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Kirkland Signature Quit Lozenge Mint

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Product 1
Kirkland Signature Quit4 4mg Lozenge Mint 270 Count
  • compare to nicotrette
  • active ingredient
Product 2
Kirkland Signature Quit2 2mg lozenge, 270 Count
  • 10 Tubes, 27 Lozenges each^Mint Flavored^2 mg
Product 3
Kirkland Signature Quit 2 Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenges, Cherry Flavor, 270 Count
  • Stop Smoking Aid.
  • For Those Who Smoke Their First Cigarette More Than 30 Minutes After Waking Up.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kirkland Signature Quit Lozenge Mint.

  • compare to nicotrette
  • active ingredient

Better Alternative:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kirkland Signature Quit Lozenge Mint.

Question Question 1

Are These Mini?

They aren t mini, however that was a perk for us. Bite them in half and they let two times as long.

Question Question 2

Are They Sugar Free?

yes, they are.we are diabetic, examined this out some time back.

Question Question 3

Witch One Do We Start With?

Start with the 4 mg.If they are excessive snap them in half.Then step down to 2mg and snap them in half.Use less in time and do not smoke.

Question Question 4

Do These Taste Like Nicorette Brand Name Lozenges? We Don’T Like The Flavor Of The Generic Ones From Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Cvs, AND SO ON?

The taste is neutral no flavours.we like it quite and we are utilizing it for practically 2 years.we might not endure nicorette, it horrible, disturbing and made us nauseated.

Question Question 5

What Is The Expiration Date For These?

The order we got this Sept.(2018) Expires 12/2019The order we got June 2018 ended Sept 2019

Question Question 6

How Long Do They Last?

How Long they last depends upon how strongly you move the lozenge around in your mouth. we keep my own under our tongue and move it from side to side regularly similar to taking a drag from a cigarette. Don t move it around too quick or you ll get the missteps. Usually have one in our mouth in between 30 and 40 minutes befo How Long they last depends upon how strongly you move the lozenge around in your mouth. we keep my own under our tongue and move it from side to side regularly similar to taking a drag from a cigarette. Don t move it around too quick or you ll get the missteps. Usually have one in our mouth in between 30 and 40 minutes before it s entirely liquified. Quit smoking with these 5 years back.

Question Question 7

Do These Contain Titanium Dioxide?

we have examined the active and non-active active ingredients. It does not consist of Titanium Dioxide.

Question Question 8

What Are The Lozenges Sweetened With?

Sorry, has been rather some time because we utilizedthese Examine out Habitrol, likewise sugar free, less expensive, and taste better.

Question Question 9

Does Kirkland Lozenges Can Be Found In Cinnamin Flavor?

we understand that they have cherry flavor

Question Question 10

Are These These The Minwe Lozenges?

HiNo these are not. Being ourself a doctor who usethat brand name, we recommend to utilize since they taste better and are less irritant to stomach than minwe lozenges.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Kirkland Signature Quit Lozenge Mint, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is without a doubt the very best cost we have ever found anywhere. Have purchased these numerous times now and am ruined to it; dislike the sticker shock if we forget to purchase them and need to strike walmart or a pharmacy. Likewise this is among those unusual circumstances where we much choose generic. We find nicorrette’s variation much too severe tasting, however all the generic brand names are ideal. Likewise you do not need to be a previous menthol smoker to value fresh breath. The disadvantage that we would be a bad resident to point out is that this product is addicting. We have been drawing on niccotine lozenges of one kind or another for 16 years. Nevertheless, we formerly smoked for 20, and although this isn’t good for you, it’s waaaayyy better than smoking.

They absolutely have assisted us quit smoking and vaping up until now. Good flavor. Caution though, stay with a regular with them or you ll find yourself popping them like sweet. Utilize them like you would your cigarettes. Early morning awaken, drive to work, very first break, lunch, last break, and so on. Get some tough sweet to draw on in between lozenge usages. If you exaggerate these you will get nic ill. We find the very best way for us to utilize them is in between cheek and gums like you would chewing tobacco. Functions well for us. We are presently investing about 20 dollars a week on these rather of the 60-70 we were on cigarettes, and after a couple months, our 25 year smoker cough has entirely vanished. Good luck if you attempt these, ideally they assist.

They have a bit less flavor which we think about a good idea. The name brand name product has a flavor that makes you seem like you have had a cigarette, producing a craving to illuminate. This product does not have that cigarette flavor so it does not make you thing of smoking. Our company believe it will be a lot much easier to wean ourself off of these rather than the “other” one – the name brand name,.

This large pack deserves the cash we paid. The lozenges appear to be efficient with what we anticipated. We had a really bad addiction to chewing tobbaco (wet snuff) so we chose to attemptthese Chew has much more nicotine than cigarettes so to eliminate the cravings we needed to put 2 or 3 of these in our mouth at the very same time. One at a time did not suffice. We are chew free now and do not crave it one bit. We believe this is a good buy.

We do not smoke, however we like to have these around to assist us focus when we are configuring. Taste terrific, last a very long time, simply a fantastic product. Offers us that extra shock we require to make it through obnoxious code.

Good things, however when we were going to re-order it, we observe the cost had increased far far to much, so we chose to buy in other places?.

We choose the minies since you put on t need to consume a great deal of excess chalk.

These mints get the job done. They are bit denser than some other brand names. We simply utilize a piece of one so they last a very long time and absolutely suppress the desire to smoke.

Back to brand name for us.

For 4mg lozenges this is the very best bang for the dollar. Lower cost than the similar product at the big box shop.

Fantastic cost for a fantastic product. Gotten in less than one week, extremely pleased with purchase. Will buy once again from this business.

Although we like this product, we will state that we just got half our order from this seller while being billed the whole quantity. We are waiting to hear back and will upgrade our evaluation appropriately. Update: due to an absence of interaction, we were not conscious that our two products were delivered individually. The product was gotten and we are extremely pleased.

This product works however flavor and taste of it is simply not that good.

Assisted us quit smoking.

It corresponds the walmart brand name dedicate has precisely the very same product number marked on the tablet.

Usage daily. Work to eliminate craving.

Precisely as promoted.

It’s works good.

Fantastic product.

We quit smoking in july utilizing these lozenges. We would extremely suggest to anyone wanting to quit. The minty tase is good and each lozenge lasts about 15 minutes. The kirkland 10 pack is without a doubt the most affordable expense per system we have found too.

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