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Direct Connection Co. Silicone Case for Joyetech Cuboid

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Product 2
Silicone Case for Smok XCube II 2 160w TC Sleeve Skin Wrap Cover (Green/Black)
  • This item is for the XCube II (2) 160w TC and does NOT fit the XCube Mini
  • Silicone Case ONLY--Device & Tank Band NOT Included
Product 3
Silicone Case for IPV 5 Sleeve IPV5 200W Protective Skin Wrap (Red/Black)
  • Available in 21 Colors from Direct Connection Co.
  • Silicone Case ONLY--Device & Tank Band NOT Included

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Direct Connection Co. Silicone Case for Joyetech Cuboid.

  • High Quality.
  • Offered in 19 various colors

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Direct Connection Co. Silicone Case for Joyetech Cuboid.

Question Question 1

Does This Case Slide On From The Bottom?

The big opening of the case is at the top slides in that way. You put your mod into it, not move onto it. If that makes good sense.

Question Question 2

Does The Case Go On Over The Top Or Over The Bottom? Essentially Exists An Opening On The Top Or Bottom?

It goes to the top however not over. It is open at the top. There is an opening for the battery at the bottom.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Have A Cutout For The Atomizer? Or Is The Entire Top Area Open? Please Post Pictures Of The Top So This Is Clear.?

the entire top is open. There is a cutout on bottom simply big enough to open battery door and change batteries without getting rid of case. good tight fit likewise.

Question Question 4

Is This For The Smok Cuboid?

This is for the original Joyetech Cuboid 150 W TC Mod, as far as we understand SMOK does not make a Cuboid Mod. Thanks

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Direct Connection Co. Silicone Case for Joyetech Cuboid, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Exceptional quality and the fit is excellence. We like how easy the sleeve was to set up on our cuboid yet it is safe and snug when set up. We are truly liking the truth that we can still access the batteries w/o requiring to eliminate the sleeve, just require to be sure the narrow bottom strip around the battery door is clear when protecting the door. We purchased this particular sleeve for two main factors, 1. It covers the bottom edges of the mod supplying some effect protection for any surface area we set the cuboid on. As anyone who owns the cuboid understands, it’s a weighty little monster and we were worried about setting it down thoroughly and not moving it around on our soft pine furnishings, shelving or glass table tops, with this sleeve on our mod we are lot less worried. 2. It looks better than any other sleeves we found for the cuboid. The fit is exceptional with absolutely nothing blocked or more hard to gain access to and with the exact molding of the logo designs and button surface areas our cuboid appears like a factory custom, as if it were initially made with a silicone covering vs. A mod with an aftermarket sleeve on it. We are likewise lovin’ the texture, feel and slip resistance in hand. +++.

We have attempted around 10 other silicone cases for our 3 cuboid gadgets, and they have all been a frustration for one factor or another. This is the very first case we have found that sides over the device from the bottom up. Every other case is developed to move down over the cuboid, leaving the bottom entirely large open, which leads to the cuboid slowly movingout Needing to continuously pull the cases pull back is incredibly irritating. This case does not suffer from any of the issues we have had with every other case. The device suits comfortably, the case provides exceptional grip, protection and feel, and there’s still easy access to the battery door on the bottom. Well done.

We were amazed at the quality of this case. It even has the joyetech logo in addition to cuboid 150 w inscribed on the case. Thick rubber that covers whatever completely. Even leaves a space for battery modifications and usb port.

We keep breaking our vape since we are klutz and always drop it. We in fact purchased two sleeves and layered them together and they fit completely and get the job done. Simply one didn’t fit genuine tight.

Perfect fit, looks fantastic, we will be working with these men once again for sure.

Fits cuboid completely. Silences down fire button from rattling.

Covers our cuboid completely. Provides us that extra self-confidence that if we set it on a glass table or thin surface area, it wont fracture. Our design came basically reverse of the visualized cuboid on here. Simply put, the front is primarily black, and the rear end appears like the front visualized here on. No big deal to us however, still looks simply as good.

Love it.

This case is perfect. It got here earlier than anticipated. Love the design and feel. We will purchase a number of other colors.

Excellent silicone case. Mine safeguarded our cuboid from a few drops up until now. Small tear in silicone on bottom however still holds.

Strong sleeve. Loads in from the top (for those who might ask). Love the button locations and how they have indentions to mark what they do.

Excellent business, incredible customer care. We would buy once again and refer anyone looking for a silicone case. Thanks for the case king.

The fit was truly good.

Love it.

Got it quickly and it can’t fit anybetter It has the logo designs and whatever in the right area. Excellence.

Completely fits joyetech mod, looks fantastic, keep system devoid of finger prints.

Good quality and fits the mod well. Very little else to state on this one.

Fit perfect.

Fits fantastic, partner enjoyed it.

We like the case. It appears well made. It fits the mod well. The just unfavorable would be we want the fit was a bit tighter, however that’s not an offer breaker. We would suggest this for any cuboid user.

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