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Green Leaf Organic – Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Cool Mint Flavor

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Green Leaf Organic - Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Cool Mint Flavor - Includes Turmeric Root Powder & Baking Soda - Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Made in The USA - 3 Packs of 20 Nicotine Free Dip Pouches
  • TOBACCO FREE CHEW POUCHES - combat cravings and quit tobacco use with our tobacco free chew pouches! Made from all-natural, and cerified organic ingredients. Our chew pouches have a great cool mint flavor and are popular amongst our customers being the most effective and tasty alternative to chewing tobacco! Includes: Organic Turmeric Powder
  • ALTERNATIVE TO TOBACCO - our unique blend of organic ingredients is known to help combat dependency to tobacco products by alleviating symptoms as well as satisfying the oral fixation of tobacco use
Product 3
Herbal Cigarettes - Tobacco and Nicotine Free 2 Packs 40 Smokes
  • Quit smoking - In the psychological aspect of quitting tobacco, an herbal cigarette provides an essential role as it allows you to continue the smoking habit while the body gets rid of the addictive substance
  • Tobacco free - Made of selected wild herbs

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Green Leaf Organic – Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Cool Mint Flavor.

  • TOBACCO FREE CHEW POUCHES – combat cravings and quit tobacco usage with our tobacco free chew pouches. Made from a -natural, and cerified organic components. Our chew pouches have an excellent cool mint flavor and are popular among our consumers being the most reliable and yummy alternative to chewing tobacco. Consists of: Organic Turmeric Powder
  • ALTERNATIVE TO TOBACCO – our unique blend of organic components is understood to assist combat dependence to tobacco products by a eviating signs as we as pleasing the oral fixation of tobacco usage
  • NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER – including green tea which has natural caffeine residential or commercial properties, our dip pouches are likewise an energy booster which helps to keep you alert throughout the day. Delight in a natural energy increase with green leaf organic cool mint chew pouches
  • REFRESHES BREATH & HELPS ELIMINATE SURFACE AREA DISCOLORATIONS – our tobacco free nicotine free dip pouches are an excellent way to assist refresh your breath, increase oral- health, and combat tobacco cravings
  • CONSISTED OF IN YOUR PURCHASE – you wi get 3 packs of 20 tobacco free chew pouches per can in the long- long lasting flavor ‘Cool Mint’. Made in the U.S.A., our dip pouches consist of a blend of organic green tea, peppermint leaf, peppermint powder, turmeric powder, stevia, baking soda (salt bicarbonate), and natural mint oil

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Green Leaf Organic – Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Cool Mint Flavor.
Tobacco free chew pouches with excellent flavor. Are you attempting to quit smoking or chewing tobacco? Our pleased consumers report that each dip pouch produces an excellent quantity of flavor and offers a gratifying feeling that rea y helps to combat tobacco cravings. Patent pending, this is premium quality nicotine free chew pouches. Licensed organic components developed with a blend of organic green tea, peppermint leaf, peppermint powder, turmeric powder, stevia, baking soda (salt bicarbonate) and natural mint oil. These dip pouches are a natural source of energy, and oral health booster. Excellent tasting nicotine free chew pouches. Consists of in you purchase are 3 cans of 20 tobacco free chew pouches. Every one has an excellent tasting cool mint flavor which is long- long lasting and offers an enjoyable chewing experience. BUY NOW and combat your tobacco cravings with our tobacco free, mint flavored chew pouches. Our consumers likewise enjoy our quick- reacting client service assist desk.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Green Leaf Organic – Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Cool Mint Flavor.

Question Question 1

Do You Swollow Juices?

Yes. Its basically tea and mint.

Question Question 2

Complete Ingredient List? Or Image of Label With Active ingredients?

Green tea peppermint turmeric sodium bicarbonate Stevia is the components on the label.

Question Question 3

How Much Spit Does This Generate? Likewise What Color?

Less than tobacco. It appears like tea if you choose to spit. It tastes good so we put on t spit.

Question Question 4

Where Is This Product Made In The U.S.A.?

They are made in Minneapolis MN.Great product, business personnel will take some time to address all your questions.

Question Question 5

Do You Have A 5 Or 6 Pack Or Is It Just A 3 Pack?

we simply got a 10 pack from their site. They likewise in some cases have an offer for $10 off the 10 pack.

Question Question 6

Do You Offer It In Any Other Pack Than 3? Possibly Like A 5 Or 6 Pack?

Sorry, not on – we do provide a 10- pack on our home site, however we have not had the ability to stock yet. A few more months and that must be up. we hope this was useful. Let us understand if you have any other questions.

Question Question 7

Are The Pouches Expected To Be Dry, Practically Like Poster Board, Right Out Of The Can Or Did We Get A Bad Batch?

They re expected to be dry. we get one by the end and shake them like a sugar package to get the filling all to one end, then fold the excess empty pouch down over the filled end to develop a thicker, half- length pouch that is thicker, so we have a better feel in our mouth. Once it s damp, we can then move it much easier if we They re expected to be dry. we get one by the end and shake them like a sugar package to get the filling all to one end, then fold the excess empty pouch down over the filled end to develop a thicker, half- length pouch that is thicker, so we have a better feel in our mouth. Once it s damp, we can then move it much easier if we require to, otherwise it s too thin to workwith we likewise take a fast sip of whatever we are drinking to instantly damp the pouch.

Question Question 8

Why Are All These Tobacco Alternatives More Costly Than The Swedish Dry Snus That We Need To Import?

SNUS our company believe still has Nicotine, it is smokeless tobacco.

Question Question 9

We Opened A New Container Of Pouches And There Were Fuzzy Like Strands Connected To All Of The Pouches, Is This Typical? Never Ever Observed It Before.?

we have purchased plenty, and simply gotten some 2 days earlier, and do not see anything likethat They are are extremely excellent with client service. we message them thru their facebook page?? hope this helps.

Question Question 10

Why Do Some Cans Have What Appears Like Fiberglass Strands In Them?

No Fiberglass. Our Mint is strong, it does break down the fiber in the filter paper. That is what you are seeing.

Question Question 11

Why Aren T The Ingriedients Noted? What Are The Ingriedients?????

You can look them up on their real site. It has all of the components.

Question Question 12

How Much Salt Does Each Pouch Contain?

Salt – Less than.05 MG per serving/pouch

Question Question 13

Do You Offer It In Anything Other Tham A 3 Pack?

On our Homepage we have 10- packs, not noted on yet – sorry.

Question Question 14

Why Does This Product Always Seem To Be Out Of Stock?

You can go get it on their site too.

Question Question 15

Why Is This Practically Never Ever Readily Available?

Unsure however you can buy off of their site and they in some cases have good voucher codes.

Question Question 16

Is The Product Extremely Sugary food? Ive Attempted Another Brand Name That Was Too Sugary Food For Our Taste buds.?

No, we put on t find them extremely sweet. They are minty tho.

Question Question 17

Does This Product Contain Fiberglass?

No. It s simply little fibers from the filter paper. It s not fiberglass. They stated the mint triggers the breakdown of the filter paper so you can see the little fibers.

Question Question 18

$10 A Can?

Don t understand where you re purchasing for $10 a can, they are offered in a 3 pack or a 10 pack.

Question Question 19

Does It Consist Of Caffeine? If So, What Quantity?

Green Leaf pouches consist of around 50 mg of caffeine which is below the FDA suggested quantity Typically Acknowledged as Safe (GRAS) and is the comparable to one cup of small body coffee.

Question Question 20

How Big Is ThePouch No Pictures. Equivalent To Teaza (Large), Grinds/Hooch/ Baccoff (Medium) Or Too Tiny Like Smokey Mountain?

Larger than Smokey Mountain, Smaller Sized than Teaza – exact same size as others with a little less components, since our components are bit more potent than the others. If we put more components in them, they would be to subduing. Hope this helps.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Green Leaf Organic – Tobacco Free Chew Pouches Cool Mint Flavor, these may be helpful for better understanding.

For context, we have chewed tobacco for 12 years. Our go- to was grizzly wintergreen long- cut and pouches. When we were seeking to quit the very first time, we were dead set on requiring something that tasted comparable however we can tell you there is absolutely nothing out there that will compare. Not even close. These do not compare either taste or feel sensible however they are easily the longest long lasting and (strange to state) however most spit producing pouches we have attempted. It took attempting these to make us recognize that we can overcome the flavor, our addiction and or fixation if you will was with spitting. Such an unusual thing, however it holds true. As they are available in the can, these pouches are dry as can be, however however that is ok. What we tend to do is either take a big gulp of water, hold it in our mouth, put the pouches in, wash around and boom, they are releasing an excellent quantity of juice. Or if you have a sink offered, simply run a couple of of them under cold water and toss them in your mouth. The big distinction maker here to us is the taste. It is not frustrating, it is not gross, it’s simply.Perfect We understand this will not hold true with everybody, however we have attempted each and every single tobaccoless alternative we might compose a book. The teaza pouches – flavor is too frustrating. Smokey mountain pouches – flavor underwhelming and inadequate juice. Grinds? we seriously do not comprehend how individuals like those?. Even if you damp them down to provide more wetness, the taste on all of them simply draw, to put it candidly. Above and beyond the product, their customer service was extraordinary. We composed on our most current order that we were so appreciative to them for conserving our life basically, and they reached out right now to thank us for the kind words and even consisted of some extra cans with our original order. This is how you do it individuals. We will be a forever customer as long as they are offering their pouches. So once again, thank you men. We prompt you to offer this a shot if you wish to quit. Every individual is various we understand that, so this may not be for you, however it can’t injure to a minimum of offer it a shot. We guarantee you when we state we might compose a book based upon all the tobacco- less options we have attempted and this is what got a 12 year grizzly wintergreen dipper to stop.

We have attempted over 4 various tobacco free, non- nicotine options. We dislike cayenne pepper, so that gets rid of, smokey mountain, cowboy and a few others. We have connected photos of a number of flavors that we are presently screening. Jake’s mint chew, bacc- off and grinds, and we need to state that green leaf organic is the very best tasting, longest long lasting (good for a minimum of 2- 3 hours, nearly 4 hours) and is larger than the pouches you usually get in the tins. We called the business, and not just did they respond within a few hours on a sunday, however they were truthful and in advance about their product. We could not get an e- mail back from some of the other business for over two weeks, not to mention a few hours. Unlike all the other brand names that have approximately a year service life if unopened. Green leaf has a 3- 4- year service life, which is a big reward to buy bulk. When we initially opened them, the smell was extremely frustrating and we really had sensory smell problems for a few days, given we have extremely delicate nose, however after we got utilized to it, it was amazing. The highlight is, our relative, who likes iced tea utilized a pouch in her water and, well- la immediate iced tea. Not 100% shop purchased taste naturally, however still, if it will operate in a bottle of water and as a pouch chew, it’s extremely flexible in our book. The connected picture’s program the brand names we had pointed out and their size when compared to the other brand names. After utilizing the green leaf pouches, it does refresh your breath and makes your teeth seem like you simply got out of the dental practitioner, and not in the bad way. Extremely pleased with the product. We wish to see a discard cap liner like the grinds tin, in the image, has with their coffee pouches, however it’s a nicety vs a requirement. Incredible product and we will certainly buy from them in the future. Perfect product for tobacco free, non- nicotine and gum chewing alternative. Delight in.

We enjoythese However what kept us from 5 stars was the fiberglass looking product in every can that we have opened (5 up until now overall). Need to we be concerned?anyways. This things is excellent. If you utilized to dip mint flavored tobacco then this is for you. We likewise want there was simply a little more in each pouch. Each pouch is regularly just half full and we need to put 2 of them in our mouth. Our remarks are implied to be useful for the producer.

We have attempted all of the coffee grain pouches to assist our kick our 20 year practice of chewing copenhagen and all are quite revolting. The coffee juice stained our teeth even worse than the tobacco. We purchased this and enjoy it. It is tidy, clear, and even offers that “burn” feeling that advises us of a tobacco pouch, however finest thing is that it keeps our breathe smelling like mint. We extremely advise this product to anyone who is seeking to quit chewing tobacco.

We have attempted the majority of the comparable product and the green leaf organic chew is without a doubt the very best. It is an exceptional, healthy replacement for tobaccoproducts We have utilized this product for about a year and have always been pleased with the quality. The taste is perfect, not too sweet. It is sweetened with stevia so it works well with periodic fasting and those with sugar problems. For us these pouches assist with that mid- afternoon craving for something sweet. The caffeine material is not too strong (we generally utilize 2 at a time) and offers an good increase without jitters. The caffeine release appears to be a little smoother than coffee of the coffee based chews. They do appear to assist us focus specifically late afternoon. We like the antioxidant residential or commercial properties of green tea however we do not typically have the time to brew a cup, these are excellent option. They are excellent breath freshener too. Once again we have attempted the majority of the coffee and mint based chews and this is without a doubt our preferred, it is “just right”.

Update, simply wish to begin by stating these are still our favorite of the pouches we have attempted, however they have altered or their irregular. See from our sent picture, the greenish/yellow pouch (we presume from the turmeric powder) is from the very first order we put, lots of flavor, and lasted an long period of time. The cleaner, white pouches are from the free pack we got after publishing our preliminary evaluation. Less flavor, thinner (less product in pouch) and do not last as long either. Still better than all the other’s we have attempted, however simply do not have rather the like the very first 3- pack. We did email the producer about the fibers and they quickly (with- in an hour) emailed us back specifying the fibers are from the rayon filter pouches, it’s not fiberglass individuals, it’s rayon (obtained from plant based products). They likewise informed us they were altering their production procedure for cleaner pouches. Well we state return, we like the green pouches better and can deal with the extra fibers if it implies more flavor, or include more turmeric and mint. However, we will still buy these, as once again their still better than all the other’s we have attempted given that our very first purchase, we have attempted grinds, baccoff, oregon mint co, mini- greens, zyn, and velo, and have hooch pouches in the mail now. Grinds last like 5 minutes, baccoff was simply nasty, oregon mint co tasted like fake sweet like the plain white lifesaver rings, mini- green is our 2nd runner up after green leaf. Zyn and velo do not fall in this classification as their both nicotine pouches. Very first evaluation – we like this product up until now. Been a smoker for too long 22+ years. Numerous years ago our family and we began into the organic’s grocery shopping and growing our own organic garden. Smoking has always been our worst. Previously, after just 2 days with these pouches we have dramatically cut down our everyday cigarette usage. We have attempted vaping for years with no luck, still smoked at work, and vaped in your home. Have been utilizing various brand name coffee pouches for the previous 2- 3 weeks with no assistance, however they tasted good for 15 minutues approximately. Even attempted another organic brand name tea pouches, once again their flavor was boring and just lasted 20-30 minutes. However these green leaf organic mint pouches have lasted usually 4- 5 hours with just 1 pouch. For the exact same rate as all the others green leaf is providing me:1. More pouches per can. 2. Pouches are larger than other brands3. Organic components (even the pouch is rayon filter paper and rayon is made from natural sources such as wood and farming products, per wikipedia). 4. Flavor appears to last a long period of time, which is a big plus, less pouches utilized each day implies each can will last longer. 5. The flavor is strong, however not self-important and tastes excellent. 6. Easy flavor, no guess work what another brand names 4- 8 various flavors are going to taste like. Simply mint, and as somebody who has wild mint growing in our backyard, that we gather and dry out for our own organic tea. Green leaf is area on. We personally have not observed the “energy boost” however we are just utilizing 1 pouch at a time and we are not utilizing it for that function, however it is assisting us to cut down on the consistent desire of a cigarette. And at the exact same time, assisting with our early winter season aching throat and cough. Ah the power of mint. Our relative likes that it has turmeric, she swears by that things and puts it in nearly every supper she makes. There’s just 1 issue we have found up until now. What to do with the present pouch we are utilizing that’s not rather done yet, however it’s time to consume lunch or supper? however that’s easily fixed by positioning it on our plate. We would rather do that than see the rate boost by making a new can like coffee pouch brand name utilizes. Besides, if they did that, we do not believe 20 pouches would suit a can any longer. So ignore this issue and simply stick with what your doing. Green leaf organic – you have an excellent product, thank you.

Whenever we break open a can of green leaf the effective aroma advises us of the sentimental scent of binaca, which we utilized to enjoy as a kid. This product offers wonderful freshness to our breath and combination, and we enjoy the double- size pouches. Numerous rivals offer small cent- size pouches that we have typically needed to utilize 3 or 4 of at a time for a “realistic” alternative. However with green leaf we can utilize simply two pouches (one for each side) and take pleasure in the tasty flavor for hours. We checked out lots of evaluations from other customers worried about the “fiberglass-looking” particles on the pouches, and we have likewise seen it in the product we have utilized: in our experience the particles have been entirely undetectable when utilizing the product. We have never ever had any problems with residue or inflammation, even after constant long- term usage. Maintain the excellent work green leaf.

We just recently quit vaping with the assistance of spearmint zyn – a tobacco- free pouch with 3mg nicotine. We take pleasure in utilizing zyn however was looking for a comparable, nicotine- free pouch to take pleasure in. After checking out evaluations on, we chose to offer green leaf a shot. Upon opening the container, we might instantly smell the green tea and mint. It certainly was a more powerful smell than we had prepared for, however not undesirable. We popped a pouch in and it took a few minutes for the flavor to come through. We got a tingling feeling on our gums – not frustrating. Flavor is good. Pouches are larger than what we are utilized to, however the size isn’t uncontrollable. Flavor is excellent once it starts. Up until now so good. We expect purchased more in the future.

If you are dipper or somebody attempting to quit dipping, this product is great. We initially purchased this to utilize in our workplace at work. It provides an excellent tingle feeling in the gums and always pleases our instant desire to dip. Now, we are utilizing this product to help in our new years resolution to quit tobacco use entirely. We are 9 days in, and we do not intend on recalling. Other positives – made in the U.S.A., tastes great, stimulates, its revitalizing, and whatever in it is good for you. Good luck to any future quitters out there. Make certain you have a factor to quit that you really think in, and advise yourself of that factor everyday. Specifically when you are getting gas.

We found these while looking for a nicotine free chew replacement for our hubby and i. We purchased a few other type of chew replacements however the taste is so bad. We were drawn to these since of the organic components-and green tea. We both a chew free- nic free 24 days today. We like these likewise and will continue to buy them to have rather than chewing gum also. So delighted we found these on and likewise can buy direct from their site. Can not wait to attempt the cinnamon. Thank you a lot for makingthese Customer service is 10+ also.:-RRB- tonynshawna:-RRB-.

We purchased this for our kid given that his doctor recommended he quit chewing. He enjoys the taste of this things. He states it tastes similar to his old chew.

If you’re gon na do it these may as wellbe the ones you pick no tobacco no nicotine however these are the very best ones we have found up until now however we would certainly advise the zyn pouch is over any of them they have no tobacco however they do have nicotine however you can get too dear pal an installs of nicotine they have a 3 and a 6 however if you’re all performed in your disk and ago no nicotine no tobacco we think these are the ones and best of luck with that hope it works out.

Good size (discrete) and durable pouch, unlike beaza. Absolutely more bang for your dollar. Flavor is good however does not match the cinnamon of the brand name with inferior pouches. Can’ t wait for this business to come out with their cinnamon flavor. It might be a game changer if the flavor is good with a little burn. We will most likely go in between 3 various ones however this brand name will be our go to.

Utilized these to ween off of snus (we understand, not precisely a chew addiction), however we still believe that without something like these we would never ever have had the ability to do it with such ease (specifically while on the golf course). We advise, it deserves a shot. We enjoy utilizing these on the golf course and in the automobile (the times we utilized to chew the most). We extremely advise these.

Product has a long-term flavor, even longer than the tobacco product we were utilizing before. We have been wishing to quit tobacco for some time now, however have gotten utilized to having something with a strong flavor to chew on. Sweet is not a good alternative for us, since we need to view our diet plan thoroughly. We will certainly continue to buy this product.

We have been a tobacco user (mainly a smoker, however we likewise dipped also) for about 25 years and chose that we would finally quit for good in 2018 – simply got the very first order in today and we could not wait to attempt it. Up until now we enjoy it. – good minty flavor. – we do feel a good “pick-me-up”- we enjoy to understand that our it will not stain our teeth, however will really assist to whiten10 outah 10 will buy once again.

Excellent product. Never ever in stock thoughthat’s the failure. We have been usingoriginal mint snuff pouches and they are extremely comparable.

Let us begin by stating we rubbed snuff for 21 years. We at first attempted to kick it by utilizing grinds. They did all right however we still had a frustrating desire to rub cope. Like that desire when you grind your teeth and clench your fist. We were desperate for something various. Thank god we foundthese We have now acquired 3 (3 packs) and they have not done anything however getbetter They now appear fuller. The flavor is better and the packs are more powerful. They truthfully advise us of a wintergreen skoal pouch or a snus pouch. Ya understand. Minus the cancer. So do not think twice folks. Not for one single 2nd. These are great.

Bies far the very best alternative we have gotten our hands on. We couldn’t think they just have a 3- 4 star ranking, we checked out thru the remarks and some individuals are grumbling about the pouch or that the components are dry. First of all nothin is even worse than the snuff/dip we are all trying to rack, 2nd these components are good for you mouth and are leaps and bounds remarkable to other alternative products we have attempted (about 6 others). We are quite dam positive that these bad young boys are going to assist us quit the nasty for good, that s why we are on here to reorder another 3 cans before we run out of our very first one. We might tell after the very first dip of these that this might work. We recommend 2 at a time for all of you long cut addicts, to the developers of this product, thank you.

We have attempted a few various pouches given that quitting copenhagen a few weeks earlier. This is the only pouch we have found that satisfies that desire for genuine chew. We attempted grinds, mini- green energy, however non of them worked also. The taste took a minute to get utilize to now we are connected. Good luck to anyone attempting to break their addiction and god bless.

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