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How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes By Having A New Visualization Of Yourself?

How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes By Having A New Visualization Of Yourself

Quitting smoking takes a lot of dedication as well as a positive mindset and an approach to whole new lifestyle. Chances are if you’re like most smokers, you would at least try to quit smoking at least once before and that you know the difficulty and challenges of giving up the cigarette.

Deciding To Finally Quit Smoking For Good

At one point of another, millions of smokers just like you would have decided that it’s enough and it’s time to throw away the habit for good. From now on, you must know and make no mistake that quitting smoking is one of the best and most crucial thing that you can do in your life.

Thinking About Why You Want To Quit

You just know in your gut feeling that you need to before you kill yourself. Look, the facts of research are out. Smoking kills. It always will.

No matter how much cigarette companies are hiding this fact, they can’t. If there was a way to make tobacco harmless, it would have existed a long time ago. It’s the 4000 chemicals that you are inhaling into your lungs that are deadly.

Maybe you’ve been asked to quit. You know the usual routine of your family and friends nagging you to throw away the cigarette. You can never seem to shake off the odour of cigarettes virtually everywhere you are.

Having A New Visualization Of Yourself

Stop for a moment. Now imagine. You just woke up and you head to the bathroom in the morning to wash yourself up and to do your normal routine. You look at the mirror and you see yourself. Question is do you like at what you see? Are you excited about what you see? Can you look up to the person you’re seeing? Or does it look exhausted, drained out with no sign of energy?

Well the truth is… the person that you are looking at, is getting dosages of nicotine and 4000 other chemicals time after time throughout the day.

But right now, the first step is to have a new visualization of yourself. Now imagine for a moment. Just three months from now. You have stopped smoking for those three months.

Now, imagine looking at that mirror again. What do you see? Can you visualize a new self? Here some things that you can visualize which you can also write the visualizations down.

  • Appearance: How would you look like? Will you be more radiant? More cheerful? Better dressing?
  • Weight: How would you weigh? Some people may be afraid to gain weight after quitting smoking. That’s only because appetite increases when smoking stops. Are you able to have better stamina and exercise better as well as to lose more weight?
  • Mood: How would you feel? More pumped up with life and a positive mindset?
  • Taste: Can you imagine your food to taste better?
  • Exercise: Can you imagine going all the way with your exercise and getting into the “zone” without feeling tired at all?
  • Energy: Imagine having energy the whole day, without feeling sleepy or drained out.
  • Lifestyle: What about winning the game of life, doing everything optimally without your health holding you back?
  • Odour: Smelling great all the time?

Friends: Hanging out friends imagining that they see your confidence without being bound to the addiction.

So now, go ahead and write these visualizations. Be specific as possible with each agenda apart from the simple examples above. Please do not underestimate this exercise as visualization is extremely powerful.

The more you can feel and picture yourself in that state being smoke-free, the closer you will be in realizing your goal to throw away the habit forever.

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