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How To Quit Smoking?

How To Quit Smoking

People who smoke are faced each day with the recognition that their smelly habit isn’t pleasant for the people around them, that it is dangerous for their long-term health and that the rest of the world would prefer that they found out How to Quit Smoking.

What once was helped to relieve anxiety and stress now becomes the root of anxiety and stress in their lives. This continues until one day there is a recognition that something must change and the smoker decides to quit.

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Showing You How to Quit Smoking

It is at this stage that they must decide HOW they are going to quit smoking. There are several methods and support programs available today that can help a person to stop smoking.

One that has shown significant promise is the medication Chantix (varenicline) which is an oral medication that theoretically works by blocking the effect of nicotine on the brain. The manufacturer states that it may make it easier for some smokers to stop smoking, although people continue to require persistence and commitment to the goal.

When nicotine enters the body it reaches the brain within 8 seconds. Once there, it binds with neuroreceptors and stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain which is the neurotransmitter that gives the smoker positive feelings.

When you quit, the stimulation for dopamine is no longer available and the individual suffers through withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, depression, cravings, insomnia and difficulty concentrating.

Many of the nicotine replacement drugs on the market today will help to maintain those low levels of dopamine and gradually wean the person off of them while decreasing the symptoms of withdrawal.

Reportedly, Chantix works in much the same way. It stimulates the release of dopamine and other chemicals that will reduce the signs and symptoms of withdrawal. It also blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain so that if you do slip up and smoke a cigarette you don’t get the same nicotine “high” that you got in the past. The theory is that smoking the cigarette becomes much less pleasurable and the desire to return to smoking is reduced or eliminated.

One tried and tested Method of How to Quit Smoking.

Researchers found that the drug should be started about a week before you decide to quit smoking to allow the drug full penetration in the body. You’ll get a 12 week prescription that may be extended another 12 weeks if you remain smoke free the first 12 weeks. This may improve the chances that you’ll be able to quit altogether. During the first 12 weeks the doctor will gradually increase the dose from 1 x a day to 2 x a day to reduce any side effects you might experience.

At this time the number of studies which indicate the efficacy of the drug have been small the results have shown that the results are better than a placebo to help smokers to quit smoking. People who took the drug reported less side effects or withdrawal symptoms than those who didn’t take the medication.

Studies to this point have compared the efficacy of Chantix to other oral medications used in smoking cessation programs, such as bupropion (Wellbutrin), and not against other nicotine replacement therapy treatments, such as nicotine gum or nicotine patches.

And, it is important to remember that the individuals who participated in the Chantix studies also received counselling and support which has been shown to improve the success rate of quitting smoking, even when used with individuals who are going “cold turkey” – without any medication or nicotine replacement therapy support.

People who take Chantix report that they experience nausea, headache, vomiting, gas, insomnia, vivid or abnormal dreams or that the medication will change the way in which food tastes. After the release of the drug there were several reports of individuals who suffered from psychiatric disturbances that permanently negatively affected their lives.

In 2008 the FDA issued an advisory that those taking Chantix should be closely monitored for mood and behaviour changes. People can also experience an inability to drive or operate heavy machinery while using Chantix, so the Federal Aviation Administration added Chantix to a list of medications and drugs which are prohibited for pilots and air-traffic controllers.

Other severe side effects can be related to allergic reactions, such as rash, hives, itching, difficulty breathing, and tightness in the chest or swelling of the face. Any reports of severe side effects, such as memory loss, aggression, irregular heartbeat, hallucinations, and thoughts of suicide, blistered or peeling skin, seizures, vision changes or chest pain should be reported to your physician immediately.

After the release of Chantix to the open market several side effects have been reported that include depression, mania, psychosis, paranoia, delusions, hostility, panic, hypersensitivity reactions and serious skin conditions such as Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

Like all other drugs used to help treat a condition, illness, or symptom, there can be side effects and problems. The individual and physician must sit down and weigh the benefits against the risk in each individual case. This risk vs. benefit ratio can only be determined based on the individuals overall health, ability to be compliant and any other underlying medical condition.

How To Quit Smoking? 9 Tips To Quit Smoking

Now, if you are the person that realize that smoking has no benefit for your life and you are going to start quit smoking but you do not know where and how to start quit smoking, please follow these 9 steps of how to quit smoking, you will quit it forever. Sometimes, people think that those steps are bored. However, it is very important steps for you that can help you to quit smoking from the root causes.

1. List all reason why you are smoking.

It is very important to know yourselves before start quit smoking. You have to know ever reason why you are still smoking, and that will help you to overcome smoking by finding other ways and leave smoking behind.

2. List why quit smoking is hard for you

Many people try to quit smoking before but they failed. If you are one of those please, therefore, list reasons why quit smoking is difficult for you.

3. List all reason why you are thinking to quit smoking

In this step, please list all your personal reason that make you think to quit smoking. For instance, you can list the reason as for your own health, for your family, your lover or others.

4. Compare all lists

It is time to compare the advantages and disadvantages form smoking. This is a very significant step because many times that you were thinking to quit smoking, but you cannot have enough reasons to support your attention. After you have done this step, you will have not only enough but also strong reasons to support you to quit smoking.

5. Quit smoking date setting

If you come to this step, it is mean that you are now passing through a half way to quit smoking. Setting a goal is very important in every project because it help people to know what to do. If you do not set a plan, you will do it as you wish and this is inefficiency way to quit smoking.

So, you have to set the exact date that you will finish quit smoking. Do not set it as I will quit it within next month because you always have neat month every day.

6. Get rid of all cigarette and others

This step is a time to throw away all of your smokes and including all lighters you have had. Do not keep it in the secret place that you already known, it won’t help anything. When you are in quit smoking period, you are easy to think that this is my last cigarette and that will happen many times.

7. Find something for your hand and mouth

The success quit smoking people always use these techniques that are busy your mouth and hand such as always carry some gums in their pocket or keep some snacks at office and home. When you are thinking to smoking, prepared gums and snacks will help you.

8. Tell your intention to your friend and family

You can get countless of supports for your friends and family and that is a very important thing that helps to overcome smoking.

9. Think Positive

Always think positive about your quit smoking, this will encourage you. There has been proved by research that people who quit smoking when they are in a good and positive mood have a much greater chance of achieving their goal.

Therefore, if you follow all of these steps, you can be confirmed that you will quit smoking within your set date. Quit smoking is not that hard, there are millions of people that already have had quit smoking and you will be the next one. Think positive, be positive!!!

How To Stop Smoking – Welcome To Stop

What we’ve come to find out is that for many smokers, the desire to stop smoking really is there! Most smokers, after a period of time really do want to stop smoking, but as they find out, quitting smoking is not as easy as it was to start smoking.

Here, you will read the most effective ways to easily stop smoking. You will read ways that have personally helped long time smokers and you will get the information and motivation needed to stop smoking for good!

The main factors that will determine your ability to quit smoking are:

Will – The desire to stop smoking for good has got to be there. You can’t approach something like this half-heartedly or you will not succeed!

Mindset – When you take on quitting smoking you will read about why smoking is bad for you and what exactly it does to your body. You will understand the repercussions of smoking and that will give you the mindset to stick to your stop smoking game plan!

Below, we will breakdown some steps that will teach you how to stop smoking TODAY!

Step 1: Think About Stopping

Based on a recent survey, close to 15 million smokers attempt to stop smoking everyday! Less than 3% of those people successfully stop smoking for 6 – 12 months. If you are attempting to quit smoking and this isn’t your first time doing so, do not be discouraged! As you can tell from the statistic given above, majority of people who do stop smoking don’t do it their first time! It’s something that will be hard work and will not be easy to do!

Step 2: The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

Years upon years of clinical data has proven that using tobacco causes illness, disability and some cases death. Since the first Surgeon general report in 1964 more than 12 million smoking related deaths have been reported and more than 500,000 deaths in the USA occur from smoking related diseases. An adult smoker’s life is reduced by 13 to 14 years on average, just from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Step 3: How To Prepare To Stop Smoking

The first key to successfully stop smoking is to be successful in your preparation! You must allow time to prepare your body for the fact that you will not be getting a substance that it has been accustomed to receiving daily, sometimes even hourly.

You must set personal goals. Going into quitting without goals just isn’t realistic! Set a timeline for yourself and stick to it! Cigarettes contain nicotine, a drug that is very addictive and hard to quit, but trust us, it isn’t impossible.

Step 4: Tips On How To Stop Smoking

Maybe you have no clue where to even start your stop smoking journey. Well don’t worry and don’t use that as an excuse to not stop smoking. We’ll give you so many stop smoking tips and tricks that you’ll have no reason to not try them!

Stop smoking tips will help you with your timeline as well, there are small little tricks you can do to relieve the stress of quitting smoking. All of these will add up to a successful stop smoking journey.

Step 5: The Best Stop Smoking Aids

Perhaps, the most important piece of the puzzle is the stop smoking aids and smoking cessation products you chose. There is no reason to try and be tough and quit smoking cold turkey. Why does it when you have so many great stop smoking aids at your disposal! And don’t use price as an excuse. Think about how much money you waste on tobacco cigarettes and think about how much money you’ll save when you’re no longer buying those cigarettes!

Step 6: The Ability To Stay A Quitter

Well we’ve all heard the saying quitters never prosper. That saying couldn’t be more incorrect in this case! In this section we’re going to give you stop smoking tips and tricks that apply to the smoker that has already quit smoking but wants to make sure it stays that way for good! We know you’ll experience nicotine cravings, which have to be expected! But we’ll give you tricks to combat those cravings and ways to work around them!

When you take the extremely positive decision to quit smoking you should first of all congratulate yourself! You have just taken one of the most important decisions of your life.

You have taken a decision that will impact your present and future health and one which will ultimately, not only make you happier, but will also have a positive impact on your friends, family, work colleagues, and all those around you.

You have taken a decision to free yourself and no matter how apprehensive you may be about the quitting, you must know that you have absolutely made the right choice and you deserve all the help and support you need.

There is no right way to quit smoking. There are literally hundreds of products, methods and techniques out there, and if you are serious about quitting you will persevere until you find the one that works for you.

Acupuncture has had huge success in helping people to quit. Chinese medicine centres, most of which also offer acupuncture, will also counsel you in a variety of herbs and supplements that take the edge of your craving. Again, some methods work for some and not for others but there is a lot to be said about an alternative medicine that has been around many centuries more than our western version.

Hypnosis has also been found to be very helpful. Through this site you can purchase hypnotic aids that have been tried and tested. Neuro Linguistic Programming is similar to hypnosis in some ways.

It is a technique created in the US in the 1960s and is now a recognized technique used to condition athletes and public speakers before and event. Many of its methods can be applied to quitting smoking and some people who have successfully quit have been to consult with NLP practitioners in order to do so.

From herbal cigarettes to patches to supplements and hypnosis, you can quit. Gaining weight is not an option. You do not need to gain wait to quit. Hundreds of people quit everyday without gaining a single pound.

While nicotine, like any stimulant, does slightly speed up your metabolism, quitting will not suddenly make you fat. Incidentally drinking a cup of coffee will speed up your metabolism in much the same way as smoking a cigarette. Of course, the healthiest way to speed up your metabolism is to take some form of exercise. Even going for a walk will cause you resting metabolic rate to rise temporarily.

The upshot of all this is, that you have taken a fantastic decision, but do not get discouraged if your first attempt or second attempt is not completely successful.

With so many aides and supports and products out there, there is something for everyone, and you owe it to yourself and those who love you to keep trying until you find what works for you; and you will, probably sooner that you think.

Finally, remember that relapses are a natural process of quitting. Don’t be too hard on yourself; it takes most people 4 or 5 attempts before they are finally successful in quitting for good.

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