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HookahDose – Hookah Nargila Charcoal Screen

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COCO PLATINUM Limited Edition of Pierced Hookah Foil 100 Sheet New Hookah Shisha Precut Foils 5.5 Inches 30 Mic
  • Coco Platinum Provide High Quality Hookah Foil 30 Micron Thickness
  • Coco Platinum A Popular Best-seller In Arab Countries
Product 3
Hookah Tips Disposable Hookah Mouth Tips Individual Wrapped Various Colors Male Hookah Hose Mouth Tips Universal No Sharp Edges (Pack of 100 Tips-C)
  • COMPATIBILITY HOOHAH TIPS: Tips are "Taper Designed", meaning that one end tapers to narrow point to be used as a male or inside fitting tip, So it can fit almost different sizes hookah hose mouthpieces. It is compatiable from 5MM to 9MM holes.
  • COMFORT MOUTH TIPS: KITOSUN tips are made using a firm but flexible plastic, so they hold their shape, maintaining good airflow, but are soft on the mouth and extremely comfortable.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on HookahDose – Hookah Nargila Charcoal Screen.
For Medium to Large Hookahs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on HookahDose – Hookah Nargila Charcoal Screen.

Question Question 1

Our Hookah Bowl Is 4.5 X 4.1 X 3.2 Inches. Will This Be Big Enough?

No. It fits basic hookah bowls.Maybe 2.5 inches size.

Question Question 2

What Is The Size Size?

About 2.25 inches

Our Insights:

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It is thin, however we did not anticipate it to be really thick provided the rate. Nevertheless, we have had yet to buy another. It works so well and hold well. We simply provide it a good wash along with our hookah established.??.

After pertaining to find out that we had ran out of foil for our hookah bowl, we had chosen to buy a screen. It gets the job done quite well however foil is the way to go. We utilize this screen for a hole puncher guide plus whenever we run out of foil. It does stand up to the weight of the charcoal too.

The holes are little big and there aren’t as lots of as we believed there ‘d be. Likewise, the image is not what you’re getting. We got a screen with 3 other tabs on it. It fits funny, so we wound up folding two to keep it on the bowl, and one as much as assist stabilize our heat cap on it. It works well for the rate.

Various than the image, however it gets the job done though.

Finest money invested.

Yeah whatever was as anticipated. It showed up on time. We will most likely purchase another one for back up. It’s a lot better then needing to utilize tinfoil.

We were grateful to get this so we might stop utilizing all of our foil. It does an excellent task.

This charcoal screen works fantasticly, however it is not what the image appears like. It does an outstanding task of providing heat the right way without poking a million holes in aluminum foil all the time. However this would most certainly be 5 stars if they offered you what remained in the image.

Worked good.

We like this product it is excellent and better then the aluminum one since the fold downs do not brake.

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