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How To Quit Smoking When You Are Under Stress?

How To Quit Smoking When You Are Under Stress

Most smokers believe that smoking will reduce stress, so the idea of quitting smoking when you are under stress would probable sound ridiculous to you. But if you wait until you are stress free you could be waiting a long time.

The old story about chaining up an elephant and then gradually making the tether lighter and lighter, until all it takes is a light rope to keep a huge animal in place. This is the story of smoking and stress.

In the early days of smoking, a connection is made between smoking and stress, as time goes on, this connection becomes stronger and stronger. Just as the elephant is not really controlled by the rope, the smoker is not helped by smoking. It’s just a belief, nothing more.

Smoking does not relieve stress, smoking does not relieve stress. It’s so important that I had to say it twice. No matter what you believe, no matter what you think you know, or what others say to you, smoking does not relieve stress.

Smoking causes a brief release of dopamine, which gives a short feeling of well being, followed by an increase in anxiety. The more you smoke the worse the anxiety.

A chain smoker becomes stressed to a point that is out of proportion to the problem at hand. Next time you are in such a situation were the only thing you can do to cope is chain smoke, just notice the non smokers around.

I guarantee that you are the most stressed person in that situation. Don’t take my word for it; Start to notice how you feel when you smoke. Notice how short any perceived benefit, and notice how quickly you go searching for that relief again even though it wasn’t helpful the first time.

When you quit using advanced hypnosis, not only will you leave that smoking stress connection behind, but you will have new resources available to you to manage stress in the future.

Proper stress management is your key to not only quitting smoking but to enjoying a happy life. Once you have a successful way to keep your stress under control you will not have to rely or smoking or food or alcohol or drugs to manage your state of mind.

Managing stress takes time to master, but quitting smoking is a good way to reduce some of your stress immediately. That’s right, smoking not only doesn’t relieve stress it, it just makes it all so much worse.

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