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How To Quit Smoking In 8 Simple Steps?

How To Quit Smoking In 8 Simple Steps

Step 1

Clarify your main reason. If you want to know How to quit smoking efficiently, you will have to set yourself goals. What are the advantages if you understand How to quit smoking?

Advantages for your health:

  • A diminished risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and accidents
  • Improving your general condition Advantages for your wealth if you understand How to quit smoking
  • More money to spend on things
  • Reducing the expenses for medic consultations, medicine and recovering material damages
  • Higher chances to be employed.
  • A presentable aspect
  • Fresh breath
  • Rising your self esteem

Step 2

Try to establish a certain date. This date should be as soon as possible or maybe next week. Many to quit smoking guides would tell you to quit instantly. Usually, you will fail if you are throwing the cigarette now. Wait for a while to accommodate the idea. The difference between a successful quit smoking process and a failed one is acting and not waiting.

  • You will need to impose yourself to get rid of cigarettes
  • Choose the freedom from cigarettes
  • Establish a close date when you will smoke the last cigarette and you will begin the quit smoking process.

Step 3

The success of the How to quit smoking program is connected with being ready

  • Sleep eight hours every night
  • Drink eight glasses of water a day, or even more
  • Eat a lot for breakfast. In fact, this is one of the secrets of How to quit smoking: eating a lot in the morning will eliminate the desire to smoke.
  • take long walks whenever you can
  • set a meeting with your doctor to talk about the How to quit smoking process

Step 4

As the cosmonauts are preparing for months before going into space, so you should imagine yourself being a non-smoker. Imagine how you would feel if your quit smoking process is successful. Imagine the liberty of losing this bad habit.

Have trust, and ask a non-smoking friend to be your support during the quit smoking process.

Step 5

Establish some rewards. Write a reward for every important quit smoking goal. If you want to realize the advantages even more, set yourself rewards that cost exactly the saved money.

For example, after one day without cigarettes, you already saved 3 dollars. Buy yourself an ice cream to celebrate. 10 days without smokes means 30 saved dollars. You can already think about a blouse or a t-shirt. Just imagine what you could do with 100 dollars saved after one month without smokes.

Step 6

Ask ex-smokers about How to quit smoking. Observe and imitate the behaviour of people that managed to quit People smoke for several reasons: as a stimulant, to have the hands busy or just for satisfying a need, Use the methods of people that learned How to quit smoking.

Step 7

Destroy all the cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters and other smoking accessories. Tell all your friends and relatives that you are finally free Celebrate (without alcohol!).

Step 8

Eat and drink for the moment. Tell other people that you found the secret of How to quit smoking. Drink a glass of water whenever you feel like smoking. Avoid coffee, black tea, cola and avoid fat foods and meat. Eat fruits and vegetables, cereals and bread.

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