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How To Stop Smoking Suggestions For Painless Success?

How To Stop Smoking Suggestions For Painless Success

How strong is your desire to stop smoking cigarettes? Nicotine is the addictive substance contained in every cigarette and can be considered by all means a real poison. Just consider that if, by accident, a baby ingested some nicotine, it would end up in a hospital room where they may even experience a fatal convulsion. But how is it that smokers knowingly use a dangerous toxic substance on a daily basis?

That’s because not only nicotine creates a strong addiction by penetrating into your blood, but it also works on your brain, making you feel like you need to smoke, when you really don’t. This is just to let you know that cigarettes are seriously dangerous and that you should definitely start to get informed on how to stop smoking cigarettes.

Fortunately, there are many doctors, organizations and ex smokers who are ready to tell you how to stop smoking cigarettes and to help you overcome the unpleasant side effects experienced during nicotine withdrawal. If you want to stop smoking cigarettes, you should know that there are hundreds of methods ready for you. Some of them may work, some others may not, but trying doesn’t cost a thing.

In the first place, some famous brands have co-operated with many doctors trying to find out how to let you stop smoking easily and painlessly. There are, in fact, electronic cigarettes which release small amounts of nicotine, in order to help you stop smoking cigarettes gradually.

However, all doctors agree on one point: it is the smoker who has to decide to stop smoking cigarettes. If they don’t, fake cigarettes, medicines and even hypnosis will be completely useless.

But how can you stop smoking cigarettes for good?

First, prepare yourself:

  • Decide that you want to stop smoking, no matter how
  • List all the reasons why you took such an important decision
  • Start to think about all the negative aspects of smoking cigarettes, including cigarette breaks, the huge cost for each cigarette pack, the risk of having a heart attack… *Choose a date to stop smoking cigarettes
  • Decide HOW you want to stop smoking

Even though your will plays the most important role in quitting smoking cigarettes, you should not underestimate the importance of the method you are going to choose.

You may stop smoking cold turkey, which is said to be pretty hard as it does not involve any physical or psychological training.

You may go for hypnosis, convincing your own brain that quitting smoking is a bad habit that damages you and your loved ones.

You may even go for the autogenic training method. But how does it work and how can it help you quitting smoking cigarettes? Autogenic training is, in fact, not only a relaxation technique, but also a fantastic way to help you achieve specific goals.

This method works on the part of your brain that induces you to smoke, making you feel like you need to smoke while, in reality, your blood gets clean after a few days you stop smoking cigarettes.

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