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Stop Smoking Forever
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
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Stop Smoking Forever - Hypnosis by Glenn Harrold
  • Stop Smoking Now Hypnotherapy Track - 31:30 mins
  • Stop Smoking Forever Hypnotherapy Track - 28:09 mins

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Stop smoking forever with this exceptional, top quality hypnosis recording by Glenn Harrold, the UK’s best-se ing self-help audio author. Glenn totally comprehends the smoking practice, as he was a regular smoker for 15 years up until he quit in1987 He has produced this unique hypnosis tape-recording to assist you configure your mind to break the smoking practice and end up being a nonsmoker. Quitting smoking is easy with hypnotherapy, as this method is distinctively efficient in setting the mind to overcome the addiction to cigarettes and nicotine while staying in control of your consuming practices. Glenn’s extremely well-known hypnosis methods and production wi assistance you achieve these objectives in a safe and natural way. On both hypnosis tracks you wi be securely assisted into an extremely deep state of psychological and physical relaxation and then offered numerous posthypnotic tips that you do not smoke and that you stay a nonsmoker forever. Glenn uses his ski ed hypnotherapy methods to assist you break a previous associations with smoking, which totally gets rid of the battle from stopping smoking. You wi likewise be offered favorable tips and affirmations to avoid you from placing on weight or replacing any other unfavorable patterns of habits in location of the smoking practice. In reality when you stop smoking, your inspiration and desire to keep fit and healthy wi ended up being more powerful than ever.

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If you recognize with glenn harrold then you’ll understand that this cd is as good as any of his. It has some peaceful music, a calming voice( although our relative does not like his accent, we believe it’s fine) it puts us out when he counts you down into a hypnotic trance like state, and we quit smoking well over a year back. We can’t state that it was strictly due to this cd since it’s difficult to quit however we would think it most likely assisted with the psychological part of it. However do not anticipate wonders, you do need to ‘desire’ to quit. If you are major about quitting smoking, provide it a shot. It can’t injure any.

Honstly, we have not corresponded with playing it. We made a guarantee that after our vacation we will be listening to this tape every day. We have 5 times tried to stop and it did not last. And now it has ended up being major for us. We do not have any wheezing or any out of breath experiences however it will result in this, and then we absolutely will have problems that by our own will have triggered. We are pro-active with our health so this problem makes us rather a fool. Do not you believe?.

We have been a smoker for 20 years and can’t even count the variety of times we have attempted to quit. Our main issue was that we were always looking for that reason to begin once again. We got this cd about two weeks back. It is extremely peaceful and calming. We always listen to it before bed and generally wind up going to sleep. We listened to it a number of nights when we initially got it. It’s not magic. It will not make you wish to quit if you do not wish to. When we chose a few days later on that we wished to quit, we began taking the dedicate lozenges and listening to the cd every night. We genuinely have not desired a cigarette and have not smoked in a week. We have attempted the lozenges before and they assisted, however we always wound up returning to the cigarettes. The desire never ever appeared to disappear. Now it has. This is genuinely the simplest quitting experience we have ever had. We extremely advise this cd if you are all set to quit forever.

Terrific cd. We listen to it every day and been smoke free for 6 weeks now.

We did not like this stop smoking. We listened to the hypnosis two times a day for two months. We are still smoking. We are going to attempt another stop smoking dvd an tell we find one that work for us.

We have been a non-smoker for 40 days since of this product. We listened to it every night for weeks, and now we just listen to it when we have a craving. And the included advantage? we have needed to take sleeping tablets for years in order to get a good nights sleep – we now sleep without sleeping tablets, since this relaxation cd and assisted us discover how to unwind and calm our mind and sleep noise. Fantastic.

Exceptional product. Really delighted. Would buy once again. Thank you.

We listen to this tape every night, it works. Extremely advise it to stop smoking.

It works.

Great. Worked well for us and had us smoke free in 3 days. We utilized it every other day for about a week for support and have not needed to relisten in over 3 months. Extremely advise.

We purchased this cd for our kid and our hubby. Our hubby utilized it when, however is not all set to quit. Our kid, on the other hand, began it about 3 weeks ago and hasn’t touched a cigarette given that. He’s attempted quitting before however never ever succeeded. He can’t think this is working for him.

Actually liked it.

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