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Perfect Strangers
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  • Geissinger, J.T. (Author)
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Cruel Paradise (Beautifully Cruel Book 2)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Geissinger, J.T. (Author)
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Rules of Engagement
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Geissinger, J.T. (Author)

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NOW AN AMAZON TOP 50 BESTSELLER “ These kisses of his.they’re requiring and possessive. They’re starving and deep. They’re the kisses of a male who desires more of a female — who desires whatever —and isn’t going to stop up until he gets it. Author Olivia Rossi hasn’t had the ability to compose a word considering that disaster struck two years ago and ripped her world apart. Sad and sti haunted by the past, she accepts a deal to invest the summertime at a buddy s house in Paris searching for recovery and her lost muse.What she discovers rather is James, an enigmatic complete stranger who fires up in her an unanticipated and a -taking in passion.Agreeing to te each other absolutely nothing more than their given names, Olivia and James start a torrid affair. However the more time they invest together, the more Olivia starts to recognize her summertime fling is developing into an effective connection …and that the magnetic guy she s fa ing in love with may not be what he appears at a.

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What the ever lovin holy freaking hades. We are uncertain what we simply checked out other than that it has blown our mind, tossed our world upside down, wrenched our heart, and we will always remember this story or these characters for the rest of our life. There exists a field, beyond all ideas of right and incorrect. We will satisfy you there. We are not even going to provide a basic summary that you can get from the blurb, due to the fact that truly, this book goes far beyond what s on the blurb. There is absolutely love, and two characters that you can feel their really connection in every word. There is a lot of enjoyable small talk and minutes that we were chuckling out loud. Olivia truly understands how to knock james ego to size and we enjoyed that she did so with humor and a smile. And he enjoyed that she did it. This author stated this book would be steamier than her other work and oh yeah this infant definitely sizzles. There is no rejecting the chemistry in between the hero and heroine. We are not a fan of stating something is hot, however truly, we have got state it, due to the fact that this couple together was hot, hot, hot. This casual summertime fling has the possible to burn the entire city down and leave a course of smoking runs in its wake. There truly are no words to express how this book turned our book lovin, romantic heart around and around up until we fear for any book we checked out following this one for days or weeks to come. Due to the fact that how the heck do you follow this one up with something else? you can t. However in our case– with our lives countless miles apart– it s perfect. We ll be perfect. Perfect strangers. With great deals of thriller, action, smexy times, intrigue, and twists and turns that you will never ever see coming, this book is going to provide you a substantial case of book hangover and leave you thinking of them long after the last page. We are still having a hard time with the adrenaline high this story provided me. Perfect strangers will provide you your delighted ever after. Simply be prepared to arrive in such a way you never ever envisioned to do so.

We have no words. Good- ness what did we simply check out? outright excellence. This. This is why we freakin’ enjoy j. T. Geissinger’s words. There is this really incredible intelligence in her writing, stories and ingrained in each character that we can not get enough of. We understand with certaintity that we will take pleasure in checking out every new book. Perfect strangers is our new favorite. Likewise this book revealed us that we have checked out completely a lot of ho-hum stories recently due to the fact that james & olivia are deserving of a lot more than 5 yumour stars. This story is delightfully hot, fascinating and filled with feels and twists that left us gazing blankly at our kindle questioning if that truly simply occurred. We enjoy being captured off guard with plot twists we did not see coming and this author composes them perfectly. The way this whole story develops then starts to unfold is really a masterpiece. Oh and the literary referrals – omg – brings out our inner word geek. Gah seriously so remarkably wise. Love, love, enjoy all of it. Olivia & james * le sigh * and their journey is freakin’ fantastic. Their wit and small talk had us entirely taken in. Their tourist attraction and encounters were off the charts. We were fanning ourself from the start. James is the outright perfect guy. Oh our, our girly parts tremble simply keeping in mind whatever about him. Olivia might be injuring at the start of her journey however is quickly discovering herself and asserting herself in the most tough, lovable way. We associated with her temperment a lot. The scene when james and olivia’s ex chris satisfy is among our preferred scenes like this ever. The discussion and back and forth were fantastic and funny. The things james did and stated continued to shock me. Wonderful characters in every way. If you are new to j. T. Geissinger this is a great book to beginwith We have enjoyed each and every single one we have checked out and am always counting down to her next release.

Whoa. This book was intense and entirely blew ourmind It was smoking hot, hot, interesting and absolutely nothing we saw coming. We delighted in the twists that j. T. Offered us, that we didn’t understand we required. She entirely wowed us and we could not read this book quickly enough. We enjoyed the chemistry in between olivia and james. They were extreme, genuine and things quickly fumed and heavy. We were really quickly drawn into their paris bubble and we didn’t wish to leave them and return to the real life. Our heart hurt for olivia and we desired her (and me) to understand more about james. We wished to soak him in and find out what made him tick. All we can state is, prepare yourself. You believe you understand, however you have no concept. Hours after reading this book, it still has its hooks in us and we can’t.Stop Believing. About. It. There you have it. This evaluation informed you absolutely nothing other than, go read it.

Olivia, an author, is remaining in a buddy’s house in paris for a few months wanting to surpass her author’s block. While she checks out a regional coffee shop she captures that eye of an exceptionally good-looking guy, james. He joins her and asks if he can draw her. She believes it’s a choice up line and removes. She later on discovers out he’s an artist. James concurs with olivia arrangement that they have a sexual relationship for as long as she remains in paris however that they are not to ask anything too personal of each other. The chemistry in between these two is off the charts and sex is sizzling. The small talk in between these two is definitely amusing. She absolutely kept him on his toes and he definitely enjoyed him. We chuckled out loud sometimes while reading this book. We enjoyed olivia’s description of herself when she initially getting intimate with james “you know what we mean. Compared to you, we are sort of . Gelatinous. Jiggly. Like jello-o. ” we do not understand how anyone might of kept from laughing after that one. This book is surprisingly incredible even with the couple twists that had us going wth simply occurred. Excellent task. ** evaluated by tina for joandisalovebooksblog.

We fell hard for both olivia and james and felt their connection immediately. As you will find when you enter the story, the more you read you will find yourself scratching your head. We understood the even more we entered into the book, there was long shot of our getting any sleep that night. James and olivia are hot and the air sizzles whenever they are together. There is a lot chemistry in between them that they might burn the pages as you check out and it will take some time before your heart decreases. This book has all the feels possible. It is ranked high up on ourlist We extremely suggest it.

Unanticipated and anything however a normal love, perfect strangers by j. T. Geissinger will leave you asking, “wait? what just happened?” seriously, this is one wild, mind- flexing trip. Absolutely not your normal love, and we believe whether it has an hea is arguable. It did not leave us with the warm and fuzzies. Perfect strangers is similar to the filthy ones by j. A. Huss in that at the end, you need to stop briefly and analyze just what occurred and what’s genuine and what’s not. Just, j. A. Huss supplies a strong hea. Perfect strangers type of does, if you stop and believe it through. We do not wish to provide excessive away, due to the fact that the power of the book remains in being amazed by the end. We will state that for our heroine, olivia, no matter how you select to analyze the ending, we expect she has her finest ending possible. In regards to sex, geissinger provides. We would state that she’s a touch above the “average” quantity of sex in a sensual love, pressing perfect strangers into a level 4 on our delighted vaginal area scale. In general, we do suggest this book. Perhaps not when you are jonesing for delighted, delighted, however when you are up for something a little various with a splash of truth. Geissinger supplies some terrific author quotes throughout her novel, and she’s plainly a hemingway fan. We personally enjoy the quote about any good author acknowledges that death belongs of life. That’s paraphrased, however it fits for this novel.

Omg. This book will have you racing to the end. It has a lot of twists and turns. We definitely enjoyed james. And flames will combust your kindle with the book shop scene. Olivia is such a terrific character. Get this book and enter blind — you will be so thankful you did. 5 amazeball stars.

Okay this book messes with your head however for us a stunning mess. We comprehend some of the unfavorable evaluations considering that there are individuals that like an organized procedure. This is not it. It is disorderly however so really arranged to the very end however you need to check out the whole book. No skips or skimming however permit yourself to emerge with the mayhem understanding or hoping that it will getbetter That this author will not let you down and jt struck it out of the park. Unfreaking credible – please do not get prevented this is love at its finest. You will go through every feeling and if that s not for you avoid this book however attempt living a little and be unpleasant and puzzled from the unidentified and experience the rollercoaster appropriately name perfect strangers. Ms. G woven the intricacies of love with life albeit with some far reaching liberties and made a stunning check out love. Enjoyed t.

We just enjoy jt geissinger s books. They are all unforgettable and well composed, however this book is just in a class by itself. It is filled with raw enthusiasm, eroticism, inflammation, heartfelt and heart wrenching scenes that take readers on a wild rollercoaster trip of gut wrenching feelings. As if that s insufficient, it is ensured to blow yourmind What a plot line. We extremely suggest this novel to fans of ms. Geissinger s work and to those who are looking for a love novel that is ensured to stay unforgettable for years to come. Thank you ms. Geissinger for your gift of words and your exceptional capability to permit readers to strongly see the story in our mind s eye and feel the story in our hearts.

Simply wow. This book had us on a psychological roller rollercoaster nearly from page one. We got about 40 percent into the book and we needed to begin from page one.

You remain in for one heck of a trip with this one. The principle alone will draw you in. The heat and sexiness will keep you glued. Perfect strangers is just unbelievable. We enjoy how oursterious james is. We enjoy how as the story goes you be familiar with james a little. Olivia is simply this soul that will draw you in. The feelings you feel while reading this one are genuine. How things decipher with olivia and james will hold you up until the very end. We could not get enough of this book. We wish to state so much about this one however we do not wish to ruin this entire story. You simply need to check out perfect strangers and be prepared to get lost worldwide of olivia. Go and one-click this one.

There are few authors who are always able to wow us with each new book they compose, and j. T. Geissinger is among them. This book floored me. Olivia and james story is all flirty and amusing and hot and steaour and delighted and tearful and stunning. If you re like us– you won t be prepared for all of the omgs in this book. And, through the twists and turns, you will quickly pertain to recognize that the story is completely olivia s after all. We have never ever checked out anything like it, and we can just state wow and bravo. Do yourself a favor and check out perfect strangers. We wear t think there s anything else like it out there.

We checked out numerous of the combined evaluations, and then chose to download the sample. To take this book out for a test drive, so to speak. We right away enjoyed the heroine in addition to the author’s composing style. (we in fact laughed to ourself several times.) the book is divided into 3 parts. The very first part and the majority of the 2nd part will make you swoon. Then comes an unanticipated twist that feels a little over the top. Then the bottom dropsout Our mouth was agape. We might barely think we read the very same book. Then the author still provides a hea. Given, it’s not precisely what you’re anticipating. However where would be the enjoyable in that? exceptional work, ms. Geissinger.

Omg. What a fascinating story. Our psychological body went through a lot of modifications. We chuckled and wept, ended up being maudlin and filled with love. This is a wonderful roller rollercoaster trip of unbelievable writing. We love this author and can t wait to check out every book as quickly as possible. This story is an extraordinary journey, holding us in thrall from the very first chapter up until latest thing. Thank you for providing all of us in insight into your extensive creativity and putting it into stories that keep us mesmerized.

We enjoyed the book. We were truly fretted about the capacity for a hea in the center there, however then understood that olivia’s discovery was a cover story. Up until she took a look at the calendar and we wished to weep. And after that completion made us weep, however then the other end made whatever ok. What a rollercoaster. We specifically enjoyed the afterword describing things. We can connect to composing your hubby as the hero of all your books, and to “just knowing. ” it’s a rollercoaster trip of a book, with a hea. Excellent read.

We needed to wait a few days after completing this book to compose a rather meaningful evaluation. We simply checked out the description before we checked out the book, which we were caring from page 1. As we got much deeper into the book, we needed to stop any other activity due to the fact that we kept getting drew back to it. We absolutely desire a james in our life, and we do not state that typically. We enjoyed olivia and they were the perfect match. Their chemistry was hot. We will not provide any spoilers away, other than to state this was among, if not thebest book we have checked out in 2019.

We do not examine a great deal of books unless they are something that really sticks with me. This one makes that cut. We can truthfully state we were reluctant to read this book due to the fact that we believed it would resemble a lot of other books we have gotten and disliked within 5 chapters. This is sooo not the case. We do not even understand how to describe how we feel about this book in one word. Pleased, unfortunate, cheerful, mad, surprised. It’s all lumped therein. If you are discussing on reading it, do it. Do not think of it simply do it. The twists and turns are entirely unanticipated. As quickly as we believed we understood what was going on, we were sooo incorrect. This is the very first book of geissinger’s we have checked out and it most absolutely will not be the last. Thank you, thank you, thank you for producing something this hauntingly stunning that will stick with us for months to come.

Really extreme. Olivia and james linked in a lot of methods it was tough to separate them. Their physical bond was instant, and the spiritual one ended up being instinctive within days of their preliminary conference. They gravitated towards each other as if free choice was simply a worthless term, rather of a state ofmind We loved the bond in between the couple. Yes, ms. Geissinger made james dominant in their relationship, nevertheless he never ever injures olivia and just offers her enjoyment.

It is tough to provide an evaluation of this book without providing anything away, however we will state this book had us chuckling and sobbing before it was all over. This book is a lot more than it recommends and there is much to be discovered the human heart concealed in the plot. The love, pain, and soul browsing was so fantastic. We recommend keeping an open mind through the entire thing and let the trip take you. That s all we can state truly. This book is so much more than it recommends in the blurb. We are still reeling from it.

There are good books and then there are terrific books like this one. This is a great romance, loaded with love and steaour scenes. In addition, there is a thriller of a plotline and then a twist upon a twist that you will not see coming. Can’ t state any longer or we will ruin it for you. Advised. One note: keep the tissues helpful.

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