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itsaskin Skin Decal Vinyl Wrap for Smok TFV12 Prince Tank Vape Kit

itsaskin Skin Decal Vinyl Wrap for Smok Stick

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of itsaskin Skin Decal Vinyl Wrap for Smok Stick.

  • This is Just a Skin Kit for your Smok Stick V8 and does not consist of the Vape itself
  • Matte Laminated for included protection. Safeguards versus small scratching
  • Printed on high quality detachable vinyl in extremely abundant colors
  • Wi not leave a sticky residue behind, Wi not void guarantee
  • Make your Smok Stick V8 Unique to your Style, Personalized for you

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More Info:

Here are some more information on itsaskin Skin Decal Vinyl Wrap for Smok Stick.
Its A Skin- made in the U.S.A. utilizing high quality vinyl. Super abundant colors with a matte lamination supply a fantastic look and included protection versus small scratches. Leaves no sticky residue behind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on itsaskin Skin Decal Vinyl Wrap for Smok Stick.

Question Question 1

Is It Good Not Utilized Or Anything?

No its not used.it fits our pen completely????

Question Question 2

Amigo Ay Disponibles Ya Quiero Hacer La Compra United States Interesa Mucho?

These areskins( decals) that you use to theVape the device is not consisted of

Question Question 3

Is It A Pen?

No it the cover

Question Question 4

Can Tou Charge It?

No, it s a skin. Not the pen. You can charge the pen however it s gon na be more than $7 lol

Question Question 5

Can We Get In Difficulty For Bought This?

Not unless you re not expected to purchase a sticker lol

Question Question 6

Can You Smoke With Out Juice?

You can t smoke the skin??

Question Question 7

Does It Include A Charger Or How Can Your Charge It?

This product is just the skin decal. The vape itself need to have come with a charger. The charger port lies on the back of device.

Question Question 8

Is It A Vape?

No, this is just a decal that you place on your vape.

Question Question 9

Can We Put Cbd Oil In It?

We offer Skin (decals) just. This skin fits the noted vape pen just.

Question Question 10

Does It Include Juice?

No it doesn t come with a juice it s just a sticker

Question Question 11

Where Do We Get The Pen?

SMOK or Vaporesso have this style vape stick. we recommend Vaporesso, SMOK is scrap

Question Question 12

Dosage It Work Good?

No does not charge or last long at all

Question Question 13

Amigo Ay Disponibles Ya Quiero Hacer La Compra?

This is readily available however please understand this is not the vape. This is a skin/decal that you stay with yours. Device is not consisted of

Question Question 14

Does It Include The Vape?


Question Question 15

Will It Fit A Smok V8 Infant Stick?

Not extremely well we needed to cut my own to fit

Question Question 16

Is It A Vape?

it’s the skin not the real onethanks

Question Question 17

How Do You Charge It?

The one from the Little Novelty Store comes with USB head to charge. Picture with metal case is our product.

Question Question 18

Do You Offer The Hold Kit For The V8?

No we just offer Skin Decals for them. NO gadgets.

Question Question 19

Is It The Actual Pen Or Simply A Sticker For The Pen?

Simply the sticker

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on itsaskin Skin Decal Vinyl Wrap for Smok Stick, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So we observed in some of the evaluations ppl seethed due to the fact that it wasn’t a real pen, where worldwide do you believe you can get a 30 or 40 dollar pen for 5 dollarsfrom Begin,, read it ppl, it plainly states pen not consisted of. It’s simply a sticker for your pen. Now for our evaluation. We enjoy it,,,, now just if we can’t keep from dropping our pen like we always do. We just got the wrap due to the fact that we purchased a new pen,,, (due to the fact that our other one was beginning to leakage, and we are always dropping it) and the good colors were out of stock, and we needed to get a blue. Which isn’t an unsightly blue, however we similar to quite colors. For the ppl who believed it was a real pen for 5 dollars, you can go to direct vapor and get one for a great rate, and free shipping, very first time clients likewise get a portion off. Then return here and order a skin. This is our very first skin, and we simply put it on, so we do not understand precisely how good it is, however up until now we enjoy it. And the reality we can alter skins anytime we desire. So yeah, if you read this evaluation, or you in fact check out the description, you will understand that it’s not a pen you are purchasing, however the skin for the pen. We understand we kinda stated the very same thing over and over, however it’s silly that some ppl in fact believed they were getting a pen for 5 dollars. Once again if you desire a pen for a good rate, go to direct vapor, we have the tfv8 big child monster, and we enjoy it. You can select the cloud that you desire, it you’re a regular vapor, or you like big smoke clouds, then that’s the pen for you.

Queda perfecto.

Did what it was expected to.

Terrific product.

Looks fantastic.

We observed there were a great deal of grievances about these skins, however we wear t understand why. An individual would need to be a moron if you can t wrap this around your device. It s so basic. They either purchased the incorrect thing or they can t line things up correctly. These wraps stick like crazy glue and they stay tight. Makes our e cigarette stick appear like brand name new. If you see the photo, we wear t put the decals on the tank, to us that s an annoyance. However if you can t use this skin to your battery, wear t even trouble with the tank.

We purchased this thinking that it was a case however that was our fault for not paying great attention. It s alright. Pretty however we are not the very best at placing on stickers.

Sticks fantastic, looks fantastic. Hasn’t peeled. The mouth piece is a little odd to contribute to it, however it does not come off. Low-cost way to alter it up.

Can be found in perfect and on time.


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