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Gillian Riley – How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good

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How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good by Riley, Gillian (2007) Paperback
  • 06/19/2021 (Publication Date) - Ebury Press (Publisher)
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How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Raw, Martin (Author)

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Everybody understands how bad smoking is for them: about half of a regular cigarette smokers wi be ki ed by their routine, however they simply can’t appear to quit. If you’re rea y severe about quiting smoking then this is the book that wi not just assist you to stop, however to stay stopped for good. Gi ian Riley’s methods a ow you to comprehend your addiction, take control and break your routine. There is a step- by- step quiting program that is easy to fo ow and rea y works. Even in difficult circumstances, or when dullness sets in, you’ quickly understand that despite the fact that the liberty and chance to smoke exists you have actually selected notto How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good wi even assist you to quit smoking without gainingweight From the new edition of the very best- se ing program to stop smoking and stay stopped for good.

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We are your typical long term smoker. Begun at 15 and quit at 61 with efforts and stops working along the way. The majority of us currently understand the offer health sensible, expense, and so on. And the majority of us have actually attempted any variety of things to quit smoking. We stumbled upon this title mistakenly and our preliminary response was it was simply another of numerous quit smoking books. We were incorrect. The information in this book appears tailor made for long term smokers. It has a revitalizing and sensible approach to quitting. Filled with insight and simply good good sense concepts about quitting and so various than the run of the mill concepts. We can’t speak for everybody however this book is a breath of fresh air (no pun meant) for those people who understand the drill. It worked for us and we advise it extremely. Good luck. John.

If you desire to quit, this girl reveals you how. She dealt with all those circumstances when it is so easy to fall under the smoking trap, over and over, and over once again and reveals you how to make the right choice. That is selecting not to smoke. Listen, our smoking buddies, nobody will do this for you. This is your time to make the choice not to smoke. We smoked for practically 40 years and we are on our way to 5 weeks of being an ex- smoker. We are doing it and we feel excellent.

We would state that this book deserves the read. It’s not made complex, it’s not corny, it’s simply an actually good idea to check out even if you’re simply thinking about stopping. We didn’t stop for practically a year after we read it. In the end, a number of cessation techniques and what we found out in this book that assisted us get to where we are. Smoke free, and extremely happy with it.

Great approach- anyone can utilize this for any undesirable routine. We hope smokers wanting to quit will read this (we are an overeater and found the concepts laid out here so do- able).

It’s been 5 years now. This is a “real deal” book.

Exceptional. Exceptional book. This book is easy to prepared and makes good sense. We would extremely advise it to anyone looking to quit smoking.

It’s okay, however we are still smoking. We think we are simply not devoted yet to quitting.:(.

We listened to the audio variation of this book after we had actually stopped smoking. The book advises that you listen/read it before you quit, and we believe this is good recommendations. We had actually smoked for roughly 20 years and, while never ever a heavy smoker (5 daily), we were greatly addicted, however. This book assisted us comprehend why we stopped with ease when we were pregnant, however went right back to it each time and have actually never ever been able to simply stop. The basic distinction this book takes is that, unlike other “quick fix” techniques that objective to eliminate your desire to smoke, the author forces you to acknowledge that you prefer to smoke. This desire will reduce with time– however can strike at anytime; for that reason, you need to develope some methods for dealing with that desire. She even motivates you to face your desire and temptation head on. If you smoke while commutting or when having beverages with buddies– do not prevent these activities initially– you are just attempting to prevent the desire and then you end up being scared of the desire itself. The desire is typical for anyone who has actually smoked. It’s not to be feared, since you alone have the choice of whether to stop smoking or end up being a smoker once again– which, the author advises you is a drug addiction that eliminates or disables a minimum of 50 percent of individuals who do it. We have actually just been stopped for a number of weeks, however feel extremely empowered by our choice to stop smoking. We utilized to state that we smoked since we liked it, and to a degree that holds true, however we were likewise a servant to it and was unethical with our kids when we would be concealing out back while smoking. It feels good to not be a servant to cigarettes or to be lying to our family about it– despite the fact that those things never ever troubled us before. We do not hesitate and empowered. We still desire a cigarette, however we are not scared we will not be able to cope with that feeling. Update: 4 and a half years later on and we have actually not smoked a single cigarette. We feel happy with ourself and am so pleased we decided to quit and to utilize this book as an aid to our quitting since we credit this book for a good quantity of the staying success we have actually had. It has particular chapters near completion that are developed to keep you from beginning smoking once again by falling under some of the traps that you will deal with down the roadway. Slip ups that can become a domino effect of becoming a full- blown smoker once again. When we would find ourself in among the situations (i. E. Telling ourself we would simply have one cigarette, or if we were out for beverages with our buddies we might have one cigarette), we would keep in mind some of the language in this book and understand that no, we had actually currently revealed ourself that we were not efficient in being a casual smoker (if such a thing actually exists). We concur with the evaluation below that states that this book takes the magic out of stopping smoking. You can do it and you can do it with no gum, patches, tablets, and so on

We have actually stopped smoking now for practically 6 years and are extremely pleased with it. We stopped 15 november 2011 and we can state this is the very best method (we have actually attempted for several years to stop with various techniques and the popular books ). By all this techniques you have to presume that it will work. Or they are rejecting a part of the addiction, so that you get easily get fooled once again and once again and once again and once again and once again. By this method it is various, you start to see how this addiction work. It, s about finding the fact, so that it, s not so easy to get fooled once again. We owe gillian riley a big thank you for composing this work of art.

We stopped smoking over 3 years back, thanks to this book. We attempted whatever before; cold turkey, medications, hypnotherapy. You name it, however absolutely nothing worked. This book did. You might have to listen to it two times, however it s sure with it.

A should to check out if you are devoted in quitting smoking. It offers the full photo of how smoking works, how it gets you and how it keeps you hooked. And after having actually provided the structure, it supplies the lightest method to quit you might ever imagine. And with no side- impacts. We did smoke for 15 years and was a genuine tobacco addicted (30 heavy ones a day), and we have actually been a pleased ex- smokers for practically 5 years now. We want mr or mrs riley might get our appreciation.

Attempted a few other techniques with minimal success however this book actually took the magic out of stopping smoking. Read it on our own rate, no pressure and we have actually not been smoking for a while now with very little cravings or draw backs. Entirely, extremely excellent experience.

We read this book 16 years back. Other methords had actually stopped working. We went from 30 aday to 0. A lot of liberatin book we have actually ever checked out.

We utilized this book in 1992 when it was very first launched and have actually been a non- smoker ever since. We had actually attempted to quit for years and was not successful till we found this book. If you read it and follow the directions you have a genuine possibility of stopping. This book is a wonder. We have actually provided it to numerous individuals and the majority of them were able tostop also.

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