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Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Nicotine Gum

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Product 1
Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Nicotine Gum, 4 mg (380 Pieces)
  • 380 Active Ingredient
  • Nicorette active ingredient
Product 2
Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Gum, 2 mg, 380 Count
  • regular schedule to prevent cravings throughout the day
  • individualized stop-smoking plan
Product 3
Kirkland Signature Quit Ice Mint Gum 2mg, 300 Pieces
  • Compare to Nicorette Active Ingredient*
  • Nicotine Polacrilex

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Nicotine Gum.

  • 380 Active Ingredient
  • Nicorette active ingredient
  • Original flavor
  • 4 Mg Gum.
  • Smoking can seriously damage your HEALTH

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Nicotine Gum.
For those who smoke their very first cigarette within 30 minutes of awakening. 4 MgGum Original flavor. Compare to Nicorette active ingredient.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Nicotine Gum.

Question Question 1

Is This For 2 Boxes Of 190 Pieces Or One? Does Know What That 2X Suggests.?

It’s for 2 boxes of 190 pieces each–380 pieces. It’s a lot.

Question Question 2

Is This Coated?

It appears to not be coated in our viewpoint. we have purchased coated gum (name brand name & generic) from many shops and this one is as simply as effective. It is a good buy.

Question Question 3

Is This Sweet Tasting? We Recognize It’S Not Coated And Original However Is It Sugary food?

Not as sweet as the coated. The coated is better tasting, however more pricey. That is the trade off. If your utilizing the gum to quit, we would state get the coated. It’s a small quantity of money, for a brief amount of time. If your a on going user (like me) you might think about utilizing this product for the cost.

Question Question 4

Is It Vegan? It States Contains Gum Base And Does Not List Gelatin Like The Ice Mint Flavored Variation Does. Though Not exactly sure What Is The Gum Base Made From?

Who cares?Am sure the nicotine is even worse then any animal product.Sorry for being flip-it simply appears like a ridiculous thing to ask, however that s simply me.:–RRB-

Question Question 5

Does Anyone Know The Nation They Are Made In?

According to the upc code it is a product of United States or Canada. You can get some info by searching for UPC code/country of origin

Question Question 6

It Turns Our LipsYellow Why Exists A Requirement For Yellow Coloring? We Would Choose It Without Any Synthetic Sweetner.?

sent us your question, however they are producerquestions Yes, the gum turns our tongue yellow. And when you dispose of the gum, it is grossly yellow. we purchased this often times when we simply couldn’t hand over the Habitrol cost. Habitrol mint is our preferred; get tired of their Fruit flavor quickly. we have turned sent us your question, however they are producerquestions Yes, the gum turns our tongue yellow. And when you dispose of the gum, it is grossly yellow. we purchased this often times when we simply couldn’t hand over the Habitrol cost. Habitrol mint is our preferred; get tired of their Fruit flavor quickly. we have developed into a chain gum chewer on nicotine gum. Sigh. It s now a costly practice and we worry about long term impacts. All of the brand names are too costly IMO.

Question Question 7

Is This The ‘New’ Flavor/Box, Or The Old Flavor Box?

Its the original flavor. Just like cardboard however a little chewier.

Question Question 8

Anyone Know For Sure If It Is Sugarless Or Not?

It is sugarless however there is no flavor.Would not buy it once again

Question Question 9

We Have Actually Just Attempted Walmart And Walgreens Nicotine Fruit FlavorGum Now The Fruit Flavor Is More powerful. We Don’T Like It. Which Brand Name Tastes Like Old?

Kirkland has an extremely mild flavor so we include a piece of regular sugar free gum. And the quality and cost can’t be beat.

Question Question 10

Does This Product Turn Teeth Yellow?

It’s never ever turned our teeth yellow.

Question Question 11

Is This Addicting?

Yes, you still are addicted to theNicotine Have not smoked for 2 years am now weaning ourself off the gum

Question Question 12

Can This Gum Be Utilized With Dentures?

we do not understand. However this gum does not stay with our perminate teeth.

Question Question 13

Is This Gum Difficult To Chew? We Have Actually Attempted The Non-Coated Nicorette And Found It Difficult To Chew And Tiring For Our Jaw After A While. Thanks?


Question Question 14

Can You List All Active Ingredients Please?

Is this a genuine question?Look it up.

Question Question 15

How Is The Gum Loaded? Are They Loose In The Box Or Do They Can be found in Sleeves That Let You Pop Each One Out, Like Habitrol?

In sleeves thal let you pop out one at a time like Nicorette.

Question Question 16

Can You Tell United States Why This Product Is Not Readily Available To Be Delivered To Alaska?

This is Costco brand name gum, so if you have a Costco shop near you, they ought to have it.

Question Question 17

It Turns Our LipsYellow Why Exists A Requirement For Yellow Coloring? We Would Choose It Without Any Synthetic Sweetner.?

we concur, it turns our tongue yellow, good question.

Question Question 18

Please Tell United States, When The Product Exp.Date?

The gum we bought most just recently has an expiration date of 11/30/15

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kirkland Signature Quit Smoking Nicotine Gum, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have dipped for about 8 years. Although we have effectively quit cold-turkey a few times, there are few issues. Initially, occasionally a buddy (or temptation) gets us began once again, and then we need to go through the tough procedure once again. Second, we like the result of nicotine. We have a postgraduate degree and do an intellectually tough task, so we like the included increase of the nicotine and the way it makes our brain synapses fire simply a bit quicker. It resembles putting 91 octane fuel in the automobile. However we likewise do not wish to pass away of cancer, and tobacco is way too pricey anyhow. So we came looking for nicotine gum and found that this kirkland brand name was without a doubt the most budget-friendly alternative on the marketplace. The cost varies here on from about $55 per bundle (380 pieces) to about $85 Store appropriately and you will get a good offer. In contrast with nicorette and other brand names, this is an exceptional offer. Now for the product itself and how it works. We find that 4mg is the minimum nicotine level for anyone who utilizes dip. We have checked out before that dippers typically get about 6-8 mg per dip, so one piece of gum would provide you a little less, and two would have to do with comparable (though we find two pieces is too effective). The flavor is relatively light and enjoyable, type of like a mild juicy fruit gum. You can tell just how much of the nicotine has been drawn out from the gum by the color. When you initially put it in, it is bold yellow, however by the time you complete it begins to turn white. The disadvantage to this is that it lets go a yellow-colored color into your mouth, which is really visible in the beginning however slowly dissipates as you chew the gum and saliva flows. We do not believe the yellow color spots teeth like tobacco does– a minimum of we have not seen it after months. Simply a short-term yellow color. Most importantly, the pieces of gum are easy to get rid of from their product packaging: simply fold the significant corner, peel back the paper, pop the foil with your finger, and pry out the gum. We can do it in about 3 seconds. However, they are totally kid evidence, so we do not need to worry about our child consuming a piece. We find the entire bundle here (380 pieces) lasts an long period of time and conserves us hundreds (perhaps near a thousand) a year over what we invested in dip. Most importantly, we can chew at work, we can chew around our kids, we can chew around buddies and colleagues, we will not get cancer from it, and no one will be the smarter. A few of us like nicotine: luckily there are safe and socially appropriate methods to get it for a good cost. Keep it coming, kirkland.

We unintentionally bought the unflavored variety, which is not terrific. Nevertheless, the product itself is simply fine and what you would anticipate without the nicorette brand name cost. Gum does tend to get hard after chewing for a brief amount of time, however in general we would still suggest this to anyhow wanting to quit or escape from inhalation products.

It helps you not wan na smoke. However after a bit, not right away. We likewise vape on the side and would suggest that too. Tastes like juicy fruit a bit on it’s own however it’s really subtle. We blend it with other gum. Up until now trident vibes like the yellow ones have been respectable with em. We see simply chewing gum in that hour and half in between pieces is really handy so you may too go and buy typical gum/mints wholesale to go with it. The cost on this is a take thank you.

9/6/2017 we broke down and purchased this at $69 99 in august. Then habitrol dropped to $62 so we bought that in sept. Wildly we miss out on the kirkland gum and do not like the mint covering on habitrol any longer. The kirkland appears to have more of a kick and lasts longer. So now we do not care if it is more yellow, we are craving kirkland gum. We do not have a costco card however our child does– you can purchase from their site and have it delivered to you free and it’s $5995 We might have her choice it up for us however she’s not too crazy about our gum practice. We go thru 380 pieces in a month. 7/23/2017 not pleased how this cost keeps getting boosted. We purchased it for $59 95 when habitrol treked their cost up. Kirkland gum then leapt to $69,99 and now $73+. Habitrol has remained at $69 99 just recently after their cost walking. Sigh. Think we will simply return to cvs and their sales. Kirkland gum is really yellow anyhow unlike all the other brand names we attempted. Redeeming aspect was cost. —————————————————————- including once again: returned to this after utilizing habitrol mint 4mg for previous 6 months. The habitrol 384 approximately pieces increased to $79 95 and shipment time wayout Having a tough time changing back to kirkland. The habitrol tastes a lot better, lasts longer, and isn’t yellow. However cost won out and the kirkland got here incredibly quickly. Contributing to original evaluation: we will reorder due to the fact that the cost is right and gum works terrific. It is easy too pop out; we always had issues with foil sticking to nicorette brand name. One thing we will point out is the oral hygienist stated there was a yellow covering on our tongue. We had completely cleaned our mouth before going however chewed nicotine gum en route. Original post: well, we seem like gwyneth paltrow in among her motion pictures stating she required to begin smoking once again due to the fact that she was addicted to nicotine gum. Lol that is me. We quit smoking for 17 years then our mom remained in hospice in another state and our more youthful bro smoked. We bummed a cigarette and another and that’s all it took. We desired our own brand name. So we got back smoking and, sadly, our partner drew back, too. He does not utilize nicotine gum. He attempted patches and had odd dreams to that wasthat We wound up taking a task in a non-smoking environment (aren’t they all?) and you need to go smoke on the filling dock. So we chew nicotine gum all the time at work. We are pro at talking on the phone with it embeded our mouth and you can’t even tell. We have invested a fortune at cvs buy one/get one 50% off. Saw this on and it was one sale so bought. The amount and cost are terrific. We utilized to get original at cvs (not mint or any other flavor) and the cvs brand name was smaller sized and a bit much easier to open. The kirkland practically appears like it has a covering and cis bigger (not like the small flat cvs original) however we have gotten utilized to it. It works and tastes terrific and we delighted in the benefit of bought a large amount online for less $’s. We would suggest.

Attempting to ween of nicotine these are perfect for the cost. There are others however appear to be more money, kirkland nevertheless terrific costs. Will buy once again.

While we are not crazy about the cost, this is the very best cost on nicotine gum. Well, it was till we returned to reorder and the cost had leapt from $60/ box to over $70 Purchased the 2nd box from cosco’s site for original cost.

We have attempted all the nicotine gums and other cigarette replacementproducts This is our preferred. If we are not near a costco we order from, shipment is timely and product corresponds.

In the beginning this gum shocked us due to the fact that it does not taste like nicorette, which is what we were utilized to purchasing. However it has an enjoyable taste so it was easy to get utilized to chewing it. The cost is way more affordable than any other gum we found and that is a big plus. If we require more, we will happily buy more kirkland.

Generic nicotine gum ar walmart is $36 00 for 170 pieces. This is a little over $50 00 for 380 pieces consisting of shipping charge.

Fantastic worth and good flavor.

Product got here as guaranteed. Has assisted to cut the craving.

Utilized it as nicotine craving. Really efficient.


This gum does a respectable task of assisting one to not smoke. It is available in useful if you require a smoke however can not illuminate. Y’ understand, those times when you complete your meal before others and would like to step outdoors. Will acquire once again when the cost hangs back down to around $60

Much better worth for trip money.


We will not purchase unless it remains at the58 00 cost, the cost continuously varies from58 00-69 00.

No sweet or flavored covering. A lot better.

Kirkland gum is simply as good as the more pricey brand names. We have been utilizing this for a while and am delighted with the outcomes. We would not utilize any other brand name.

We were utilizing the name brand name for a long period of time however it gets pricey. We like the taste and texture of the kirkland brand name simply as much however considerably more economical. Unless you are genuine particular about taste then provide it a shot.

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