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Allen Carr The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking – without gaining weight

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READ THIS BOOK NOW AND END UP BEING A HAPPY NONSMOKER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. A en Carr’s Easyway is the most effective self- aid stop- smoking method of a time. It has actually assisted mi ions of smokers from a over the world to quit. In The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking A en Carr resolves the troubles that women smokers deal with when attempting to quit, and demonstrates how his strategy successfu y solves them. A en’s unique method gets rid of the feeling of deprivation and works without utilizing wi power. This book can make it possible for any lady to leave the nicotine trap easily and painlessly without placing on weight. A en Carr has actually assisted cure mi ions of smokers around the world and he can do the exact same for you. His books have actually offered over 15 mi ion copies worldwide, and checked out by an approximated 40 mi ion individuals, while many more have actually been assisted to quit through his network of centers. This sensational success has actually been accomplished not through marketing or marketing however through the personal suggestions of the ex- smokers who have actually quit with the method. A en Carr’s Easyway has actually spread out a over the world for one factor alone: DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT WORKS • A UNIQUE METHOD THAT DOES NOT NEED WILLPOWER • GETS RID OF THE MENTAL REQUIREMENT TO SMOKE • REGAIN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE What women state about A en Carr’s Easyway method: If you desire to quit. it’s ca ed the Easyway to StopSmoking I’m so grateful I stopped E en De Generes A en Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program accomplished for me a thing that I believed was not possible – to quit a thirty- year smoking routine litera y over night. It was absolutely nothing except a wonder. Anjelica Huston It’s the only method that works. Thank you. Ruby Wax

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We attempted to quit smoking sometimes. We quit for 2 years as soon as. However, demanding times struck and we returned to it. We attempted to quit as soon as again. We were unpleasant. We found out about this book. Skeptically, we read it. No scare techniques. He has you think about stopping smoking as a favorable thing versus denying yourself. Tiny success. He thinks of cravings as a “little monster” inside desiring to be fed. It is a success when you do not listen to it. He discusses how the tobacco business utilize marketing to hook you. He discusses that the whole industry is a con. Smokers, we were fooled and now we are connected. We checked out the book & see things in a new light. Carr altered how we considered the entire procedure of quitting. Wonderful book. This comes from a now non- smoker who smoked for 28 years. Good luck to all.

We never ever compose evaluations, however we have actually been quit smoking for over 5 months and we understand we will never ever return. We have actually attempted it all. Chantex, nicotime patches and gum/candy, going on holiday ect ect. We have actually actually done it all. We are 30 years of age er nurse and see very first hand what occurs to individuals after long term smoking everyday. We began smoking at 15 years of ages, our entire family smokes. All our pals smoke. We actually liked smoking. However we understood we required to quit too. We have actually been attempting to quit given that age21 We can finally state we achieve success. Numerous crucial individuals in our life smoke. We can be around it and we do not crave it at all. It’s so crazy. All we did read a book. We had actually attempted whatever, crazy. We understand we will never ever smoke once again. Every other time we quit we always thought of it and could not withstand it if somebody else was smoking. We are so free. So we got this book free as our very first book on audible, com and we listened to it to and from deal with our phone in our vehicle. So we quit for free generally. How amazing isthat Attempt it you have absolutely nothing to lose.

We did not check out the variation, we checked out the other book – the original”easyway” Nevertheless we did buy this one, the kindle variation, from, however after checking out the other one in romanian, our native tongue, we felt we didn’t even require this one too. This is simply our little homage to allen carr. We purchased the other one 5 years back in romania, right after we satisfied our partner – he is a non- smoker so he asked us to quit. We brought it with us when we moved to the states. We checked out 20 pages and forgotten it: we didn’t actually desire to quit smoking, our fantastic partner liked us in spite of our addiction, so we put the book away, we buried it someplace in our growing personal library (we are a devoted reader with an m. A. In literature, so we always buy books). Last november- december we chose to begin attempting for an infant. And we understood we could not do that if we continued smoking. We understood for the very first time that we required to quit smoking, that we required to make a modification, however then each time we smoked we felt awfully insecure and not sure about our choice. We need to confess, we didn’t actually desire to quit smoking. We believed we will never ever be able to do it, we desire an infant, however we liked smoking a lot and we felt we were such a weak individual, we had to do with to read this book simply to show ourself that we attempted something else and it simply didn’t work. We even purchased ourself a big supply of njoy electric cigarettes and we had to do with to smoke those although we didn’t like them even if we always required our repair. And nearly all the way through the book we had doubts, we kept smoking, and we had the feeling our life still depended upon that dreadful cigarette. That till we got to the tail end when he asks you to smoke one more time and explains whatever you feel when you smoke. His description was so comparable with whatever we felt while smoking that cigarette, we understood suddenly that we need to have been tricking ourself our whole smoking life. We didn’t like smoking, we were simply another addict, and we required to do something aboutthat So we went to our laptop computer and we jotted down the factors we desired to quit smoking and carr’s guidelines when quitting. And all of an unexpected whatever simply made good sense to me. We didn’t desire to smoke any longer. We still had a few pages left to read, we still had our “last cig” to smoke, however we chose we didn’t require one, we didn’t require any routine to quit smoking, we provided all our njoys to our partner and informed him to toss them away, we didn’t require to continue our addiction, with every minute that passed we were one step away from the cigarettes. It’s been a month given that that minute. We are smoke free and we do not have any more cravings. We hardly had any cravings other than for like the very first 3 days and then we would simply take a deep breath like carr suggests at some point and the cravings were gone. We began strolling and working out. Strolling assisted us a lot in the very first week, however after that week we simply understood just how much we simply liked strolling so we continued up to this day. Plus walking helps us feel less starving. We lost 10 pounds given that we quit since we did not utilize any replacements, chocolate, or anything of that sort. We understand we will never ever return to smoking. We advised the book to all our smoking students, and next week we are going to send our romanian variation back to romania. Our mom desires to quit smoking too now that she heard our story – she has actually been smoking for nearly 30 years. We feel in one’s bones carr’s book can and will make her quit too. After that the book will most likely go to somebody else and the chain will continue. Thank you allen carr, rest in peace. Update: it’s been nearly 6 months and we are still nicotine free. We reached our suitable weight after losing 30 pounds in spite of the reality that we quit. We are a completely beginner, a lot better than before. We look more youthful, slimmer, we invested our winter season without shivering near the corner of the workplace where we work attempting to puff our life away, we didn’t get any colds. We can’t even think that we utilized to be a smoker. Once again, we advise this book to everybody, it will set you free. Update 2, 12/28/2014 It’s been more than two years given that we quit smoking. We have now a fantastic 5 month healthy infant, a gorgeous family, and we feel excellent. The other day near the entryway of a shop we saw a mom holding her young child with one hand and holding her cigarette with the other, and we attempted to go pass her as quickly as we might so that our infant in the stroller would not smell the cigarette smoke. Then we understood that mom might have been me. Thanks to allen carr we are not one of those moms poisoning their bodies and their infants’ bodies. So please read this book and stop smoking.

Our mama smoked for 30+ years. It truthfully took her longer to spin up the guts to break the cover than it did to read. She quit sept 30 th of ’15 and hasn’t had a butt given that. In less than a month she stopped coughing to the point of throwing up, no more wheezing, and the closets do not reek of ancient smoke any longer. Even better, she now informs individuals about this book to assist them quit.

We are composing this bit and including to all the others since after 42 years and many efforts at ending our nicotine addiction, it has actually now been 1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks, 4 days (we utilized a calculator) and some hours given that we put out that last cigarette. Every day given that, we are delighted that we no longer have to smoke. Enjoyable reality: we reside in california where whatever is costly, and since today we have actually conserved $6,064 There have actually been 12,129 cigarettes that we have actually not smoked. We started smoking rather young, 13 years- old, to fit in with being the continuous new kid at school. Never ever would we have actually dreamed that we would be kept in smoking slavery throughout our whole the adult years, that cigarettes would determine how we lived our life. It was this easy. We checked out the book. We followed the instructions, kept an openmind We put out our last cigarette and every day ever since we are advised how entirely pleased we are to be a non- smoker. Allen carr put the appropriate frame of mind in location: we aren’t missing out on anythingwe are freeand joyousand every day we are. Yippie and rip allen carr.

We utilized the original variation to stop smoking about 6 years ago -no cravings, ever no weight gain, no remorses other than not reading it quicker. You do not have to worry – it does not push you into anything. He even informs you to smoke will you read it. Recommendations: read it quickly, like over a weekend then toss you cram in the garbage never ever to return. Life altering.

Have not smoked in 6 months. Before that we could not think of not smoking, particularly given that we utilized it as a crutch when we had to quit drinking a year back. It’s extremely basic – we have actually been persuaded to not smoke. In some cases brainwashing isn’t such a bad thing. And this is what this is. Allen carr would call it ‘undoing’ the brainwashing that triggered you to believe you taken pleasure in smoking or required it, however whatever – we’re arguing semantics. The bottom line is that this book repeats and duplicates the exact same principles over and over till you begin to see the sense in them. And they actually do make good sense. Where brainwashing indicates getting individuals to think in your viewpoints or ideologies, all of allen carr’s arguments and points are reality- based. We smoked all the way through it, understanding in our gut that by the time we got to completion we were going to be a non- smoker. When we smoked our last cigarette as advised by the book, we understood we would not smoke once again, as guaranteed at the start. If you’re thinking about doing it, simply want. That’s all you require to be – prepared to attempt, prepared to think it will work, and prepared to stop. He was no author, and in no other way is this book ‘satisfying’ per se, however by- golly, it works.

Every smoker requires to read this book. We smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for the last 15 years. Attempted to quit two times just to stop working and take it up once again. We have actually been 4 days now without a cigarette and we feel extremely good. We understand to a skeptic this might appear early in the game, however we can truthfully tell you that we will never ever smoke another cigarette once again. Please read this book. Get your life back. You have actually absolutely nothing to lose and whatever to gain. 7/13/2016 We desire to post an upgrade to our evaluation. We are so pleased to state that we have actually not smoked a cigarette given that 4 days prior to composing the very first evaluation. That’s around 2 years and 3 months now. We stated it early in the game and we will state it once again. We will never ever smoke once again, thanks to this book and our own will. If you questioned our evaluation two years back, hear us now. Check out the book.

Adter smoking for 25+ years, we finally chose that we desired to quit before getting re- wed this summertime. A pal of mine who was an extremely heavy smoker informed us about the book on new years eve, as we were smoking a cigarette. He informed us that the only factor he was able to quit was this book. Although we weren’t an extremely heavy smoker (a pack every 3- 4 days), we were exceptionally dependant on those few cigarettes that had every day. We would let nobody or absolutely nothing obstruct of those valuable few that we had every day. However we understood that after smoking for so long, it was simply time to quit. For our kids, our future husband, for ourself. We had actually tried to quit on several celebrations, nevertheless after a few days, we would always begin once again. Although you are expected to continue to smoke while you check out the book, we began checking out the book the day after our last cigarette which was on feb. 9th. That was 24 days back. We have actually not had one given that and we are surrounded by pals and family who smoke greatly and we have actually not even thought about having a cigarette. We are rather persuaded that we would not have actually ben able to stick with it without this book. Like a number of the evaluations that we checked out before we acquired the book, there is a great deal of repeating. However our company believe that the repitition is needed for support. We have actually advised this book to many of our pals, family and co- workes since we securely think that this book works. And for the rate of less than 2 packs of cigarettes, there actually is absolutely nothing to lose.

Outstanding book. We read his very first book and quit smoking before we ended up. We then checked out and now keep this one with us for minutes of weak point. There’s a lot associated with quitting smoking besides putting out the last cigarette, and women’s factors to smoke vary from guys’s. We have actually not smoked in 2 months now. The longest we have actually entered 25 years. We contribute the majority of our success to the allen carr books. Worth every penny invested and minute reading, they’re lofe altering. In the very best way. Read it. You will never ever regret it. And all the best in ending up being an ex smoker.

After being a smoker off and on for 50 years, we chose we were done. A pal provided us her book to read, we read it and purchased our own. After the second reading, we smoked our last cigarette. It s just been a few months, however, pleased to state we are now a non smoker. The information in this book and the way it was composed simply made excessive sense. Smokes are costly. We figured over the next 10 years, we wouldn t invest $20,00 0. 00 on smokes. We believe the author stated the typical smoker invests $120,00 0. 00 in their life time on smokes. So, we took a smokeless holiday with some of the cash we were conserving. Lol the tar a nicotine damaged our body and they not did anything for our brain. A glass of white wine had them beat any day. And, we no longer walk in a cloud of smoke.

Absolutely nothing however remarkable. We do not understand what else to state. Our buddy purchased us an gift card and our mind simply sort of went bananas of all the important things we might get. Quitting smoking- so take place to pop into our head. We stumbled upon this book”the easy way for women to stop smoking” Our very first idea was”quitting smoking for dummies” Then we began doing some research on the book, the author and what “easy way” actually was. It is a revolutionary wave of information that triggers you to stop smoking. We have actually been smoking for over 10 years. Like numerous smokers, we have actually attempted to quit numerous times. After the cravings and withdrawals and anxiety and stress and weight gain set in. We always returned to smoking. After reading this book, we comprehend why we smoked. There are no withdrawals, smoking worries us out, we are consuming since we are starving, not since we are changing anything. We will not ruin all the information. We would simply state,”try it” If you are severe about quitting smoking, there is no other way, however the”easy way” We are finally free and you can be too. Good luck and have a good time.

If you’re severe about quitting, you have to read this book. It will alter the way you deal with cigarettes and the way you consider smoking. He does get recurring however we comprehend why. Kinda drills it in to your head, so we get it.

We purchased this book 3 years ago and was astonished how easy it was. We would attempted quitting utilizing every trick/way understood to male, understood every reason we need to not smoke however continued anyways although it was impacting our health. It was worry that kept us there however this small book (220 pages) just needed us to read it with an open mind and continue to smoke while reading it, we might dothat They state it takes no willpower to quit and it didn’t however we figured out where the willpower actually is available in, its completing the book. Not that it’s uninteresting however you’ll begin to seem like you can quit currently however do not stop checking out completion of the book is the very best part. We have actually purchased numerous copies for pals and family, spoke to our doctor among which has the book offered to her clients since she’s seen it work too. If you have actually ever thought of what life would resemble without a cigarette or perhaps if you have not this book is a need to check out if you smoke. Like allen carr states “the worst that can happen is you’ll remain a smoker. ” however you have to checked out the entire 220 pages. If you’re a lady we extremely advise this edition”for women” We have actually checked out both the regular easy way (gratefully after the women’s) however this one actually associated to women’s problems.

We listened to the audible (itunes) as we check out along. We began the book in april 2018; got awfully worried about quitting and put it down for two months. We have actually finished the book; evaluated some chapters (devastion). We are delighted to be a non- smoker and think that easy way to quit smoking has actually worked for us. The easy way to lose weight has actually worked for us; we have zero desire for processed foods, sugarcoated and beef. We have actually lost 25 pounds. In a number of months. Now we have actually lost that unpleasant desire to smoke. We are free.

We are offering this book 5 star, however we want we might provide itmore After meaning to quit smoking each birthday for the past 13 years, we simply commemorated our very first month as a nonsmoker. The book guarantees that you will be a nonsmoker r by the time you complete it, and it worked for us. We checked out the last page 1 day before our birthday and am delighted at how easily and painlessly quitting was. We have actually attempted every cure you might think of: patches, inhalers, e- cigarettes, hypnosis, zyban and chantix and none worked long term. This book turned a switch in ourmind It’s pure genius and everybody that desires to quit their addiction to nicotine need to read this book. We are not stating we have not had some extreme cravings from time to time, however for the very first time ever, they come and go and we are still a nonsmoker. That is a genuine wonder.

We read this book on a journey to florida in july of 2014 and we have not smoked given that. It was something to do on the flight there and back. When we got home to smoke our event cigarette, we took one puff and tossed it away. We didn’t even desire it. We have not smoked given that. It’s insane to believe checking out a book can make it easy to quit smoking however it did. If you can check out, you can do this.

We believe like the majority of people we read this on the suggestion of a buddy. We understand some of the evaluations attempt to describe how the book does it and we want they would not. You can’t describe it and should not attempt. We have actually been smoking given that we were 16 and was frightened of quitting. The few times we had actually attempted to quit in the past had actually persuaded us that if we might ever be successful, the very best we might hope for was healthy torment. We are hesitant about whatever and there’s no other way we would have attempted it other than for individuals we understood who utilized it were simply as addicted as me. It’s just been 4 days for us up until now however they are 4 fantastic days. No torment and it resembles a wonder. We would have sworn that checking out a book might never ever do this however in the end we understood we had absolutely nothing to lose by attempting it other than a practice that was killing me.

Terrific book, we would advise to everybody. We had our doubts before we purchased it. We checked out the evaluations and all the favorable evaluations made us finally choose to go on and buy it. We are so grateful we did, it altered our life. Thank you a lot mr. Carr you conserved our life. We have actually given that purchased two more books and provided to pals. By sharing our success with them we are hoping that they will follow our success. We will confess that initially we were hesitant and didn’t believe we would be able to quit. We had actually been smoking for about 20 years and we have actually attempted might times with will power however theat never ever worked for more than a day. We finally chose something had to provide, we were having to utilize our ashma pump simply to have the breath to smoke a cigarette. We did nevertheless check out the book sluggish and smoked the entire time which we believed was a plus given that we didn’t have the will power to simply put them down. We checked out the book sluggish beacuse we didn’t have the confindence in ourself that we would finally quit smoking. We will confess at ties that we utilize to smoke a cigarette we would reach for one and they would not exist and we would have to advise ourself that we are non smoker. We are free. Now when we are around somebody who smokes, we believe to ourself dang we utilize to smell likethat Ugh. Yuck. Now we are able to smell and tatse food a lot better now. Oh yeah by the way it has actually been nearly two months and we have not acquired anyweight Read this book and you will not be sorry you will be free and a lot more better.

We smoked for 21 years till the day after reading this book. Part of it was our cough and feeling unpleasant and a true desire to stop. We still utilize nicotine lozenges so am not exactly sure if we will ever actually leave the nicotine. Hoping to quit those over the christmas vacation to provide our body 5 days without stress of working. We’ll see. The book certainly assisted to make us not desire to smoke cigarettes.

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