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Honeyrose “Ginseng” Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes

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Product 1
Honeyrose "Ginseng" Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes
  • 100% Organic - Chemical, Tobacco & Nicotine FREE
Product 2
Honeyrose Herbal Sticks 3 packs sampler - Strawberry-Ginseng-Cherry, Made in England
  • 100% Natural Herbal Smokes
  • Tobacco, Nicotine and Additives FREE
Product 3
HONEYROSE 3 Packs Sampler Herbal Cigarettes, Chocolate - Strawberry - Blue, Tobacco & Nicotine Free
  • 100% Organic and Chemical Free
  • Tobacco Free - Nicotine Free - Additive Free

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honeyrose “Ginseng” Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes.

  • 100% Organic – Chemical, Tobacco & Nicotine FREE
  • # 1 Choice for Film Production
  • Rate For Single Pack

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Honeyrose “Ginseng” Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes.
Size: 1 Special HONEYROSE blend with abundant and smooth flavor and addition of Ginseng flavor. Perfect for those who look for to quit smoking or a film and theatre production requirements. HONEYROSE is the # 1 premium quality herbal smokes brand name on the marketplace and has been the marketplace leader considering that 1960’s. A our products are ensured tobacco and nicotine free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honeyrose “Ginseng” Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes.

Question Question 1

This Products States They Are Natural And Not Damaging. Please Let United States Know If There Are Surprise Active Ingredients On The Box That Are Toxic. Thanks.?

If all would go back and let the FDA or who ever figure itout we thing some smokier are defiant we like the majority of people, let the nabob visited and states we delegating Hawallwe. we got a buddy the other he went on electronic cigarette about a year ago and you might see his lunk was a lot better the black or dark was disappearing I If all would go back and let the FDA or who ever figure itout we thing some smokier are defiant we like the majority of people, let the nabob visited and states we delegating Hawallwe. we got a buddy the other he went on electronic cigarette about a year ago and you might see his lunk was a lot better the black or dark was disappearing we might not think it. As a Gas teckh we understand the e-gig is better we utilize to examine the smoke on the danger meter and the all went off the scale. The CO and all. we are not stating all this to run out in get them we you have never ever touch the things through Gods name do not ether kind. Simply take a paper towel and take a puff of a regular gig blow it through you can thell us you see on that brown is good for you

Question Question 2

How Lots Of Remain In A Pack?


Question Question 3

Our? Is Below It States That It Is Unlawful To Buy Tobacco Products Online, Is The Product Thought About A Tobacco Product?

Honeyrose products are tobacco and nicotine free options, so it is not prohibited to offer.

Question Question 4

Do They Have Carbohydrates Or Calories?

No carbohydrates and calories

Question Question 5

Are The Papers And Filters Likewise Organic/Natural?

No it’s not

Question Question 6

Do These Containe Caffeine?

Does not

Question Question 7

Dosage The Smell Get On Your Clothes?

Yes trigger it s still tar your smoking you still get the cigarette smell on your clothing. Nevertheless it smells more like ginseng then tobacco, more suttle

Question Question 8

Do They Have Tar In Them?

yes still consist of

Question Question 9

How Do They Taste? Is It Sugary food?

Taste earthy and lawn like if that helps considering that it is an herb

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Honeyrose “Ginseng” Tobacco Free Nicotine Free Herbal Cigarettes, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Your viewpoints of herbal cigarettes will undoubtedly vary depending upon what expectations you have of them prior to attempting them. They are not going to smoke precisely like tobacco cigarettes due to the fact that they are merely not tobacco cigarettes. They will not burn or taste the exact same due to the fact that they’re rolled with leaves that are more combustible than tobacco leaves. If you’re looking for a similar experience to smoking tobacco cigarettes, reasonably, you’re not going to find an alternative that comes this close. And we would state, simply stay with tobacco. Particularly if you’re simply going to grumble about it and not put any genuine effort into quitting. We routinely smoked genuine cigarettes for near to 5 years and wished to stop our nicotine dependence. We would quit cold turkey, however what we were missing out on was the entire routine of smoking a cigarette, specifically after we would ate to consume or we simply had some time on our hands. We missed out on the way it felt to hold it in between to fingers and the burning and faint sizzling noise of the paper. We had attempted vaping, however it simply wasn’t the exact same. Even the tiniest e-cigarettes were simply too heavy for our jaw or to hold in between two fingers, and they nearly appeared even more pricey than simply purchasing packs. We have been attempting out various herbal smokes to duplicate the experience of holding and smoking a real cigarette and hr is certainly among the brand names that has worked for us. They taste and smell like scorched tea leaves, and they do leave a sort of taste in your mouth as though you ‘d simply drawn on a tea bag. However when you think of it, tobacco smokes do not always have the most enjoyable taste either. Smokers much like them due to the fact that we have gotten utilized to the taste, as you can with these herbal smokes if you provide the opportunity. They do burn faster than tobacco, however that’s due to the fact that they’re not tobacco. The very first half of the cigarette has really light smoke, and the 2nd half does get a bit harsher as others have kept in mind. In general, it is not a bad product in the tiniest. It is well packaged and produced. These smokes are terrific for mimicing the entire “ritual” of smoking without taking in nicotine or tobacco with their smiliar feel, weight, and size. They ‘d be good prop smokes for movies or photography, and even as a trick. They do not leave that sticking around smell on your clothing or in your hair like genuine cigarettes, although they do not smell like roses so we would not smoke them within. They work for us if we are craving one after a meal or when we are out and would like to have that little something to hold and puff on. Nevertheless, be conscious that despite the fact that these are nicotine and tobacco free, this is still smoking, which suggests there are still carcinogens being breathed in. We do not smoke these routinely as we did with genuine cigarettes. We keep these on hand sort of simply for the celebration that we feel we “need” a smoke. The just disadvantage for us is that the smoke itself has an irregular feel midway through. Light and hardly felt initially, and then reasonably severe smoke as you get closer to the filter. So if you’re looking for heavy throat hits, you will not be getting those withthese Thankfully, that’s not what we were lookingfor So if you’re a smoker attempting to quit, do not enter into attempting these anticipating them to be similar to tobacco cigarettes, due to the fact that they’re not. You’ll simply wind up asking yourself, “what’s the point?” and most likely seeming like you squandered money, and no one wishes to feel that way. They’re terrific for reproducing the feel of smoking with their weight and size, and the preliminary lighting up, which you can’t achieve with a vape.

We have ended up being a non smoker after a life time of smoking, leading to copd. We do not miss out on the nicotine however we do miss out on the feeling of smoking. We get that feeling with these herbal cigarettes. Simply utilize them sometimes, as in social circumstances. We certainly advise the honeyrose cigarettes without nicotine, tobacco and carcinogens. Thank you a lot for your product.

Fantastic product, great fragrance, & no nicotine.

We were not a tobacco smoker before smoking hr cigarettes. We attempted them and enjoyed them for what they were to me: a smoking alternative. They are satisfying – good tasting and easy smoke. After delighting in a honeyrose “b” blue pack and one ginseng pack we chose to attempt some tobacco cigarettes. We had no issue with the switch. We smoked tobacco cigarettes for about a week and a half then attempted some of the hr cigarettes to compare. Yes, they did taste horrible – though it was not a remaining taste. The preliminary few puffs of hr cigarettes had a bad taste though the more we kept smoking the better the taste and certainly the taste appeared better than before we began smoking tobacco cigarettes. We have no insight on tobacco cigarette cessation nevertheless if we remained in such a scenario we would definitely choose honeyrose as our experience with their products and with their workers have been really favorable. One other note: before smoking tobacco cigarettes we did not experience the concern of hr cigarettes burning quickly nevertheless after utilizing tobacco cigarettes we saw we were “getting better” at drawing. So yes, depending upon how you smoke, perhaps the hr cigarettes will burn quicker for you.

These are good cigarettes if you are attempting to quit smoking. We purchased to assist us quit, and continue to smoke them. One of the better herbal cigarettes on the marketplace.

Our preferred flavor thanks.

Like bluebetter However finest makers we have found.

We have attempted whatever when it concerns quitting and these along with the other “flavors” have assisted us minimized the quantity of tobacco daily and we are on our way to quitting. Likewise we buy them from honeyroseusa and they have been fantastic to work with.

These tasted a lot better than all the evaluations led on to think. They do burn quick however that is the paper it is made from, and the reality there are no preservatives in these like regular cigarettes. Nevertheless we believe we are gon na get a vaporizer so we are not dealing with ashes all over our body.

These were without a doubt our preferred ones out of all we have attempted.

Mainly tastes like mullen, with another sweet honey taste. Kinda smelly however good for reproducing the feeling of a cigarette.

Good product.

Extremely mellow. Burns a too tad quick however it is all that we asked for in a herbal cigarette. We will buy again.:-RRB-.

Enjoyed them the time we were smoking them.

We normally smoke ecstacy brand name herbal cigarettes, however wished to attempt something various. We can’t, and do not wish to smoke tobacco, due to the fact that its too severe (and the cancer-causing aspect obviously). We are really casual smoker. Possibly a couple of a week. More if in social circumstances. This cigarette is so light, that after we inhaled it, we weren’t sure if any smoke would come out of our mouth. We didn’t have the experience of the other customers at all. We would buy it once again, simply for variety. This business likewise has other flavors and we will attempt them too. However we are choosing ecstacy at the minute (white box).

Great herbal cigarettes. We can smoke and not be getting poisoned by nicotine. These are non-addictive.

We would smoke these solely if we might manage them.


Okay. Assisted us quit smoking.

Pro’s: the taste and recurring taste is good; con’s: the ‘cigarette’ burns quickly; ideas to maker: it needs to be offered in 100 mm and ought to have more ginseng so that one would feel an energy increase.

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