Laser Treatment For Smoking

Laser Treatment For Smoking

The Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Guide

Does quit smoking laser therapy work or not? Is changing from cigarettes to cigars a viable alternative to quitting smoking? Quitting smoking is pretty tough. Really tough for some, and there are those who look for alternatives to stopping smoking, hoping that there is a healthier alternative to quitting smoking that doesn’t involve – quitting smoking.

One of these is changing from cigarettes to cigars or a pipe. Here we’ll look at the question is changing from cigarettes to cigars a good alternative to stopping smoking?

Firstly, let’s have a look at what cigars are to see if they are any different to cigarette smoking, and any healthier. The bottom line is that cigars are made from tobacco just like cigarettes are, and tobacco itself is a large part of the problem. The tobacco used in cigars is treated differently than the tobacco used in cigarettes, but it is still tobacco.

The tobacco used in cigars is treated by allowing it to mature for around 12 months and then fermented for up to 6 months to create bacterial and chemical changes that alter the taste of the tobacco. Hence the preference by some people for cigars over cigarettes, they taste different.

However, cigars still contain nicotine because they contain tobacco, and that is where the nicotine comes from. So as nicotine is the substance that causes the smoking addiction, cigars are still addictive. In fact one large cigar can contain enough tobacco that, if it were used to make cigarettes instead, could manufacture an entire packet of cigarettes. Smoking one large cigar can be the equivalent of smoking an entire pack of cigarettes.

Cigars still contribute to a wide range of health problems, some a little different to those created by cigarette smoking. Cigars still cost a lot. Cigars can still be addictive.

So, the bottom line is that changing from smoking cigarettes to smoking cigars is not a viable alternative to quitting smoking. The only way to avoid the health and other problems caused by using tobacco is to stop using it, not to change the way you take in your tobacco. Whether using quit smoking laser therapy is a good way to quit smoking is still up in the air, read our website more and do some more research, but don’t think that changing to cigars, or for that matter a pipe, will avoid the need to quit smoking.

How Does Stop Smoking Laser Work?

How is it said that quit smoking laser therapy works? Quit smoking laser therapy has been around for some time. Some claim that laser therapy to stop smoking and kick the cigarettes has been around, and successful, for over 30 years.

The laser therapy for stopping smoking is called low level laser therapy. Low level laser therapy produces a cool laser beam that is used according to the principles of acupuncture.

The laser beam is directed into or onto acupressure points. The intention of doing this is to make the body release endorphins which will, in turn, act to block the cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal, and therefore make it easier to quit smoking because the withdrawals and cravings associated with stopping putting nicotine into the body are lessened or stopped altogether. This is achieved by directing the laser beam onto points where nerve endings are stimulated.

It is said that a relatively small number of treatments is adequate for the majority of smokers to be able to quit. We have even seen claims that only one treatment should be sufficient for most people to allow them to stop smoking successfully. Sessions are usually short, around 30 minutes or so.

It is also claimed that the laser treatment if not at all painful, and non invasive. Of course, the businesses that sell quit smoking laser treatments claim that it has a high rate of success and is medically proven.

We hope that over time this website will become a resource so that ordinary people who want to quit smoking can get some unbiased feedback from people who have undergone laser treatment to stop smoking.

We don’t know whether or not the treatment works. As we have said before, even if it works it won’t work for everybody, that’s just how giving up smoking is. How many it works for remains to be seen from the feedback you give us, and our readers, right here on the Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Guide.

Stop Smoking Laser Therapies

Stop smoking laser therapies are rapidly growing their popularity among people who are interested to quit smoking. Stop smoking laser therapies are least accepted among general communities. Laser treatment for smoking cessation is extremely secure and has been used from numerous years. It is one of the best quit smoking aids.

Stop smoking laser treatment is better than nicotine gum and candy toothpicks because it doesn’t introduce chemicals in body. Laser treatments involve one or more sessions with trained laser technicians. These technicians pinpoint several energy points on smoker’s body. Technicians use cool beam laser to stimulate pinpoint energy areas. This beam triggers your body to release endorphins enzymes which reduce nicotine and cigarette cravings.

Advanced laser centres exploit safe and painless technology for smoker’s help to quit smoking. These therapies also help smokers in weight loss.

Cold Laser Treatment

Cold laser therapy is also known as low level laser therapy “LLLT”. It has been used in Europe for 30 years and in Canada for 20 years. This therapy gains 85% average success rate. This therapy is simple and effective. Cold laser treatment is effective and has no side effects. Cold laser stop smoking therapy is a non-insidious holistic procedure. This therapy works in same way as acupuncture works. Cold laser stimulates acupuncture-points instead of needles.

Laser treatment is applied on external points and stimulates nerve. These nerves are underneath the skin of ears, face and hands. This therapy works with meridians in the body to maintain balance of organs at optimal level. Laser helps body organism to produce endorphins. Endorphins enzymes are necessary for stress and pain relief in body system.

Hi-tech Laser Treatment

The hi-tech laser treatment utilizes beam of light that targets particular cells along joints to enhance their activity to create larger specific cells along joints to boost their activity and produce larger amounts of endorphins enzymes.

Laser beam is applied on wrist, hands, ears and side of nose for penetration of light to cells that produce hormones. Endorphins are useful enzymes to reduce nicotine craving and relax body of smoker by reducing withdrawal symptoms. Laser also boosts the body’s ability to detoxify nicotine. It also reduces amount of nicotine in body.

Time Required for Laser Treatment

Patient needs 3 to 5 sessions. Each session is about 30 minute’s duration. Different clinics recommend different time periods for this treatment according to patient’s body system. The effects of sessions last for 9 months after completion.

Stop smoking laser treatment targets metabolic points on body to increase energy level and blood circulation.

Some patients experience increase in appetite and potential weight gain. Therefore patients should make wise food choices and smaller meals.

Stop smoking laser treatment is affordable and easy for smoking cessation. It is best method because it diminishes strong craving of nicotine. Stop smoking laser therapy is best for those who want to cut their expenses and care for their lives.

Is the Laser Stop Smoking Treatment Effective?

You’ve heard of laser vision treatment; you’ve heard of laser unwanted hair removal treatment; you’ve even heard of laser hair re-growth treatment. But have you heard of laser stop smoking treatment?

But if you’ve heard of acupuncture being used to help people quit smoking, you will have an idea of what a treatment is. Acupuncture is an ancient medicinal art and has been used to assist those trying to kick their nicotine addictions for nearly thirty years; laser smoking medication first appeared in 1989.

Acupuncturists pinpoint the lower earlobe as the pressure point which curbs the craving to smoke, and low level, or “cool”, this treatment also targets the lower ear lobe with a laser pulse. The theory behind both treatments is that they stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers, leaving the patient in a state of deeply relaxed well-being.

Advantages Of The Laser Stop Smoking Treatment

One advantage of this medication is that, for those who are needle-shy, sharp instruments are nowhere to be seen. It rarely has side effects, although a few users have reported warmth or tingling in their earlobes. Because the power of the laser treatment is the equivalent of that generated by a 60-watt light bulb, there is no chance of the patient’s being burned.

For those who are uncomfortable with the disrobing involved in acupuncture smoking cessation therapy, low level treatment offers a comfortable alternative. The laser, however, must be used by a trained technician.

Some providers of it claim that it not only stimulates the body to release craving-eliminating endorphins; it also enhances the body’s detoxification, hastening the removal of nicotine from the blood and tissues, and speeding the withdrawal process.

Precautions About The Treatment

Because the laser stop smoking is not a recognized medical treatment, health insurance will not cover its cost. And the laser medication isn’t cheap; the best-known of the companies offering it charge $349 for a smoking cessation “program” including a half-hour treatment, some vitamins, and a stop-smoking video.

While the centres providing laser stop smoking have claimed a success rate in excess of 85%, those figures are under scrutiny by the Public Citizen’s Health Research Group. They have petitioned the FDA to stop the companies from promoting their lasers as tools for smoking cessation medication, because they have not been given FDA approval for such a use.

In other words, the effectiveness of the laser stop smoking treatment has not been officially established, so there is no guarantee it will work for you. But if you don’t mind spending the money, and have tried everything else to quit, you can always take the chance that you will be one of the lucky ones for whom it really works.

Laser Treatment To Stop Smoking

Stop smoking is one of the hardest things to do. To do so on personally would even be harder and you should be so is very strong in your determination. Laser treatment to quit smoking has become one of the ways that can help you achieve your goal of stopping smoking. There are so many advantages for you when you make a step and do not smoke.

Stop smoking and gain advantages galore.

Smoking is slow poison which you deal for yourself while recognizing that it drags you closer to your grave. Most ironic is that you pay for it as well. In other words, you commit suicide slowly and steadily to top it all, you’re drawing in along with you, your children and all others who have a chance to be next to you when you smoke. Such pleasure you get from smoking is worth the high price?

Stop smoking today and enjoy many advantages.

There is one great thing that occurs after you quit smoking, that damage the body is reversed in most cases, if there is too much damage already done light and other vital organs (such as affected by lung cancer, cardiovascular etc.). Some of the benefits of stop smoking are listed below, which we hope will motivate you to live your life better.

1. Your looks – smoker looks blue black, always carrying a deathly pallor as smoking do not allow blood to carry oxygen throughout the body full lips, nails, and often the palms turned dark due to the permanent exhibition and nicotine. Stop smoking advantages lie in the fact that you restore your pink (healthy) colour in no time.

2. Age – smoking, as it is draining the blood oxygen, it also ruined a lot faster than nature will make natural maturing skin cells. Turns out that smokers wrinkle Wrinkles become faster and deeper and stressed with terrifying speed. Advantages of smoking stop in this case, the ageing process can be greatly reduced and sometimes even reversed.

3. Odour – smoker always carries around the stale smell of smoke cigarettes. They also suffer from bad breath as smoking often makes the mouth sour. Home and car as your personal things, all the smell of cigarette smoke, which makes it unacceptable for any other use of your company. Stop smoking advantage here is that you can start smelling fresh and inviting. Your home, clothes, your car is a total of start smelling good again.

4. Pressure on heart – smoking puts great pressure on your heart, as it believes is becoming an important to pump more and more is the fact that blood carries only half or less of oxygenated blood throughout the body; for this reason, the heart of wear good deal earlier in life, angina pectoris, heart arrest, and other serious illnesses. Benefits for non-smokers that you give your heart a fresh lease of life-and thereby themselves as better motivation?

Quit Smoking Laser

You really can use a laser treatment in order to help with stopping smoking. Actually, using a stop smoking laser is an option for smoking cessation. You see, stop smoking laser treatment is far from a mainstream form of smoking cessation treatment and as a result its reliability is rather questionable. Stop smoking laser treatment is out there, and many smokers have put their faith in its ability to help them quit, but it is also a form of treatment which remains “under the radar” for the most part.

What’s The Idea Behind A Stop Smoking Laser?

No, using laser treatment to quit smoking is not on the same level as going to the local dollar store and picking up a cheap laser pointer. I’ll admit, being able to use a cheap laser pointer in order to somehow help with quitting smoking would be pretty darn cool but this scenario is far from how stop smoking laser treatment works. Allowing any smoker to quit smoking by purchasing a $1 laser would also result in the collapse of the smoking cessation industry, but that’s another story for another time.

Using a stop smoking laser is a form of therapy and as a result it involves more than just you. This stop smoking method requires that you physically visit a specialized centre for laser treatment as opposed to just purchasing something online or at the store like with many other methods. You can’t really buy your own laser treatment setup and do things yourself. Well, I guess you could if you were interested in throwing down thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Anyhow, let’s get back to the topic at hand before I begin spouting on about politics or something as equally irrelevant. So, what is the concept behind using a stop smoking laser? How exactly does a stop smoking laser work? In theory, the practice of laser treatment is very similar to the age-old acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is used to increase circulation, reduce tension, and allow for a state of deep relaxation. Like I said, though, laser treatment for quitting smoking is similar to acupuncture in theory.

The idea behind laser therapy, in terms of how it is supposed to work to help you quit cigarettes, is that a low-level laser is applied to various parts of the body related to addiction. When the low-level laser is applied to various points of the body related to addiction, the release of endorphins is suppose to occur. The point of laser therapy for quitting smoking is to help you through the initial first few days of nicotine withdrawal by getting your body to release endorphins at different points related to cigarette addiction and smoking.

So, what the heck do endorphins have to do with helping you cope with cravings and nicotine withdrawal? Endorphins are your body’s natural “pain killers” meaning that when endorphins are released; you are going to experience feelings of stress relief, relaxation, and overall “goodness”. This can potentially help with nicotine withdrawal because it is substituting the pleasant feelings you have come to know and love associated with nicotine, with an all natural “high”.

You see, the reason why you crave more cigarettes and feel crappy when you don’t smoke is because your body needs more nicotine in order to feel “normal” again. Endorphins can help to simulate the pleasant feelings associated with nicotine without you having to smoke nicotine.

Is It Worth It To Use A Stop Smoking Laser?

As I’ve already mentioned various times, the effectiveness of stop smoking laser therapy is not yet set in stone. On paper, it does look as if it could genuinely help with nicotine withdrawal during the first few initial days but it does not mean that it can help. Something else to be concerned about is the fact that having laser treatment performed for smoking cessation will probably be substantially more expensive than other stop smoking methods.

You need to ask yourself, “Is it worth it to spend a relatively large amount of money in order to help cope with nicotine withdrawal?”. As far as I know the average cost of laser treatment is around a few hundred dollars. A few hundred dollars is a lot more than quitting smoking cold turkey, using a smoking aid, or even using nicotine gum in most cases.

Another thing to consider is the fact that using laser treatment for quitting smoking does not mean that it will guarantee you will never smoke another cigarette again. Stop smoking lasers are meant to help you deal with the initial first few days of withdrawal and not any longer. The first few days are always the hardest as far as quitting goes but the fact of the matter is that you are going to be dealing with cravings for much longer than that.

So, what’s the verdict here? What you need to do is look into available stop smoking laser treatments, decide whether or not it is worth the cost, and decide whether or not it is worth it to help with just the first few days of nicotine withdrawal.

The Stop Smoking Laser Does in Fact Work For Some

More and more people are inquiring about stop smoking laser treatments or therapy. They want to know, is it a successful method of treatment for smokers who want to stop smoking? There are those who have had success, and for those folks, the answer was yes. But, according to related studies, the average reported success, averages between 80 to 90%.

Still, this is a pretty high success rate when you consider the reports from smokers on how difficult the process of quitting smoking really is. Smoking has always been reported as one of the most difficult habits to kick. It’s always been one of the most unhealthy and dangerous habits to have as well.

During treatment, there’s usually a counselling session involved, designed to help you maintain your will power after the treatment is completed. This can sometimes lead patients to believe that maybe the treatment isn’t a very effective method. However, the process to quit smoking is an extremely difficult process, that reality should have some form of positive re-enforcement to support the client after the therapy is completed.

Most clients require only one session of therapy which may last approximately 30-45 minutes. The therapy consists of applying laser treatments to the wrists, hands, arms, ears, and the side of the nose. If successful, the client shouldn’t have cravings to smoke after the treatment.

This may sound a bit too good to be true? Maybe so, but surely psychological factors play a serious part in a person’s ability to quit smoking, and if you can manage to truly believe in the process of the laser treatment, then psychologically you’re bound to benefit from it.

The cost of the treatment varies, generally between three to four hundred dollars on average, which is certainly well worth a successful outcome. Although most treatment programs won’t offer it, maybe you can locate a program with a money back guarantee. That’s always the best way to explore options. But again, due to the fact that will power plays a huge part in a person’s ability to stop smoking, you’ll probably find it difficult to secure any kind of guarantee.

Laser Treatment For Smoking

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