely live with as it considerably lowers the effect of smoking on our body. So, we can still have the mechanical element of smoking while reducing nicotine far more than with a patch or the gum. The just thing. And this is a personal peculiarity. Is that the producer advises cleaning up the filter after every 5-10 cigarettes however we like it spick-and-span so we clean it after each cigarette with a q-tip. A plan of 350 “generic” q-tips can be bought at the dollar shop so they are affordable and work well. Here is a tip. We wound up purchasing a number of more sets of these filters to have back up step 4 filters in the occasion of losing one (we did) or breaking one (they would be tough to break though). We wound up providing the other 3 filters that was available in the set to some buddies given that we just desired the step 4 filter however this was expensive. So, simply for the record, there is a product out there called lite n up 90 which is the step 4 filter offered independently for about $5 however, like the one step filters, you can recycle it forever. One more thing, we found that cleaning up the filter with rubbing alcohol when every number of days makes it much “fresher” and removes a rather fantastic quantity of tar develop one can not entirely eliminate with dry or perhaps dampened q-tips and the alcohol can be rubbed out with a damp q-tip and, in any case, vaporizes so you are not smoking alcohol. We can not suggest this product enough and, being a previous registered nurse, provided an empty plan to our md so she might suggest it to her clients. She has done so numerous times currently with two success stories. We can not see how one might be sorry for purchasing this product and, given that a pack of cigarettes is over $7 in our state, it is the expense of 3 packs of cigarettes in case it does not work for you and the filters might be offered to a fellow smoker for them to attempt them.

We had a discussion with a buddy about quitting smoking. We informed him how typically we had attempted and how tough it was to quit. The next thing we understand he hands me the one step system. Then he stated, quit and you owe me absolutely nothing. If you do not quit after utilizing the one step system, you owe me 10 times the expense. He never ever saw a penny. Beginning with a low tar low nicatine cigarett, the one step system and my partner’s support, we had the ability to stop smoking in less then 10 weeks.Wow We didn’t believe that was possible. Ever since, all the good ideas we herd others who quit state have occurred for me. Having the ability to taste to smell to breath, all due to the fact that of this simlpe filter system. With my newest purchase of one step, we am happy to state, we have now assisted 7 other individuals quit. It works. As long as i’m able, we mean to pay foward my buddies greats utilizing this wounderful one step filter system. Rick haney.

These did work for us. The directions were clear and easy to follow. The tips might get nasty tasting, however a bath in hot, soapy water and a pipe cleaner reaming and they were practically fresh. The ‘filter’ was a little bit of a pain to tidy, however cotton bud and hot, soapy water worked well for that.

Does what it states. Cuts out the tar and nicotine so you can quit.

Well made product with a better than anticipated shipment time.

Got undamaged and on time. Extremely delighted with product.

My partner has utilized these to quit smoking. If you use yourself and follow a program, they will work for you too.

Didn’t work for us, however we are still attempting to quit.

It is basic to utilize and easy and seems working perfectly. We would reccomend it to others and would definitely purchase it from.

Have attempted this before and it worked well. While it was strong, we were weak. We fell off the wagon. We make sure that it will work once again.

Great buy for the cash.

Great products.

Does precisely what it states. We quit with no withdrawals at all we suggest it to any person. In an extremely affordable cost.

We have been attempting to quit smoking for a variety of years. We have utilized chantix and whatever else we might get our hands on and absolutely nothing worked. We bought this around the middle of december 2012 in hopes of this working and it did. We followed the directions # 1 we utilized for 2 weeks and had no issues. By the end of the very first week we had stopped all coughing; that was a favorable indication. # 2 still no coughing by the end of the 2 weeks. Shift from # 1 to # 2 was easy. # 3 shift from # 2 to # 3 was a little more difficult. We needed to utilize # 3 for 3 weeks before going to # 4. By the time we changed to # 3 we had our last stop date inmind # 4 finally made it to # 4 and it was a respectable modification, going from 50% to 90%. We most likely might have went another week on 3 however we didn’t. We were on # 4 for a little over one month. We made a few keeps in mind as a cardiologist recommended and got things prepared for the wedding day. He recommended when you stop smoking you must likewise quit coffee. We believed there was no chance we might do that however we were figured out to quit smoking. He stated to change the coffee with 100% cranberry juice and to consume a glass whenever you wished to smoke. He stated that the fruit juice helps to flush the nicotine out of your system. All of it worked. By the grace of god we quit on our date. All desire and cravings are gone. Splendor be to our incredible dad. Good luck. It works. **** upgrade **** october 18, 2013 – it has been 33 weeks, that is 8 1/2 months and we are still smoke free. No issues other then we placed on 22 pounds, however we are smoke free. That deserves the 22 pounds. Good luck to all who is going to attempt this. Simply think. A prayer would not injure either:-RRB-.

This is the one year anniversary. We finally quit after 32 years. This will eliminate the chemical reliance. It was still tough to alter our practices – 2weeks off from work and another unpleasant week or 2 was required. That was it. For the year ever since we get periodic cravings and require to walk or something, however we did it.

We have utilized this product to assist us quit two times, one time for a few days shy of a year and simply recently for up until now 1 year and 8 months. It permits you to slowly minimize the tar and nicotine you are taking in however still lets you smoke which for most smokers is the hardest part of quitting. This is a should buy if you are major about quitting.

We quit smoking 10 years ago utilizing one step at a time. This is s terrific program for individuals who do not wish to quit all of a sudden. It helps to spread out out the withdrawal signs to make it manageable.

So we believed we would offer a preliminary evaluation of this before we ended up, then return and state if we had the ability to quit, and if this assisted at all. We are on the 3rd day of step one. Our objectives are to utilize each for a week, and then quit, which will cover out for 1 month. So, very first and primary, if you buy these ensure you clean them. We can’t stress this adequate as we didn’t till end of 2nd day, and doing that mucked up alot for us, your not expected to breath in that gunk, if you begin having any develop of tar, tidy it out, inhaling it is bad for you. We have attempted whatever to quit, we were on lozenges for 2 years, and began having cystic acne, and major stomach negative effects from them. The cystic acne turned out to be from the xanthan gum, which the lozenges include alot of, we got fed up with all the concerns, returned to smoking, and purchasedthese We may be a diplomatic immunity, as we had just been smoking for 2 weeks prior to beginning this, however we have not gone a day without nicotine in 14 years. Before the lozenges we had been a smoker for 12 years. This looked like a much more efficient way of quitting, so we are attempting it. Week one: so, our very first usage we didn’t discover much, however by the middle of the first day we were having mild withdrawals, however, by the start of day two the withdrawals were gone, we are anticipating this will take place each time. Up until now so good, the product is of high quality, as long as you clean them we see no factor these could not be utilized for as long as you require them to. Day 3 has been smooth, no concerns. We discover our breathing has somewhat improved. Alot of spending crude. Week two: like week one, however with much milder withdrawals, practically not noticable (the modification). Week 3: by this point we were ending up being less positive in the filters, it seemed like we were smoking even more typically, though by the last 2 days of week 3, in some way we had simply naturally cut down down?. Week 4: this was our snapping point, we didn’t do week 4. On our very first effort we lasted till the night, simply could not take it any longer, returned to filter 3. Then we attempted once again 1 day later on, exact same outcome. Finally, on the 3rd shot we did it, and made it 2 days with the filter. By this point it was time for us to quit by our set up out plan. Undoubtedly we felt quite cheated by the fourth filter, the issue is, it is such a huge decrease in nicotine that you practically begin having withdrawals on filter 4 like you had in fact quit. Well we weren’t eagerly anticipating going through nicotine withdrawals two times in 2 weeks, so we stayed with our plan and quit cold turkey after 2 days on filter 4. Results: we have now been nicotine free for precisely 8 days for the very first time given that we were 17 years of ages (we are 32). Did these filters assist? yes, however we utilized other products with them too. We do not believe we would have had the ability to make it with these filters alone, however we do not believe we might have done it without them. It wasn’t easy, and we do not believe any product is going to make quitting easy (take it from somebody who got hooked on lozenges for 2 years. ), so despite what you utilize, you need to want to go through it; the quitting. We will list what we utilized below, all of it is offered on, with all of these products we had the ability to quit, however no single product did it alone, and it was still exceptionally challenging. 1. Filters – helped2. Natrabio smoking withdrawal tablets (vitamin supplement) – helped3. Tough sweets (coffee sweets & werthers originals) – helped4. Mints (altoids) – helped5. 3 lollies smoking draws lollipops – did not assist anywhere near adequate for just how much they cost (a dollar a lollipop.?) were really inexpensive tasting, more or less seemed like a swindle, we didn’t see any better outcomes than we got from tough sweet or mints, so we would prevent them. This is how we quit, however everybody is various, we would likewise point out that we quit in half the advised time. We are practically specific that the advised time would have been a lot easier. Last, we would highly suggest attempting out some of these products before doing any nicotine replacement( gum, patch, lozenge, which in the end is simply another addiction, what we have found in the end is our outcomes were very little various than when we went on lozenges initially, now we are nicotine free, finally. Update: it’s now been over a year for us (8-14-13) and we still have not begun smoking once again. We would not call this product an easy response to quitting, however this was most likely a good part of why we are no longer a smoker. You require to be going to ride it out however, otherwise absolutely nothing is going to work for you. We can easily compare getting on nicotine lozenges and utilizing these filters, and we can state the filters made quitting cold turkey about as tough as getting connected on those horrible lozenges (which is among the worst things individuals who are attempting to quit can do, keep away from nicotine lozenges. ). We would not suggest those horrible things to anyone, if you wish to get this out of your life, this product is by far the very best long-term service we found, if it worked for us, it can work for anyone.

We have been utilizing this quitting smoking method for 3 weeks or two and we are smoking less. Ideally will have quit by thanksgiving. Likewise impt. To keep in mind that we rec ‘d 2 of the exact same filters in the plan, each filter needs to be numbered 1-4. We got two number 3’s and no number 4. One telephone call and less than one week later on we rec ‘d the right filter from the business, no questionsasked Likewise initially, we keep in mind checking out an evaluation about how the nicotine entered into the customers mouth and for that they provided it one star. Funny thing is, that individual clearly never ever check out the instructions. The filters should be cleaned up routinely. And yes, cleaning up the filter belongs to what helps you to quit due to the fact that it is revolting. We have got 3 buddies doing this with us now. We suggest attempting this method of quitting. ** simply to upgrade. We didn’t quit when we initially prepared, by choice. Nevertheless, we are really pleased to state, we did finally quit over 2 months earlier and we should state it was the most convenient time quitting ever. And yes we have attempted to quit sometimes in the past. We are advising this to any person that wishes to quit. One more thing, we likewise found that quitting by doing this made it so that we didn’t acquire weight from quitting, and we had gotten practically 20 pounds in the previous attempting to quit. This method of quitting worked wonderfully for us.

This did assist us in the past however the filter broke, then we went right back to smoking. We chose to attempt this product once again however it did appear to be working before the filter broke. We would recommend if the filter breaks utilize the next filter in the plan due to the fact that when you smoke without the filter you need to like begin all over once again. We will examine this product once again, hope this helps us to quit smoking. You do require a small tiny brush to clean up the within the filter. We did notification by the second filter that we were not smoking as much. This product is tough to find in shops now, so we bought from.

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