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Fantasia Herbal Shisha – Fantasy Flavors Variety Pack

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Product 1
Fantasia Herbal, Hookah Shisha Flavors, Tobacco & Nicotine Free, Tropical Variety Pack, 50-Gram (Pack of 5) T5
  • MADE IN USA - Fantasia Herbal Hookah Flavors are manufactured with only premium ingredients in the USA
  • TOBACCO FREE & NICOTINE FREE - Herbal Shisha/Molasses is used exactly like Hookah Tobacco, except that these products DO NOT contain and tobacco or nicotine
Product 3
Texas Hookah Fantasia Herbal Shisha Hookah Flavors, Adios, 50 g
  • Fantasia 50g Herbal Shisha Flavor
  • 100% Tobacco Free

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Fantasia Herbal Shisha – Fantasy Flavors Variety Pack.

  • Tobacco free and 50 g each
  • Nicotine free terrific flavors
  • Tar free none tobacco
  • U.S.A. product in California

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Fantasia Herbal Shisha – Fantasy Flavors Variety Pack.

Question Question 1

Are These Pens?

Pens? As in ink composing utensil.No, these are little boxes of tabacoo for a hooka

Question Question 2

Is This Thought About To Be Artificial Marijuana?

When we got it in the mail it looked nearly fake and dry.we have just purchased as soon as so possibly a fluke however we will buy from our regional smoke store or order straight from producer.

Question Question 3

What Does The Maryjane Taste Like?

we didn’t like the taste of any of these flavors.

Question Question 4

Does The Maryjane Flavor Truly Smell Like Maryjane?

No it smells absolutely nothing like it taste absolutely nothing like it taste more like a pomegranate

Question Question 5

How Numerous Pen Does It Can Be Found In The Variety Pack?

There were 5 flavors, however they did not taste good. we do not advise.

Question Question 6

Is This Molasses?

Yes, this is molasses. If you take a look at the active ingredients on packages, the very first one states molasses.

Question Question 7

It States Finnest Premiun Hookah Tobacco So Is It Truly Tobacco Free?

it is not tobacco free

Question Question 8

Is One Of The Flavor Ice That Will Be Sent by mail?

Go to a neighboring smoke store. You ll get better flavors. This things resembles wood chips blended with flavor.

Question Question 9

Does The Non Tabacoo Provide You A Buzz?

It does not, it is just for the flavor.

Question Question 10

Is This Tar, Nicotine, And Tobacco Free?

No its not nicotine or tobacco free

Question Question 11

Does It Have Nicotine?

The bundle does not define. Generally when there is no nicotine it states it on the pkg. we found a message board on the fantasia website that states it has.05 grams in it.

Question Question 12

Are The 5 Flavors Illustrated The 5 Flavors That Will Be Gotten With Each Purchase? (Dragon’S Breath, Maryjane, Adios %@$., Magic Dragon, The Purple)?

Nope got some of the flavors however likewise got a nasty one and 1 remarkably good one that wasn’t noted

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Fantasia Herbal Shisha – Fantasy Flavors Variety Pack, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have just had a possibility to attempt the dragon fruit flavor up until now however it is fantastic. Really strong, we might even smell it through the product packaging. Do not think for a 2nd that even if you can smell it through package implies its inadequately sealed, its in 3 layers of airtight plastic and its effectively kept to be hydrated. Likewise if you desire as much bang for your dollar as you can squeeze out of a purchase then this is for you. We found a comparable package of the exact same brand name at a smoke store in our regional shopping center here in colorado and it was an entire $10 more than you see here, and im consisting of expense of shipping too. So this is a fantastic purchase. We cant wait til we get to the other flavors in this package. And you wager we will be a repeat customer on this.

Extreme flavoring, long enduring and 10/10 product packaging. Our only grievance is the dyes, we completely get why the shisha is colored nevertheless it can trigger minor headaches if we smoke excessive. Just one we weren’t too satisfied with was adios. It simply tastes way too blue. We think it is expected to be a beverage. They need to just serve it at college bars since we have never ever become aware of it. We are going for a bowl of the magic dragon today, just one we have not attempted of the 5.

FantasiaFantasia Oh how sweet you are. This has been the very best tasting shisha we have ever had. It’s tough to choose our preferred flavor. Every one is unique in its own way. We will offer it 5 star since there isn’t a choice to rate any greater.

We enjoy fantasia and just usage that brand name however purchasing it on here some of them were dry.

Got the flavors marketed, love fantasia shisha, can t wait to attempt them.

Estaba dudando con respecto a los sabores pero una vez llegó y empecé a probarlos quede más que satisfecha, y el aroma es espectacular, definitivamente volveré a comprar, llego a tiempo y justo cómo explain.

Great tasting shishawas moist at all. Rather the opposite acuallyand there is alot of smoke.

Will buy more this product delivered quick and wasn’t harmed at all. We enjoy customer.

We must have checked out more thoroughly (and believed before acquiring) as these do not include tobacco. They’re extremely great for what they are.


The shipping was much faster than anticipated.

We got precisely what we purchased. It smells terrific and it’s moist either.

We read this was among the very best products and we are not dissatisfied. Waaaaay better than beamer. Tastes terrific. Substantial clouds.

Smooth, easy to strike and extremely delicious.

Fantastic flavors adios m * ther f. Was the very best tastes similar to the beverage.

Good flavors.

Precise flavors as noted.

Flavors are good.

Good flavors and incredibly smoky love it.

Fantasia is the only brand name that us & our friend will buy, it smokes smooth and has a good thick full flavor( we have not found a flavor we do not like yet) advise to anyone. This set is amazing to have and will buy it once again next time we remain in requirement:d.

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