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Habitrol Nicotine Gum – MINT flavor COATED gum

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Product 1
Habitrol Nicotine Gum 2mg Mint Flavor. 2 bulk packs of 384 (total 768 pieces)
  • Buy in bulk and save $$$. Multi-pack 384 pieces of Habitrol Mint flavor 2mg gum.
Product 2
Habitrol Nicotine Lozenge 2mg Mint Flavor. 2 Packs of 216 Lozenges (Total 432)
  • Lowest price nicotine lozenge in 2mg bulk packing
  • Stop smoking aid, helps fights the cravings
Product 3
Habitrol Nicotine Gum 4mg Mint BULK 384 pieces
  • Intense minty flavor
  • Easy pop-out foil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Habitrol Nicotine Gum – MINT flavor COATED gum.

  • Quitting smoking is much easier with Habitrol gum
  • Coated for more extreme flavor
  • Each piece consists of 4mg of nicotine

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Habitrol Nicotine Gum – MINT flavor COATED gum.
96 pieces in easy pop-out foil

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Habitrol Nicotine Gum – MINT flavor COATED gum.

Question Question 1

Habitrol Gum Non-active Active Ingredients?

we do not understand however we have utilized name brand name, walmart brand name and Habitrol and this is simply as good or better.

Question Question 2

Does It Stick To Dentures?

didn’t for us

Question Question 3

What Is The Expiration Date?

Greetings Teresa,The existing expiration date on Habitrol 4mg Mint in NRTshop stock is 03/2016 Finest Regards, Tim Gibson

Question Question 4

Is This Vegan?

we question it due to the tobacco industries participation in animal screening

Question Question 5

Why Can’ T This Be Delivered To Hawaii??

NRTshop ships to Hawaiwe at exact same expense and we can do it today.

Question Question 6

Can Gum Be Utilized With Dentures?

From what we have been informed, Habitrol gum does not stay with dentures however if you have partials with metal hooks, chewing any kind of gum is not recommended.

Question Question 7

If You Do Not Care For The Taste Of The Gum Would It Injure To Repair In A Bit Of Regular Gum With It?

we do not believe it would alter the efficiency of the product. we have found that with every usage of the gum the taste has ended up being less of a concern. we simply take pleasure in the truth that we no longer smoke and we want to move past the quick pain of the extreme taste in order to be without the enslavement of cigarettes.

Question Question 8

Why Can’ T This Be Delivered To Hawaiwe Now? We Have Purchased In The Previous And It’S Been Delivered Here.?

PharmacyDirect ships there for free.

Question Question 9

Could Somebody List The Active Ingredients Please? We Are Searching for Mint Flavored Nicotine Gum Without Included Yellow Color?

Hi Linda, here is the full list of components: Active:- Nicotine 4 mg Hi Linda, here is the full list of components: Active:- Nicotine 4 mgExcipient:- Acesulfame- Amberlite- Butylated hydroxytoluene- Calcium carbonate- Carnauba wax- Glycerol- Gum base Danoja NOF- Gum base Danoja- Menthol- Cleansed talc- Cleansed water- Saccharin- Saccharin salt- Salt bicarbonate- Salt carbonate- Sorbitol

Question Question 10

What’S The Existing Expiration Date?

A number of sellers use this product so we can just respond to for ourself. our 4mg Mint Habitrol has an expiration date of 05/2017

Question Question 11

Is The Mint Flavor More Like Peppermint Or Wintergreen? We Can not Stand Wintergreen And Wish To Make Certain We Don’T Wind up With A Product We Won’T Usage.?

At NRTshop, we utilize the products we sell.From personal experience, this gum is more like peppermint, not wintergreen/spearmint. If you buy from us and disagree, you might return the unused part, and we will reimburse your purchase completely.

Question Question 12

Is This Kosher?

we are unsure

Question Question 13

Does It Offer You A Buzz?

Yes.If you are not utilized to chewing nicotine gum it will absolutely provide you a buzz.Especially 4 mg.You are expected chew up until you feel a tingle in your mouth and then move gum into cheek, wait for 30 seconds or two, chew once again and alternate from chewing to putting in your cheek. If you continue to chew continuously Yes.If you are not utilized to chewing nicotine gum it will absolutely provide you a buzz.Especially 4 mg.You are expected chew up until you feel a tingle in your mouth and then move gum into cheek, wait for 30 seconds or two, chew once again and alternate from chewing to putting in your cheek. If you continue to chew continuously without rotating the much faster the nicotine is launched into your system.

Question Question 14

Why Is This For Smokers Of 20 Or More Cigs/Day? There Are12 Mg Of Nicotine In One Cigarette, This Only Has 4 Per Piece.?

we understand the gum is lower in Nicotine than the cigarettes, however chewing them assisted us rather a bit.we typically chew one every 2 hours and slowly cut back.Took us about two months to quit totally.

Question Question 15

What Is The Finish Of The Gum? Sugar Or Other Sweetener?

all the Habitrol variety is sugar free.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Habitrol Nicotine Gum – MINT flavor COATED gum, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have attempted to quit smoking more times than we can count. We have attempted it all; patches, tablets, books, and so on You name it and we attempted it. After checking out the evaluations here we chose to ordersome We just utilized it for about two weeks and then no longer required it. We had attempted other gum from walmart like the equate variation and even the name brand names and they all made us ill. This gum is the very best. We have been smoking for 20 years. We chewed up to 4 pieces a day and then changed it with regulargum We never ever desired a cigarette the entire time. It has had to do with 6 weeks now and we have never ever been better. Actually amazed with this product and we usually put on t leave evaluations.

We bought this small box since mentioned the large box would not be readily available for a week or two. It likewise stated the small box of mint would not be readily available for a number of days so we bought a small box of fruitflavor Crazy thing is the two boxes showed up on the exact same day. So we invested practically as much for two small boxes as one large box that has about 2x more than two small boxes. What can we state? we are addicted to thisgum We choose the mint flavor to the fruit flavor however we are delighted we attempted the fruit for the very first time with a small box. It’s a personal choice. Desire we might state we still do not have a cigarette now and then. However the gum assisted us through the last difficult task we had where we were on the phone all day. We might park the gum in our mouth and heard recordings of calls and you could not tell we had gum in our mouth. Likewise have 2 extremely small grandbabies and will not smoke around them. Cigarettes are extremely pricey and stinky so our tradeoff is the large box of this gum that is much more cost-effective. Cvs brand name and costco brand name made our tongue yellow and dental professional’s hygienist informed us to brush our tongue with a dry tooth brush habitrol, in our viewpoint, does not have that yellow result. We do worry in some cases about the long term usage of nicotine gum however need to confess we have utilized it for several years. The mint flavor to us has a great flavor that lasts even after the nicotine has been launched. We utilized to choose no flavor however then is when the yellow issue took place. This is our personal experience. The nicotine gum is our crutch and we have not quit nicotine. Quit smoking for 17 years on the patches however when our mama remained in hospice in 2011 we bummed a cigarette from our bro and began smoking once again. When our grand son was born in 2015 (and around our pregnant child) we turned practically solely to the gum.

The seller does fine at it. This is the very best rate we have found per piece at this amount (naturally you can do better if you buy in large amounts per box). There are lots of type of nicotine gum around, and they differ extensively in their formula apart from the nicotine itself. This gum is uncoated and a bit easier than some, and it does not include synthetic yellow coloring as many do, and that’s good- yellow food coloring is poisonous. It does include sweetening agents, though- and saccharine. This troubles me, however nicotine gums are usually loaded with chemicals, and most are even worse than this one. Habitrol decreases cravings for nicotine effectively. All in all, we suggest habitrol here on extremely extremely.

We have attempted a variety of brand names of nicotine gum, all 4mg coated mintflavor Nicorette is our preferred, however habitrol is the one we buy the most since it is simply as efficient while being a fair bit less expensive. Nicorette tastesbetter Habitrol has much easier product packaging. You can simply pop it through the foil, while nicorette needs getting a fingernail in to peel back the paper initially. (perhaps this is a minus if you have youngsters around?) it may simply be me, however it looks like habitrol launches the nicotine much faster. In any case, you do require to keep in mind to take it easy and chew as directed.

Update april 2019: in our first evaluation, we discussed that from time to time, this gum would have a grainy/sandy texture, however it wasn t typically. Unfortunate to state, we just recently had the whole box with that texture. The whole box was bad. We were rather dissatisfied, as this is typically a truly excellent product. For expense, connivence, and flavor, this would have been a 5- star evaluation. The expense is hands- down the very best readily available. Unlike many nicotine gum, this is really easy to get out of the casing/packaging. The one and just unfavorable thing is that, from time to time, the texture can be sandy or rough. This didn’t take place typically, however typically adequate to discuss.

We will state we were hesitant, and now its been 5 days given that we last smoked a cigarette, and that states a lot, we utilized to smoke a pack a day typically. The gum losses the nicotine quickly, however it does have a typical regular mint tasting gumflavor We find ourself having less and less nicotine cravings, we are delighted we got this rather of the patch, whenever we seem like we require a little lift, we pop one in. We will state tho that it inflamed the skin under our tongue, other than that we extremely suggest it to anyone that wishes to quit and have an effective shift.

This things truly works, simply chew it a few times and put it to the side, whenever you feel the desire to smoke. There is a little spice flavor, however that’s what nicotine tastes like, it’s absolutely worth it, it conserves your lungs and is a way better alternative to smelling like an ashtray.

This is our very first nicotine gum so we have no contrast however we will state, we have lowered our smoking in half. For me, that is big. We have been smoking for over 20 years with no limitations, (significance we operate at home so we can smoke when/where we desire). We are wanting to be smoke free and gum free within the week so we’ll see. Flavor is good for what it lasts. Often we include a piece of mint gum with it for longer flavor.

We are smoker and started chewing nicotine gum to assist us survive the workday without smoking. For the very first number of months, we chewed a more affordable- priced brand name and was pleased with it since it supplied simply adequate nicotine to assist us survive the mad workday cravings. However as quickly as we were out of the structure, we illuminated. When it came time to renew our supply, we changed to habitrol based of its evaluations; figured it deserved a shot. We are extremely delighted with habitrol and believe it is more efficient than the less expensive gum we had formerly utilized. While the less expensive brand name did get us through the day, habitrol is assisting us to quit smoking completely. We seldom think of cigarettes throughout the day, and when we do, we would not even categorize it as a “craving” since it’s not extremely extreme. We began out with 4- 5 pieces throughout an 8- hour workday, and have worked our way to 2- 3. When we were on the less expensive brand name, we would smoke before and after work, throughout lunch breaks, and throughout the weekend. We were easily smoking a pack a day while on the less expensive brand name (which was a considerable cut for us, however still. ). On habitrol, we have had the ability to change our early morning and lunch- break cigarettes with habitrol, and a pack of cigarettes lasts us a week. It does take a little more will power while not at work to chew the gum rather of smoke, however it’s getting much easier. We believe if we were devoted to truly quitting smoking totally, habitrol would allow us to do it. We are simply not devoted, yet. We have experienced no significant negative effects. Sometimes, we will get missteps, however that’s our fault since we were chewing strongly and continuously. We do wish to stress to follow the instructions about chewing simply enough to trigger it, then parking it someplace in your mouth up until you require to reactivate it once again; otherwise, you will most likely get missteps. The taste, to me, is bearable, and we like the tingling. This things works and is fairly priced. The just thing we do not like however is not an offer breaker for us at all is that you can’t detach private pieces of gum, you need to have a whole sheet of gum with you.

Finest smoking replacement/cessation product; what we find with this product corresponds strength- other low expense replacements appear to differ from piece to piece (not loading any punch). Good quality assurance by producer.

We quit smoking 13 years back, however like the flavor of the nicotine, so we chew thegum Yes, it is addictive. So we need to see and keep an eye on the number of we chew. This brand name is the very best yet. Extremely minty and enjoyable to chew.

A lot less expensive than the shop brand names and you get a lotmore The gum works excellent an tastes good. It s likewise easy to get the gum out of the dang wrapper unlike other brand names that have the extra things you need to peel before popping out a piece. Extremely hassle-free for emergency situation cravings.

This gum appears more powerful than other nicotine gums ive acquired. We like the sweet finish too. It works, it has nicotine in it, fine. Seller got it here “same day” which is excellent, even if it did expense 6 dollars to get it here almost quickly.

We purchased these months before we quit smoking. So we would be all set when we were all set. We quit 4 weeks back. The just issue is they are extremely uneasy to keep private pieces in your pockets.

Similar To any other non- coated nicotinegum Do not like the product packaging though. The foil covering the gum is lightweight and they pop out if it remains in our pocket.

He was attempting various brand names to assist him quit smoking. He liked it. We liked that rate was less than the nicorette brand name.

Good rate, works. Bought for a series of journeys where we would be flying and long stopovers and didn’t miss out on the smokes. The 4 mg is strong so do not blend it with regular smoking; we did when and it was excessive.

Extremely great product. Will buy from now on. Look over the bad evaluations.

We got it for our partner to assist him quit smoking. He attempted e- cigarettes and herbal cigarettes, however they didn’t work for him. This appears to do the technique. He utilized to chew tobacco and informs us that this gum is type of the exact same way. You do not chew it like regular gum or it will burn your throat. He chews about 3 pieces of gum a day when he utilized to smoke an entire pack once a day. This things is remarkable.

Has a great flavor unlike other brand names we have attempted.

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