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VALERY classic Leather Notebook-vintage Diary &Journal -Lined Refillable Pages-mediterranean &Middle Ages Design-men&women Daily Use Gift(Aqua blue)
  • 1 LINED PRACTICAL Vegan / Faux Leather Journal for Daily Use--1 built in PEN HOLDER keeps from losing your pen. 2 INSIDE POCKETS to organize tickets,shopping invoices,or small memos. 3 INDEX pages /3 DIVIDERS/185 NUMBERED pages included. 8 easy to tear out pages for emergency use. Best daily use gifts choices for women, bloggers ,writers,teachers and students
  • 2 NO BLEEDING THROUGH,GHOSTING,FEATHERING Problems--Write on both side of the paper with your Fountain Pen,enjoy the pleasant writing experience. Sturdy, thread-bound binding and firm stitching prevents any loose-leaf pages occurrence.Just throw it to your bag and start your journey. 180° lay-flat design makes writing on it a piece of cake
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PRASTARA Leather Lock and Key Diary 200 Pages, 5 x 7 Inches (Red)
  • ⫸ BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED & UNIQUE: Genuine Goat Harness Leather with a real leather scent. Naturally tanned with special oil, you create your own distressed vintage style! Being hand-made from 100% natural leather, our journals can vary in look & shade, producing a unique item, no two are quite the same a special keepsake for your thoughts, plans & ideas
  • ⫸ EARTH-FRIENDLY: 100 sheets/200 pages (counting both sides) of blank, white/cream colored paper (refillable - basic sewing skills needed) , hand-crafted with recycled cotton which is acid free & tree free - environmentally kind!
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Peaceable Kingdom Secrets, Dreams and Wishes Glow in The Dark 6.25" Lock and Key, Lined Page Diary for Kids
  • DARLING DIARY: Peaceable Kingdom presents this Secrets Dreams Wishes diary! Your private thoughts will be safe and stylish in this journal, which features a whimsical design and a lock and key!
  • DETAILS: Secrets Dreams Wishes diaries measure 5.5” wide x 6.25” high. For ages 6 years old and older. Comes with 104 double-sided lined pages. Features a cheery, glow in the dark cover and lock and key.

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This book helps smokers to quit cigarettes who have stopped working in their efforts by cold turkey method or lowering method.However, after I had the ability to successfu y quit cigarette smoking by my method, I shared my approaches with my co eagues, buddies and other liked ones. Initia y, they were sceptical as they had currently attempted numerous times quitting cigarettes however to no avail.I informed them, “What wi happen. Max, you wi remain at the place where you are.” And fina y, when they provided a attempt to my method, they had the ability to quit cigarettes. Their support just persuaded me to share my method with a bigger world.This book is divided into two parts.The very first part consists of the method or regimen which one needs to fo ow to quit smoking.The 2nd part includes my diary composing journal entries which highlight how the shift was happening in the very first 21 days. INSANE DISCOVERERS Excerpts from 2nd Part: Sugar/ Cookie, I hope you are doing good.I understand that you believe I am scary. However I understand I am not. I understand you wear t think. I comprehend. I understand that you believe I do not have self-respect. However I understand I wear t. I understand you wear t think. I comprehend.Sugar, I wished to te you something before you obstructed me. Initially, I wished to te you that I truly like you. The minute I saw you and talked for a few minutes, my inner self whispered “Here is the girl you wanted in your life.” I didn’t have any particular factor forthat I wished to te you that “your great energy level” or “your look in spectacles” are not the reasons I like you. In reality, you didn’t program much depth to your character in the discussion we had that I can truly value. Yet, I truly like you. I understand liking somebody with no concrete factor is madness. However this is who I was. What could I do?Sugar, before you obstructed me, I wished to te you about the romance of two of my buddies. One of them is my closest buddy. I understand you believe me scary after I have asked you not to go on for that journey. Had I been that scary the way you believe I would not have been hanging with my buddy. Even his relationship defied developed social convention. Yet when I see him with his sweetheart I see individuals having a strong psychological connection and enjoy to invest life with each other.Sugar, psychological connections are really strong, even more powerful than a physical connection. It can produce a flutter in anyone s life. Before you obstructed me, I wished to te you that your words while te ing about your journey provided me a feeling that you sti had a psychological connection with another person. I lost my self-discipline with that idea. I had been a warrior throughout my life. And with god grace, I had succeeded with lots of of the fights. I wished to battle worldly fights together. For that, I desired you to entirely give up to me. And I wished to entirely surrender myself to you. I desired your love simply for me. And I wished to provide my love to you just. Sugar, before you obstructed me, I wished to te you that I did make errors and stated something foolish. Some errors were so horrible that I would not be amazed if you dislike me. I wished to te you that I lost my self-discipline. I didn’t wish to lose you. That s why I made a those errors impulsively. Given that it was me who made those errors, I wi take obligation for those errors and is alright with getting turned down.Sugar, today, I was once again going through my journal entries. One thing which stood out and plainly specified that you have a strong character and a robust character, is moving out of marital relationship with me. I understand you didn’t see an authentic me. Otherwise, you wouldn t have movedout However, I am speaking about you moving out of the marital relationship when I see our interactions standing in your shoes.I REGARD THAT. I LIKE THAT.

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The book provides some practical approaches to leave some of the most typical and still most harmful vices: nicotine. The visualization workouts and the other to focus in your breath and at a set point is a really insteresting concept. The exact same can be stated about the entire idea of no-smoking affirmation. The author likewise composes a complete diary of the way to leave smoking, and provide insights into other approaches like mindfulness and meditation. For those having a hard time with this unhealthy practice, a good concept.

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