Beyond Nicotine 15 Day Quit Smoking Program Course

Beyond Nicotine 15 Day Quit Smoking Program Course

Most smokers have tried to stop smoking on a number of occasions, and many have failed. But thousands of newly self-confident people tell us that they have successfully quit smoking with our very successful BEYOND NICOTINE 15 Day Programme.

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It has helped them beat the nicotine habit quickly, easily and permanently with its simple and unique approach of mind-conditioning and resolve setting exercises, supported by very effective homeopathic Anti-Crave and Detox Formulas.

No other quit smoking options combines both vital approaches to understanding, confronting and beating the habit. Quit Smoking kit contains a 15 day program which is designed for success, and users tell us after quitting they feel so confident and proud, that they seldom need to fear relapse.

The stop smoking kit includes:

  • Booklet with interactive exercises, mind setting and breathing exercises; Planning chart, pledges and goal setting functions;
  • Homeopathic Anti-Crave and Detox Formulas;
  • Reminder stickers, and daily motivational messages; CD with Hypno induction visualisation exercises;
  • Downloadable Apps incl on- phone Panic Button and free ringtone;
  • Blogs and daily support.

QUIT SMOKING offer has helped smokers across the world finally tackle and beat the nicotine habit, finally and permanently! No other Quit Smoking program combines both vital approaches for the campaign against the nicotine habit so powerfully!

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Beyond Nicotine: Quit Smoking Program

Beyond Nicotine