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Eruption (The Hunted Series Book 3)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Smoak, Ivy (Author)
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Devotion (The Hunted Series Book 4)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Smoak, Ivy (Author)
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Eruption (Hunted)
  • Smoak, Ivy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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We definitely enjoyed this book. Ivy does such a fantastic task at keeping the reader suspicious and not sure. Perhaps we are lot like cent ourself and that’s why we seem like we comprehend so easily how she feels. Gah. However anyhow, to the evaluation. The start of eruption takes us two years ahead from completion of the previous book to the preparation of cent and james’s wedding event. A long time is invested with the goings on of wedding event preparation, wanting to move into a new home, cent graduating, and some light good friend drama. Whatever appears to be working out. We get to see james more open and practically lively with cent. As an alpha-male, he still wields a fair bit of control however, desiring her to operate in his business, purchasing a home for cent without her input, and so on. Cent takes it all in stride and is always taking a look at the consideration and factors of functionality, rather than pressing for even ground and more of a voice in the relationship. She has always felt that james was too good for her, too good to be true. Although she does not question his love, that feeling of inability has never ever left the back of hermind Problems start to develop like a low simmer as cent presses to find a way to fulfill james’s moms and dads. They always find a way to point her. It ends up being clear one night that they desire isabella (james’s ex) and james to fix up and simply desire cent to vanish. There’s a great deal of outright nastiness going on there. As the story advances, seeds of doubt as soon as again start to grow. There is no other way to think which way things will turn out as new discoveries and entirely stunning minutes happen. Holy shit minutes. Wtf minutes. Cent continues to brush things off to keep stress from james and attempt to deal with all the insaneness that isabella tosses at her. She attempts to be strong and push through to the wedding event. She will not let isabella come in between them. As isabella’s computing unfolds, more and more unpredictability and insecurity afflicts cent, and that low simmer of problem progresses into a rolling boil. All of it ends up being excessive to deal with under pressure. In an act of desperation to safeguard james, cent makes a judgment call that might be the start of completion. Will cent break down? what about cent’s support group and the health of her relationship with her pals? how far will isabella take matters into her own hands? to what length will she go to tear them apart? what does this all mean for cent and james?we appear to check out ivy’s books much faster than any others. She always has us on the edge of our seat and our heart in our throat. Her characters are so well fleshed out and easily understood with that we simply can’t put it down. We might find ourself exceptionally distressed and distressed right along with cent as all type of problem stacks on her. She was really alone in her chaos. We need to understand what takes place to them. The end of eruption left us hanging by a thread. This upgrades us formally to “stalker phase” as we wait for the book to follow. We extremely suggest this series. The hunted series is an extremely psychological, chaos filled, couple-against-the-odds like story that ought to not be missed out on.

Aaaah. We can’t even handle how this book destroyed our heart. It was so uncomfortable to check out and somewhat foreseeable. However we could not stop. We are too bought this series. We sort of wanted we had stopped at the last book however we require to understand how things end plus we got ta have that hea. This one injure our heart to check out and so discouraging. Cent made us so mad and we want she would have simply spoken with him about her concerns. We read this so quick since we could not breathe basically the entire time. We will not be alright till cent and james are alright. Love these books.

Ivy smoak you are really gifted author. This series of your ” the hunted” blew our away. We began with the free and ended purchasing them back to back. Definetly anticipating more of your excellent benefit.

Dang. This book begins 2 1/2 years after the previous book. James and cent have settled into their coupleddom however sadly their happiness is shorted lived. Graduation, unpredictable profession courses, ex’s, terrible moms and dads and selfdoubt threaten to tear them apart. This book ends on a cliffhanger however we didn’t mindthat Rather of turning us off to the next book it made us excited to see what occurred next. It establishes for the forth book completely.

Our hubby would like to know why we were weeping, as we checked out the last few chapters of this book. The just address we might truthfully offer was, we are extremely vested in cent and james story. We feel the pain of this couple as if we really have a beneficial interest in the result of their lives. Now please reason us while we begin the next book. We require to understand how this story ends.

Are you joke me? our heart can’t take it. We require to understand what takes place. This installation was a psychological roller rollercoaster. We are uncertain we have had such a visceral response because.Forever Might not put this book down. Actually.

We can’t wait for commitment to come out to see what takes place. We seem like they were implied for each other. It was a fantastic book does anyone no when the last book is comingout True love is implied to be. When can we preorder it. We likewise wish to include this book will leave you chuckling weeping, and unfortunate. Can’ t sat enough ivy has in this manner of keeping you interested a lot you need to read it till it ends. We 100 % would reccomend this book and the entire series, so get you copy today looking with temtation, then addiction and this book. Then check out sin city and 3rd opportunities they all are worthy of 5 stars in our book.

Ivy, we like this book. It made us cry. We could not put it down. We are passing away now cuz we can’t wait till commitment comesout We would like to know what takes place in between james and cent. They appear so good together. Isabella is wicked. We hope james does not return to her. Patiently waiting. You are excellent author.

Such an incredible series. There are just a few things that frustrated us about cent, however we enjoyed that she grew throughout the years. Simply when you believe absolutely nothing else might fail it does. And now we need to wait two weeks for book 5. We are so ecstatic. Since 50 shades we have had a tough time discovering a good story with some good information. Thank you ivy for your skill. Keep them coming. Fan for life.

Omg. Ivy has done it once again. We really like book andwe have never ever wept as difficult areading a book as we did this. We chuckled and we wept and we got so mad sometimes with the giant”isabella” Advised us of our own hubby’s e. Spouse. The writing and the empathy a d the heart that goe into eac book is motivating. We y has really been us mt preferred author. We are passing away to understand what takes place. Please please state they get wed in commitment. By far 5 stars. 10 is more like it. We will be going over these once again til commitment comes out.

Eruption (the hunted series book 3) omg – this one had us weeping like an infant, we feel as if our heart is being ripped out – we wish to climb up into the book and sort whatever out for cent and james. This one has you on your toes and makes you in fact question”who is really doing this” Can’ t wait for the next one, require to understand “who is doing this” and what takes place in between cent and james.

Me too. We believe what impresses us is that you returned. We do not understand how to come back from damaged, however for our 2 guys (2 extremely young grand sons) we am confident that we can for them and for us. Broken is no location to be.

Omg. We do not understand if we can wait till book 4 commitment comesout We simply wan na keep checking out this unbelievable romance. We believe we will simply need to re-read books 1-3 while we wait. This series has lots of thriller and tricks you simply wan na findout We are completely curious to find out if cent and james will have a delighted ending in book 4 commitment.

Omg omg. We are caught in this story. We do not understand who to rely on any longer. We do not wish to think that particular individuals are doing things that they should not be doing. We keep discovering ourself wished to make a “who done it”list This is an adorable story that keeps you on your toes with the thriller. Let’s simply state, we do not understand who to rely on any longer.

What we like most about the hunted series, is that you not just fall in love with the story however you entirely fall in love with the characters, not simply the main characters however all of them. Can’ t get enough of these books. If you check out one you should read them all. You understand they are good when you select them up more than as soon as. Absolutely should checks out for sure.

This book is well-written and loaded with smoking hot scenes. Their story simply keeps getting better andbetter We can not wait to check out the next book in the series.

We can t put her books down. We desire commitment so bad, however our sweetheart will eliminate us if we invest one more dollar on books today.

We enjoyed this book too. At this moment we are addicted to james and cent. Their love has no borders. It has been evaluated over and over once again. However you can’t stop what’s implied to be. This is a true example of true love to the tenth power. We enjoyed it. And you will too.

A great deal of repeat however fits the plot good. James and cent have some significant trust problems to over come. Sure want to see wedding event happiness forever.

Please stop abusing us. Exterminate isabella currently. Or a minimum of abuse the hell out of her. James and cent have been tortured a lot. We enjoy this series. Oh and keep cent and tyler as pals. Melissa requires to carry on (friends or not).

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