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Honeyrose MENTHOL Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Sticks

Honeyrose MENTHOL Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Sticks

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honeyrose MENTHOL Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Sticks.

  • # 1 Quit Smoking Option/ Safe Cigarette Alternative that helps to quit Satisfies cravings & movement of smoking The just flavored Herbal cigarettes on market Nicotine Free & Tobacco Free, Chemicals Free & Ingredients Free 100% Organic, Herbal, Collected products Made in England Special Honeyrose blend with abundant flavor Helps overcome the desire to smoking & make quitting easy 20 sticks per pack

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Honeyrose MENTHOL Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Sticks.
Special HONEYROSE blend with abundant and smooth flavor and addition of rejuvenatingMenthol Perfect for those who look for to quit smoking or a film and theatre production requirements. HONEYROSE is the # 1 premium quality herbal smokes brand name on the marketplace and has been the marketplace leader given that 1960’s. A our products are ensured tobacco and nicotine free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honeyrose MENTHOL Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Sticks.

Question Question 1

Do You Light Them?

yes you do

Question Question 2

When Provided, Will It Remain In A Shipping Box Or Yellow Envelope?

shipping box

Question Question 3

Do These Have Tar In Them?

Any burned plant product will produce some kind of tar so technically yes

Question Question 4

Do They Include Tar?

nicotine free tobacco free however include tar

Question Question 5

Do These Contain Any Hemp?


Question Question 6

What Are The Herbs In The Sticks?

Natural grown herbs Red clover Rose Natural grown herbs Red clover Rose Marshmallow leaves

Question Question 7

Active Ingredients List?

On box: Honeyrose herbal smokes are made from a blend of specifically chosen, naturally grown herbs consisting of marshmallow, red clover, and rose petals. The addition of premium MENTHOL produces a cool and rejuvenating taste. HONEYROSE herbal smokes are non addicting and always ensured to be tobacco, nicotine and additiv On box: Honeyrose herbal smokes are made from a blend of specifically chosen, naturally grown herbs consisting of marshmallow, red clover, and rose petals. The addition of premium MENTHOL produces a cool and rejuvenating taste. HONEYROSE herbal smokes are non addicting and always ensured to be tobacco, nicotine and additive free. Made in England. Herbal cigarettes threaten to your health. They produce tar and carbon monoxide gas. Side note/disclaimer: They do stink More than typical smokes. They offered us a bronchial infection.

Question Question 8

Will These Trigger A Stopped Working Drug Test? Or Turn up For Anything?

This is not drug

Question Question 9

Do They Include Tar?

According to what was on the bundle they are chemical free.

Question Question 10

Will They Launch A Strong Smoke Smell Like Regular Cigarettes?

They smell more like burning paper. Dreadful smell, and your hand will stink.

Question Question 11

Does It Offer You The Exact Same Feeling You Obtain From A Regular Cigarette?

No. It tastes as bad as it smells. Doesn t have the full bodied taste as a cigarette. Truthfully we couldn’t take the smell or taste advised us of a litter box.

Question Question 12

Do These Taste Near To Genuine Menthol Cigarettes? Im Attempting To Find The Least Nasty Tasting One Out Of All The Tabaco Free Smokes.?

if you compare to genuine cigarettes, this wont be closebut its a replacement

Question Question 13

Why No One Offer To Germany?

We utilized to offer However 80% of product ship to Germany, not simply honeyrose get return by custom-mades

Question Question 14

Do These Cigarettes Contain Diatomatious Earth?


Question Question 15

What Is In fact In These? Like What Are The Herbs? It S Not Cbd?

It s is notCBD we couldn’t utilize them due to the fact that the taste and the smell was horrible. we do not suggest them, it was a waste of money.

Question Question 16

Do They Be Available In A Mail box?

If you suggest do we deliver to a mail box? Yes, we do.

Question Question 17

Do These Contain Cocoa In Their Active ingredients? (Exists An Ingredient List?.)?

The list of active ingredients is on the back and no, no cocoa. Generally simply rose hips and marshmallows.

Question Question 18

Is This Rate For One Ppack Of 20 Sticks?

1 pack of 20

Question Question 19

Are They Advised For High Efficiency Athletes?

we wouldnt reccomend high efficiency professional athletes smoking anything.

Question Question 20

Should We Pack The Cigarettes?

No you do not need to

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Honeyrose MENTHOL Tobacco & Nicotine Free Herbal Sticks, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Alright so here s the diminished essentially. The cigarettes smelled terrific, they smelt like mint green tea and we had high hopes. So when we took our very first hit of it, it took us by suprise that it tasted absolutely nothing like what it smelt like. All of individuals providing bad evaluations have plainly never ever tasted a marlboro menthol before. It taste practically precisely like one and these are expected to be assisting smokers lay off the nicotine however we believe these individuals anticipated a more worthwhile and tea tasting cigarette however we wear t believe such a thing exist to our understanding. And as far we are worried it didn’t have an annoyingly sluggish burn time perhaps a few minutes quicker however absolutely nothing to be providing it less stars over so truly the only disadvantage we had with this product was the smell. Like regular cigarettes it left us smelling like typical cigarettes specifically our hands so if you re attempting to discrete we would suggest this. However other than all of that a general good product has been made and we are mainly delighted with our purchase.

We have attempted to quit smoking for years and we never ever believed it was a sustainable objective up until we attempted these cigarettes. Mind you we would been 5 days smoke free by the time we got these so we were nicking out quite hard however these made a hit right now. They taste like a menthol light. They assisted relieve the hand to mouth/oral fixation part of the withdrawal. Plus they provide us something to do while driving, which has always been our hardest practice to break. The just factor they do not get 5 stars is due to the fact that they burn truly quick. There has got to be something they might put in the paper to slow it down a little. If they can repair that these would be a perfect 10.

We quit smoking 4 years back after a 15 year practice. We had life deal us a hand we couldn’t fold and at the pinnacle of being stressed out out, we might not stop thinking of getting a pack of smokes. It was tough to quit and we didn’t wish to begin once again however the idea stayed. Found these and they certainly sufficed. We have smoked 5 of them over the last month. They are not addicting. They taste good for the very first half and then the flavor decreases hill a bit from there. If you ve quit and require a little control/relief in your life, these ought to suffice. We might see them assisting in quitting too.

The taste is unique, sluggish burning. However, they are assisting us lessen nicotine cravings. This is simply st like smoking a genuine cigarette. It s been a week given that we bought them, and all we have been smoking is honeyrose. You won t remorse purchasing this.

Outstanding product. We are signing up with the military and attempting to decrease nicotine usage and these are terrific assistance. Having always been a menthol fan, these have a smooth, crisp menthol that isn’t too overwhelming. They smell and taste like a tobacco cigarette which is a flavor that is tough to come by synthetically. Would suggest this product to anyone attempting to quit smoking cigarettes.

We quit smoking and acquired weight, so we returned to smoking. Without smoking. We truthfully cant discriminate other then they burn down quicker.

We have been smoking for 6 years and this is the very first time we have found something to assist us ween ourself from the dreadful practice of smoking. It does smell like feline liter. Nevertheless, if you can get pass the smell or smoke them outside it does assist you through the craving. Quit smoking is mainly in the mind in our viewpoint. Breaking the practice needs to be encouraged then you can deal with the reality that absolutely nothing will come close to the cigarette that you have grown usage to in the face of numerous circumstances you go through in life. If you smoke after you consume or smoke when yours worrying, smoke on breaks at work. Its more psychological and take inspiration. Preparation to quit with these has assist us along with the nicotine patches and breaking the cycle as much as possible regarding the scenario we have selected to smoke cigarettes and putting something else it location of it.

If you’re attempting to quit smoking. Here’s our story with these things. We quit the cancer sticks after 28 years of chain smoking a pack and a half to two packs a day. Got a vape stick, toothpicks, tic tacs, chantix, and it still didn’t please that craving. These do. Its been 8 months given that we “quit” utilizing nicotineproducts We smoke about 5 of these a day. When we drive is when we utilize them one of the most. They do not taste all that terrific, however that’s not what they’refor They stop us from utilizing the genuine ones, so we are no tin danger of getting addicted to nicotine. We are hoping we can ultimately ween ourself down to zero. One disadvantage. They burn “hard”, so beware utilizing them around high winds. They burn longer and more difficult and will pass away out on you if you do not take constant drags.

This is the second brand name we have attempted (initially being nirdosh) and this is the very best up until now for us. They delivered genuine quick (got them in 4 days). First opening the pack it gave off green tea, we took a dry pull initially; whatever individuals call it, and it pulled genuine great. Lighting the cigarette it lit quick and on consumption decreased smooth comparable to a light or ultra light/slim cigarette. This brand name in fact smells like a regular cigarette when lit which is a great plus. What makes this the very best for us is the menthol flavor, typical herbal cigarettes generally do not have taste to it (or extremely little) so this truly alters the game, the menthol is launched in small pockets of flavor; it strikes you mainly in the start and towards completion however sticks in your mouth the entire way. The just small con we have is the smokes can burn a little quickly. If your looking for something near to the genuine offer provide these a go.

We have never ever been a big smoker however we did smoke on celebration, however given that relocating with our sibling who has serious asthma, she can’t handle the ciggaret smoke so we checked out these and chose to attempt them and they are practically like the genuine thing, they have that menthol flavor that we always took pleasure in and they smell more like a camp fire, and they do not trouble our sibling so this was a great alternative to smoking.

Assisted us stop smoking. We had smoked marlboro menthol lights. These were not as good by any stretch however it prevented us and a minimum of offered us something to do when we required something throughout withdrawal. It just took us two weeks to survive the worst of it and even now we can permit our self a cigarette after supper as soon as ever number of days if we desire without feeling guilty.

We are just providing 5 stars so this can be seen, they smoke extremely quick due to the fact that they are jam-packed badly, they likewise burn strange due to the fact that ofthat The taste is comparable however the aftertaste isn’t undue, we would truthfully not suggest them.

These are truthfully okay at all they have a small mint taste which is good bc that s what you desire in menthol. The just sucky thing is that it burns a bit quick a cuff lasts us about 2 minutes. Not too long in our viewpoint however total it s quite rad.

This product is terrific, though in some individuals might trigger mild headaches and and indigestion. We like it, when our buddies go out for a smoke we can finally delight in one too. With a single nicotine patch and these we can cut off nicotine. We discover we are pleased after 5 minutes after utilizing the product (we smoked half). In basic this is a fantastic product. The just concern is the paper, it does not make it taste bad or get extreme however it burns fast. However thank you for taking your time for reading this.

Really great product; good quality. The seller was timely and good. We took pleasure in the taste and smell.

These are our preferred nicotine free cigarettes. Okay taste. Not too extreme. Absolutely nothing strange.

We lit one up as quickly as we got them and we seemed like this is what we had been missing out on in our life, we understand that sounds bad, however we had been a regular smoker. Our feline does not like the smell on me.

They seem like the genuine offer, we sanctuary t had a cigarette in a while, nevertheless we did not wish to get the practice once again. Our only grumble is that they burn quicker, that s all.

No se los recomiendo.

Good product. Packaged well. Good taste.

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