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Jake’s Mint Chew 3 tin Variety Pack”Pouches”

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Jake's Mint Chew 3 tin variety pack
  • Healthiest chew Alternative
  • Made in USA
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Cowboy Coffee Chew (Pack of 3) Quit Chewing Tin Can Non Tobacco Nicotine Smokeless Alternative to Dip Snuff Snus Leaf
  • Non Tobacco Alternative to Chewing or Dipping Smokeless Tobacco
  • Curbs Appetite Suppresses Hunger Nicotine Free Long Lasting Pack and Flavor

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Jake’s Mint Chew 3 tin Variety Pack”Pouches”

  • Tobacco Free Chew

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Jake’s Mint Chew 3 tin Variety Pack”Pouches”
Jake’s Mint Chew is a non-tobacco chew made from organic mint leaves, organic flavors, and veggie glycerin( a sweetener and preservative.) It’s nicotine-free, good for your food digestion, a natural cravings suppressant, and good for your breath. Plus, veggie glycerin is not metabolized by the body like sugar, so Jake’s Mint Chew does not trigger dental caries. Jake’s Mint Chew loads like chewing tobacco. It’s not extremely gummy like other brand names, and has a service life of a minimum of 6 months. Jake’s Mint Chew: “Chew Healthy, Chew Mint.” Relied On by the MLB and PGA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Jake’s Mint Chew 3 tin Variety Pack”Pouches”

Question Question 1

Do We Have The Alternative To Pick Flavors For This Variety Pack? Or Is It A Set “Variety”? We Want to Attempt The Apple, Mint And Spearmint.?

As somebody who currently purchased spearmint, beware – it s so strong we couldn’t even stand it. Not enjoyable.

Question Question 2

Would You State The Pouches Are The Size Of Camel Snus Large Ones Or Smaller Sized?

we are not familiar with the term “camel snus”.The pouches were roughly the size of other brand name’s pouches.

Question Question 3

All Active ingredients?

we purchased the variety pack. The regular mint was good. The flavored mint was too strong. we couldn’t even stand it. So now we utilize them to keep spiders out of our truck (they dislike mint).

Question Question 4

Do You Spit Or Swallow The Juices?

we always spit no matter what product we use.In the case of Jake’s Mint Chew it tasted bad even before we spit.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Jake’s Mint Chew 3 tin Variety Pack”Pouches”, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Okay so after checking out all the evaluations we were stunned after we finally got mine. If you can dip tobacco and all the horrible flavors, you can dip this. We dipped copenhagen to skoal to kodiak to grizzly and there were some nasty flavors in between. These pouches or in fact revitalizing taste tidy although we do not like the wintergreen however it has a terrific smell all of them have a terrific smell we are simply blown away by the bad evaluations for the low rankings. You can dip regular tobacco however not these pouches? to each their own. Pouches come jam-packed with flavor and you get alot in onetin There are expiration dates on the bottom of each tin to tell you when to utilize by. Mine are goog thru2019 We stated before we dipped all of it even we garrett snuff. These are not tabacco no however it provides you the practice of doing something more healthy than getting mouth cancer. We examined each pouch and they correspond. We are not earning money for this we simply desire individuals to see that trigger one flavor or small dislikes why put 1 star or 2. It’s organic replacement and take it for what it is.

Extremely great product. We didn’t begin purchasing it due to the fact that we were attempting to leave chewing tobacco, we in fact purchased it due to the fact that we got tired of gum. Years ago we utilized chewing tobacco nevertheless and when compared to what we keep in mind the tobacco being this things is a terrific replacement. Up until now we have attempted the mint, wintergreen and spearmint. The spearmint is our least preferred just due to the fact that we do not especially like the flavor in basic. We have now begun topurchase this product from their real site due to the fact that on the site they have a much bigger variety of flavors. We believe this things is wonderful and truthfully anyone stating that it is not simply puzzle me. We do not comprehend how you can chew tobacco and then pertain to this things and dislike it. It simply does not make good sense. No matter anyone else’s viewpoint we believe it’s wonderful and we would extremely advise it to anyone seeking to refresh their breath naturally and provide you something enjoyable and amusing to do. We would state that it’s a little pricey however you’re getting a quality product from what we can tell so we would state that it’s most likely worth it, particularly considering that we came from purchasing 100% natural gum and that is pricey too.

We routinely dipped copenhagen and skoal mint pouches. Jakes mint is a terrific alternative for a discrete dip. The spearmint and wintergreen have the many flavor and imitate a genuine tobacco dip the closest. Will certainly be purchasing more, we likewise like the variety of pouches consisted of, we believe there are in fact more than in copenhagen and skoal cans.

Chews are fine, however didnt assist hubby keep away from the bad things. He had currently quit and idea these would be a good placebo considering that numerous around him dip. If anything, these made it even worse by going through the movements and then mot getting the struck his brain was anticipating. Possibly it works for others, it was annoying for him and he ultimately returned to dipping right after purchasingthese Moral of the story, simply do not begin dipping. It is really addicting.

Outstanding product. We are utilized to chewing snus frost, and this is a terrific replacement. We purchased 3 various flavors however take pleasure in the wintergreen one of the most. Have not had tobacco considering that we got them.

Great. The texture is really close. So is the smell. The taste is close-ish. We like the spearmint a lot. The other two are alright. We utilized to chew cope mint pouches however for whatever factor the spearmint in this brand name is the next closest thing.

We got these for our other half. He enjoys them. They are damp like genuine chew pouches, and they are assisting him reduce tobacco. He still chews tobacco however these are good way to alter things up. He explains the flavor as, “very earthy and herby. “.

Terrific product. Fresh. The wintergreen and spearmint taste excellent. We are mint dipper however, and the mint is a bit strong.

Good flavor – long-term – really damp – offered a small burn to gums/lip which is what those people quitting chewing tobacco desire. We like the spearmint flavor the very best (previous wintergreen chewer) – we delighted in among these pouches at the exact same time as a grinds caramel. Assisted a lot with cravings and we are almost 4 months quit.

Truly enjoy this. As a long period of time tobacco user of over a years these have made a distinction. The last few years have been a having a hard time of quitting and returning and forth. We have mainly stayed with skoal mint and wintergreen classic pouches for the last few years and these are quite close, simply dream they were a little thicker.

Durability, natural spearmint is my least preferred- we in fact take pleasure in the other flavors.

Love this things however costly.

Terrific product as we attempt to quit camel snus. Just thing we want to see is some smaller sized pouches comparable to the camel snus pouch size, so that it can be hidden much easier in your mouth.

Our partner enjoys this, he has quit chewing and strictly just utilizes this brand name. He attempted great deals of other brand names before this one and this is the just one with true flavor, that is long enduring.

The spearmint is outstanding. Extremely pungent. Like going from ginger ale to ginger beer.

Fantastic, rewarding product.

This has been a terrific alternative. Just problem is that as soon as in a terrific while you get a dry can. Other smart excellent product.

Product is good however purchased pouch variety pack and one can was not pouches. Would buy this product once again.

These are excellent.

The pouches are excellent alternative to the regular loose blend. We advise them to anyone who wishes to find a more secure, natural replacement to regular snuff/ chewing tobacco.

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