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HookahHarmony Clear – Hookah Dream Hose Glass Handle

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Product 1
Hookah Set CubePlus Acrylic Hookah with Handle Silicone Hookah Hose Hookah Bowl Stainless Steel Downstem with Diffuser 2 Hose LED Shisha Travel Bag Easy Pull Easy Clean Big Cloud
  • 【SUPERLATIVE HOOKAH】: Modern and elegant design, Super transparent acrylic tank, precise CNC processed aluminum pad, perfect positive anodized surface finish. Super easy pull and blow, Very big Cloud, but silence smoke. Magical Remote LED Light.it will be the eye catcher in the dark.
  • 【HOOKAH SET WITH EVERYTHING】: This Luxury CubePlus Hookah include everything. 100% Washable Silicone Hose with aluminum handle, silicone hookah bowl, 304 stainless steel downstem with diffuser, Double Hose Plugs and a stopper, Two purge valve. Even a pair of charcoal tongs.
Product 2
GStar 11" Premium 2 Hose Hookah Complete Set - Mini Pumpkin Hookah Glass Vase - Pick Your Color (Black)
  • 11" Tall GStar Premium Mini Pumpkin Hookah Series - Complete Hookah Set
  • Built-In Air Plugs; Stem Valves Automatically Close When Not In Use
Product 3
Hookah Set 29" Aluminum Hookah Shisha Kit with Stable Glass Tank Silicone Hookah Hose Clay Hookah Bowl 4 Hose Adapters for Better Smoking Enjoyment
  • 【HOOKAH SET WITH EVERYTHING】: Durable aluminum glass hookah with ash tray, washable silicone hookah hose (5ft), aluminum mouth pipe, clay hookah bowl, screen charcoal holder, a pair of tongs and all rubber seals. You just need to get coals and hookah tobacco. Then you can start to smoke with it.
  • 【4 HOSE HOOKAH ADAPTERS】: This hookah is leading edge , modern design. Come with 4 hose adapters. You can share with more people when you have extra hoses in hand. (Only one silicone hose come in the package)

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of HookahHarmony Clear – Hookah Dream Hose Glass Handle.

  • NEW. Hookah Dream hose
  • 7″ long glass handle made from 4mm lab grade glass
  • .8 mm medical grade hose product
  • 72″ long overa length – dishwashing machine safe – glass tip is detachable
  • Color: clear

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HookahHarmony Clear – Hookah Dream Hose Glass Handle.
Presenting the Hookah Glass Handle D-Hose (Dream Hose), your 21 st century hookah hose. Including a 7- inch long glass handle made from 4mm lab- grade glass and.8 mm medical grade hose product, this high-tech hookah hose wi aid offer you the most significant, cleanest clouds around. A parts are dishwashing machine safe, significance that keeping your hose tidy simply got a lot simpler. And at 72 inches long, this hookah hose must be plenty long to let you settle back and delight in a fine hookah session, anywhere you might be sitting. The glass handle is detachable and an Ice Hose Tip can be replaced in its location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HookahHarmony Clear – Hookah Dream Hose Glass Handle.

Question Question 1

Is The Hose Stem (Connects The Hose To The Pipe) Removeable?

The glass tip itself can be eliminated from the metal handle and the metal handle can come off the rubber hose making it simpler to clean up.

Question Question 2

What Sort Of Product The Body Of The Hose Is Made From?

mouth piecee is glass (removeble) handle is stainless steelhose port is stainless-steel

Question Question 3

Does It Need A Particular Vase Or Stem? Or Could It Connect to A Oura AND SO ON?

It does not need a particular vase nor stem however the hose adapter does need to be rather big for the hose to fit well.

Question Question 4

What Size Or Type Of Disposable Tip Would You Usage?

The basic tips deal with this hose. The plastic disposable ones are fine.

Question Question 5

How Can We Make Sure The Hose Would Fit Our New Glass Hookah? Thanks?

It will fit nearly all hookahs. our hookah came from the Middle East so it wasn’t call brand name and we simply needed to alter the small grommet at the end of the hose and it worked wonderfully.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on HookahHarmony Clear – Hookah Dream Hose Glass Handle, these may be helpful for better understanding.

The glass mouth piece is of high quality. The rubber hose is thick and versatile so that’s makes it easy to utilize and bend around corners and such. The hose feels kinda sticky and is kinda a magnet for dust and particles. One problem for us is that the glass tip gathers wetness and upon continued usage, we get the taste of the shisha on our lips. It’s a typical issue for a lot of tubes. The smoke shows up in the glass head however simply hardly. It’s a high quality product and you do not get that metal taste. Although the rubber hose has a strange smell that makes the hookah smoke taste funny however that disappears after a few utilizes. All parts were high quality and worth the rate. It looks gorgeous and we can truly reveal it off.

Love this hose. Easy to keep tidy and no bad smell left after smoking it. Easy to keep tidy simply rinse with water and let dry.

Amazing hose simply want it was a bit longer.

Smoke comes out excellent from it. It is perfect and easy to assemble. We utilize everything the time. We enjoy it.

Finest hose we have actually ever had. Fantastic quality. Simply do not break it.

We bought this hose from our regional smoke store for the exact same rate. As a signed up hookah addict, im very pleasedwith It strikes like a champ, it does not have a single powerlessness for leak, and all the parts of washable and can be kept totally hygienic, unlike a standard hookah hose. The weight of the glass is something you may need to get utilized to in the beginning, however we delight in having the durability. When you initially attempt it out we would offer it a good rinse to get the mild new plastic taste out of the way, however after that it strikes better than any hose ive ever attempted. Sincere the very best product on the marketplace now, and the only runner up is the other d hose by the exact same business thats all metal.

We truly liked thats its made from excellent product and strong glass. > our only issue with this product is the wight, and that’s simply net selecting.

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