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Product 1
Happy Eco - Natural Dental Floss Picks (200count) - BPA Free, Vegan, Sustainable Flossers for Eco-Friendly Teeth Cleaning- Pack of 4 (200 Count Mint, Charcoal) (Mint, Double Thread)
  • A GREENER ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITIONAL FLOSSERS: We feel happy to introduce traditional oral care products with more sustainable options. Our belief is that, in 2020 we have the responsibility as a manufacturing company to provide the market with products that are good to the environment and friendly to others.
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT THAN STANDARD FLOSSER: Our sticks are primarily made out of corn starch, which is better environment than standard floss picks. Comes packed in 100% recyclable paper package, with 50 count per package. Choose between 6 different styles.
Product 2
ProBioraPlus Oral-Care Probiotic Mints | Supports Healthy Teeth & Gums | Freshens Breath | Whitens Teeth | ProBiora3 Technology with 3 Probiotic Strains Native to The Mouth | 30 Day Supply (30g)
  • ORAL PROBIOTIC: ProBioraPlus is the first probiotic mint designed to support better gum and tooth health as well as overall dental care and hygiene. Our active ingredient ProBiora3 helps create the perfect balance of good bacteria in your mouth.
  • ALL NATURAL: Our dentist recommended oral care probiotics are made with 100% natural ingredients, getting the job done safely. ProBioraPlus uses natural peppermint and spearmint flavoring for freshness.
Product 3
NOW Supplements, Papaya Enzyme with Mint and Chlorophyll, Digestive Support*, 360 Chewable Lozenges
  • SUPPORTS PROTEIN DIGESTION*: NOW Papaya Enzyme Lozenges have a refreshing taste and support digestion when taken after meals.*
  • CHEWABLE/WITH MINT AND CLOROPHYLL: Our lozenges are made with whole, unripe, spray dried papaya powder, and have 40 mg of papaya per lozenge. This tablet is also useful as a mint breath freshener.*

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  • pack of 20 loads just

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