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Jason Flemyng Lock – Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Jason Flemyng, Laura Bailey, Jason Flemyng (Actors)
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The Guv'nor
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Lenny McLean, Jamie McLean, Guy Ritchie (Actors)
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Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Unrated Director's Cut)
  • Factory sealed DVD
  • Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran (Actors)

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Streetwise charmer Eddie (Nick Moran) gets in the greatest card game of his life with the cost savings of his 3 friends: Tom (Jason Flemyng), Bacon (Jason Statham) and Soap (Dexter Fletcher). However he leaves the table owing his underworld employer Hatchet Harry half a mi ion and has a week to come up with the cash. Now Eddie and his buddies need to outmaneuver and outgun a kinds of scoundrels on their way to settle Harry before time runs out.

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This was an immensely amusing comic caper movie that we need to state was totally unforeseen. With a cast of competent british comic stars, the majority of whom are relatively odd, what we were dealt with to was something similar to pulp fiction or get shorty in its feel and deft touch. This is a story of an intricate network of inefficient violent buffoons from a tier of criminal offense in the uk that is not generally commemorated on movie. Jason statham is most likely the very best understood entertainer and was, as normal, excellent in his function. Sting has a small part in which he definitely chews the landscapes however aside from that this is a large ensemble cast. At the starting it is a little hard to figure out which criminal goes with which group of wrongdoers however in the end they are hilariously interconnected. Do not view this anticipating excellent drama or perhaps especially unexpected plot twists. It is simply enjoyable to view such boobs bumble their way through their criminal activities. Even the incredible quantity of violence and death appears undisturbing as it is cartoonlike in the way of a tarantino movie. Simply take a seat anticipating a truly good laugh and a movie that will keep your attention throughout.

We took pleasure in the mixture of humor and major capacity of effects from a dangerous card game. Concern think of it – much of this has to do with threat. What occurs walks around. It is funny, unforeseeable and well acted. The bumbling and yet unsure effects of everybody’s actions kept us on the edge of our seat hoping the very best for the 4 buddies attempting to make some money in a dangerous poker game. It is unforeseen from the starting to the end. And, oh completion. View for sting as the bar owner. Exceptional performing. A film we took pleasure in and still has us a bit perplexed. A good one to view once again. Great deals of laughs and questioning, “oh, what next can possibly happen?” take pleasure in.

This was excellent the very first 6 times we saw it over the period of the last we do not understand the number of years. However on the seventh watching, it has actually lost its impact a bit, however not absolutely. We will most likely still view it once again sooner or later. It’s always good to rewatch movies you like however are tired if with somebody who has actually never ever seen it.

We believe we might have attempted to view this when before with little to no interest and undoubtedly did not complete it. However after checking out how jason statham utilized to do the con artistry included in the start of the motion picture for genuine on the streets of london and other chatter about his start in motion pictures, and seeing that the most recent sherlock holmes version with robert downey jr. Had actually been directed by guy ritchie, the very same guy who directed here, we chose to provide it a shot. We were happily amazed. Ritchie, likewise the author, has a wicked funny bone. This is black humor due to the fact that not everyone gets what he desires in this motion picture, although he might get what he should have. However what is incredible is the jigsaw puzzle impact of how things come together, which appears to be a trademark of all of ritchie’s original works. It’s most likely what made holmes a natural for him. Enjoyable night of home entertainment socked in with your favorites and a big bowl of popcorn. Oh, violence and blasphemy perhaps not so good for kids. And you may wish to turn the subtitles on as we remain in the heart of some dialect here. We are not henry higgins, so we are uncertain which one it is and you may end up being rather proficient at comprehending it by the end of the motion picture anyhow. However that’s why we state you’ll most likely simply wish to sit back and take notice of this one so you will not miss out on anything.

We pertained to this after a good friend revealed us the later movie ‘nab.’ it strikes comparable notes, and has the very same gratifying mix of humor, intricacy, and over- the- top violence. While we took pleasure in nab a bit more as a total experience, this motion picture is right up there with our favorites. The last 30 minutes approximately in specific actually show up the strength (and pleasure), and the characters sum it up completely when they ask, “what the f*** is going on?”.

To be blunt, this motion picture is a need to see. For those who have actually seen ‘nab’ (a lot of us have actually been riveted to the screen for numerous watchings), this earlier release is as pleasing as a mountain of buttery mashed- potatoes at thanksgiving. Ritchie skillfully utilizes some of the very same skilled stars (in totally various functions) to prepare this buffet of violence and fantastic performing. Several precarious and quick- paced circumstances undoubtedly run head- on at eachother as if drawn by the power of huge magnet. Upon conference in a clash, the turmoil and paradox is unequaled. Action and violence are pressed to the limitations and those left standing are our heroes. Yes, even the bad men. For fans of action movies, this motion picture must remain in your library. Exact same goes for fans of smart scripts, bitter sarcasm and non- stop motion.

If you like british humor with a layered story, this is a need to view. Comparable in style to the motion picture “snatch,” it has lots of fast, amusing discussion and quick- paced story advancement. If you leave the space for 5 minutes, you’re bound to be puzzled as you will miss out on important parts of the story. We have actually always enjoyed these kinds of movies. It is among our go- to movies when we require something enjoyable to view.

Funny, creative, excellent twists. Guy richie is underrated. In spite of the violence he is an excellent, strangely good hearted author with fantastic casts.

Cult classic, seriously this is a work of art & the kinda follow up creative, violent yet with trendy, the characters fantastic, story excellent, if you have actually not seen it do so, loads of original good cockney slang humour that would even make the most unpleasant individual fracture a smile 101% you will get this & location it beside nab, & sherlock holmes 1,2. Liked it then & more so now. *****.

This is a classic guy ritchie movie that remains in the very same vein as the (perhaps) more popular movie nab from the very same director. We always take pleasure in seeing lock stock as it is extremely stylistic and unique. This movie has a great deal of dark humor and it is extremely amusing. We would suggest this movie to anyone with a common sense of humor who isn’t to conscious swearing and unrefined jokes. It is extremely cool to see guy ritchie grow as a director when seeing nab after lock stock. These two movies go together and you would succeed to own both. Delight in.

Dark funny about competing gangs persuing the very same stack of money and marijuana, with a touch of the keystone polices. The language might be excessive for some individuals, however it is genuine for the story and the characters included. Lots of people will require subtitles, as the thick cockney (south london) accent can be tough to comprehend. It’s quick moving (definitely worth a 2nd watching) and loaded with fascinating characters. Lots of violence, however it is mainly after the truth. Uproarious and amusing.

Motion picture purchase for adult family watching. Good worth for cost.

Lock stock and two smoking barrels is a wonderful british police procedural that has more the personality of a black funny than anything else. In the custom of quinton tarintino movies, this motion picture is trendy and engaging. With a character driven story and a long complicated plot. The story follows a group of small time burglars who get way into deep in a game of cards. This sets of an insane domino effect of occasions, all focused in some way around 2 antique shotguns worth a half million pounds – naturally nobody understands just how much they deserve. This is among the most paradoxical motion pictures of it’s type you’ll find. The way all the shiesty characters are united in the movie is fantastic and amusing. You have actually got crosses and double crosses and triple crosses, and in the climax you have the phase set for a significant catastrophe as everybody is killing everybody else, with thanks to excellent confusion and incorrect identity. The real plot twists turns are far too intricate to discuss in this evaluation simply suffiuce it to state that you’ll be seeing the motion picture chuckling to yourself at the astounding turns of fate that unfold on the screen. The wild web of relationships in between the characters is just amusing. There are chracters working for individuals they do not even understand they are working for who wind up killing their own employer unkowingly in the confusion. The electronic camera style is outstanding and the english style is a great part to the total feel of the motion picture in contrast to normal american criminal offense culture flicks. This is a need to see for fans of resevoir canines, pulp fiction, jackie brown, playing god, good fellas, or any comparable motion picture. This is simply among those motion pictures you’ll need to take a seat and watch in order to see what all the full has to do with. Effectively composed and well directed, lock stock and two smoking barrels is a satisfying experience all around.

One of our preferred motion pictures and we enjoy seeing back to back with the motion picture nab.

This was hero ritchie enjoyable however we like nab a lotbetter Rock n rolla is another excellent motion picture.

Classic motion picture whenever we are down and out we view this and it puts us in a good state of mind.

Simply as explained, thank you.

Fantastic addition to our library.

Finest funny action after nab.

Accomplished. Ridiculously funny with linking stories make for what should end up being a classic.

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